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Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the maximum number of days as a traveler and how it can be considered during a trip. They also mention that while a traveler can stay in a city continuously for four days, they may not be considered a traveler if they travel in a foreign country for multiple months or even years. The speaker suggests that travelers may not be considered a traveler if they travel in a long distance or in a foreign country for multiple months or years.
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question, what is the maximum number of days as a traveler, that he can stay in a given city continuously and be exempted from his fast for instance, he goes on to say, if he's a student, he's giving the game over here is a student and he's traveled abroad for two months is he exempted from his fast in Ramadan. Most of the scholars what they say that what is ruling for Salah when a person travels as Hadith accorded earlier that a beloved prophet Islam said, mentioned in southern Marja

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Hadith number 1667, that a beloved Prophet says that Allah subhana wa Taala has exempted

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a person from fasting and half of these prayers vanish traveling and exempted a woman from fasting when she's pregnant cetera. So the ruling what is there for Salah as a traveler it is the same as a person who is fasting and most of the most of the scholars who the difference of opinion, but as for Salah, they say that maximum person can stay in a city in one place after he left his own hometown for four days. So most of the scholars they agree that same thing for fasting, that maximum they can stay in a city and can be considered as a traveler for four days. If they extend then they will not be considered as a traveler, though the difference of opinion in different schools of thought the

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majority consider this company the second part of the question, that if a person goes for studies and stays in a foreign land, maybe for two months or three months or several months together, will it be considered as a travel no in this condition is staying for a long time? For months together? a fighter fastings concerned he will have to fast all the obligatory fast formula. Next question. If a fasting person is fasting the whole day decides to travel in the afternoon. He starts his travel in the afternoon. Is it compulsory on him to break is fast or is it optional? What is the best solution for him if a person starts to travel midday or in the afternoon, and if he's in the hometown till

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afternoon, it becomes hard for him to keep the fast, at least in that time. Only time a traveler is permitted to break the fast when he leaves the hometown.

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If he decides they're going to leave in the afternoon, it's not possible that he does not fast in the morning, he has too fast in the morning, because they can be Change of plans. If he decided enough known he may change his plan. So then it will be a synonym. So if a person is traveling, the only time we can break the fast is when he leaves the city limits until he hasn't left he should not be. So if you leave the city limits in the afternoon, he is permitted to break not that he should break. But if you feel there's no hardship, they can continue fasting and complete as fast as option on him. Okay, excellent.

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Next question is from one of our viewers who's a pilot. And he considers himself to be in a perpetual state of travel. Every day he's traveling on the plane long distances.

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And he's asking is he exempted therefore, from all facets? If a person's professional such that he's a pilot, or if he's a sailor, and he has to travel, and if he leaves his hometown and if he's gone away, so but naturally is considered the travel. He's exempted from fasting but he has to make up a fast

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before the next from them. So if he travels a lot, they left too fast the holidays, but the holidays he gets and when he station in hometown. So if he does not want to fast, he's exempted. We will consider the traveler but he'll have to make up the fast as soon as possible. Before the next from none. Unless you start on a very long flight maybe from India to New York, which is more than 12 hours but if the the flight of the short flight i don't think so that we probably

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