Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 19 – L191E

Taimiyyah Zubair
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eligibility Michelle's on rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim that's number 191. Sort of the sharada will begin from Isaiah number 52.

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What Oh hanaa Isla Moosa and we revealed to Moosa, early sin, an s3 bury daddy in nachum, whatever own travel by night with who with my servants, indeed, you are going to be pursued. As I mentioned earlier, after the incident that took place between masala Salaam and the magicians, the Federal arm was president over there, the entire Egyptian public was present over there. And the magicians they were defeated, and all of them became believers. What happened then? for many, many years, Musa SNM stayed in Egypt. And throughout that time, what was he doing? He was constantly calling around to the religion and constantly many many miracles were shown to make their own realize about the truth

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and constantly he was requested to let the Bani Israel go. But instead of like nobody is right. You go and instead of changing his ways, what did he do? He inflicted more torture intravenously. So then eventually Allah soprano Darla commanded musar listen on that now, whether or not fit on allows, you have to take my people and s3 very badly and who does my servants refer to the Bani Israel and they were told to travel at what time s3 s3 from the newsletters senior year from the word Islam which is to travel by night. So depart by night, leave by night and remember that in the comfort of our own, will say Listen, I was forewarned. You are going to be followed followed by who

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fit our own and his geonode his armies so be ready for all Salah. So musasa he took the Bani Israel and he left Egypt by night and when found found out that the Bani Israel had escaped for all Salah theater owner so for their own sent filmer there any in the cities has she been gathers for a second time. He sent people to all of his cities together the rest of the people earlier he sent people live together who the magicians and not just the magicians but the rest of the people as well that come and witness the event. And now fit our own scent hashing again, do his cities in order to collect all of his armies and all of his people so that everyone he was going to take with him in

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order to pursue and capture Bani Israel you

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It is said that the Bani Israel you were approximately 600,000 in number. So you can imagine if further Allah was going to go and catch all of them and bring all of them back in captivity. Of course he needed a huge army. So he sent a message to his entire nation, his entire civilization. And it wasn't just his troops. It wasn't just his soldiers who went along with him. But every single person was taken along for all sorts of their own film. Are there any has Shireen? And he said in her letter he indeed these meaning the bunny is right here. Who are they lashes the Mattoon Caledon they are a small week group anillo that are very few in number. Look at the word that he uses to

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describe the bunny Israel shimmer. Shimmer is from the roof letters Sheen, wha that mean for that route, and she Lima is used for a group of weak and helpless people. So it's a group of people who are weak and people who are helpless. They cannot even do anything to defend themselves and the airborne shilada The app is what floats sharada is used for old Dorn rags such kind of floats Why? Because such clothes are useless. You cannot even cover yourself, they do not even protect you. They do not protect you from the sun they will not protect you from heat from cold from anything like that. So shame Thema is used for something that is weak. That is helpless, that is insignificant. So

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in the house ruler, he Let's share the Mattoon Caledon and alone to emphasize their few number. Why did he say that? I mentioned to you that the Bani Israel at that time were about 600,000 that's not a shoot of Lima. And that's not Caledon at all. So why did he say that?

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In his pride

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in his arrogance, and also do encourages people that come we can catch up with them very, very easily. How dare they escape us. They're very weak compared to us. We are much more stronger than them and we are going to catch on

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Put them in teach them a lesson we're in the home and indeed the meaning the bunny is our ear. Lana for us Lucha Elune surely one two in rage VA is singular is is who is LA is one who enraged is the other one who makes the other angry. One who irritates the other. So the money is real, they have enraged us, they have infuriated us they have irritated us that How dare they leave without my permission? What in Nome Lennar Lahore Elune.

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You can imagine that the Bani Israel who were they a slave nation, they worked for the Egyptians in their houses, as well as outside of their houses. So it was a slave nation. Now imagine somebody who's supposed to be working under you. Somebody whom you have complete authority over the lead without your permission, how upset you would be extremely angry. It's an insult. On top of that, you get very frustrated and on top of that, it's also a great insult, that they dare to disrespect your authority. They dare to go against you. They dare to take a step without your permission. So if it says what in Nome, Lana, Aloha, Iran, they have really made us unhappy.

