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Geology in the Quran

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Zakir Naik

Channel: Zakir Naik

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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In the field of geology,

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and the geologists today, they tell us that

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the radius of the Earth on which we live is approximately 3750 miles.

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And the deeper layers, they're hot and fluid, it cannot sustain life.

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And as we keep on going superficially, it keeps on getting cooler, and the superficial crust on which we live, it is hardly

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less than 30 miles in thickness.

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And the geologists tell us, there are high possibilities, that this superficial crust on which we live, it can shake.

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And today the geologists tell us, they talk about the folding phenomena, which gives rise to mountain ranges. And because of the folding phenomena, and because of this mountain, there is stability on the earth.

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The Quran says

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in Surah number, chapter number 17, verse six, and seven, we have made the earth as an expanse

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was dibala Tada and the mountains as takes that big word out are the means takes our tent pegs. Like how we put a tent peg into the ground, we see only a small portion on the top, the major portion goes deep into the ground.

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So the Quran says the mountains are like tent pegs. And today's science tells us that the mountain has got deep roots. And the portion we see on the top is only a small portion like the tip of an iceberg. The major portion of the iceberg is in the water, and only a small portion of it on the top.

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And science tells us that the mountains are

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put firmly on the earth.

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And Quran gives this method 14 years ago.

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And for nazjatar

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chapter number 79 was number 32 as well as for Akasha chapter number 88.

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Muslim 19 that we have placed on the earth mountain standing firm,

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as far as the subject of geology is concerned, a book by the name of the earth, which is known as one of the best textbooks in the field of geology and is referred and most of the universities in the subject. And one of its authors. His name is Frank press,

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who was the president of the Academy of Sciences of USA earlier, and was also the adviser to the ex president of USA Jimmy Carter. And he writes in this book, and he does the mountain

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and shows that the mountain has got deep roots in the shape of wedge

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wedge shape. And he shows that the mountain that is seen above the surface of the Earth is only a small portion, the major portion has got deep roots. And he writes in this book that it is due to the mountain which prevents the earth from shaking. And this is exactly what is mentioned in the Quran 14 years ago in Saudi Arabia, chapter number 21 was the metahuman as well as the role of man chapter 31 verse number 10 that we have placed on the earth mountain standing firm less it would shake with you.

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The Quran specifically mentions that the function of the mountain is to prevent the earth from shaking which we have come to know recently.