Exempted From Fasting During Pregancy Or Breastfeeding

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Dr Zakir Naik – Why is a woman exempted from fasting during her pregnancy or while breastfeeding?

Ramadhaan, A Date With Dr Zakir

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The next query really is regarding a woman who is pregnant or as nursing, breastfeeding, nursing, rearing children. Why are they exempted

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according to the Quran, in Surah Baqarah. Chapter number two was the 185, that if a person is ill, and traveling, he can make up his prescribed periods of day of fasting later on. So most of the forecast most of the scholars, they say that these women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, they come under the category of those while so therefore, if they won't, they can abstain from fasting. But there are clear cuts a hadith and read the Prophet as exempted. This woman from fasting, mentioned in a pseudonym, a Marja

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added number 1667, that a beloved Prophet says, the obligation for a person too fast, and part of the prayer has been lifted from a traveler, and the obligation for fasting has been lifted from a lady who's pregnant and breastfeeding. Our beloved Prophet macera. Salam also said, it's mentioned in Sunnyside. In the book of fasting, number two to seven four, that Allah subhanaw taala has relieved the traveler from fasting and half is prayer. And Allah subhanaw taala has relieved the pregnant woman and the woman who is breastfeeding from fasting. So based on these two Hadith also, it's clear cut that the pregnant woman and the woman who are breastfeeding, they have been exempted.

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And the logical reason that one can think is because when a lady, she's pregnant, or she's breastfeeding, the food she eats is not only for herself, it for herself, as well as the baby she's carrying or become difficult for a baby, then she's exempted from fasting. But if she's in the early stage of pregnancy, and if she feels or she's breastfeeding, and if she feels that fasting will not cause any damage to health, and will not cause the damage to the baby, then she should fast. If she has a doubt, if she can do it with hardship, as long as there's no damage to herself to her health and the baby. She has the option to fast not too fast, but if it's causing damage to health, or the

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baby, it becomes harmful or too fast. Because Allah subhanaw taala does not want to lay a burden more than what a person can bear. And in this regard, that is the reason Allah has exempted them later on when they're healthy, and they stop breastfeeding or when the pregnancy ends. After postnatal leading then they have to make up for the first death missed before the next round.