Zakir Naik – Glorious Quran was the Last Revelation of Allah Sent for the Whole Humanity

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of the Quran in relation to modern times. They explain that the title is the final and final message given to Jesus, the creator, and that it was revealed for the whole of humanity. The title is not meant only for Muslims or Arabs, but for the whole of humanity, and is not meant for specific locations or people.
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Allah says in the Quran in surah, chapter number 13, verse number 38, nikoline agilan Kitab and every age, have recent revelation have revealed a book, by name only faora mentioned the Quran, Torah, the Buddha Injeel. And the Quran Torah is avahi, which was given to Moses peace be upon him. The Buddha is the one he's the revelation given to David peace be upon him in geniza. His revelation given to Jesus peace be upon him. And Quran is the last and final revelation given to the last and final messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, all the revelation that came before the last and final revelation, the goddess Quran, they were meant only for a particular group of people. And

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the message was supposed to be followed for a particular time period.

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But because the Quran was the last and final message, it was not sent only for the Muslim God the Arabs, it was sent for the whole of humanity. It's mentioned the Prime Minister replaces and for Abraham chapter number 14 was number one, sorry, Brian, Chapter 14, verse 52, instead of chapter number two was my 85. And so there's so much chapter 10 and verse 4170. Places says that Quran was revealed as a book for the whole of humanity.

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Because Quran was a book revealed for the whole of humanity, it was not meant only for the Muslims or the Arabs.

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Because rather last and final revelation, it was not meant only for the Muslims or the Arabs, it was meant for the whole of mankind today, irrespective whether you're living in India, or living in USA, or UK, or Singapore, or Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia, or Canada, you have to follow the last and final message of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and believe in the last and final message, the Glorious Quran, I would like to end my talk by giving the condition of the Glorious Quran from Serena *. Chapter 16 verse 125.

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