Tawfique Chowdhury – Ramadan 2016 – Tafsir Surah Az-Zumar – Day 2

Tawfique Chowdhury
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the concept of "by the Hulk" meaning the clot of blood, "by the Hulk" meaning the clot of blood, and "by the Hulk" meaning the clot of blood. The importance of avoiding fear and settling into one's own life is emphasized, along with the need for balance in one's life. The difficulty of possession and the importance of sharing one's wealth and experiences is also discussed, along with the need for individuals to aim higher and achieve their goals. The importance of acting on the word "we" and thanking people for their time is emphasized.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My brothers, my sisters Islam Welcome to our series in the Tafseer of Surah zomer Al Hamdulillah. Let's continue on with our lessons will hamdulillah Surah zomer remember it was revealed just before the first age era to the habashi Alhamdulillah and then thereafter will hamdulillah. The context of the surah is made clear from that point onwards. So a lot of persecution a lot of hurt a lot of harm, and muslimeen being exceptionally weak and particularly the people that were asked to to have a show were people who did not have anyone to defend them a bit like the situation today, but the Muslim world is in disarray with the Muslim

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world does not have anyone to defend them, no one takes their Muslim and very people, very few people are their friends and the friends are not friends for friends, friendship, friends of friends, forest resources in the Muslim world. So while hamdulillah this is a situation when we need to ponder upon the lessons in Surah Zuma last time we spoke about the importance of the hate and how to hate is the only thing for which we are who we are. If we didn't have to hate we will not be Muslim made we will not be who we are. What makes us different is that we believe in only one true Lord and no one else in this dunya no other religion ever believes like how we believe. So what we

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want to do now inshallah to Allah is to continue on inshallah and today, Allah subhana wa tada is going to talk about our personal connection with robina our ibadah our Salah, our taqwa, our happiness and pride, that will stop us in our connecting with a lesser version. This is the theme of our seat today inshallah Tada. So let's get started. We are on verse number six of Surah zomer. So let's see what Allah subhana wa Taala says speller. Rahim.

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Holla Kakuma nuptse wahida. So much Allah minha ga He is the one who created you from one soul from one human being only and that is a divine sort of Salaam through magic machala. minha Xhosa and from that one human being, Allah subhanho wa Taala created its mate, which is how our mother will answer the lack of mineral anatomy samanya does watch and it is he who has given to you from the anon from the cattle samanya eight species meaning four species but but male and female of them. So eight in total, which species is referred referred to here and Allah xojo already explained that previously, in other parts of the Quran, he mentioned the goat he mentioned the sheep, he mentioned cows and he

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mentioned camel and the scholars of the city said Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions these four types of animals and the male and female species making up eight in total, because these particular cattle have far more benefit than anything else. So what is Allah actually talking about here I created you from Allah says, I created you from one human being, and then made the wife of that human being from that first one, then sent you capital, what is Allah Subhana Allah as enumerating his blessings upon us his enumerating the fact that not only did he create us, but he is also sustaining us. So creation is the mentioning of Adam and sustaining as the mentioning of how Allah is providing risk

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to us, which is the eight types of cattle or the eight species of cattle the four species with male and female from each local comfortable Tony Omaha's Eco, he is the one who creates you in the bellies of your mother's helper member, the Hulk a type of creation that is different from the other creation before it. So first we were a clot of blood then we became a chewed piece of flesh then we became a a being that looks like a human being then Allah azza wa jal gave us rule. So all of this shows that therefore it's a Hulk by the Hulk, the clot of blood is not like the not like the to the flesh the to the flesh is not like the the human being that looks like it has meat on it. So it's

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Hulk, the Hulk each creation looking different feel Lulu Martin Salas in three different coverings scholars with the seal, and the seller facade said that the three coverings are less as Lulu Martin Fowler three coverings means First of all, the stomach. So that's the first covering. So that's the first tummy. The second covering is the womb which is inside the tummy itself. So you've got the abdomen and underneath the abdomen, you've got the womb, the womb is a second covering. And then you've got the amniotic sac.

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Which is the sack that actually covers the baby and inside the sack is the actually the amniotic fluid so that is the third of the lumut so three Lulu mud mini three levels of darkness. Now the the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions the lumen has particular significance. Number one is that Allah Xhosa wants protection. So how do you protect something is that you hide something under different layers. The second thing is that when you have one have a good sleep, you want to be rested really well. You want to have more and more protection from sound from light from distraction, right. So this is why Lazarus has a Luma meaning that in darkness after darkness of the

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darkness, which therefore shows that Allah subhanho wa Taala here is talking about

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how Allah is protecting this child and allowing you to nurture and nourish. The other thing was the room it felt Earth shows Allah azza wa jal knowledge that only Allah knows therefore, what the truth essences I mean, even if we try to look or use x rays, we will not be able to do source alone knows the true essence, because it's covered by three levels of covering this to show you how deep the knowledge would would need to be of the reality of the situation. But only Allah knows it, even though is protected by different levels, layers recovering, this does not protect the child from the knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala from the from the awareness of Allah azza wa jal about what he

