Ihram clothing for women for Hajj & Umrah- Abdur Raheem McCarthy

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The segment discusses the clothing of the today's generation and how they wear different clothing styles. It is noted that some of the generation may not wear the appropriate clothing, and that wearing a certain type of clothing may require uncovering a face. The segment also touches on the idea of "naqab" and the use of it during the act of washing clothes.

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What is the Haram The clothing of sisters during Hajj OMA some of our sisters believe it's a must they have to have the little white hijabs and have the little packs just like the brothers have the white haram so the sister has to have her white hijab. This has nothing to do whatsoever with hajj and umrah. The sister wears her normal clothes meaning the proper ibuyer Proper hijab stay away from colors and make her stand out. She wears her socks or shoes every everything is normal for her. The only thing that changes is for those sisters who wear a niqab or they wear gloves. You're not allowed to wear the niqab and gloves when you're in the state of haram. Does that mean she has to

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uncover a face if she's around sisters? Yes, she must uncover a face but if men around she's allowed to cover her face, but she covers it with something other than a niqab. She has some type of material, some type of clothing where she pulls it down. And this is what the Sahaba used to do. Aisha and others it's confirmed that they cover their face when milling around. Some sisters think they have to put some type of stick so it doesn't touch the face. And this is not cool.