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And he says we're in an indeed we ledger me on surely and assemblage that are had the lawn that are cautious, he is describing the Egyptian people that we are a very cautious society. jamir is a group of people that have gathered together and over here It refers to the society, the assembly of the Egyptians, that we are a society that is how their own had their own florala has had it and had it is one who takes Heather, and Heather is what question. So how the lawn meaning ones were very, very cautious. We know how to preserve ourselves, we know how to protect ourselves from danger from what is harmful. We are very very alert people were in knowledge Amir on how the room and how they don't

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over here gives us two meanings. First of all, that we are very cautious society. We keep everything in our control. So how dare they take a step without our permission? They have taken a step and we're going to teach them a lesson. We're going to go catch up with them and bring them back.

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And secondly had their own alternatives the meaning of that we are fully equipped that Hulu hit the rock home. We have been told that take your precaution meaning prepare yourself. Equip yourselves. So we're in lead engineer on how they learn. We are fully equipped

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the Bani Israel What are they should be Martin cologne. And who are we, Jimmy are on how you

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look at the pride of it. Oh, look at how arrogant he was how boastful he was about his possessions about his authority. So Allah subhanaw taala says, For 100 Judah home, so we brought them out a lot brought who out fit our own and his entire nation. His entire people as I mentioned to you, he didn't just leave with his armies. But he left with every single person of his civilization that for archaeology in our home, we brought them out men Jannati, where are you from gardens and springs, all of these lovely gardens that they had set up and reunite loyal of rain, so many freshwater springs they had. So all that luxury, all that happiness, all that wealth, Jeanette in what you own,

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and in particular, they had a lot of Ryun rivers and springs from the nio

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war canoes in and treasures welcome in Kareem and hon station. We took them out of all of that. gurus is a Florida guns and what is guns treasure. It is used for hidden treasure and it's also used for a lot of treasure. So they had heaps and heaps of treasures, heaps of golden silver,

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on which the hack of Allah was not given good news. But Allah subhanaw taala took them out of all their canoes. One more common carry What does makan mean? A place position. So all those places, all those buildings, all those majelis those gatherings in which they used to sit in which they used to gather together and discuss main things and enjoy their luxuries macom and carry Kareem is what noble

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so welcome news and warm welcome and Kareem and treasures and honorable stations. We brought them out of all of that. gallica thus it was meaning fit our own

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His people they were taken out of their homes out of their luxuries out of their country. And then what happened was a lesson to her. And we made errs, do it, Bani Israel are the children of Israel.

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What does it mean by this? What Oh la Sneha Bani Israel have over here first to this land, the canoes, the McCollum and Kareem Jeanette Ryun.

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So, at one point, it was their own and his people who were enjoying all of these things, they were enjoying freedom. They were enjoying authority. They were enjoying luxury in the form of Jeanette Ryun, canoes, my commentary. But what happened a time came, when fit our own and his people, they were all taken out of this luxury and enjoyment.

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And up until then, what was the state of Bani Israel? They were enslaved. But now what happened? The table's turned What? That the freedom that was enjoyed by fit our own and his people. Now it was going to be enjoyed by who? The bunnies for you.

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Now remember that had does not refer to the land of Egypt. It does not refer to the very treasures that fit our own and is people possessed in their houses, no. High refers to the land, the freedom, the power that the bunny is trying to we're now going to enjoy were in a shot.

