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The speakers discuss the use of the term "the Great War" in the context of the current crisis, with a focus on the importance of being aware of the "the Great War" term. They also discuss the loss of Islam in the West and the pressure on men to encourage them to drink alcohol. The segment emphasizes the importance of acceptance of Islam in society and bringing it to everyone, particularly those who need help. The speakers share their experiences with the loss of Islam and the need for people to be the drivers of change.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim in 100 Allah Muhammad Allah subhana wa starin ohana stop fiddle when our odo Villa Himanshu terrarium fusina woman say as Dr. Marina de la tala Farah mobile Allah woman you lil fella howdy Allah wa shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hula Sheree Kela shadow Ana Mohammed Abu hora, Sulu Am I bad for all sequin FC with Aqua la azzawajal for cada anon Allahu taala Viva Kofi Kitab al Karim for Karla Charla. Yeah you are living in LA hapa Ducati wala Mouton. illa antem. Simone. Well Carla tala yeah yohanna suta Pura vida como la Viva La FC wahida wahala caminhada Baba Semin humare, Joe Marija and Kathy around one is, what Taku la la de la luna Viva La ham. In LA

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Cana, la Cooperativa some,

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when you were growing up, did you grow up under the shade of a mountain.

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where I grew up in Canada, we didn't have too many mountains. And in fact, when we would visit our home country of Egypt, when we were young, there was also not too many mountains.

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But we did have the opportunity, because there were buildings there that may have been nine floors, or 10, floors high, and they wouldn't have elevators in these buildings.

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And so the person got a chance of what it's like

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to climb a mountain every day. And many of you from your countries, you know, there's buildings like this.

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So if someone found themselves confronted with a nine storey building, and then you find out that your relatives, they live on the nine storey or the 10 storey, and usually they're always on the ninth floor or the 10th floor, you couldn't take those steps. One at a time, you'd never make it. And in fact, some of your older relatives that are with you, they'll take it one step at a time. And you know, it might take them 20 minutes to climb up. Sometimes they'll just say meet me down here.

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You have to from the very beginning, gather your strength, take a deep breath, and start charging up the stairs, two steps at a time three steps at a time, not looking at what floor you're on, not pausing just going, going, going going until you make it to the top and then you can start registering what just happened there.

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A mountain is very similar to this. If someone wishes to make it up a very tall mountain, very steep mountain, they have to have the same determination. Allah subhanaw taala speaks about a mountain pass the steep mountain incline in the Quran. And it's a very enormous mountain that needs our attention because a lot asks and poses the question on

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What will make you understand what the mountain path is? And so the question is what mountain? Yeah, it'll be we will climb it, but tell us what it is. What are the steps of the mountain? And then Eliza just says that Cora baba

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baba, oh, Myskina Ananda su McKenna Amina

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moto Hama, Ola.

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Manoj these are the steps of the mountain alarma just says how do you climb it? What's the first step set pooraka to free slaves. Oh fri mon for Yeoman, Demas Baba or to Fie. The second step after that is to feed people on a day of severe hunger when you need the money the most. That's when you should be feeding people who should you feed miskeen get him and them Aqaba orphan who's very close in relative to you. Oh miskeen and diameter robber or a homeless a person who's in so much misery that they're grasping the the dirt them at raba from the misery from mecanim in alladhina amanu. And they are of those who had Eman when they did this what a while soba sub and they encourage people in

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patience, what to also open them up and encourage mercy amongst one another a lot. Just as Virgil says Ola eco was horrible my manner

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that these are the people of the rights.

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The brothers and sisters if we look at the institutions

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Take care of the people that need special care. Look at them and you will not find

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Muslim soup kitchens, they won't be there. look a little further. For those who need a home loan or need rehabilitation, you will not find Muslim home shelters.

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look a little further. If a woman is beaten, and she needs to go to a shelter for battered women, she will not go to the masjid. She will not go to a local Imam. She will most likely go to the Christians. And in fact, even our Muslim women will go to the Christians. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us. Taking care of the society

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is not meant to be a PR stunt public relations done many times that I massage it, we have a day where we feed the hungry people. And then at the end of the day, everybody runs home to Fox News and CNN and they try to see did we have any coverage or not?

