Rights of a Wife in Islaam

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Now we'll discuss

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the rights of the wife in Islam.

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Most of the other religions besides Islam, they consider the human as an instrument of the devil.

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But the Quran refers to the woman as a Massena. masana in Arabic means a fortress against the devil.

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Because a pious woman who is on the straight path, she prevents the husband from deviating and going on the wrong track, and keeps him on the throttle Mr. gien. Therefore, she is called as masana a fortress against the devil.

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The Quran in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was number 21 refers

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to manage to nica as a sacred covenant. It's a sacred covenant, a sacred contract between the husband and wife.

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The Quran says in Surah, room, chapter number 30, verse number 21.

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we have created for you meet from amongst yourselves, so that you will live with them in tranquility. And he has put love and mercy between your hearts

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the Beloved Prophet masala Salaam, he said,

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it's mentioned sable hottie warm number seven in the book of nikka japp number 300. Number 5066. The Beloved Prophet said only young people,

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whoever has the means to get married, should get married.

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The Beloved Prophet also said there is no monasticism in Islam.

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And the Prophet said, anyone who marries he completes half his Deen.

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Once during the questioners time,

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there was a person who asked me that doesn't mean that if I marry twice, will I complete my fully.

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What did the Prophet mean when he said that marriage completes after the marriage prevents you from promiscuity? From fornication from homosexuality?

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Only if you marry Do you have an opportunity to be a husband or wife only if you marry Do you have an opportunity to be a father or mother which are very important duties in Assam irrespective whether you marry once or twice you only complete half your deen

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in Islam for a marriage to Solomon is taking the permission of both would be husband and wife. The man and the woman is equally important.

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The Quran says is for any search up number four number 19 do not inherit the woman against the wishes.

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The Hadith with the mentioned cyber hottie while number seven

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book of NACA chapter 43 Hadith number 5138, a lady by the name of consumptions Academy on Zarya, she approached the prophet and said that my father has married me to a person

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against my wishes, the prophet in nullified the marriage.

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Then the Hadith, which means an AMA that been humbled by the number 2469 really approaches the prophet and says that my parents have forced me to marry a man against my wishes. And the Prophet said, she has the option of either continuing a marriage or nullifying the marriage.

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The similar deed mentioned omnimaga. Number 1875, is the same old monopoly to the prophet and does that my parents have forced me to marry against my wishes. And the Prophet says, you can either continue the marriage or you can nullify the marriage. And the woman says, I continued the marriage, but I wanted the woman to know that the parents cannot force their daughters to marry someone who they don't like.

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The Quran says in Surah Baqarah. Chapter number two was number 228. That the woman have rights

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similar to those against them on terms equitable, but the men have a degree of advantage. Based on this verse of the Quran, men and women are equal except in leadership. The Quran clearly says that the woman have rights, those similar to them on terms equitable, but the men have a degree of advantage. Now many of the Muslims, they misunderstand this ending phrase that the men have a degree of advantage and the thing that men are superior and the code also the Quran, or a woman, Allah Nyssa that the men are superior to the woman. So Allah said the men

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I have degree of advantage, the men are superior.

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What the coating is the verse of the Quran which was decided by a wonderful curry from Surah Nisa, chap number four, number 34. We save our ritual kawaman Allah Nyssa that the men are the CO one of the woman. What is the meaning of the Arabic word Guam.

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Guam, comes from the root word, a comma, which means to stand up for how we have a comma before Salah, we stand up for Salah. So this Arabic word cavum means the men have one degree of additional responsibility and one degree additional service towards the woman, not one degree of security deposit with a woman.

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And if you read that the fear of poverty, he said the Arabic word kirwin means one degree of additional responsibility.

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Because if you read the verse ahead, the verse says that Allah has given men most men than the woman. So because of that advantage, it is the duty of the men that they should take care of the woman they should not boss over.

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For the moon. Quran says in chapter number four was number 19.

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That treat your wives

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with equity and kindness, even if you dislike me, even if you don't like your wife, yet treated with love and compassion

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and treated kindly, even if it is later, even if it is like a teacher with kindness and compassion.

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And in Islam,

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we do not consider calling the woman at housewives, housewives. No housewives if you analyze means

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she's married to the house. In Islam. We don't consider a woman the married to the house to be called housewives. You know in English we have what is the profession housewife in Islam, before calling the woman as homemakers because they make the home they build the home.

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So inshallah I believe that

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the ladies from now onwards, when they have to fill any form,

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instead of writing the profession, if they're not read housewife, that's English terminology. They're married up a house

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before mentioning homemaker, because the woman builds the home, they make the home.

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And in Islam, a woman is not married to a master to be treated like a slave. She's married to an equal and the role is that of partnership.

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And Quran gives a very good phrase. And sort of chapter number two was the way the seven the Almighty God says hoonah labasa, Lacan anomala Barcelona, the day I your garments, and you are the garments, that means your wives, your garments, and you are the garments of your wives.

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What is the role of government?

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The role of the garments is to beautify, to conceal to protect the husband and wife. They can see each other's faults. They beautify each other. They help each other.

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It is a rule of hand and glove