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My name is Lakshmi. I'm a journalist. I have two questions. The first one is on family planning. I was told by another Muslim friend of mine, that you don't encourage family planning. Now, I'm sure probably my grandmother's generation were more than happy to produce 1015 children. But given the state of affairs today, I mean, how is it possible to put a stop if you don't have family planning? Sister that two questions, very good questions, but long answers.

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First question is family planning that she said the sister, in my grandmother's time produce more children good, but now the world is changing.

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Let's see whether grandmother is right or you're right.

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In Islam, as far as family planning is concerned, family planning is a big word. But there's unanimous agreement.

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That as far as permanent method is concerned, all the Islamic scholars Everyone agreed that it is haram to back Tommy, vasectomy, it's prohibited, even abortion, it's prohibited unless it is to save the life of the mother. In that case, you can do permanent method you can do abortion. For example, the doctor tells you that the lady has heart problem and if she conceives again it may be danger to life or if he has multiple seizure in Section 3451. More child will be determined to health than any method is permitted. So as far as permanent method is concerned, abortion is concerned is anonymous agreement. It is haram because Quran says in Surah Anam chapter number six verse number 151, that

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kill not your children for want of sustenance, for its Allah subhanho wa Taala Almighty God who will give sustainance to you no children. The message repeated in Surah Surah chapter 17 Verse number 31 Kill not children for want of sustenance for ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala Almighty God will give such deeds to you and your children.

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Your we realize based on this verse of the Quran, killing children is prohibited. Furthermore, as far as temporary method is concerned, I being a medical doctor

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I first contraception is concerned, the most common is a cup of tea. And we learned in the medical college, that it's a contraception

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but we realize it's not a contraception it's a contra implantation. Though Woman This form has already met the form the zygote, but it is a very early abortion. It's called as a contraception. The right technical word is contra implantation. And if you let your imagination a bit ahead, it is nothing but an early abortion. So this tool is prohibited the different opinion as far as temporary method is concerned. But our beloved prophet masala Solomon person approached the Prophet and said, that used to do

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that is coitus interruptus, breaking that

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and preventing the fluid of the male to enter the female body, the prophet of silent. Now one group of scholars said because the Prophet was silent, he permitted, the other group of scholars said because you're silent depravity, difference opinion, but let's get back to the main reason.

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So as far as copper tea is concerned that to his private ID, OC pills oral contraceptive, it changes the physiology of the body. Allah says in the Quran in surah, room, chapter 30, verse number 30, do not change the physiology of the body and being a medical doctor, I know there are so many complications for that. Now, coming to the basic question, why should a person want to do family planning? is a basic question. Let's treat the cause. You know, we as medical doctors, we prefer treating, killing the germs rather than symptomatic treatment. One thing is symptomatic treatment, the other is knowing the cause

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and killing the cause. Now, broadly, majorly, they can be two reasons why a person has to do family planning. One can be

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because he's poor. And poverty prevents him from looking after many children.

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The other reason maybe he is rich, but having more children more spacing. He can make them doctors engineer that cetera.

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Now coming to the first reason, that if a person is poor, Islam has the solution for poverty, don't kill human beings. The solution is in Islam, one of the pillars of Islam is every rich Muslim was a saving of more than the nisab level more than 85 grams of gold he or she should give 2.5% of that saving every lunarian charity, if every rich human being gives us a cat power it will be advocated from this world. They will not be a single human being will die of hunger. I first poverty is there. The solution is it's not killing human beings.

