Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #314 – Ways To Improve Your Salah (Prayer)

Tom Facchine
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The first thing to do if you want to improve your Salah your prayers is to make more time for it.

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And you won't make more time for it. If you feel like you're fitting in your Salah, into the other things that you have to do, right?

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You can organize your day around your Salah, or you can organize your Salah around your day, as a difference. And for somebody who organizes their day around their Salah, the Salah is like, it's the built in break, right? It's the, it's the repose. And so that puts you in a whole different mindset. Then what we often say we let our tongue say, let me quick pray, and then I'll be with you. Let me quit pray, I'll be back to work. I'll be back to school, I'll be back to the real stuff, right?

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Our tongues betray us, and they show what our priorities are. It shouldn't ever be something such as a quick prayer. You know, let me quick right now, that's like I'm going to do who has ever said, Let me quick get work over with so I can come back and pray. Right, we're not at that level. And then the other thing is that, you know, you have to treat it as something that takes time. And that takes a tentative attention. And so, for example, I usually give the metaphor of a of a marathon, if I were to run a marathon today, I would fail miserably, because I haven't trained, I didn't stretch, right, not wearing the right clothes, all these sorts of things are off. And so I'm completely set

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up to fail. There's no possible way I'm going to succeed Imagine running a marathon in this. Right? Whereas if I train and I stretch, and I you know, go through a practice routine, etc, etc. I wear the right gear, all these sorts of things, then it's going to be a much more successful endeavor. So your prayer is the same. Okay, it there's a there's a warming up period, there's a cool down period. We have the Sunnah prayers for most of the prayers, there's a Sunnah prayer attached to it. Right that's meant to warm up. Or even if there's not a Sunnah prayer attached to the actual prayer itself, there's others in the prayer such as praying, once you enter the message, these are there

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for a reason, or they have wisdom in them. And one of the pieces of wisdom or parts of wisdom about these prayers is that they help get you in the mode when you think that you're going to walk into a mess eating or talking on the phone, like okay, one second, I'm going to quit pray, I'll call you back in a second. And then Allahu Akbar, and you're going to be attentive in your prayer, and you're going to have who you're going to have all in reverence for Allah. It's not, it's not possible, it's not possible. So when you come in, and it starts with will do and you're attentive with your will do and you're actually looking at your limbs, and you know that these limbs are going to be witnesses

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against you on the Day of Judgment. And you're thinking about, you're getting into a reflective mode into a mode of contemplation. And then you come out and you do a similar prayer to here, timesheet anything. Now you're doing your warmup routine. And now you're actually the actual prayer comes in, and it's time for the follow prayer. And now you're really locked in. And this is, this is how prayer happens, then afterwards, you do the vicar, and if you're able to do this in the prayer in order to cool down and kind of put the stamp on it. And that's how you get a good prayer. And the final thing, and this is a long term goal, because everything up until now is something that anybody

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can do. But the long term goal is to understand what your Lord said to you to understand what a lost pantalla said to you, the distance between you and your emotional attachment to Allah is the distance between you and understanding what he said to you, and the Quran, he's speaking to you. He's talking to you. He's saying do this, don't do that. Don't despair. I am the most merciful, these things are gonna happen. You have to watch out for this. Right? And if you're reading the translation, then okay, you're gonna get some benefit from it. 20% 30% 40% But if you want to draw closer to it, then a long term goal should be to try to educate yourself if it's a local mesh sheet

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or online. There's so many opportunities today, just to get every little bit closer to understanding exactly

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what your Lord said to you.

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