Gives a Fitting Reply to Satyapal who Accuses him of Jugglery of Words

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Stefan Molyneux last ninja. I think Dr. Zucker is playing with a verse

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is jugglery a verse only Islam device peoples of the whole world

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into one is Mormon, as there is coffee.

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Definitely we don't believe and trust in many things, which Islam says.

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So this brother of who said Brotherhood is not possible. What Islam wants to enshrine upon us.

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Islam only creates divisive forces. Even we can know, Shia Sunni is and 70 other caste in Islam itself. I'm putting the question by slam cannot give you this is only Hinduism which can give universal brotherhood hmm SATA. vipra Buddha Wasn't he would you have just quoted

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Islam does not recognize killing the cows killing the cafe's taking their property loot, woman for Islam tells how brotherhood can come. And you talk about Brotherhood is a juggler. galeria verse only really speaking, you're talking Hinduism, in the name of Islam.

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The brother has made several comments, and Islam says in the llama sabreen For verily alive with those who are patient for bredow. to prevail, you should be patient. If I'm not patient, there'll be a fight between me and my brother.

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Islam says

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in Surah Baqarah, chapter number two was number 153. In mela Hama sabreen. For verily, Allah is the those who are patient, and for bredow. to prevail, you should be patient.

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And I, I respect my elderly brother out here, he may be having a good study of Hinduism. But I'm sorry that I disagree with him. His study of Islam is a bit weak, I would say. And I do agree with him, that Islam, there are two types of people. One is a believer moment. And the other he said is a Kaffir appoint to him.

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In every religion. There are two types of people, even Hinduism, a Hindu and a non Hindu.

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In Christianity, Christian and non Christian.

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In Judaism, a Jew and a non Jew in Islam are Muslim and non Muslim. So where does Islam differ?

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And I'm not here to criticize Hinduism. I'm not here to criticize Islam. But things are a learned speaker. I would like to speak on Hinduism. Because I am a student of comparative studies. I've read the Vedas, I've read the Upanishads. But if just for a small comment, according to the Vedas, it mentioned that the humankind has been created from four parts of Almighty God from the head. It is Abrahamic.

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From the chest is the shadow areas, from the tie in the wages, the business class, and from the feet is the Rudra caste system. I'm not here to comment on these further I wouldn't like to I would like to hurt the feelings of my Hindu brother is some doesn't agree with that. I didn't comment on those things. I didn't criticize any religion. I didn't criticize any religion. I didn't say that these religion is wrong. But you if you know your VEDA very well. You should testify to the audience doesn't the way that I say that from the head. You have the Brahmins. From the chest, you have the Sharia from the thigh, they have the waist as a business class, non class warrior class business

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class shooters, the shoes are supposed to be downtrodden. And there are books written by Dr. Ambedkar. I don't go into the details whether Hinduism I have learned very well. I respect many aspects of Hinduism, certain aspects. I don't actually have to say because they are forced me to say Quran says in Surah Nam chapter six was 108 Levi, not those who worship God besides Allah, ignorance, they will reveal Allah subhanaw taala what I spoke is the positive aspect of Hinduism. That is the belief in the concept of one god regarding a question that you know, the Muslims, they keep on killing people. They keep on killing cow you said? Correct. You said that? See every

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allegation requires an answer. Time doesn't permit. I'll just pick up a few. Any other you can come next and ask. I'm here to clarify the misconception. It's my pleasure. Only if I clarify the misconception. Will the person understand Islam better? Therefore in our sessions, we always have a question session, and we welcome when anyone criticizes us. I love it.

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More a person criticizes and more is logically convinced, really understand Islam better. That's what I do. Islam said spread the message of truth

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with hekman the Quran says in Surah hell chapter 60 or 125 all the way la familia Rebecca nigma Walmart zittel hasna wotja, the nobility arson that is invite all the way of the Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching.

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argue with them and reason with them in the ways that are best, most Gracious regarding the concept of can we have non wage, talking about killing cows etc. And there are many non Muslims who say, you know you Muslims, you are ruthless people, your kill animals just for information whether a Muslim can be a very good Muslim even by being a pure vegetarian.

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It's not compulsory that he should have non wage to be a good Muslim. But since the Quran says in several places, you can have the cattle why we shouldn't have. The Quran says in Surah chapter number five verse number one, it says that Yeah, you're loving Armando. Oh you believe fulfill all your obligations, and lawful for you are all for food the animal with the exception of name.

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Quran says in Surah hell, chapter number 16 verse number five that Allah has created for you kettles,

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which I assigned from A to derive form, and there are various benefits in it and of the meat you can eat Quran repeatedly since for a moment on chapter 23, verse 21, you can eat the meat of the cattle, you know in non which there are doctors available here, even our medical doctor, it's rich in protein

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is rich in iron.

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And it's very nutritious.

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In the other food the level of protein which you get in non which you cannot get in any other vegetarian food, soya bean, which is supposed to be the best form of protein in vegetable, it comes nowhere close to the non rich protein. And regarding the concept of killing of cows, if you read the Hindu scriptures, I'm not here to criticize any religion, but rather ask the question has to speak the truth.

