Madinah University in 1991 – We never knew these terms…

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Well, actually, we used to have

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a group of people we used to get together once in a while Zimbabweans and, you know, study matters back at home and see how things are. And I think when I was a student between 1991 and 90 in 1991, and 1998, I think what happened is at that time, you know, things were still calm, you know, people there was not this labeling and all of that, if you asked me what a metal he was, at the time, I wouldn't even know. Because I was even, you know, to be honest with you, I, it was something I'm just being brutally honest, you know,

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if you asked me so many other things, we they weren't even an issue at the time, we were really concerned about expanding, learning, understanding.

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You know, one of my favorites is Shiva masala. But to this day, I have a good, you know, rapport, and there are other machines as well. And you know, people try and label you based on who's the sheriff and that's the reason why I always say, you know, try to go back to our local law school in the in reality when when you call out to people when you're calling people towards a law, and if you were to quote your shares, or what ever sect you belong to you already discouraging people because they want to hear what Allah and His rosulip said, I'm not saying it's wrong, you know, people might say, Oh, well, you know, you got to quote your ship. But you know, to be very fair, Who are you

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calling you preaching to the preached? Or would you like to preach to people who perhaps you feel need a little bit of, of love care and tapping before they would actually understand what the deen is all about? So there is a lot, there's a lot of wisdom. And there's a lot of thought that goes into what happens. And sometimes, some people might not understand your approach, but that doesn't make you wrong. It might make them a little bit lacking in understanding of something that's required in the room. It's quite deep. You know, I might come across quite young, but to be honest, I've been in the field more than a lot of the guys out there today.