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So like him the last time I'll say loud outside which means the homeless Hello Have you been able to beat him homeless? I said if you know what a more steady level more sending more data kind of have you been on amino homicides, any long steady or have you been on noodle hammer satellites him? Welcome America to Illuminations, Quranic reflections, day 14. And today's citation, the hottie recited the beginning parts of sudut Yunus, the 10th Surah of the Quran. So that Yunus is a very powerful Surah, which is revealed in Mecca, which ingrains a lot of important concepts and foundations and faith. And sort of doing this especially came in the early Meccan period where a lot

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of these foundations are essential to understanding our spiritual connection to Allah subhanaw taala there's one ayah that particularly speaks to me and, you know, something that I wanted to reflect on, as well as many of the i app which speaks about ingraining foundation and faith such as when Allah subhanaw taala says, that the whole purpose of worship, the essential reason for worship, is that you ask Allah subhanaw taala that which divinely benefits you and you seek only Allah subhanaw taala is refuge from that which harms you, meaning you don't ask anything or anyone else other than Allah. And if you think that anything benefits you or harms you, independently of Allah, then that's

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worshiping that object. So the ayah that stuck out to me particularly in this part has to do with a one of the most central points of worship, as the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam has said, do our whole a bad, so essentially dua is a bad is the crux of a battle, the reason behind the rebound. So, this idea is number 12. From sort of Yunus is something that spoke out to me when I lost packet I said,

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What you then must sell in Santa Buddha Anani Jim b o r e then call EMA for America, Schaffner and will the Wahoo Malacca lumea Drona blue rim Messiah. Cada addict is a yearly mystery fee in America. And we are men who own a lot of data that says whenever someone is touched by hardship, they cry out to us whether they're lying on their side sitting or standing. But when we relieve their hardship, they return to their old ways as if they had never cried to us to remove any hardship. This is how the misdeeds of the transgressors have been made appealing to them. So last part that says that when we're in difficulty in hardship, we're more prone to seek ALLAH subhanaw taala and call to Allah

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azza wa jal and ask Allah subhanaw taala. And especially for a need that we have or some relief from a worry or distress or any kind of hardship. And then Allah says, when he relieves that hardship, often we forget about the fact that we even were in hardship in the first place. And this speaks to the human condition. And there's how there's a number of Hadith that really spoke to me with with disregard is, one of them is that Allah Subhana Allah Allah loves to hear the dua of the servant to such an extent, Rajab says that Allah says to the angels, leave them for a moment, leave them for a moment, because Allah likes to hear the voice of the person calling to Allah. Imagine Allah loves to

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hear the voice more than fulfilling even the need, because of why the whole purpose is how much do we like that relationship with Allah in the in the act of dua, rather than simply just having our needs met? So the whole point is, are we building a relationship with Allah and dua in calling and prayer as to how much Allah loves for us to hear, to hear our voices when we are calling to him?

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Do we ever think of it that way? Or are we just thinking about what am I going to get what I'm asking for?

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And it's very important to understand a very central concept. The central concept here is, Allah always answers prayers. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah always answer prayers, either he grants the servant what they're asking for, or he does not grant it to them, and he removes a hardship that they faced in this life, instead of answering that maybe it's better for them that they're not answered that and he gives them better. And he doesn't answer that prayer, but he rather gives them something better, or he does not answer it in this world. He answers it in prevention of harm in the hereafter or better in the hereafter to the point that if a

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person were to realize what they were going to receive, they would have said, Thank God, I didn't get it into this life.

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Or Allah answers the prayers, and grants whatever they're asking for in this life. So there's a very powerful statement in a story that I wanted to share with you all.

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There was a man and this is narrated by awesome Han, he says, Today I heard that a brother left Islam because one of his daughters was not answered. Just after he left

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Islam Guess what? Allah answered his dua.

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Just as he left Islam, Allah answered his dua. But that person did not come back to Islam. He says, Then I read this beautiful quote, awesome Han says, After I realized that the guy left Islam,

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because of a dua was not answered. And then when Allah answered his dua, he didn't come back to Islam. So what was the what was the whole point of him leaving Islam? The whole point of him leaving Islam was the idea that thinking that hey, it was because of my dua not being accepted. Allah just exposed what His truth, state of his heart, it wasn't because your dollars had to be answered is because you were ready for Islam to be in with you claimed that you're practicing and you're going to establish faith. But faith needs a strong vessel. Faith is not something that just is granted to anyone except that Allah Subhana Allah favors that person to be someone that carries it. So he said

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that I read this beautiful quote, after he did not come back to Sam, even after his prayers was accepted. And that quote, is by more rock, allegedly, who said, I have been asking my lord for a thing for 20 years, and I have still not received it, nor have I given up hope.