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And when the coverage is Oh, they said, Oh, we only fed 10 people No, we fed 100 people look, they're always against the Muslims, almost as if our effort was in vain for that day. But taking care of the society wasn't meant to be a PR stunt. It's in fact, a core and a fundamental aspect of a person's Eman.

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It's fundamental in a person's Amen. And in fact, this is the same message that Allah sent to the Jews and the Christians. And out of the three, especially in this country, it is the Christians that understood this message. And they are the ones who went out to help the people whether they were a Christian, or they were not. But it is a fundamental part of our Deen and today inshallah we're going to be explaining this.

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Consider the following verses inserted hatha

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Allah subhanho wa Taala couples the disbelief of the Catholic

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history disbelief with the fact that he doesn't feed other people. The Hungry he doesn't feed them a lot as a judge says in

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loving him that he wasn't one of those who used to believe in a law the great while morana Kamini ski and he wouldn't encourage anybody else to feed them so keen to feed the hungry and to feed the poor. And I want you to notice in the verses that I'm going to be reciting right now that Allah subhana wa tada is not saying that he didn't feed them himself. The verses come when I hug Lu, he never encouraged anybody else to feed. It was never on his tongue. He never cared to tell people look, there's some homeless outside, let's go and help them. That was his coupling with his cover was that he made this a characteristic of himself.

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And in our society, we have a lot of talk shows, and we're always trying to interview people. It's very exciting. Oh, today we have someone to interview Imagine if they could bring someone back from the dead.

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And not anybody from the dead but they actually have someone today who's been to hellfire. And they brought him on TV today we have this person of Hellfire and he may you know in the state that he may be in the first question and Allah subhanaw taala shows us this interview in the Koran.

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masala comfy sofa. If we ask the person Why did you arrive in Hellfire? What was the reason that made you go to Hellfire? They'll say Paulo akumina masani in answer number one, why are we in Hellfire because we never did our namaaz we never did our Salah. We never used to pray to Allah subhana wa Tada. That's why they're in Hellfire Bog akumina masani, ora Nakano, Karima miski. And in our lives, we never used to feed the hungry people. We spent our lives not doing Salah, and we spent our lives not feeding the hungry people. And may Allah subhanaw taala protect this, because I'm saying these things, and many of you I know are thinking that this is the characteristic of many of

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the Muslims, where you have the villa, and in certain federal Allah subhanaw taala tells us about who the arrogant person is, can La Bella to Cremona team that you do not honor the orphans?

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Bonanno Bamian means

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And you do not encourage the feeding of the poor and insert it in my own. And Alonzo john knows that these are the sewers we're going to be reciting, often in Salah it's a short surah but the meanings are very condensed and powerful. Allah subhanaw taala is asking all of us, a lady you can be will be Dean, did you see the person who disbelieves in the recumbents? believes disbelieves in the Day of Judgment. Did you see him? What will be your answer? You will say what does he look like? What is he looked like? Yeah, be further Nicoletti either. Only a team. You know what he looks like? He's the one who's pushing away the orphans. What are your home morana for Amina miskeen and he's the one

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who's not encouraging the feeding of the poor.

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Chef Jaffer. Idris haffi, the law

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was contemplating on these verses. And if you notice these verses, all of them that I recited were meccan sutras of the very first Sooners to be revealed, I recited certain would death that you saw sorts of search my own, they are neck and sutras. So you look back in the time of Mecca when the sutras were revealed, how many Muslims were there at that time? There was only a few. So could it be that all these verses are only talking about a Muslim taking care of a Muslim only?

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It's not true. These verses are talking about a Muslim taking responsibility for the entire society. And we will see this from the theater of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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when Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received the first message of Accra. He came home

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to his wife Khadija the alarm Donna and her saying zemi Louisa Moroni, and then he felt fear of what had just happened. What did the long run her say to him? In reply, she said, Can La La you have Zika la vida? She said, Nay, Allah will never disgrace you? What were the reasons why you won't be disgraced? She said, in Nicola casilla rockin she said, you unite your family?

