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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and success of the Defined Desperate and the Day of Judgment, including the need for change within the community and the importance of understanding the meaning of success and practicing the message of the Quran. They also touch on the topic of Sierra Hol centers and the need for change in community behavior to achieve success. The segment ends with a statement about a social media program and a news program.
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Bismillah Nura,

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During the reign of Rama radi, Allah one, he sent armies to fight the Romans. And the battle between the Romans lasted longer than expected by the enemy. Because they had never seen an army that was ready to give their lives and they were not afraid to die.

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Despite the shortage and shortfall of weapons and systems, and horses, and camels, all of that, yet, they would find that the Muslims were engaged in this battle. And the Romans had never witnessed an army of this caliber. In terms of materialistic preparedness. They were not ready at all. But in terms of mental fortitude, they were ahead of the times they had never seen. And at that time, they sir, Caesars?

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He said, Do we have anyone in our prisons, that happens to be a Muslim?

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So they told him, Yes, we have. Rather we have somebody who happens to be from the elite, core battalion or core group of Mohamed SallAllahu, alayhi wasallam. And we have someone by the name of Abdullah bin Khalifa, or the Allah who won. He said, Bring him. So when they brought him into the courtyard, and he's been dragged in and Keiser is sitting, you have to understand the scene.

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The crown of Kaiser used to weigh

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90 kilograms.

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It was suspended with chains underneath his throne.

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And he would sit, the curtains would be closed, and he would go sit with so you'd put his head in the throne, and then the curtains would open. And it was a sight that would make every single person irrespective of who you are, you would just look at this individual sitting at this giant throne with his crown, and you feel at all.

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So Abdullah live in her Dafa, who that thought was being brought in chains and shackles. And he's been dragged to the court. And then he says,

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play some

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tennis, so become a Christian,

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or deke.

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And this firm will key I'll give you half of my kingdom.

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I believe in her Dafa Says law,

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he says, tennis or become a Christian, or oblique. Nyssa Mulkey was a Sri Cuca. Phil milk, I will also make you a king. So you and I will have joint kingdom

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for Karla.

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So then they said bring a cross,

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bring across and they placed it.

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Well, John Wiley, and they placed him on top of this cross. And they asked the archers to shoot arrows at him.

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But intentionally miss him. mental torture. And if you will, you can just cut him a little bit, but don't kill him.

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The people in the courtyard they were confused. They could not tell whether the because of the arrows being shot, the cross was moving a lot more than Abdullah on the cross.

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There were like we were perplexed, like who is alive, Abdullah was more still than the cross that was supposed to be still.

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Then he said, bring him down. They took him into the prison. And he said, they said, deprive him of food and water for multiple days. So they did that. Then they brought

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alcohol and roasted pig.

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And they placed it in front of him. And he was about to die. And he looked at the enemies and they're all waiting, Kaiser is waiting for him to eat.

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And he says, By Allah, my religion has permitted me to eat this right now because I'm about to die. But I can't let the enemy have a win over Islam.

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I can let my enemy win. I can take a permissible excuse of being at the expense of losing my religions credibility in the enemy's eyes.

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He said I'm not going to step down. I'm not going to eat

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So they placed him they gave him halal food, what he requested. And he went back in. And when a person is satiated, that's usually where your other desires kick in, you want to fulfill other desires. So they brought the most beautiful woman in Rome

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and paid her lots of money and said, You're going to stay the night with him in the prison

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and do not come out.

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So she tried her best to seduce Abdullah ibn Madatha. When she came out, she was furious and upset. And she says, Who did you put me with? This man does not even know the difference between a man and a woman.

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He doesn't have any desires toward me. And I feel infuriated because I am the most beautiful woman in Rome. And every man wants to sleep with me. Who is this man?

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And then Abdullah and her Dafa was brought. And Asa realized that nothing is going to work.

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So he brought him to the courtyard and he said, I have one last thing for you.

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So Abdullah bin herself, I said Ma who? What is it?

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For little al Qaeda, man no has they brought this giant copper kettle

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and they burnt lit it with fire

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and filled it with oil.

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And they brought another prisoner who was a Muslim.

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And they said to him tennis or become Christian.

