Zakir Naik – How to convey the Message of Islam to Non Muslims

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of knowing Islam and the various ways in which it can be conveyed. He gives examples of how Muslims can use their appearance to convey the message of Islam, including their self-help and seeking information from their friends. The speaker also mentions a lecture on devotion and a YouTube video about it.
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Hi, my name is Ilyas Helene, that you know, fourth year. I want to ask you as Muslim community we have a lot of close friends to Muslim, some people who expect we love, but

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majority of us we don't

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explain to them or trying to show them more about Islam. So how can we fix this one? How can we get something like more to lend it to non Muslims, about islam about Quran about our Prophet?

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There are various ways in how you can convey the message of Islam. Number one is that if you yourself are a good Muslim, you action that self is a way of conveying the message of Islam. If you yourself are honest,

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you yourself are kind, if you yourself are merciful, if you yourself are generous, that itself

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gives the information to your non Muslim friends and colleagues that what if some, unfortunately, most of us Muslim, they are not very good examples of Muslims. Therefore I say that if you want to judge Islam, don't look at the Muslims. Look at the Quran and authentic hadith. As far as convey the message of Islam is concerned. Allah says in surah unhealth chapter 16 was one really fine, although Illa Sebelius have become hikma while masseter has now the arson in white all the way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching and argue with them and reason with them in the ways that the best and most gracious that when you call people towards the Quran and towards Allah subhanaw taala

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you have to do it with combined

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beautiful preaching

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and reason with them in the ways that are best for most gracious, there are various strategies available. You can refer to my video cassette dealing with our but one of the master keys for the Abba point to me is Surah Al Imran Chaplin three was number 64 which says, Billy I look it up so people have the book Thilo Illa tellement. In Sawa in Boehner, Boehner Come, come to common terms as soon as a new which is the first term Allah Illallah that we worship them but Allah will Anushka be sure you know, that we associated a partner with him while I enter his abandoned, abandoned urban Manila that we erect not among ourselves, lots and pages other than Allah find our love for

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coalition to be a non Muslim on that. But if they turn back, you bear witness the Muslims bobbing on will to Allah subhanaw taala. So one of the best Metrology is come to common terms as blue as a new, which is the first term Allah Illallah that you worship none but Allah. And for this, the first time that devotion that Allah, I've given a talk on concept of God in the major world religions, the lecture is available on YouTube, you go on the YouTube tab it will get it and that will show you how to convey the message to the non Muslim regarding what Allah subhanaw taala hope that answers your question. Thank you

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