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What the middle can what taxable margin that you take care of the people the week in the society and you bear their burden. What took her life, we're in Orlando, he will have she said that you take care and you're honorable of all guests, and you bear harm in the path of truthfulness. This was the character of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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before the way he began coming down to him, and after some of long running and listen, when I was growing up in Canada, on the prairies, there weren't too many halal meat shops, or even Highland meat restaurants and so on. And so my father would go out to the farm, and he would slaughter for the community and come back and sell it to the people in the local Masjid. And this wasn't too long ago. And now my father may not recall this. But there was one brother who became Muslim and it wasn't too often that people became Muslim is a very cold place. There's not too much dialogue going on. But this brother became Muslim. He came to the masjid and everybody as they came up and they

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were hugging him, they started telling him what the most important fundamental of Islam is. What is it to eat halal chicken, right? To eat halal chicken and as we say in Arabic, eat halal chicken

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and everybody kept saying this to him. You have to make sure you eat halal chicken is very important to eat halal chicken.

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And this was the message that he kept hearing. He had a chicken eat chicken eat hella chicken.

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He said, But your father Hammad did something different. He said your father after everybody had said they're, you know, made their claims to me. You father took me by the hand to the to his car, took out some meats. And he said Here take this home to your family. He actually gave me halal meat to take home.

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It was the difference between words and actions and he never forgot that.

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What have we done as a collective community for the Americans? What have we done for them? You know, there are a lot of times people will say in their editorials in their newspapers. Let's just kick out all the Muslims. Who cares about

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Why should we compromise our security? You'll see them saying things like that. And an interesting one of the shields said, if they did kick us out, would anybody care? Would they lose anything? Many of us, our own neighbors don't even know we can live beside someone for four or five years, and they have no idea who we are. If we got vacated, we got kicked out of the country, they would only know that there is a vacated apartment there. But they say they would have no reflection on their own lives, they wouldn't be missing out on anything, because we're not doing anything for them. Compare this to if they said, Let's kick out all these corrupt Catholics, let's kick them all out of the

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country. every last one of them. You would have in this country 630 hospitals shut down. These are Catholic hospitals. And many of you have been to their hospitals. And you've taken care maybe of a nurse who's part time job is a nun, you will see crosses up in the in the hallways of those hospitals. They are Christian hospitals, and 16% of all Americans, at some point in their lives is nursed in these hospitals. And what have we done in comparison, the upper class of Mecca, they saw the sort of loss and alarm to send them hanging out and with with the poor people of Mecca, and now the profits of the Learning Center was in poor, he was of the most eminent of the Society of

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Quraysh. But he sat with slaves and he sat with poor people

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of which were built out of the alohar and who and we saw so haven Armada implement through that all the alarm, marine. And so I was only looking at this, he said, Oh Mohammed incontri to read and naturally smart.

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Naturally smart. He said if you want us to sit with you listen to what Islam is about. We will sit but just as long as you kick out these poor people, as long as you kick out the slaves from this gathering, we will come and sit with you. And Allah subhana wa tada revealed in the Quran, Allah tiempo de la Vina

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Allah subhanaw taala says, while do not expel those who call upon Allah subhanho wa Taala call upon their Lord in the mornings and the evenings, you really don't know what you're hoping for the countenance of Allah subhana wa Tada. And in the heated debate between her after the king, the Roman King, and Evo Sofia and Abu sufian, wasn't Muslim at this time.

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And so he was, he was being asked questions about the profits of the lohani and setting them. So he was hoping to say something bad about the Prophet, but he wasn't going to lie. So when he asked him, yes of urine, of what I found nursey Barona, who uncovered Oh, he said, Oh, soufiane are the week of the society following him or is it the rich and eminent people? And I will Sofia and said, Hi, Now's my chance. He said Belvoir, I thought, he said rather, it's the weak ones that are following him, and then hit up to the replied hula Bell rousson. He said, these are the followers of true prophets

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and are sort of lost that alone. rnao Cinema what we know from the Sierra, when he passed away, set alarm and sent him abubaker and Armand, they went out to visit an elderly woman to enliven the Sunnah. Okay, so it was part of the profits of aligning cinema Cinema to go to the corners of the city to visit all the women in their house, speak to them find out how they're doing, help them if they needed anything, a person may ask the question wasn't the profit center line he said, I'm too busy for that. We know anybody who's involved in dour even in our times, they don't have time even to phone their mother. Right? Even my mother will say she's gonna hear the tape and she's gonna go

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see him how many telling people this, the people don't even have time to form their own parents or visit their relatives, let alone people that aren't related to them. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was the Messenger of Allah Subhan Allah honey sallallahu wasallam.