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Now, second reason maybe I'm rich, I've got money, but I

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Want to make my son a doctor and to make an engineer, so I just facing less children? I can take care of them better. Sister. I am the fifth child of my parents. If my parents were in family planning out and I've been here today

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and do you know Sister, I am a medical doctor. You know, because today's society, the best profession they say, is medical doctor, right? So am I a boon or a bane for society, sister, fifth child of my parents, if my parents didn't family planning to be here, but I gave up my professional for doctor for a better profession that is spreading the truth. Allah says in the Quran in surah Forcella chapter 41 Muslim a 33 woman Hassan Nicola Montoya Llahi Mamilla folly home, Allah in any Muslimeen who is better speech than man who invites people to the Lord, to Almighty God, verse righteousness and faith. I'm the one who submits my will to Almighty God, I choose to be a doctor

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because I thought it was the best profession. It is a good profession. I'm not against it. But I found a better profession. From a doctor of a body, I became a doctor of a soul. If I was a medical doctor, you didn't have found in 15,000 people here, right? You didn't come to hear a doctor of the body, you came to hear a doctor for soul. So when I found a better profession, I changed from a doctor for body to a doctor for soul. So I made a boon or a bane for society. So it's a fallacy. As far as pricing is concerned, Almighty God has given an extra spacing known as lactation amenorrhea, breastfeeding, the moment you breastfeed, automatic there is facing. But today's modern woman didn't

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want to breastfeed because they will lose the figure.

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Almighty God has given lactation amenorrhea so now, there is a fallacy what people think that if you have less children, you can educate them better. If you analyze and check the history of the Nobel Prize winners.

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All of them are not the single child. Many have a second child, third child, fourth child, fifth child, they were Nobel Prize winners, they were intelligent.

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So it is a misunderstanding that there is in the Quran. In surah Anam, Chapter Six was 151 and Surah Surah chapter 17 Verse 31. It sounds similar. The first verse Sudan, chapter six, verse 151, says, kill not have children for Wonder sustainance for it is Allah Subhana Allah Almighty God, who will give sustainance to you and your child. This verse is referring to the poor people, that if they have one more child, even I will die, and my children will die. The next verse of surah, chapter 17, verse 31, the order is reversed, kill not to children for one to sustain. It's for the Almighty God who will give sustenance to a child and you why the order reversed. Check in verse refers to the

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rich people. Don't worry, if you have more children, he will not die. He's worried about his children. So God says He will take care of children as well as you.

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And now we realize, sister that if you go to America, they encourage population and the children wear a t shirt. I am my father's taxsaver The most children you have the less tax you pay. Same in Canada same in Australia, in India, it's opposite humbo hamara dough aka ba ba da Gama company

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it is a problem with Indian government you know China

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has the maximum population India number two do no sister today the two superpower in future which countries are there, China and India why? Because the population. So, grandmother is correct. The more population you have

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the chances of the country to improve China today is a country which is the maximum improving

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and India is neck to neck fighting with China. So the difference of opinion who will be superpower in the next 20 years some say India some say China why? America nowhere?

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Australia is nowhere and it has no way. So sister population is a boon it's not a bane, you should know how to utilize it.

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We don't know how to utilize what we have to tell the government you change your laws to utilize the man force to utilize the population so grandmother was correct that the more children you have

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she will also be better and the third category sister the unborn.

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They aren't bothered about less children. I can take care of them better know what they say who want to take the headache of bringing the children you know I'm rich no problem money. I'm not bothered with my son become the doctor engineer, but do was to take care of looking after the children third category

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You know, there are certain communities, you know, even Gujaratis, they marry early.

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They have children early. And by the time they're 35 years old, 40 years old, they child if 15 years, 20 years, they are sitting on the seat of the business of the Father. So by the time they reach 45, they can retire.

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They have to wait to 60 years. Married only has children. Children take care of the business and the relax early. So even the third category is they want to enjoy life. It is better, they marry early. They have children, they take care of the business then enjoy life better.

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So that's the reason as far as planning is concerned. Allah says in surah Imran chapter three verse number 54, macro macro Allah Allah Hera marketing, they plan and plot it Allah to plan Allah is the best of planners. So if you feel Almighty God can plan your family better, leave it to Almighty God. If you can think you can do better, the choice is yours. I believe in Almighty God, I let him run my family and that's the reason I'm here.