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The importance of worship and Prophet Muhammad's teachings in shaping one's life and future is highlighted, as well as the success of fasting and understanding one's weight and weight goals. A young man who experienced a glimpse into the culture of the previous century is also discussed. A woman named Sharid lost her family and caused a shatter on her head, and a woman named Sharid who died within a year and was guided by Allah to live with a daughter as an example. The relationship between Allah and the Prophet peace and blessings is also discussed, along with the potential reward for fasting. A woman was killed by a dog in a desert and was given a large reward for fasting, along with a woman who was killed by a dog in a desert and was given a large reward for fasting.

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bear witness that there is none worthy worship besides Alanna bear witness that Mohammed Salah Salaam Salaam messenger I want to say to alstead m Jett Melissa pinata bless you brother and because of you I don't have to give a talk because all

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all that you said I wanted to say how Billa so what I will do I'll give a few remarks and my my theme if you would

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is to milk nope this month of Ramadan I mean milk it and when you say no could you mean get everything that you can from it because Allah subhanho wa Taala offers us so much. My other theme is as the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam said, Take advantage from Sir kubla Hansen, five before five. Take advantage of these five things before five things I just want to mention one in respect to this great month coming up in a couple days. And

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it is high yet because cobla low, Nautica take advantage of your life before your death.

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I am so blessed than many of you may not understand and appreciate what I'm saying. inshallah, this will be a 46 year of fasting 46 years. And I think a lot of points for having guided me to Islam. Most of you were born Muslims. But I was one of the fortunate ones to accept Islam. I think I was 25 years old when I really accepted Islam and the follow of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and beginning to make the salad and the fasting and all of that. Never underestimate the fact that you are here fasting. Some of you for the first time some of you for for years, multiple years. I'm there a man came to the Prophet quarterback on the lower end. And he said yo Sula, our

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units higher.

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Who is the best of people he said those were long life and good deeds. And then he said Who are the worst of people? He said those were long life and bad deeds. The you know, the Companion of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him who lived the longest.

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And it's been Malik it said that he lived to be 103 years old. 103 years old, one of the Tabby in

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it but I'll be right back and come to LA. He performed 70 pilgrimage to Mecca.

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So this is a magnificent

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Month, Some Month opportunity.

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Don't blow it. I want to highlight something that the Prophet said peace and blessings be upon them with something unique about him. He said if to be Jameel Kalam I've been sent with comprehensive words and sometimes people translated with little words that have big meanings, little words that have big meanings, meanings, and I'm telling you our kill. I am a lover of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him. I became in love with him love him easily more than all of humanity combined. And this is what I love some kind of water access to do so hamdulillah and being guided to this Islam what you mean to me will Kalam comprehensive words? Who said MJ said he said this hadith

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I was puzzled by it

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for many years

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until I understand that the profit is central comprehensive words.

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He said who laminated madam Lahu cm in only one Zb.

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All of the deeds of the children of Adam is for himself. Except fasting. Mj he mentioned the chicken Jerry mentioned that.

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I want to I'm gonna do it my way. You know in 1978 when I was at omokoroa University and studying under these great shakes and leaders, um, they told us a joke

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4046 years ago and I understood it one way then, and now today I understand it more. After understanding that the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam was sent with Jomo Kalam comprehensive words and the joke goes like this not Hadith

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Joke. So there was a very pious young man. He was known for his piety all throughout the village,

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praying, standing in the masjid praying.

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And one day he was praying in the masjid.

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And they will people around him.

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And they were admiring him. Such a sort of pious young man.

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And he heard them.

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And he couldn't help himself. As he was praying him praising him for his luck. He turned around and said, I'm fast and also

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this is a hint of the issue.

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So the issue and shake me God alluded to it. See when you make an salaat

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anybody know?

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They can look at you and tell you making the pilgrimage when you're fighting jihad.

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People can tell

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but you know what? fasting?

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Nobody knows. except Allah. You can be with someone, your family, your husband, your wife, your children, your friends, around the Imam around the people in the masjid, you can be around them, and you could seem like you're fasting.

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But who knows? Only Allah knows. I remember reading a hadith. The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salam said that, you know, every once in a while the people in Jannah can see the people in the Hellfire by laws permission.