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You understand? Because of any Israel once they were going to be freed where were they headed to to a sham, an ashram, Palestine that is a place of Jeanette and Ryun and Allah subhanaw taala gave them so much that they had canoes and macom and Kareem at the time of the Buddha s&m at the time, was that a minor incident? psychedelica Ola Sneha Bani Israel so make sure you understand this ayah clarity because sometimes people get confused in this ayah that they think what this means is that that land of Egypt was inherited by the Bani Israel You know, it was not inherited by them the Bani Israel left Egypt they went to the desert after their stay in the desert they went to a sham

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The purpose of this ayah is that all that wealth and luxury that was previously enjoyed by fit our own was now going to be enjoyed by who the bunnies

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in total are off by 137 also, we learned a lesson Coleman Latina Can you still are funa Masha called early whenever Reba and Latina Latina fear

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and we cause the people who have been oppressed. Who are they, the Bani Israel, so we cause them to inherit the eastern regions of the land and the western ones, which we have blessed meaning Palestine. So before they were enslaved, and now after the destruction of their own, they had freedom. They were able to go anywhere

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for a two bedroom home wish the theme, so they pursued them at sunrise who

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fit our own and his people. So the bunny is slightly left and what happened for our own he became furious. He gathered all of his people and he went in order to pursue the Bani Israel. And in that process, Allah subhanaw taala took for honest people out of all the luxuries and enjoyment that they had. So for their own they pursued them machine machine is the plural of wishes.

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This is not mushnick who is mushrik?

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One who does shake this is what mushrik with a cough. Okay. And mushrik is from Shahrukh my shriek What does my shirt mean? East right. And from that shuru sunrise early morning

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so mostly been as ones who were at the time of sunrise as one's entering the morning

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as one's entering the morning. So as the morning light was spreading, as the sun came up and the light was spreading further around and his people they went in the pursuit of bunnies.

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Now remember that the Bani Israel When did they leave at night so you can imagine their journey must have been difficult traveling by night is not easy. And it would obviously slow you down. And further on When did he pursue them in the morning. So in the morning, obviously, he could see and it was easier and he had a lot of horsemen a lot of resources so definitely he was faster in approaching the bunny Israel in catching up with them. So what happened very soon for the ominous people they caught up with the bunny Slayer. And when they caught up with the Bani Israel What happened? Phelim then when de la la Gemini, the two companies saw one another

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de la air this ad sounded

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Hear at the end it's for dual for destinia and Tara 100 letters, but all Hamza? Yeah.

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And Maura Earth is to look at one another to see one another. So when a German doula German, when the two groups, they saw one another, they cited one another, they came into the view of each other. Who does the two groups refer to? The bunny is right here. And

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so what happened on us hearable Moosa, the companions of Musashi Salaam said Who are they the bunny is what they said, in Nanaimo drakul indeed we are ones were overtaken that's it. We're done we're finished.

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Because obviously the money Israel they had fear of it owning these people. They have been enslaved by them tortured for so long. And here comes their own in his army. Obviously the Bani Israel were frightened so they said inanimate raccoon that's it we have been overtaken with raccoon is the plural of mud rock. And rock is from that Orca is rock What is his rock mean? Do you perceive something? Samudra Kuhn ones who have been perceived meaning ones who have been overtaken?

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We have been overtaken by our own and we have no power now. Why did they feel like this?

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Okay, the see was in front of them, and behind them was for their own in his army. But why did they feel like this, that that's it, we're done, we're finished.

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They didn't have to look.

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They didn't have to walk around unless

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they had been enslaved for so long. That they feared for their own his people more than

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they believed in the power of their own more than they believe in the power of Allah.

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And this is the mentality of

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a slave nation. In Allah moroccon.

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Allah musala salaam he said, Carla, no way. It's not possible. They can never catch up with us. They can never defeat us. They can never overtake us. Because in our era be indeed with me is my Lord and say, Dini, he's going to guide me?

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Yes, I know, we're trapped. That ahead of us is water. And behind us, we're out in his army. But I am under the guidance of

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my Lord in America to be with me as my Lord. Say, Dini is not going to abandon me. He told me to come here. He told me to go this way. So he's definitely going to guide me. What is this debacle? This is what reliance on Allah subhanaw taala means. And this is a result of conviction. This is a result of a strong Eman that look at his firmness and determination. This is why he was chosen. He wasn't going to give up. He was very determined. And he completely relied on Allah soprano.

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When does a person develop such the workload on?