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has created. So all of this should make us aware of the greatness of robina. And also it should make us aware of how Allah subhanho wa Taala knows what is deep inside our hearts, if Allah knows what is inside the belly of the womb that has three levels of protection for it. Imagine the hearts of the hearts of men, who even might have the hardest of hearts and the biggest of chests, Allah notes definitely what's inside the qumola horrible combat is your Lord Allah, that is Allah your Lord meaning that is the one who created you, the one who sustains you, and the one who nourishes and looks after you and who knows everything about you that is your Lord. Rob become your Lord law

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Hallmark for him is the Dominion meaning for him is the ability to do everything and for him his ability to control all his creation, La Ilaha Illa who there is no deity worthy of worship except Him. And so, the Kalamata tohave contains negation and affirmation, la isla is no there is a negation. And then Illa who is the affirmation except him? And that is how you perfectly show your toe he told was that was a negation, that affirmation. A bit like saying to your wife, I love you is not as good as I don't love anyone but you meaning negating my love from anyone else. And then and then specifying my love only for this one particular human being for another phone. So what Where

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are you going? What are you doing with your life? Meaning, this is your Lord, the one who created you, the one who nourishes you, and then the one who creates you in every level of protection and knows everything about you? And not to sort of whom What's wrong with you. What do you what do you mean what's wrong with you? Meaning the whole essence of the Quran is a lot talks about his rubia which is his creation and asst sustenance or creation, and through that he expects us to worship him or will the so his rule will be leads to his follow here, right? And that's the whole argument of the poor and the argument is if you know Allah created you, if you know he looks after you cherishes

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you, nourishes you answers the door, why is it therefore that you don't worship him? Why do you worship someone else? When you know he is the one right? That's why Allah says fundamental sort of phone, where are you going? What are you doing? We're intact for intact fluorophore in the lava neon am calm. And notice that despite this knowledge, if you disbelieve in that photo, if your disbelief for in the love and your uncle know Allah is free of all need, he doesn't need you. He only wants you to worship him for your own good, but he himself does not need your worship doesn't increase in power. There's an increase in Dominion because of your disobedience to him. And that's why in one

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authentic narration is reported, that if if the first of the last of you all decided to disobey Allah azza wa jal, right, totally disobey Allah this would not decrease from his dominion at all. This was not this decrease from the Dominion Kingdom ability power might have Allah azza wa jal at all, were entered for for interprofessional love and in anko know that Allah is rich and Ronnie means he is free, a few years wealthy as others, he has other ability, he has abilities that make up for any, any perceived loss and then this what do you think is a perceived loss is not actually a loss at all to Allah azza wa jal What are your body a body Hilco for and he does not desire for his

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slave who for right, what interest Kuru is euro dollar calm but if you thank him, he desires that for you. So here in these verses that shows that Allah has two types of irata to

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Types of desires, what are your thoughts a body will confer he does not intend for a final lacanian anko if you disobey Allah then Allah azza wa jal is free of you. So, therefore your disobedience to Allah is by the first irata you have first will of Allah, the second will of Allah is what are your thoughts about the Hilco for what

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he does not desire for his slaves to disbelieve him and if you believe in him and thank him, he wants that for you. Right? So there's two types of will of Allah. In this verse. The first rule of Allah is by which shaytan exists as vi which q4 exists on this earth. That is the first rule of Allah, the second will of Allah is the will by which he desires good and that is a difference between a listener Gemma and the other ear, the other ear, are people who did not believe in father and they said Allah has only one will allows only one wheel whereas other Sooners are not allowed to wheels, the first wheel everything that is that is is the second wheel is only what Allah wants

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right. So,

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the shaytaan becoming a disbeliever is by the first wheel of Allah. But the shaytaan wanting to become a believer then that is by the second will of Allah Okay, a non Muslim remaining a disbeliever that is by the first will have a lot but a non Muslim accepting Islam, that is where the second will of Allah so remember Allison ojima have two wills or less what Allah whereas, whereas added beta and alpha they believe the last one will and thinking that the last one will lead them into destruction, right? Because the other people who said there is no other Why did they say that? Because they said allies only one will. So therefore we see that evil exists on this earth but Allah

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cannot will will evil because Allah is good. Therefore evil exists without the will of Allah because Allah can only only will good so therefore if evil exists without the will of Allah that means so can good exists without the will of Allah and that's why they say there is no other Did you see how one simple problem let them into this disbelief and lead them into destruction? That is why brothers and sisters Islam the Quran you must approach it upon the correct Akita and understanding otherwise you will be misled when you read the verses you will be misunderstand and Subhanallah it can really happen to anyone that's why take the proceed with a trusted teacher and with a trusted procedural

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hamdulillah from Henson Ahjumma so that inshallah tada you know exactly who you how to understand the verses in duck fluorophore in the love and your uncle meaning if you disbelieve The first rule of a lot and that is, that is Allah giving you the choice to to make that choice, and then know this, that Allah is free of you. While you're in a battle, Cofer and the second will have allies that he does not wish for his slaves disbelief or interschool the Holocaust. But if you think a lot that he wants that for you, so therefore the opposite of a shocker. Opposite of Cofer is shocker, right? So Cofer is a disbelief and sugar is therefore belief plus thanking Allah azzawajal sugar