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So why would he do it? Why couldn't he delegate

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some of his companions to go? And the answer is very simple. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would visit these people because it allowed knowledge to enter their hearts in a way that no annual conference and no lectures will enter their hearts. These visits meant much more to them than to discover Islam.

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brochure to be handed out as they walk in the streets. And this allowed knowledge to enter their hearts, which couldn't enter with Hook buzz and speeches. And how far have we strayed from the center of a Muslim festival, a long running who's in them.

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And a region like College Park.

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And we know alcohol is hot on for us, right? Nobody drinks and hamdulillah we know it's hot on. But what have we done? For those people who are in dosed in this sin?

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It's haram for them to allow me to turn on for everyone. What are we doing to help the people in a region like College Park, a very local region, you will see that during the day, there may be 25, Alcoholics Anonymous Holocaust during the day, right, I say hello. Because the done in churches, most often, you go to the basement of a church, they're the ones who will open their doors, so that people can be rehabilitated and get away from this vise of drinking alcohol 25 during the day, that means like, just you know, a Yama, Laila, this is the young in the night, there may be 16, maybe 20.

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And I know some brothers that fell into this disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they fell into drinking alcohol. They didn't come to the Imam of the masjid, it's to the Christians who will help them rehabilitate. And when they take that book, you know, when they end their reading through their their,

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their reading through the book, the rehabilitation program, they realize that this is the message of the Quran, in fact, and many of them will come and say, Can we make a book like this with a Muslim team, because maybe number one is to recognize that you have a higher being basically their Principle number one is to believe in La ilaha illAllah.

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And the brothers and sisters that I'm saying this Alcoholics Anonymous, during normal days, it'll come more often than your Metro, you have every maybe 15 minutes or 2030 minutes, you'd be able to go to one of these halaqaat, during holiday season like we're in now, that number doubles, there may be 70 classes going on, because they know people lose control during these times. And so they put in a double effort in order to take care of those people. They'll even have classes like that, for the Deaf. And they'll have also for blind and so on.

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And so a person may reply and say, we don't have enough Muslims to do this.

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But is that true?

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Alhamdulillah we have lots of Muslims. And if you want to see them, just tell them that we're having a Muslim day at Six Flags. And they will come. In fact, Six Flags, Six Flags might not even be big enough. And I know that some of the conferences weren't able to gather as many people as events at Six Flags gathered in maybe two years. They just did it on the second year that they did it. They doubled the number that would normally go to Islam or Islamic lectures, because it's about entertaining oneself. And human beings are good at that. But what have we done for Islam? And what have we done for the people?

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In the recent DC conference, there's a sister by the name of sister Ingrid Madison, she's Canadian.

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And when she converted to Islam, she said that she didn't convert to Islam because she thought that Islam liberated women. This is an issue that we keep telling the people, Islam liberated women, Islam liberated when nobody believes that and nobody enters Islam because of it. And you will not see that that the message of the Quran coming we're liberating women that wasn't a main theme of the Quran, but we keep hitting that on the head. And she said that she never became Muslim because of that. She also never became Muslim, because she thought Islam was the greatest civilization. Another theme that we keep trying to tell people and they just look at our situation and they go, What are

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you talking about?

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But we keep telling them we're the greatest civilization, and she never entered a stand because of this. She said that I entered Islam when I understood my relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada.

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It's mentioned in the Cyril narrations of a war it mentions a woman

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who became very disturbed at the tribulations that were happening in Mecca because of this man named Mohammed Salah on iOS and so she said once and for all she's going through

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Leave Mecca, very sad, but she just can't had too much of this. And she was leaving.

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And so an honorable man saw her with these heavy bags. And he said, allow me to help you on your journey. And she said, You can help me, but I'm making one condition to you. She said, don't talk about Mohammed.

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Because of him. There's no peace. And I have trouble in my mind. So don't talk about Muhammad. And as we walk along together, we'll get along just fine. And as they walked along, she began speaking very badly about this man named Mohammed, about how he's misled all the weak ones, and the poor ones, and the slaves. They think they've all found wealth and freedom, following his ways. And when they finally came to their destination,

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and she was thanking Him, it's very honorable man.