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It permits a person to have non which if you read the Hindu scriptures this age and and they had non which they even had beef. It is later on due to the influence of the other religions like Jainism etc, that people were being influenced in the philosophy of Ahimsa of not to kill animals, that they accepted this philosophy in the way of life. Otherwise Islam is also for animal rights, I can give a talk only on animal rights. Islam as a religion we say that do not overburden animals, treat them nicely give them food, but when required, they are even created for food. If you analyze the other religions which believe in the philosophy, that you should not have non which the philosophy was

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based on the concept, that you should not kill animals, because they're living creatures, therefore having non which is a sin. I do agree with them. If any human being can live in this world, without killing

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a single living creature, I would be the first one

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the universal without

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and Hinduism is that every living creature is your brother, every living creature irrespective whether you're an animal or a bird, or insect, I must question that how can a person even survive for five minutes without killing millions of others? Those who know medical science to understand what I'm saying that whenever you breathe, there are millions of germs are inhaling and you're killing. That means in this elegant, you're killing your brothers to survive.

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The universal brotherhood in Islam is every human being is your brother,

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better than faith is every Muslim is a better every living creature not my brother, but we have to protect the living creature should not harm them should not unless they torture them, but when required, you can have them for food. So, when the philosophy says that having non which is a sin, because we live in creatures, today science tells us that even the plants have got life Do you know that so the logic that killing living creatures a thing has failed.

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So now, now the chain the logic and they say that see plants have got life, but plants can't feel pain. Therefore, killing the animals is a great lesson as compared to killing plants. Do you know today sciences advanced and we have come to know even the plants can feel pain. The plant can even try the plant even feel happy.

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So the logic that plants cannot feel pain has failed. What the thing that grabbed the plant cannot be heard by the human ear because the human ear has a frequency of 20 cycles per second to 20,000 cycles per second. Anything between this the human ear can hear anything below above the human ear can hear. For example, if a master blows a dog whistle, blow dog whistle, it's called a silent dog whistle. It blows the whistle which has a frequency of above 20,000 cycles and below 40,000 cycles per second. The dog can hear up to 40,000 cycles per second. So when the master blows the whistle, the dog hears the whistle but the human beings don't hear. It's called the silent dog whistle.

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Similarly, the cry giving out the plant cannot be heard by the human being but they also cry. They also

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feel pain. There was a

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brother of ours

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who argued his maximum. And he told me that bizarre Can I agree with you that the plants have got life, they can feel pain. But you know, the plants have got two senses, they only have three senses. The animals have got five senses. Therefore killing an animal is the greatest thing as compared to killing a plant. So I told him, brother, suppose you have a younger brother, who's born deaf and dumb, two senses less after he grows up, if someone goes and kills him, we will tell the judge or Milad give the murderer less punishment, because my brother had two senses. So when you say that, you will say, me Lord give him double punishment, because he killed a person who was innocent. So in

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Islam, the logic doesn't work like that two senses or three senses. Islam says in Surah Baqarah chapter two was 168 eat of the good thing that I have provided for you. That means whatever is good and lawful you can have and that's the reason if you analyze the cattle in the world, Allah subhanaw taala has his way, Almighty God, the reproduction of the cattle is very fast as compared reproduction of the other animals and the human beings. The repeat is very fast, if I agree with you that no human being should have any cattle, then we will have overpopulation of cattle in the world. And regarding killing of cows. There is a book written by Maulana Bukhari Parikh

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Gothia cow slaughter, who's to blame and analyze the people that deal in leather, leather of cows, more non Muslims and Muslims, leather, the gens they deal in that. So the people who are responsible to benefit from the course author are not the Muslim the more of them are non Muslims. So if you know history well, and if you know logic also well will understand that Allah says eat of the good things have provided for you. If you can have there's no problem. And beside that if you analyze the set of teeth of the herbivorous animal,

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the cow, the goat, the sheep don't have vegetables, they have a flat set of teeth. If you analyze the set of teeth of the carnivorous animal, the lion, the tiger, the leopard, they have got sharp pointy teeth, they can only have non wage. If you analyze a set of teeth of the human being if you go in the middle and look at the teeth. We have pointed teeth as well as Saturday. If Almighty God wanted us to have only vegetables, why did he give us this pointed teeth for

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non wage.

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If you analyze the rice the system of the herbivorous animals, the cow the goat the sheep, they have digestive system which can only digest vegetables, the digestive system of the carnivorous animal, the lion, the tiger, the leopard, they can only digest sandwich, the digestive system of the human beings can digest both non wage and wage. If Almighty God wanted us to have only vegetables. Why did he give us a diet system that can digest both white and non white? So scientifically analyzed, Almighty God wanted us to have both wage as well as non wage Hope that answers the question if you have any query any other misconception whether it's my pleasure to reply, one misconception at a

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time so that I can do justice to each other misconception. Thank you, brother.