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entails three things sugar means three things. It is hummed praise, plus, giving back something to Allah. So sugar equals to praising Allah plus giving back something to Allah. So therefore sugar includes three things number one is thank you Allah. Number two is everyone. Allah gave me so much. So you're telling everyone about Allah. Third thing is allow I'm going to give something back to you. I'm going to memorize Quran for you, I'm going to structure a sheet for you. I'm going to give sadaqa for you, I'm going to build a Masjid for you to look after orphans for you. So therefore, sugar entails three things. Number one is thanking Allah directly number two is telling others about

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Allah as blessings upon you. And number three is number three is giving something back to Allah. Which is your life your money, your time your children. Yeah. To Allah subhanho wa Taala that is what interschool Yata hola ko wala zero was urutan was an opera and no one shall be made to bear the wizard which is a sin or burden of anyone else. No one will be made to bear the sin and burden of anyone else from La Ilaha Ravi Kumar Jericho, and then to your Lord will be your return for you not to come then he will inform you be my content. I'm alone, about what you used to do. In Hollywood movie that is pseudo, he is aware of what is in the hearts. So here is an appeal to urban Alaska,

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which has appealed to us to watch out for what we do, we are not gonna be responsible for other people's sins. I'm not gonna be responsible for my father since I'm not responsible for your sins, but I'm responsible for myself so therefore every person should look towards himself. This verse wallet as your was your atomizer Accra should not make us focus on other people's problems today. We focus too

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watching other people's problems and to less on our issues. Remember, we will have to carry out carry our own burden. So let's focus on ourselves. Today we sit down, we talk about, you know that brother, he would be really good except that he doesn't eat when he doesn't mean man he doesn't memorize, and he doesn't give up. We talk about others, we should be talking about ourselves, we should be talking about our own problems, checking our own cells. In fact, it was reported in integration that uninstalled the a lot around who was working with Amara de la Toronto. And then at one point, a wall came in between NSN and Amaro de la Toronto samosa walking this side, and I

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started walking the other side and so on one thought there was no one else could not hear him as they're walking past. So I'm going to set to himself and others heard it, or more thought he couldn't hear because it was a while, but others heard almost saying to himself, he said, our letter talkin Allah, Allah Yakubu, you Agricola and Jamar you must fear Allah or Allah will punish you. So this is self Maha Sabha taking yourself to account and that is why people will righteousness and when they read that verse, what was your was your rotten was, no one will bear the sin of someone else. This makes them feel more self accountable and look into themselves only and worry about their

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own sense. That's why the key the person was pious is the one who thinks a less forgiving everyone else but him everyone else we looked at everyone else's panela Look how young he is therefore how lesson he has he has it looks at someone older as a Mashallah how much more good deeds has he done more than me, he always looks at people lesser than him. And he looks at people other than Him and looks for the good in them and the bad in him. And he looks at other people as other as a matter of the latter and said that he is someone who looks at others and says Mashallah, Allah is Forgiving them all but means Panama has yet to forgive. So therefore, this is the way you should deal with

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with this verse. wallet as you know was euro was. I mean, I should be worried about my own sense. In my own cells. Film In Arabic omaggio confer unibilt.

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Time Alone, the know that Allah is most aware of what's in your hearts, Allah will tell you about what used to do. So you can't hide meaning. The only way you can address this problem is to come to Allah free, make it truthful. Come to Allah, truthful and you don't hide anything because you cannot because Allah will tell you Allah knows exactly what's in your hearts and he will tell you about it.

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Well either must sell inside of the room. Now Allah tells about the nature of human beings and how the nature of human beings is that they forget the blessings of Allah or despite all of these blessings Allah as mentioned in Sun forgets it so Ada must sell in Santa Dora Dara bajo de la. So when insert must when it when is touched by the meaning of harm. There are about who he calls upon his Lord muneeb and Li being attempted to be attentive to him. You're sick, you're thirsty, you're hungry, you don't have money, you call upon Allah azza wa jal, right then,

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then Allah says Thoma, either hawala, hoonah mata Minho, merci Americana de la him and

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then when he turns when he meaning Allah turns his situation of evil and harm into one of good that he forgets me, what is wrong but brothers and sisters, what is Allah telling us is telling us that we are people who have too much hope. We are people who worship Allah through hope more than we love, we do it through fear. here Allah is trying to realign our Buddha is saying, Do not do that. Don't just remember me in times of need and forget me in times of luxury, rather remember maintenance of luxury as well. But how do you remember when times are a luxury but thanking me for the luxury and being afraid that I might take the luxury away? So here ally saying that Allah needs

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to be worshipped and remembered at all times, in times of difficulty and in times of need, whereas people and sound the typical human being, he only remembers a lot at one point in time forgets a light other times. And that's the reason why Allah gives us hardship. Because at the end of the day, we would forget a life he didn't. And we would not have the chapter of supper and the chapter of sugar and the chapter of tawakkol. Had we not had all the difficulties and trials and tribulations. That's what Allah has. Allah says, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives people sins, so that he may make them repent and so that he may remove their, their their happiness and pride. Otherwise, if Allah

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did not give people sins, then at the end of the day, people would be proud and haughty and think that they are untouchable, right. They are so righteous and I'm proud they were, they're like, you know, angels, they don't sin, you know what I'm saying? So in order for that to happen, Allah gives us gives us sin, Allah gives a difficulty. He gives the difficulties

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So that we remember less blessings and so that we have sugar and Allah gives a sin so that we refill repentant. And so that we have suffered at the time of the punishment of Allah azza wa jal, right. So this is very important.

