Don’t give up on the Qur’an – especially in this Month

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Salam Alaikum salam Wa Rahmatullah. It's a really big honor to meet you speak loudly. It's a really big honor to meet you. The honor is mine. What's your name? Yeah. My name is Yan Marsh, I wanted to ask you how to study the full Quran because I just started to study Quran, step by step in this. Where are you studying it?

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I didn't go to Marissa before so, I'll just started online face to face. Okay, I'm gonna tell you just one thing, because obviously, like I said, it's, it's not a q&a, but here is a piece of advice. Whenever we set out to do something for the pleasure of Allah, such as to learn the Quran, shaitan comes again, and he wants us to become lazy, maybe to give up something he wants us maybe, you know, to delay it, perhaps not to do it, and so on. What I want to say is, be focused, be dedicated, seek the help of Allah always and do not give up until you're finished. When I was young, I was nine years old, I started memorizing the Quran. And I remember as I grew initially, there was excitement

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because I was young learning about a page a day. And then as I grew a bit older, and I got to about halfway and so many times I wanted to quit because it was tough. And I remember crying and learning and I know the pages of that Quran I used to use the most half that I used to use where my tears were on the pages and they became a little bit you know, out of out of shape because of the tears. But I was always told do not give up. Do not give up two and a half years later, I finished the Quran Subhanallah It was amazing. When I say I finished I mean the memorization I was about 11 Just yeah. And you know what I want to tell you the same thing. Do not give up whatever you do, keep

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focused and keep going. Just like Kamala Harris