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In one time, some of the Muslims will see someone in the Hellfire that they recognize or burn a

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candle. You saw Luna and Luna and with the hygena Anna, oh, Allah, our brothers. They used to pray with us. You see those people in the masjid who you pray together?

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They used to fast with us. You know the people who came out every day and they had if thought

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and they prayed Sinatra we

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eliminate Hajj with us. I remember some of the people I made Hajj with a number of times Allah bless me and make pilgrim is six times. So the fact of the matter so when they said that robinet.

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So I'm saying to myself, I know what the Lord's gonna say.

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It's probably gonna say you don't know what they did

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during the bad debt or after the bad debt to erase the the good that they did. In fact, that's another thing that I want to maybe spend a minute or two with that all the good that you get out of Chateau Ramadan. Don't spoil it.

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Don't destroy it.

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Don't erase it. Because the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam told us he acts his companions attentively Mahmoud fluss. Do you know what a muffler says? And usually would when you translate mufflers they say a poor poor person. But I think that's not the best definition. Maybe the best definition is a bankrupt person, because the bankrupt person gives the idea that they had wealth and they lost it.

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So this person will come on Yokoyama would cm, and so that ends the cat will shatter my head that will cause if I had that, and they curse this person and they slandered this person and after the man had installed the wealth to this person or thought about had them beat this person and shed the blood of that person.

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Allah will take their good deeds

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like the month of Ramadan, the reward that you will get in the month of Ramadan, he will take it from you and put it on the people that you oppress you stole from you back by you slandered

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and then if you have no more good deeds left

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and you still haven't paid back Allah will take the bad deeds of that person and throw them on that one and throw them in the Hellfire so here's a person people that did the bad but they lost it so one of my messages today is that after Ramadan you know don't blow it because you can erase it

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so I'm saying to myself, listen, only lock and put your firearm on your life some anticipating what Allah is going to say we're not gonna

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Oh brothers.

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In a loss upon unwanted I will say according to the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam.

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Do men who are often

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take out of Hellfire

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Those whom you recognize.

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That's how most of our lives

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people who deserve punishment.

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala because the vow of brotherhood extend his mercy. So the best person those with long life and,

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and big a lot of deeds. Let me tell you about an interesting story that happened is a sister now community named rashidah rashidah was living in our communities in Brooklyn and she moved to Trenton, New Jersey. And may Allah bless her. Her mother, a non Muslim came to stay with her.

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So one day Sister rasheeda she called me Say amen Suraj I have some good news. As a low egg body got married? She said no. But my mother took Shahada.

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You know how old her mother

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94 years old.

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She took Shahada

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and she died within the next year.

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And hamdulillah for Allah guiding her to Islam, you know, gotta live with a daughter, watching her daughter as a Muslim as an example. She took Shahada and I did want to Trenton and did her janessa. So long, long life and good deeds.

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And the worst person those have long life and daddy's imagine people live in long lives, never even accepted Islam. Never guided to the right path. We seek refuge with Allah from that. So as boustead mentioned about how the shakes look at this Hadith, because it's like, you know, you know, what are you saying? Oh, that is for me. This is a way of Allah subhana wa thrugh letting us know how great this this deed is this, this this cm is how how wonderful it is. And even one Hadith of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said all of the deeds of the children of Adam are multiplied from 10 times to 700 times less cm Illa sung in the holy war and Zb same thing. Except for cm

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you know, it's increased. Yeah, yeah. What Allah subhana wa COVID I say it's something special. Be right, he said,

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in this month of sobra be right, he said,

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No counting. There's not even an accountant of how much a lot gonna give us who you think you are not too fast in the month of Ramadan, you must be Majnoon, you must be out of your mind.

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And then you want to do more. Let me tell you something about our relationship with Allah, you know, what our relationship with Allah Almighty is, is called

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quid pro quo.

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It's um, transactional.

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Everything Allah asked us to do.

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You never ask us to do something unless you're going to, he's going to reward us. That's the relationship. And he is so

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grateful. He so generous. He gives us when we don't even we don't even

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married it.

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But do it now. Why are you alive? Well, you can take advantage of your life before your death. And this is while you're on the line he said, A Yeoman Ahmed Wallah. He said he said Bala.

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Today they are deeds, no accountant.

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But tomorrow there'll be accountant and no deeds can fast when you die It's over.