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We must sell in Santa davon de bajo de la vida hawala who never met and when he turns into

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nasima, can I adore him in public, he forgets what he used to call upon Allah in the beginning, he forgets his difficulty, and he remembers only his meaning that as it will pay him says, imagine a person is like a bird and one wing is hope. The other one is fear. So you must, in order to fly, you must beat the wings of hope and fear at the same time, if you only beat the wings of fear and not hope, can you imagine a bird that only beats one wing, he will veer off right. And if it's only one week, which is only hope, he will get a straight and if he only builds the wing of fear that he will also become Australian become extreme. So you see, this is the problem, you should always balance

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your life with the opposite emotion. So at times of distress, which is difficulty and trouble and sickness and disease and thirst and Ramadan, fill your heart with hope. But in times of ease, which is day of eat their blessings, they have food, they have luxury, fill your hearts with fear. That's how you balance Yeah. And that's what the Sahaba most of the time they worship Allah with fear of Allah more than they did with hope of Allah. Why? Because most of the time, we are in blessings. Look, I mean, look at your own life. How many times is the luck even your death in your family? Not every day, once? And then 10 years go past 20 years go past no one dies in your family then Allah

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gives death again. Right? So Allah Robin is lucky from bill that he is so merciful with us. He doesn't give us netcom and difficulties everyday he gives us only difficult certain portions. But all other times we are in luxury, we're in blessings we are in wealth and health and happiness. So therefore, the times we're in wealth and health and happiness, we should balance it with fear in our hearts. And the times when we have difficulty we should balance it with hope in our hearts. And that's why majority of the Quran tells us to have Taqwa that was fear of Allah. Why because most of the time when blessings right, does that making sense hopefully inshallah, because we should be

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balancing our situation with the opposite emotion balancing situation is with fear of Allah in the hearts and vice versa.

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Cool tomato Baku. freaka. Polly.

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Where are we now? Well, either. Wallonia mata nesea Makana de la human, what Giada de la and the Leal the Lancer Bailey. And on top of that, he forgets a lot so much. So he goes so far away, that he even now starts attributing other gods to Allah. Why because he becomes impatient. He's in luxury, but he wants more. So what does he do? He calls upon Allah, Allah has an answer to him straight away because he's already in luxury. What does he do? Therefore he calls upon someone else because he thinks Allah is not sympathetic to his. So he calls upon Jesus Christ, he calls upon people so he calls upon his family calls from Canada when he's in sick, rather than Allah subhanho

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wa Taala. So he sets up other gods other than Allah.

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What does Allah say in response to a call to freekeh khaleel and in the communists have been, so you should know that Allah gives you the warning call, say to the to him or people, tomato abiku flicker polylang be enjoyable in your disbelief for a little bit of time. In the coming us Javi naria going to go to Johanna, then meaning that if we lead our life like this, where we forget a lot of times, is we only remember in times of difficulty, then we might actually be from the disbelievers because we don't really believe a lot we don't really thank him. Because you must remember Allah in terms of ease with sugar and with fear. And if you're not going to do that, then that means we forgotten him

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and that could be the door of

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Alpha Man, alpha man.

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A man who upon into a lady, a man take the example of the one who are party to that he is the one who was planning on it, meaning, worshiping me right, wanted to honor a lady Sergey danmaku Emma, and a coup note is actually a typo. on it, therefore is the one who's fervently connecting with me fervently making bla with me in my in his in his in his sala de la it has Vicar at night. So Allah now gives the example of someone who acts upon his knowledge and therefore worships Allah so he says a man who Pani to Allah, Allah, Allah, Sergey den waka, Mr.

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Murata while you are Jorah Matera is the one who is standing up the depths of the night.

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A lady Sangeeta Nakajima his prostrating and he is standing when he

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is doing scammer Lee? Yeah, he's doing it because he is worried about the warrior Joe Rama therapy and he is seeking the mercy of Allah. Cole healthiest awilda Dena Yala Muna Valentina Allah Allah say Holly esta Westerman are the equal who are equal Allah Dini and among those who know and those who don't know Are they ever equal meaning those who know that's how they behave those who know they're the ones who are standing up the Knights begging Allah making dua for for gender. Are they equal to those who are sleeping the nights and not even worried about Allah? Can they ever be equal liars the one that can never be equal? Hollister Villa de la mano Valentina. Leanna. Mon. in Maya

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Kuru Alba, it is only the people will will also mean the ones who have bad meaning sense and logic and heart. They're the ones who truly ponder and understand. So if What if my brothers my sisters in Islam,