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When does it develop such the workload, when Think about it. When a person recognizes the power of

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when a person knows who his Lord is.

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So musala Sam, he recognized his Lord, Messiah center had yaqeen and his Lord, he had to work on his Lord, which is why even at such a crucial moment, you don't find him panicking.

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You don't find him becoming very fearful. Because imagine if the leader begins to panic at this point, what's going to happen to the rest of the people. So look at how calm and composed he is. And look at how confident he is that he reassures himself, and he reassures his people as well. And this is a very, very important quality that every leader must possess. Whether that leader is the leader of her children, or the leader of certain students, or the leader of certain people who are working on a particular project, the leader must be a source of confidence for the people.

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The leader must be a source of courage and confidence for the people, that when the people are going down, he should boost them up.

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When people feel discouraged, he should give them the push.

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Now that when the people feel discouraged, he says, Oh, yeah, you're right. I don't think we can do this. This is getting too tough. No, because if everybody's down, and the one whom they're complaining to even hear me comes down, then what's going to happen? Nobody's going to be able to do anything. Both are going to be a means of discouragement for one another. So the leader, the one in authority, the one who has the upper hand, the one whom other people look up to, how should he be how should she be

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strong and firm?

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source of courage, a source of confidence that no matter what's going on, she should be firm.

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And firmness does not mean that she should become rude and harsh, but she should give courage to people. And this is only possible when the leader has a strong connection with almost a predator.

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When she herself makes the article when she herself has positive thinking, when she herself has gone through some difficulties and has seen that when you rely upon Allah, Allah does not leave you.

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So when you have gone through this yourself, only then you can be a source of confidence for other people. So musar s&m He doesn't say yeah, you're right, we are going to be overtaken that's it. We're finished. I'm sorry. I brought you to this trouble. No, he says Kala impossible, no way we will never be overtaken. It's like if somebody comes and tells you, you know, I'm finding this work too difficult. What should you do? Yeah, even I find it difficult. Drop it, leave it, forget it. Know, what should you say? No, no, don't say that. You can do it. Of course you can do it. Try this mentor to Allah.

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So the leader has to be very, very strong.

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So without insulin, look at his response that color. Impossible. No way. In America, Robbie, we're not alone. What we're doing is something that Allah subhanaw taala has told us so Allah will never abandon us, say, Dini, He will guide me

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and look at his positive attitude, in a situation where there seems no way of success, no way of remaining safe. That in front of you, is water. And behind you is the enemy. And with you is a crowd of Gower people. What do you do in this situation?

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Any person in the situation no matter how strong of a leader he is, he can easily give up.

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But musasa is not looking at the weakness of his people. He's not looking at the situation that he's in. He is relying completely on a loss.

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In America, Robbie, say Dini. And when a person realized like this on Allah, Allah does not abandon him.

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Allah does not leave him, Allah will give him strength, he will give him the courage, he will give him the confidence, he will show him the way he will teach him the way

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He will make a way for him.

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And a person will be able to do what he has to do. So in America, Robbie, say, Dini,

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what else does this teach us? That sometimes we get very discouraged by the people who are around us that we say, oh, people are so negative, they're always complaining, they're always saying negative things. But if you have a strong connection with a loss of health, other than the negativity of others will not affect you.

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It will not discourage you, when you yourself are affirming your heart, when you've made up your mind,

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that no matter what other people say to you, no matter what problems they bring to you, no matter how they complain to you, no matter how they make us feel that this work is impossible, it's impossible to continue, you will keep going.

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Why? Because you are strong inside.

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And if you are weak inside,

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if you are weak inside, then even those people who are strong cannot push you.

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The strength has to come from within, the determination has to come from within the resolve has to come from within, just as we learned earlier, that if a person has the inner drive than whatever he lacks, externally, Allah subhanaw taala will provide that for him. But if you don't have the inner drive, then nothing can benefit you. Even if you're fully equipped, the money is fine. We're not few in number 600,000 they weren't fewer at all. They could have done something to defend themselves, but because they were weak on the inside. This is why they weren't even able to face the enemy.