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He said law, I will not. So they brought that other Muslim. And they tossed him into that burning oil until he died and his bones because the meat was fried so much that the bones is separated from the meat and the bones started floating in the oil.

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So they took up the live in Darfur, and they brought him on to the Podesta where they were going to toss him off. And as they brought him at that moment, he broke. And he started crying.

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He started crying Bucha and he's weeping. So basil says Stop. Don't Don't throw him.

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I'm telling you one last time dinosaur before you get in. This is the last warning dinosaur become a Christian.

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He said law so high, so he got very furious. He's like, why are you crying then?

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I mean, I give you a choice to become Christian. Why are you crying and have to live in Florida. He says, I'm not crying because you're killing me. I cry because Allah has only given me one life.

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And I wish that Allah had given me like, multiple lives lives equal to the number of hair on my body. And I would give each and every one of that life in the sake of this Islam for the sake of this religion, one by one and I would not deter.

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So Abdullah ibn Hoda was brought down. And he said, I have one last request for you. If you're not going to become a Christian, the least you can do is kiss my forehead.

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He said

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I'll do it. But I also put a condition forth. What is that condition? He said the condition is that you free every single Muslim that is in all of your prisons, in your kingdom.

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So they waited for a couple of days where all the Muslims and prisoners were brought. They were all freed. And then he kissed the forehead of ISIL. So Maharaja, Illa Medina, then he came back to Medina. When Omar Radi Allahu Ayan

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he heard this story. And it was told to him, oh my God, Allah Who and he got up on the member. And he says, Aloma help early Cooley Muslim in your biller razza Abdullah, today it has become help the right of every single Muslim, that they should go and kiss the forehead of Abdullah waha, a woman of death. And here I am. I'm the first one that is going to go and kiss his forehead.

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See this story.

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I mentioned to you besides the fact that it's such an Eman, boosting story.

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It has the underlying lesson for all of us, which is

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that in life you and I will have choices. And those choices will be

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way to whether I want to do near,

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or I want to stick to the value system of Islam.

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And this choice is going to determine your Fela your success in.

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That is why if you search the Quran, you're going to find some 20 Odd verses with the word, hustle, or Hassan, not a single one of them a loser, somebody who is a failed cause somebody who's a failure. The definition of failure you and I have today is somebody who fails economically, somebody who fails in education, somebody who fails in family, those are the definitions we have, these are all duniya we these are all worldly definitions of Hassan of failure. Not once does Allah subhanaw taala equate to all of these as failure in the Quran. Rather, in the Quran, what you're going to find is that every single time Allah subhanaw taala uses the word Hassan, it is our failure or being

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a loser. It is in reference to aka.

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It's never in reference to the loss of material wealth, the loss of family, the loss of education status, it's never related to dystonia.

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And this is the form of FFC. And if you remember two weeks ago, we gave a hotbar on how to ponder upon the Quran. And we said that the second point in that was that you deal with the Quran with tough seed and Tafseer is of two types. You have to have Cyril Midori, and tafsir a Tercel. Truly, that the ctfc that goes in chronological order, and have see if that goes to the mobile door. What is the mobile door? What is the subject and we go and understand that subject. So today, we're going to understand who is a loser

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from the perspective of the Quran. So hopefully, we can rectify our systems and our beliefs as to who's a true loser.

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Somebody called me two days ago, I was in us.

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And they were crying.

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And I said to them, what happened?

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What's going on? And he said, I need to meet you. I said, I'm not available right now. They were from Cambridge. And I said, I'm not available right now.

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When can I meet you? I said, you can meet me in the gym, I'm going to be doing the gym. today. I'm not sure if the brother is here. But again, so what happened?

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He paid over $22,000 of tuition for his daughter to go to Waterloo University. And then on top of that tuition and the residents and all of that, close to $80,000 spent trying to make sure that her his daughter graduates, a great cause, but at the expense of what

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she announced yesterday that she doesn't want to be a Muslim.

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And the father is like, what do I do?

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It's the definition of what is a loser? That's where the problem is. Because in our minds, if my child does not graduate from university, he's a loser.