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To do this for lots of planet water Allah. So brothers and sisters, milk milk this Ramadan I remember a man came to the Prophet peace and blessings be upon them in wanting to learn about Islam.

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And the profit center consists of

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five prayers a day.

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And the man said hallelujah vital hoonah

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is anything more than his five prayers Carla let me

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know except what is extra.

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And then the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam said, salami, shuffle, shuffle Ramadan, fasting in the month of Ramadan.

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vital is the more than this Ramadan. Allah Allah, Allah and totowa No. So what is extra? Then the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam said is a cat

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hallelujah guiro Hey Is there anything more than this a cat called a leg?

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accept what is extra. And the man turned around and walked away and said well life, let azido Allah had the ankle ankle so minoo I swear by Allah, I will not increase nor decrease it.

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Note, the prophet said Elisa, that was a flattened sadhaka

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he will be successful if he's telling the truth.

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I'm not asking you one or two days before Ramadan to just merely get by pass, but a big reward. Don't misunderstand me tremendous reward, but do more.

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And this is why the Prophet peace and blessings be upon them he said and this is interesting.

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Right famous

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men sama Ramadan a man and what is happening goofin Allahu metacoda moment them be

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whoever fasts in a month of Ramadan

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seeking a reward from Allah with Eman Allah will forgive this sense.

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I've come to the conclusion

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from reading the reading Quran with Hadith

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and studying human beings.

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You know, some Sir Isaac Newton said that I can calculate the movement of the stars but not of the madness of man.

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I've come to the conclusion that we have sent us

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more than you can ever imagine. within us so then you said men Palma Ramadan Amanda, what what is happening offer Allahu methocarbamol Mendham be what the stands

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in the month of Ramadan

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know with a man seeking to reward

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here go again. forgiveness of sin.

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And then men karma Laila to kodra

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what the stands and Layla takakura

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what a different reward.

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To give given us some sentence

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we must be sentence. Let me tell you this in my conclusion.

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You know,

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I used to read a lot and she really meant a lot blesser our mother taught me a great lesson. Really, she is Subhan Allah, we love her. But then you know, she sees a part of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon that we don't see

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we see him up until he goes through this door I'm already that goes into with him up until it goes into though and it goes inside the home. But he showed on the line her she's there and from shuhada lawful org. The Prophet said you are allows witnesses

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she said one night the Prophet peace and blessings be upon them prayed so much that his feet begin to crack

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and she asks a question that I would ask

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you see because we understand this relationship with the last transaction right? We do things seeking reward that we carry a calculator and like everything we do Okay, let me see. How much am I good? How much I'm gonna get today.

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But we always have in our mind that we're going to get something

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she said the rasulillah limits know how the waka flocka metacoda mabunda Ambika met

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messenger of Allah Why are you doing that? Why are you standing in praying all night like that? Your feet cracking when Allah has already forgiven you your past sins and your future sense.

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You know what he said? Ali salat wa salam FLR Khun Abdullah, a bushel corn Should I not be a grateful servant?

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And then I came to realize that the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him he got to me. He said

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that when I knocked at the door of Jenna and the angels say man Antara

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Koto Mohammed.

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in the angels say, because of you, I have been commanded to let no one in general before you

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highest place in Jannah why the profit doing that?

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He's not doing that my opinion. seeking more reward it gets to become second nature.

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Let me give you an example. One example that I know of that I will always thought about there was a man years ago who was thirsty and he was in a desert. And it came to well in women to the well and quenches thirst.

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And when he came out of the well, he saw a dog was licking its tongue in the mud.

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And the man said, This dog is suffering what I'm suffering from.

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And he took off his shoe.

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Went down in the well put water in the shoe, came back and gave water to the dog.

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And the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salam said three things about a lot schukat Allah Allahu Allah was

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thankful grateful what that man did. Or go for Allah who Allah forgave them what avocado Jana, and into them to gender.

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I've come to this conclusion, I kill it my conclusion I came to this conclusion.

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That man didn't do it, seeking a reward from Allah.

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It was his nature, his fitrah that made them give water to that dog. And Allah gave him war. So my brothers and sisters are kill you. Your family

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was dead, mg. Massage. All of us. Let's build this Ramadan. Let's milk it. Let's milk it and get everything that we can. I love you man. I killed that I bet about Deborah ever told you I love you. Yeah, you did. No. We love you to shift. Okay, I love you. I'm training again.