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Ismail Kamdar


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how finding one's dream job or ideal work is difficult for people, but finding a job that gives them flexibility and allows them to pursue their interests is crucial to finding a fulfilling life. They explain that finding a job that suits their interests is crucial to finding a fulfilling life, and provide tips on how to find a job that makes you happy.
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Somebody's Kumara malarkey.

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So this is the first in a series of videos on finding your dream job or your ideal work by many people are stuck in jobs or in businesses that they don't enjoy, that they find very difficult to do. That really sucks the joy out of their lives. Now, Hamdulillah, I am very lucky that the work I do, it makes me really happy I enjoyed people benefit from it. And it really helps me to live a fulfilling life. So what I'm going to do over the series of videos is I'm going to teach you some of the things that helped me find the kind of work that I enjoy. And maybe when you understand these qualities, you can find the kind of work that you enjoy, as well. So today, I want to speak about

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two things right? Or about one thing, and from there one thing, two extra points. And one thing is, what is most important to you, when it comes to work, is it money, is it time, is it mobility? Is it the kind of work you put out that each person will have a different answer to this. But for me, what I really like to do when I'm looking for work is find a job that gives me flexibility in terms of time. And in terms of place, meaning I can do that work from anywhere. whenever I want. I'm not stuck to specific times, I'm not stuck to a specific location. I can do it wherever I want. And so this is the kind of work I've taken up from writing my books, running my online courses working for

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online Institute's freelance writing all these different jobs, I've taken all these different businesses I've started, they all have one thing in common and or other two things in common. I can do them at any time. I can do them from anywhere. So that's what I wanted to share with you today. That if you are looking for a job, that's something that's

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that's that's going to make you happy, you need to think about what what is most important to me, is it the amount of money that he pays is is the freedom I have over my time is the actual work that I do. Once you figure out what that is, then you can find the jobs or the businesses that fit into that category and find one that suits you. So that's all for today and inshallah another day we'll continue with another tip on how to find work that makes you happy.