Tom Facchine – al-Raghib al-Isfahani #44 – Does Humility Increase Virtue

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how the concept of morality is not in opposition to the Sharia, but rather in opposition to the notion of pride. He explains that pride is a crucial part of virtue, and being able to hold oneself with heat and hold one's face through grovels is crucial to being a virtuous person. The Sharia is seen as a way to hold oneself with heat and hold one's face through grovels, rather than just a means of protecting one's body.
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dignity and honor was another blessing that Augusto Hani mentioned. And again, this is something that actually helps with virtuous action and ethical being and isn't sort of in opposition to it. Right. So again, this is how we kind of imagined or how we, what our associations are with who's a virtuous or a righteous person. Sometimes we can imagine that a righteous person is somebody who's super humble and super meek and super kind of like almost like a pushover, right, and a raga. So he's basically saying that that's, that's too extreme. Like, yes, humility is important. But humility can't go to the extreme where you're without dignity, you can't let other people walk all

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over you, right? That's not actually helping your quest to be a virtuous person, person, it's actually an obstacle to it, right? Because part of virtue is being able to defend what's good to defend what is good and to stand up for what is right and to, to stop people from doing wrong, like this is something that is is an essential part of virtue, how are you going to do that if you're extremely meek, or extremely sort of, you know, you kind of carry the sort of humiliation around with you or you imagine that being kind of humiliated and lowly is part of what virtue is no, we can be upright and dignified, and still not be arrogant, right and still be humble. The two things

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aren't contradictions. And so that's what are all about. So honey wants us to get in our heads that if you're able to hold yourself with dignity and honor not necessarily drag your face through the modern grovel for things, this is actually more conducive to being a virtuous person and to upholding the ethics of the Sharia and the ethics of Islam more than being excessively meek and excessively weak.

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