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Rightfully so most of you parents came from other parts of the world were at the huddle room or graduation meant fella

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but the universities here today are not the universities you think that you want to send your kids to.

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And you would destroy your child's alira By paying money.

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I cheap.

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So what happened? Had a small conversation with the sister she got influenced by feminist thought that went to the extreme feminism and led her to completely saying rasool Allah was a misogynistic Leros, Willa rasool Allah was a misogynistic patriarchal tyrant who was hated women. And that's the belief that she holds

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what happens our definition of what is a loser and failure is wrong.

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It's not when you don't have money. Never. Because all of these things education, money, family to our word, you can get it back but once you lose your deen and you die, you don't get that back.

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It never comes back.

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That is why Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, he says the definition is what he says the the people who are losers in the living room and foster home with him. Like a human costume. These are the ones who are hustling you

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you made yourself and your family as a loser on the Day of Judgment. That is the true failure. Failure is not that you don't have a nice car failure is not that you don't have a nice education

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and universities and high schools, if as a community, you are not ready to understand that saving your children's Amen is optimal responsibility.

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Then there is nobody else to be blamed other than you and me.

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Because why, why spend so much money to send your kid for a program or your children to a program? Why? Because you want success. You want Fela?

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You have equated Fela to something.

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But really Fela is not there. And that is why some of the verses that we're going to read today

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give you Allah subhanaw taala says

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that in health NL ha Serena Lavina has you and foster home early him yo, Malcolm, you want to know who the losers are? The losers are that as a parent your actions as children, their actions, it led them to be losers on the Day of Judgment, you stand there, you've got nothing to come back. Hustle, you are the true loser. The definition of loser is a person who finds himself at a situation on the Day of Judgment, you've got no return. That's a loser.

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And then Allah says, Allah

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will host Ron will Mubi Allah says, By Allah, that is the true loss and true failure.

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You want to know what's an obvious failure, not that your son didn't graduate, not that he didn't get a good job. Not that he didn't have a family or she didn't have a family. A true failure and open failure and obvious failure is when your fate you fail in Africa. That's a failure. What is the benefit of that education of our children when they can't even recite Surah Al Fatiha the one thing that will be asked the first day when they're going to meet Allah subhanaw taala you have people that have master's degrees they have mastered an entire programming language. They can't recite Surah Al Fatiha.

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How are you going to stand in front of Allah? What are you going to do? What excuse Are you went I was busy working.

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I was busy working for my kids. Allah says Linus and Luca respond now known as Zuckerberg, what er come your risk and their risk is in Allah's hand.

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Not in your hand, you think that you bring food to the table? That's not the case. Then Allah subhanaw taala says, In the next part, he says, well, Mancha, Fatima, Zeno of dawn, the day that you're going to be standing in front of Allah, those scales, if your scale is weak, for Hola, Erica Lavina, Hussey Rue, they are the losers, and Fusa home, they became losers because of themselves, be my icon, who will be it now you have the Lehman because of the injustice they did to the versus of Allah? Where is Lauren? What is the definition of what shape the lady Mahali here to play something where it does not belong? When the Ayat of Allah come, and they tell you that you cannot be sitting

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on a table where alcohol is being served at your workplace for the sake of your promotion, if you do that, let them tell. You did transgressed against that verse of Allah.

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That's when you place the idea behind and you placed your promotion ahead, and you said I will sit on that table because there might be a chance that I may get promoted.

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That's Allah saying, why did the people did it's not because they didn't believe in the Quran? It's because they did zoom with the Quran. They place the Quran where it did not belong behind their backs, on their shelves, never to be touched.

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Then Allah subhana wa Tada says,

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in the next day our Allah says, boil HELL NO NOT be Oh coming in Surah Al calf, shall I tell you will ask Serena Amala you want to know who's the worst loser in the world? Living in Ebola you whom Phil hieratic dunya wa whom you so Boone under whom you've seen on Asuna you want to know a true loser. Their entire efforts in this world were at last wasted

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The sad reality is they didn't have even the realization that they're wasting their lives. Well, whom they're believing they're gonna know whom you're seeing on. So now how great civilizations I'm doing how great of a thing, my son and daughter is going to be this and that myself, I am going to be president, vice president, all of that, in their minds, this is success. They believe I am on the right path and what a great trajectory I have.