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if you have knowledge is must lead to action. If you have fear of Allah and the money in your heart, this must lead to Salah. This must lead to connecting with the laws of logic and the best of connections is the hammer lay with the laws of logic? And so Allah subhana wa Taala talks about why are we not connecting to him? Is it because we truly don't believe or is it because we're lazy? Whichever it is, then know that that is a sign of weak Eman pulley arriba de la de taco taco. See, so Allah says, Oh, my slave say all my slaves alladhina amanu those who believe in me, it's a Pura Vida configure your Lord. So see, Allah talks about fear of a lot fear of Allah. And that's why Raja

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Alhamdulillah Allah he said, he says Jima or Hare colavita por la all of goodness, can be summarized in the fear of Allah. Lil Latina, Sanofi had the head dounia Hashanah, for those who do good in this world is hacer una is good. Only Latina Sanofi had the adonia Hassan, for those who do good in this world will be Hassan, you will be treated as you as you are. What are the law he was an Allah Earth is white. How do you understand this? What is the meaning of Allah mentioning Allah Earth is white. So here it's about the persecution, take yourself back to the context of the persecution that believers are in. Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling the believers, connect with me Believe in me,

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give shocker to me. And remember to pray at the depths of night and because you have knowledge that is what is going to give you strength. And remember, oh my god are my slaves. Fear me only do not fear the enemies of God. If you do good in this world, meaning you stay firm, despite the fact that all of them are trying to force you to leave Islam, then no for you will be good in the era. And if you cannot, or you're too burdened, then no are the law. He was the first verse that allowed the believers to do hijra Yeah, of the lie was a means know that Allah Earth is wide. Meaning that know that if you cannot worship me in this place, know that that my Earth is wide, you will be able to

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worship me somewhere else. So therefore, this is a verse that shows that believers must constantly seek better place to raise themselves. If you're in one place, seek out another place to be where you can do more deeds, more good deeds better inshallah, where Why are you staying in an evil place? You're not forced to Allah, it will look after you if you go stop thinking it's your job that is looking after you. It is Allah who gives money to the to your company, to look after you. Right? Stop thinking it's your boss that's looking after it's not It is Allah subhanho wa Taala looking after you. So make sure my brothers, my sisters, in Islam that you understand out of the law he was

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here means here in is an injunction for you to do hijra. If you cannot worship Allah in one place, you must move yourself to another place where you can worship Allah today. What are the causes for which people make his euro? People make his route for for marriage? Because, you know, you're getting married to a sister in Toronto and Canada, you might be in England, and as a result, you're headed to Canada. And that's one of the reasons Another reason is economic purpose. We might be in Bangladesh, we move to America. Why? Because we want economic prosperity. But what about moving for the sake of being Have you considered moving for the sake of Dean? how few are the people who move

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for the sake of the dean, and you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala has, has considered it a big thing to move for the dean. In fact, he's even made one of the eight types of the car that that can be given is for the person who is the wave wave here in Seville, meaning Allah has made it a way for people to travel in his cause and to do history in his cause. So are the law

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He was Yeah. is Allah telling you that they should therefore if you cannot worship Allah in one place adequately, you should move to another place? Well hamdulillah in nama, you have Asahi arona, Ashura, hombre Hassan. Verily the people will be given their adjure according to the level of their suburb and the people who have suffered when they will be given their agile visa without any accounting and authentic narration. It was reported from earlier of the allotted, run the day of judgment when Allah wants to reward people. Allah will look at the deeds and according to the deeds, Allah will give you a job. So you've done X amount, therefore you deserve 10 times to 700 times

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Allah gives it to you. Whereas for the ones who have suffered, suffer you had suffer Subhanallah agile, agile, agile, agile, agile, agile, agile, agile, agile, non stop, agile, agile, agile, the right answer the right answer, because only Allah knows how much suffer, a person needs to have the sisters in Islam that are undergoing persecution, my brothers and sisters in refugee camps, my brothers and sisters in languishing in the prisons worldwide, my brothers and sisters who are languishing in Guantanamo Bay, only Allah knows the address that they are going to have. In fact, it is for this reason, because of this verse, that some of the scholars have said that on the Day of

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Judgment, when Allah subhanho wa Taala rewards people for the reward that they will get when Allah subhanho wa Taala rewards the people for the support that they had in this dunya that Allah subhanho wa Taala rewards them. At that point. Other people who did not have suffered or did not go through those trials and tribulations, would wish that their skin and their bones were torn from their limbs, you they will wish that their skin was toned from their limbs because they wish that that this would have happened to them, you know, span a lot because of the idea that they're getting, or Allah for avanade and Sabra. We should never ever because of this verse, we should not say what are

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they for test me, Allah, give me a test. No, never ask Allah for that. But Allah will give you a test law will give you the test that is appropriate for you. And then you have to have support upon that. So my brothers and sisters slam, when you have a chance for summer, enjoy it. You know, sometimes, you know, and I'm sure you've gone through this, I go through this sometimes sometimes, you know, when you're in the dour, or you know, in life in general, sometimes you don't have any money because of cash flow problems, not because of anything else or overspending or whatever. cash flow problems, you know, especially like Ramadan, becomes a cash flow problem time. So sometimes I