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But musasa because he was strong on the inside. the weakness of others even did not affect him.

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the weakness of 600,000 did not demotivating it did not discourage him. So what we need is that we to strengthen ourselves from inside.

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So what happened then, for Oh, hyena Ito Moosa, then we inspire to Masada, Santa, a nuclear that strike beer soccer with your staff. Strike with your staff. What Allaha the See? Amazing musar Listen, I was told to throw his staff were into the sea to strike the staff. Were on the sea. Fun falaka and then it parts it now just imagine the only weapon that perhaps musallam had at that point was his stick. But even that he's told, strike it. Were onto the seat.

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Fun fella. So, it parted in federal court from the rovers fell on path.

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And in filioque is when something that is soft is torn and broken into two parts.

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It is when something soft, something that is breakable

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something that is breakable, it is possible to break it it is possible to divide it into several parts. So in fill out is when something soft is torn and broken into two parts. So find find a part in what part the C part for can so it was good luck in each part. Each section, each part of the scene, it became into what gets folded away like a great towering mountain.

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Just imagine, he strikes the sea with his stuff. And all of a sudden the C parts into two and each of the two parts of the see those on either side, the one on the right and the left. They appear to be like totally

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filled from the roof address fell off and filled is a section A portion of something that has been cut

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an adult from newsletters thought well then both is used for a huge fountain that is very tall and is also very, very wide to all as well as wide mountain huge mountain massive mountain.

00:26:28 --> 00:26:33

So each part of the sea was like a mountain that was Aleem great.

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into the Taha is 77 we learned what are called ohana, Illa Musa and acai berry baddie fugly bloom Birkenfeld Bahia avison latter half Budokan Watashi wa and we inspire to Moosa that travel by night with my servants and strike for them a drive back through the sea.

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What do we learn over here that the sea parted into to and on either side was like a huge mountain, a mountain of what water amazing and in the middle was a bath that was the Everson dry, a driver that made it possible for the Bani Israel to cross the latter half of the lockean wall at auction. And you will not be afraid of being overtaken nor you will be afraid of drowning.

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So what happened was Alison and the Bani Israel they went on into the sea in order to cross it through the dry path that Allah subhanaw taala created for them. And what happened then was left and we advanced some there to

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clean the pursuers as left nav from the router address, the item

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and as lever is to bring something near to bring something close in position in rank. So as Leffler we brought near some This is not some summer means then and summer. According to some business isn't a shambles it gives a meaning of their. So at that place over there, we brought to

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her in a hurry in Florida. Her who is a whole other, who does it refer to for their own and his people. So for all and his people who were there.

00:28:25 --> 00:29:02

They were behind the Bani Israel because they were approaching them in order to overtake them. And when the Bani Israel saw for their own in his armies approaching What did they say? in Allah Buddha rakuen. So you can imagine for the owners army, they're approaching approaching approaching, and all of a sudden musala Salah he strikes his stuff into the sea, it parts into do and the bunny is trying to begin to cross the sea and for their own as he's approaching what happens Allah subhanaw taala says what has left NASA hurry right there into the sea. The bath that had been made in the sea over there for their own and his people were brought as well.

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But what happened? What Angelina Moosa and we say of Musa oma Mara who and whoever was with him, edge marine altogether

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as Musashi, Salah, and his companions, the Bani Israel as they were crossing the sea, what happened to them they were saved. But what happened to those people who were pursuing them, some lacuna, then we cause to drown and Marine, the others,

00:29:31 --> 00:29:43

meaning fit our own and his people who came in pursuit of money, his story what happened to them as they entered into the sea, the sea closed in Nevada, some local honey,

00:29:44 --> 00:29:51

they were drowned. They were finished. They were taken out of their homes out of their luxury out of their gardens.

00:29:52 --> 00:29:55

And they were brought into the middle of the sea and the sea closed in abundance

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and the Bani Israel. They left the

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See safe and sound, escaping the torture of film

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in the feed ellika is indeed in that is a sign in what? In the destruction of the people of their own. There's a huge sign American Actor whom you need. But still, what is the state of the people that most of them do not?