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They are the ones who are the true losers,

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because they believe

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that they're on the right path. But Allah is like a study and

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they are the ones with their most real worst type of actions that are going to lead them to become a loser. You see, these definitions

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really need to be changed within our community and society for us to succeed. And if we don't understand what fella has insha Allah in our next football, we'll talk about Fela will talk about success because we want to know what a loser is we want to know the opposite. Or on talks about what is success and we will talk about Fela because Quran is filled with that. And Quran has multiple words that it has used for Allah Naja, right all of these words why? Because Allah wants us to wake up. So today the homework that I give everyone today almost lose so it sounds like a classwork that go home.

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Take your your your phone, you can literally type in the word Hassan or hasira Ha see in raw, look up the 26 or 27 verses that show up and open those verses and read the translation reflect that Quran is there for you and me, for us to actually see am I in the right path? Is my value systems my belief systems? My moral compass is it determined my definition through which I see the lot lenses and the goggles through which I see this earth? Is it right or do I need to change my spectacles because I'm looking at the world completely wrong?

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May Allah grant us the dough fake to practice enamel Akula only heard our stuff for Allah How do you what are commonly cited in musty mean first off, we'll find out

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Salam aleikum.

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Just a very short announcement. There will be assistance program this Sunday.

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There will be a sisters program this Sunday at 2pm in Hall B. All ladies are welcome to join. The ICC Board of Directors elections will be held on Sunday December 11th. That is this year 2022 from 2pm to 4pm. In Hall B. The nomination deadline is today at 3pm. And you can deliver that one to the board of I'm sorry to the ICC office

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by three o'clock with SR Russia. Join us again tonight at 830 for families of Sierra Holocaust series with Sheikh Ahmed Salim. The program continues every Friday after Isha.

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Every Sunday at 1130. There is a youth program for high school and university students also with Sheikh Ahmed Salim again. Thank you so much a Solomonic

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spell our hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Anna via via

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on a different note, I wanted to address this because a lot of the brothers have come up and spoken to me and I have not spoken to anybody in the board about this. And they've they've addressed this concern about the announcements and I just want to lay it to rest because people know the fifth opinion about it. So, most of the schools, they do not allow an announcement to be happened or anybody to engage in any form of communication talking while the team is giving a hotbar. But when the khateeb sits down, at that point, there is an extra laugh between the scholars Some say that you cannot even talk still and like such as the Maliki opinion of the Shafi opinion is that he is not

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giving the hotbar hence the Hadith that you know should you shall not speak when the hadith is talking can take place. So this was not addressed with Brother Khalid or anybody else. But I still think that it is better to do it between the two hotbeds because when we finish the fatwa, we want to get into the salah right away and we don't want to lose our spiritual state. So that's the reason you know, from at least from my perspective, that's a better and a lesser, it's more appropriate even according to the fuqaha depending on you know, whichever filter you follow, but there is that leeway in there.

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Legion so I know a lot of brothers afterwards that came to me they're like we need to talk to the board. And so if I didn't talk i My job is to address the religious perspective of a fifth opinion and it's up to the community and the board to decide that but there is no harm so people are like, Oh My Joomla is not complete No, no, your Joomla is fine inshallah. right with that announcement or even announcement after the Hadith gets off the member, it is completely fine because even the Hadith sometimes he gets off the member and he says what he says Please make your alliance straight he's talking right that means there should be no communication taking place right. So once the

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hadith is often member or he is sitting down, then there is no hierarchy or there is no religious boundaries that are being crossed just to you know, the late you know, everybody you know, to feel comfortable that your Salah is inshallah going to be valid. We ask Allah subhanaw taala that he grants us the Tofik to practice what we learn, we truly ask Allah subhanaw taala to open our hearts to the message of the Quran. We ask that Allah subhanaw taala allowed the NOR of this Quran to enter in our hearts and to penetrate into our actions. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to truly make us from those who love Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he makes us from those people

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who will remember him day and night. We ask that for those of us that are here and they remember that Friday is the day the best vicar you can do is to send salutations on Prophet sallallahu Sallam Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to see him and Kaviraj