00:32:32 --> 00:33:08

tell my wife, my wife comes to me and saying, Can we have some money? I don't have anything in my account. So I tell her, you know, I say I tell her you know what, enjoy the ride, enjoy the ride. It's only going to last for a while but so caring is not going to keep us in need for too long, right? So enjoy this difficulty enjoy this difficulty that we're in for a little bit of time. I remember I work in the hospital. I mean, I'm an emergency doctor. And once our hospital was very late and pain, and I remember, for almost two to three weeks, we had no money. And you know what I felt like you know what, I'm gonna stick up with it. Not gonna ask anyone not not take a loan for

00:33:08 --> 00:33:42

now, right? Even though I don't have much wealth at home, and my children are probably gonna not even have bread to eat. And you know what those though those are the days that we love. Those are the days we really enjoyed. Because that's when the hearts are closer to Allah. That's when we remember a lot more. Same way sisters, my brothers in Islam. Let's take let's take the topic of possession. How many brothers and sisters in the Muslim world are possessed today? How difficult is their life because of the evil of black magic and possession? How much hurt and harm do they go through? What Subhanallah Have you also noticed how close you are with Allah? How much are you

00:33:42 --> 00:33:52

making? How much are you making? How much somebody you're having? Do you know that Allah knows your plight? Allah will give you that several. And that's why, you know, the

00:33:53 --> 00:34:36

misstatement of the Arabs they say, Sabra Are you sober Are you are you balanced with the Salaam was a prophet was a man who had so much wealth and he had 10s of children this subsidy had 30 kids, and he had so much wealth and he had 500 people working for him in his plantation crops. Then overnight, Allah azza wa jal sent lightning from the sky destroyed his crops. Overnight, his children died because the the ceiling the roof fell on his kids in the old pastor overnight, the AU Alister Salaam, was was hurt with a skin disease and people left him so the people thought, oh my god, you must be very evil. That's why Allah is punishing him, killed all his children, destroyed his family

00:34:36 --> 00:34:59

and destroyed all his wealth. But you see, that's the difficulty the people people think punishment. Our trials and tribulations are our punishment they're not. It could be that our loved ones good for the people of Syria. That's why Allah Allah gave them this trouble could be allowance to make them into Mujahideen and to Allah wants them to die as Shaheed that's what Allah is giving them that thing, don't you think that this

00:35:00 --> 00:35:43

is more there perhaps their reward from a law rather than a punishment could be that you know, and so so you're at any you balance with a Salaam, then for many, many years he was a difficulty but never once did he was it was he angry with the law Never once did he was he unhappy with the law and is simply thankful for everything that was given. And then afterwards, after he spent a lot enough, then what happened was Allah decided to give him back his health. So Allah said, hit with your leg on the ground. Water came out from the water, he washed himself. He was purified that he regained his youth. Allah gave him back his youth. His children were resurrected, his crops came back, and

00:35:43 --> 00:36:24

his beautiful wife, Sarah Alhamdulillah, returned back to him. So for the my brothers, my sisters in Islam, the lesson of sobor was from the story of you, Allah teaches us in the value of cassava, Rona eduroam, behind exam, Allah give him double the family by the way, and double the wealth after his sub. And in the African imagine, he will be from the blessed ones because of his sub. So are you going to have someone with Allah you're going to have patience, because Allah will give you a generally we already have some cool in homage to Buddha law Mukhlas on the whole thing say I have been ordered to worship Allah making the religion sincerely for him. Again, Allah comes back to

00:36:24 --> 00:37:11

Subbu to sustain sincerity, because that is what the deen is all about. Deen is about sub about sincerity to Allah. It is about tawakkol and sabar and other ruts that the head of the dean is your class, your sincerity to Allah subhanho wa Taala well Omar truly an akuna our Muslim and I've been ordered to be the first or the Muslim in mazing verse first lessons on philosophy we've already spoken about it. In our first lesson, we spoke extensive length about a class or over an akuna hour long steaming in order to be firstly believers shows that we should be competing with one another to worship Allah. And that's why I still remember when I used to be at the back ends of the machine

00:37:11 --> 00:37:46

with the of the profits that are seldom as soon as the karma would happen, my myself my our chef, and the other students who are in the class we would be competing with each other to walk faster not running because initially and run in Salah, but competing with one another to fill up the first rows because the first rows are more agile right? So this shows therefore that we shouldn't actually prefer others over ourselves in worshipping Allah rather we should be the first to worship Allah it's a bit like you know sometimes when you stand in line for salah and says you know brother You take it No No brother You take it No brother you take No brother You take it on what are you doing?