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And then she said, You know, it's funny. I didn't ask you your name, what's your name?

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She said, What's that? I may be hard of hearing. I thought you said your name was Muhammad

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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She said, if you are human, then take me back to Mecca. Take my bags and take me back to Mecca because it's only in you that I can hope for peace.

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And everything royal authority alone tala anhu and Narayan Shankar ala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. passwort Appleby for Karla MC Sylvia team will open Amina miskeen, Abu huraira Fabiola Horne who narrates that a man came to the sort of loss of the line he was sent him complaining of his heavy heart, something that many of us have male last panel data light in our hearts, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave him the formula to lighten his heart and lighten his pain and sadness. He said, wipe the head of the orphan and feed the needy people.

00:27:10--> 00:27:59

Rama in our past, they understood this very well that this was a fundamental part of our Deen. So in addition to the teaching and the Tao that they would do, they would also make sure to take care of their society. Already. ignor Hossain Rahim Allah Allah, when he passed away, they found on his backs and very dark and deep bruises. And so those people who were watching his body, they asked about this. And they said that not too many people knew. And it was a very quiet practice that he had. But when people would go to sleep at night, he would carry bags of flour on his back every day, until he had permanent bruises in his back, he would go out with his flour on his back to the homes

00:27:59--> 00:28:42

of the needy people. And he would leave the flower at the door. So that the people who were there in their homes, he would leave the flower at the door so that when they would wake up in the morning, they would find the food there, they would find the flower so they could make bread, feeding people so that Allah subhanho wa Taala would not forget him on a day when he would be most in need of His mercy. soprano wattana when I was growing up, we used to go to Sunday school, I think you might have a Sunday school here, different communities, they have Sunday schools. And the teacher will very often say, this hadith and when I was young, I didn't understand this hadith. And I've only recently

00:28:42--> 00:29:15

come to understand and I'm going to share this with you. The teacher would tell us the situation that happened when the men came to I saw about the long line her and asked her what was the character of the Prophet some of the money sent him you know, the Heidi, she replied, can follow cuckoo and Quran His collop His character was the Quran. The problem that happened for me, and I'm sure some of you may be thinking of this, how is a sutra like quotable la Han? How is the surah like Ted Vegeta Villa metab. How are those sutras

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the character of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi Salaam. And I realized later we did a Tafseer class recently, and I realized why we didn't understand this hadith. Because we do not understand the Quran. There's no doubt about it. We do not understand the message of the Quran. We do not understand the Hello that is taught to us in the Quran. These verses that are recited are only a little example of the type of character that's in Jerusalem itself. soon as that we recite every single day but we don't understand it.

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Allah subhana wa

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Time to ask question after question, or at lm Tara, warmer draka. These are questions that a person has to pay attention to. He's asking you, but if someone recites it not understanding where it is, on what years do those verses fall?

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Deep brothers and sisters today,

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I'm going to make a bold proposal for all of us who are involved in downtown. And it's only be fitting that we're all people of Dawa. This is why we come to this country to pass on the message of Islam. And that is that we remodel our dour efforts towards helping the people, not just trying to let go of some news about Islam, but actually sincerely help the people who need help.

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And so we should help those who are hungry, help those people who are homeless, help those people who are downtrodden, help the people that are illiterate, help the abused people help the people who are scared, help everyone who needs help. And if we truly adopt this day, our mission, our mission that Islam requires us. I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us more Baraka in our our efforts, and more Baraka in being able to pass on the message of Islam to these people.

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One of the sisters in our Tafseer class, she wrote a draw

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and I'm going to share it with you and with that I conclude she said that the one thing that I can say that I've truly learned from this tip syrup course was the Aqaba the mountain pass. Close your eyes, and just run for it.

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May Allah help me to implement implemented in my life, and May Allah make your Aqaba easy for you to inshallah.

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In the La Jolla neurobiological Santa Rita in Korba by enhancing fractions fracture it will moon curry well above your so called La La Quinta de Kuru Kuru la Vina come watch guru holla near me is it come quality crow la Akbar Allah Yamato.