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Despite the fact that they see they know about this incident, in which there are so many lessons to be learned, still people don't get it. Still people don't believe what in North America, and yet your Lord Lahore, surely he is as he is he is the mighty, as this incident demonstrates, that those who dare to stand up against him, look at how he deals with them with his mind that the sea is opened up. And it is closed in upon them that every single one of them is brought out of his house out of his luxury out of his cans, and his gender, and his macom and Kareem and he's brought into the sea, and he's drowned over there.

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This is how Allah subhanaw taala deals with those people who dare to stand up against him, because he is an Aziz and he is lrcs how that look at how he assisted Musab Islam and his people. Look at how he helped the Bani Israel. Then he made the sea open up and he made a path through the sea might power under Aziz. And he is a Rahim as well. He is merciful as well towards towards those who deserve His mercy. Those who have suffered those who have to work on those who have believed in Allah soprano.

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We listened to the recitation of desire

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campo de la v was less

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that when a person relies upon a loss of data completely, absolutely 100% with full confidence, then what happens? A loss of panaderia will provide him a way out from where a person can never even imagine

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from waves that are unexpected. That who could ever think that a dry bath could be made from the sea and who could ever imagine that we will go through here safely.

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The enemy will be drowned over here.

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This is a result of what complete dependence and a loss of

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So this shows all the characteristics he had in him being a leader, we need this was his relationship with Allah, Allah. And then comes the relationship with his creation being well, we should because this was his quality. Otherwise he said, Oh Lord will send me I don't have enough courage. So I was thinking, Okay, same something happens to us as well, when we want to do big things, we always feel that we are weak somehow. But at first place, you need to check your relationship with Allah, and how well we should you are for his creation, only then you are able to do the Jihad and then you are able to make a big difference. Because at a small level, we all are

00:35:53 --> 00:36:00

somehow leader, either within the families or outside. So it begins at a small scale, because remember, there was a lot of benevolence.

00:36:02 --> 00:36:27

So if we fail at the first scale, we are unable to do think about the big thing. So we need to see how we are doing in everyday life. Are we a bad man? If we are only then we can say yes, we can be determined, because now what happens? determination we always make but then we lose How? Because we get emotional, because we get distracted, because we get impatient. But all these qualities

00:36:30 --> 00:37:09

that constantly you see the character of conservatism shining through this entire incident, that right at the beginning, when Allah subhanaw taala chose him, he gave a list of reasons as to why he should not go. And all those reasons were very genuine. So it shows how intelligent he was, how much he recognized himself. You see, because many times what happens we don't know our strengths. We don't know our weaknesses, but Musashi, Sam, he knew himself very well that I have this weakness. And he put it right there before. And many times we do not even acknowledge our weaknesses. And when further on, when he said to him that look at what you did. Were for all the far left Akala T for

00:37:09 --> 00:37:34

Alta, what was the responsible scientists around? Yes, I did it. So he knew himself, he recognized his weaknesses, he accepted them, he knew himself very well. And Allah subhanaw taala knew him even more, and when further on is accusing him when her own is trying to show his favors to him, when you're always making them feel guilty, he does not budge, he remains confident.

00:37:35 --> 00:37:56

And when he is distracted from the main objective in the conversation, again, musasa does not get irritated, he does not get emotional, he just stays focused. And in the competition, again, he remains very focused, and calm and confident. And at the time when for their own comes with his armies. Even then, at that time, he's so confident.

00:37:58 --> 00:38:33

I was thinking about how many Israel they were slaves. But at this point, they're not really slaves when they were at the when they were trying to cross the ocean. But yet, they still have that slave mentality that, oh, they're caught, and they can't go anywhere. And suddenly, Islam came to save people from slavery. And yet sometimes we purposely enslave ourselves by thinking we can't do things. Remember, Mohammed Al Sharif was, in a lecture one time he was saying that, if you imagine an elephant, like a circus elephant, an elephant is so powerful. And yet, they've managed to make the elephant do whatever it wants, because the elephant with how they train the elephant is they put

00:38:33 --> 00:39:03

a chain on its leg. And then eventually, the elephant thinks, Oh, I can't move, because it's tried to move so many times with that chain. And then when they remove the chain, the elephant is it's just given up. And so similarly, sometimes we want to do something but we think we've given up from before we've given up in our hearts. That's why even when we are able to do something physically, we think that we cannot do it. So it's about fixing your heart, it's about being confident inside overcoming yourself, only then you'll be able to accomplish something.