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Imagine the strength and conviction of people, when they're asking for Allah subhanaw taala for something and they're not receiving it, yet they know that Allah is answering their deposits, hence, they still ask. And this is the idea that I want to just ingrain in the concept, where last time that I says that when Allah answers one of our prayers, and what if you were to give that to us? Would that

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maintain our relationship with our Lord?

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Would that make us keep asking with the same fervor and love and, and, and wanting that connection with Allah? Or are we so much attached to having our prayer answered? That we're losing the whole point behind the idea that the whole purpose behind calling them is to establish that relationship? So let's find that it says that. Think deeply. What is the point of even asking? It's to establish the connection with Allah, with the firm belief in your heart as the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and says, Oh dear Allah want to move in own ability, Jaya.

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Call to Allah subhanho wa taala. And you all are absolutely certain that you're being responded to, and your prayers are being answered, to solve the problem of homelessness services. So when you make dua, when should you make dua The Prophet said there's certain times when guys accepted one of the favorite places that you should be making dua is institute this is like the best place to draw the prophets like Selim says, that the closest a person can be to their to their Lord, the closest a servant can be to their Lord is in sujood, when your head is on the ground and frustration, so increase in dua at that time. So when your institute in any prayer the three mega have they say

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this, they you can make dua in any language that you want increase dua Institute and increase in your relationship with Allah and says You wouldn't say Allah, one of the most important things in terms of making dua Listen to me very carefully. Whenever you're going to ask for an materially say, Oh Allah grant me this if it is good for my dunya and Ashleigh, if it's good for me in this life and in the next and if it's not, take it away from me and replace for me that which is better. So always say, Oh Allah grant me this, if it is good for my dunya and Allah,

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this is part of

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so the unis which focuses of course on university system, who made a very powerful DUA and among the dollars that he also made is that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam And so whoever says in their dua, the dua of the companion of the whale, meaning unicyclists them, La ilaha illa, Allah Subhana Allah in the consuming of Alimi, they will have their dua accepted, meaning you decide how many dua when he was in the belly of the whale, that there is no God except you, Glory be to You, I have been among the transgressors. If you say this dua while you're making dua, Allah subhanaw taala will accept your DUA the Prophet Muhammad says Emma said this, so the DA is La ilaha

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illa and Subhan Anika in me consuming a volley me and the reason why is because you're affirming your weakness and your need to Allah and when you affirm when you admit to a mistake, that Allah azza wa jal will accept that from you. But if somebody is being belligerent and not admitting and not accepting of their mistake, then similarly, like any relationship with somebody that I'm acknowledging the wrongs that they've done, then why should they accept even their apology? Apologize first, and then ask Allah subhanaw taala for your requests. And lastly, part of the DUA to be accepted is two cents a lot on the prophets. I said, Prophets Herman said the door is cut off

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until unless you say salata, unhemmed meaning Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad. So the first thing you should just praise Allah saying give the issues glorify Allah

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Third thing is you should apologize to Allah. Fourth thing is you should show you need to Allah fifth thing you should show your salaam salaam upon the Prophet Mohammed Salim. And then the seventh thing or the sixth thing shot, excuse me, you ask Allah subhanaw taala what you need is, and then you end it with Salah on the Prophet salallahu Salam again, the last time it had a blessing except us, and except from us and allow us to build our relationship with Him through dua. And one of the greatest things that we should kind of reflect on is that dua is a means to establish a connection and a relationship with our Lord. So then when you realize it's not about the size of the sins that

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you commit, or the kinds of things that you asked for, but the relationship that we are creating with the great Lord, and that you don't compare your sins and the size of your sins to his greatness, right, but rather you build a relationship to know that no matter what you do, you're going to be deficient. No matter what you do, your sins are not going to ever be so little that Allah is deserving of of your worship Subhanallah and also that the things that you ask for, you start to change your perspective. The things that you ask for, is then connected to Allah wanting good for you. And that's why the statement in the Quran was one of the most powerful statements Well

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luckily Allah want to Natalia will, right, Allah Subhana Allah says in the previous I asked, and sorta Allah, well as Takahashi in federal law have a feeling of the law

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and suitable for excuse me, last panelist says that you might like something, but it is bad for you. And you might dislike something but it is good for you. Hola. Hola. Hola, mu Antonette Ala Moana ALLAH knows and that what you do not know and the other eye or the last part that says that you might dislike something but Allah subhanaw taala has put a lot of good in it. How many things we dislike and we'd like dislike to do but Allah has actually put a lot of hate in it. And sometimes it's about us seeing that the effects of good thereafter May Allah's Panatela bless and accept from all of us, who have learned from the lack of gravity MIMO SallAllahu Sallam Baraka how you're gonna

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read Mohammed II Socrates renders a luminary illuminations Quranic reflections from the Halloween Day 14 inshallah we'll see y'all tomorrow for Day 15 or Santa Monica, Florida.