00:37:46 --> 00:38:11

You crazy? You should be the first one to jump in before your brother and now this is not bad. This is not arrogance This is not jealousy or pride or or not giving you know in any weather. There is no any preferring others over over us in money dunia. Yes. Do you have my food you eat it? No problem. But worshipping Allah, no one should beat you in it. And that's why

00:38:12 --> 00:38:55

AlHassan oversleep. Imani used to say if someone competes you in the dunya. They let him win, let him win. But if someone can beat you in the afra, then don't let anyone win. But you still have some Muslims to say Yeah. And that's the spirit of competition. Well, he an akuna Waddell, muslimeen everyone should be the first to raise to Allah. And that's why Allah uses the word salvia co meaning compete with one another. For the afro. That's where I'm at. I used to compete with the other Sahaba that's where I would compete with Abu Bakar we have to revive the spirit of competition. We have to revive the spirit of competition, you should be competing with me. I should be competing with you. I

00:38:55 --> 00:39:31

should be doing more power because I want to have more agile I should be reciting more code and because I want a more agile, and this is the way we should be guys. Yeah, I will muslimeen also this verse, what do you Anaconda? Well, muslimeen means that we should aim higher, we should aim higher. We shouldn't be people who aim to be the last of the believers, but the first of the believers, we should always aim to be higher, and aim higher. Right? That's why the Prophet says send them said when you ask Allah for gender, don't ask Allah for any gender ask Allah for alpha dose for there is the highest of gender right? That's why they say aim for the stars aim for the highest thing. So aim

00:39:31 --> 00:39:59

for biggest thing and that's why equity in Islam, Allah subhanho wa Taala teaches believers to have Allah will him alone him man meaning highness of aspiration. Why do you think that I'm going to only look after 10 orphans no inshallah look after 20 orphans 50 orphans 100 orphans aim high. Because when you aim high, and you're truthful, Allah will make it happen. And will I have noticed this in my life, when you have a bigger aim bigger aspiration. Allah subhanho wa Taala will make it work for you.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:10

When we have a lower aspiration and low will make you know lower results work for you so you have to aim high brothers and sisters yeah uh well Muslim in first the believers firstly leaves

00:40:12 --> 00:40:58

in a half in our side to rub the other by Ahmed Ali say Mohammed says Allah I am afraid this is me many Allah's Messenger is afraid that in half I'm afraid in answering to Robbie if I disobey Allah in what he has asked me to do without him that a terrible fire on the Day of Judgment. So this is why if the prophet of God does not have guarantee of less protection if you disobey the law, what guarantee Do we have brothers and sisters? If the prophet of God has been told to say I am afraid of Allah punishment from Allah as punishment if I disobey? What about us brothers and sisters we don't have any guarantee we don't have any guarantee at all and that is why will I spend your time with

00:40:58 --> 00:41:07

boba spend the time with a brother spend the time doing good deeds every opportunity for good don't let go. Every opportunity here don't let go. Okay.

00:41:08 --> 00:41:55

Puli la Budo mucho de Sala Houdini again, Allah reinforce emphasizes fourth time in just 14 versus fourth time. Unless as good say oh Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah but Allah is the only one that I worship mcleese Allah has been making the religion sincerely for Allah subhanho wa Taala alone four times. And this is how important the message of sincerity is to Allah subhanho wa Taala because sincerity is the only reason why this dunya has been created for Allah for his worship and everything else will be destroyed except that which is for Allah and that is why remember, even Malik Rahim, Allah was reported that when he wrote his mortar mortar Malik at other scholars also

00:41:55 --> 00:42:39

wrote them what as well, they called it what have sown so scholars one scholar, so the students even Malik Rahim, Allah came to you and Malik conservatorship, you wrote the book call and Mata and at other scholars wrote on water as well. So even Malik said mark and Eliza Omar can rely on that which is for Allah will remain. That which is not for Allah will be destroyed, but destroyed even though that was granted Hadith. Even those Quran Hadith Allah will destroy you understand, even though it's your soul as a cottage aamra any Masjid you built and put on you printed, alone destroyed. Why? Because you didn't do it last class. And that's why you could have prayed. You could even saga

00:42:39 --> 00:43:20

through the sadakazu space and you looked after orphans Alemanno accepted. Why? Because it didn't do it with a class. You could have built a Masjid but Allah would not accept the masjid and let it destroy itself. Why? Because it didn't do with the class. You could have written a book filled with a hadith and Ayat of Allah azza wa jal, still Allah will let the book burn and destroy. Why because he didn't do the class. Brothers and sisters, the topic of class cannot be re emphasized enough. And Allah azza wa jal in 14 verses, Allah mentions his last four times funnel for voodoo magic to mean dooney. So if you wish, worship anyone else other than Him, yeah, make the insincerely for him. And

00:43:20 --> 00:44:01

if you don't, then why should anyone else this is your choice. Well, in theory, say Mohammed says up to them in the hospital, those who are bankrupt those who are destroyed and loss alladhina Hospital anfisa, Houma la hemiola piano, they are the ones who will not only lose themselves, they will lose their families, meaning brothers and sisters in Islam. If you die as a disbeliever, if you die as a sinner, and Allah sends you to Johanna, you will lose your family. You will not have your family your little baby doctor, your little baby son, your wife that you love your father, mother, you brothers that you love, you will not have them any on top of the fact that you will be in jahannam

00:44:01 --> 00:44:20

in punishment, the anguish of the heart is that you will not be able to see your children forever. Can you imagine that? Whereas in general, the blessings of Jenna is not only the pure physical and spiritual pleasure you're going to receive to your body and your soul. But also the fact that you will have your family with you have

00:44:22 --> 00:44:33

you know, my pleasure is not complete until I am with my family. Like if I go for holiday, it's not the same. Unless I take my little use of Zainab and Maria and Ayesha and

00:44:34 --> 00:44:59

you know, Ibrahim and Asya and Khadija all my seven kids, you know, unless you take them all with me, my pleasure is not complete alight, and that's why can you imagine the anguish of the people of Johanna that they will not only lose themselves into the fire, they will lose their families. So look at Alice's final poll in the house hearing. Verily, the losers Aladdin are those Aladdin hospital those who have lost

00:45:00 --> 00:45:22

And foster homes themselves one Li Mo Mo pa and their families on the Day of Judgment Subhana Allah, Allah is not valleca is not this, who will host Ronald mubin the the real loss is this not the real loss, what else could be the real loss but this is this is this is the real loss will lie.