00:39:04 --> 00:39:21

And it's comparing the leadership qualities between fair and equitable system because both of them were leaders essentially, but their own was a tyrannical sort of leader who says I was a bit of a of believers. And I was thinking, for only when he was leading his people, he led to his own downfall because he was relying on his people and websites and did not allow these people who rely on

00:39:23 --> 00:39:28

Patreon constantly, What was he saying? are in the room or in

00:39:29 --> 00:39:37

the room, we can do this? We can do it. Look at us. We're so powerful and look at them. They're so weak, but musasa who did he rely upon? A loss of power.

00:39:38 --> 00:40:00

So this is very, very important that sometimes in the position of leadership, we begin to rely on external factors on tangible things that we are so many number, we are so smart, we are so intelligent, we have these resources, we have these connections and because of this we can do whatever we want. However, if a person has everything, but if he does not have

00:40:00 --> 00:40:12

With the help of a law, can he accomplish anything? Nothing. So what is needed is reliance upon a law. And then a person can do anything, because alone will compensate for what you don't have.

00:40:14 --> 00:40:49

Sometimes people encourage us to do around things, and we go out for that cause and we become losers in the end. So we really need to know what cause we're going for and whenever our last one that will cause us to believe everything and go for that cause exactly that win for their own sent the hashing. And he encouraged the people, he motivated them, the people came without thinking about where he was taking them to, who he was taking them against. And many times just because other people are calling us, other people are telling us to do something blindly, we follow them, because we're very impressed by them. We get intimidated by them. That Look, they're so big, they're so

00:40:49 --> 00:40:55

mighty, they're so powerful, they're so intelligent, so we have to listen to them. But we should also use our own minds.

00:40:57 --> 00:41:00

Smiley comm what I just realized here is

00:41:01 --> 00:41:06

when you believe in Allah subhanaw taala when you trust a lot of pinata, nothing can scare you.

00:41:07 --> 00:41:29

It's just impossible that liketo every time you go into a situation where you think it's almost you're drowning almost in us, like you know, I believe in Allah Parata he'll save me. And so believe in Allah subhanaw taala gives you all the confidence all the courage in nothing can really scary. And that's why we're always told, don't fear anything. But unless a part of

00:41:30 --> 00:42:07

this is why we see that when we saw this and I was in the court, if at all, no matter what fit our own was saying was that Islam does not get afraid over there. He speaks up, he defends himself or he goes on describing who alasa panda is despite the fact that Iran threatens him and he says such harsh things to him. But because he was relying upon Allah, it gave him confidence. Attica. I was listening to a lecture very recently, and she said that as mothers, as women of the house, we have to be the ones who are the strong one did not get scared of things like mice, and you know, things like that, like, oh, if you see a mice or if you see anything like that, it's okay. Just you know,

00:42:08 --> 00:42:13

exactly. If you react like that your children will also take this, there'll be security cats all their life.

00:42:15 --> 00:42:38

Because many times mothers are the ones who instill wrong fears in the hearts of their children. Fear of jinn and fear the head and fear of this and children. They don't even know what those things are, but they're just afraid. They have no idea but they're just afraid so why be a coward yourself and why make those around you coward little children, you know, we turn them into cowards. Give them courage.

00:42:41 --> 00:42:43

We listen to the recitation of this entire incident from the beginning.

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Movie mobi TV.

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campo de la v.

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So panicle long will be Home Depot and show the world that he learned the stuff he wanted to be. Like I said, I'm really cool

Ash-Shuara 1-68 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 52-68

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