00:45:24 --> 00:46:03

This is the real loss will lie Subhan Allah you know sometimes I look at my children and I look at my little baby Asya and have deja and then ISIS Pamela Yara they don't make me away from them. Don't take me away from the Yarra Buting Give them to me to do that. Yeah, Allah give them to me, let me be with them in general. That's why I want to be righteous because I want to be with them agenda. That's what I have to pray. And after fast, you have to pray and fast brothers and sisters because you got to be with Allah azza wa jal. You got to be with your families in general. So look at your children, look at your families. And know this verse shows that if you enter jahannam, your greatest

00:46:03 --> 00:46:43

loss will not be a punishment, the greatest loss will be you will lose your families. Allah Lika husana movie is not that the greatest the worst of losses, Lau menfolk to him Illumina for them, above them will be will be coverings of fire Lola domina. Women at him gulaal and underneath them we'll be covering a fire that's why they will not be able to see because they're fully surrounded up down left right. Vodafone in infoq. They have word of any the fire on top of fire, they'll be surrounded up down totally surrounded by fire.

00:46:44 --> 00:47:03

La home infocom gulaal upon them will be covering meaning the smoke of fire. I mean that the umbrella and underneath them will be the lowland will be the covering the liquor you have with love will be a bad in with is this that Allah makes his slaves afraid of

00:47:04 --> 00:47:09

the fact akun so my slaves be afraid of my fire.

00:47:10 --> 00:47:38

llama forgive us Allah save us from jahannam Armenia bellami one lady in Astana Buddha Buddha as for those who stay away each tenable those who stay away from Tao what is Davos so what is every leader of evil, every color to evil every marker of evil every sign of evil, that's the thought right. So, a idol is about our desires that take us away from Allah is

00:47:39 --> 00:48:29

a color to Haram is a color to innovation is without a color to to disbelief is toggled right. So, these are all our heat, the heat is a plural of taboo. So, Aladdin extendable Latina, externa Buddhahood and those therefore stay away from all of this evil, I do have from worshipping them. Well, Anna boo Illa Allah Inaba is to return back to Allah, meaning they go away from the world and they return back to Allah meaning they are penitent repentant, because they went to the tugboat either to worship them, which is great go for, if not to worship them, at least to listen to them, which is since like, otherwise, the song listen to the big Tao vote, which is shaitan. So Allah

00:48:29 --> 00:48:38

says, well, Anna boo Illa La La humungous shrine they return back to Allah for them is glad tidings for them is glad tidings for Bashir.

00:48:39 --> 00:49:27

So give glad tidings to my slaves those who take away go away from the DAO vote and come back to me. aladeen is 10 year old and Pola, those who listen to the speech what speech the father and the Sunnah, the speech that comes from Allah azza wa jal and the prophets of God for who is Sunnah and they follow the best of it. Apollo 11 Abbas for de la Toronto in the deceit of this verse. They are the ones who hear all types of speech they hear for an and Sunnah and good speech, but they also hear the evil. And so this is what Allah says, Allah says that they're a bad or not those people who are any immature, they don't know about q4 and ship and though he know there are people who are

00:49:27 --> 00:49:59

mature, they've heard about q4 and Shere Khan bartylla harana facade, but they also know to hate an Islamic Quran and Sunnah. And they have decided to follow the Quran and Sunnah to hidden Islam rather than the coup for the facade and the fitna. Does that make sense? Right and that is how the believers should be that they have heard both sides but they've decided consciously to follow the good have consciously decided to follow that which is good and lead in a stem your own and tola. They are the ones who hear the wrongs or all the different types of speech.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:46

Via Wi Fi Sana and so the follow the best of the speech which is the Quran and the Sunnah Allah, Allah Dena had Allah, they are the ones who Allah has guided. What will ecohome Alba and they are the ones who have the possessor or they are the possessors of logic and sense Zakouma located my brothers, my sisters in Islam will hamdulillah Allah bless take 18 verses of Surah zomer inshallah, when we come back, we'll talk about the rest of the sutra inshallah tada and carrying on our lessons, while hamdulillah today we took lots of lessons about us connecting with Allah, about us remembering sincerity, about us, acting upon the word that we apply the knowledge that we have about

00:50:46 --> 00:51:07

us. Remember the blessings of Allah azza wa jal and then using that as an encouragement to thank Allah subhana wa Taala and about us remembering Allah not only in times of difficulty, but also in terms of ease and that is a majority of the time that we'll hear Thank you hope you enjoyed it inshallah. Salaam Alaikum Mercado until tomorrow. See you then.

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