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AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of knowing the hedger and the importance of fasting during hedger holidays. They also discuss the birth of a new beast, La Lauren, La ilaha, and the birth of a new beast. The speakers emphasize the need to practice these activities and stay true to one's values, as well as to assess one's actions and intentions to avoid regret and make them successful. They provide a list of ten ways to improve behavior, including taking action outside of the box, reaching out to family, studying, and praying.
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What are the most important things that I need to know about hedger?

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The reason I like this question is because you really do need to know about the hedger. It's a great month as it is one of the sacred months, but the first 10 days of the hedge are the greatest days of the year. Allah subhanaw taala says while surgery while in Asha, I swear by the break of dawn, and by the 10 nights by these 10 nights Allah is meaning that 10 days of the hedger according to the vast majority of scholars and the companions themselves, so Allah has sworn by them. Secondly, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith Buhari mermin am in an outsider fear hinder a hub boy and Allah, min hurdler, you have an assured that there are no days ever, at any stage of the

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year that are more more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala for righteous deeds to be done there, and then these 10 days, and the companions who were there, they were like, whoa, wait a minute, no, even Jihad for the sake of Allah, like is better than that. And the prophet SAW, Selim said even better than that, no, even jihad is even better than that. Except if a person was to go and to give up their life and to give up their wealth, and then come back with nothing, does the only person who's going to beat them and who's going to beat that. So it's a massive opportunity for people to really take advantage. Allah is more pleased about the righteous deeds in these days that are done than any

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other time. And just a few days time, the future is going to be upon us. So how can we then take advantage? Let's go to number three, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave us the first loss of the Quran for zero fee in a minute, the holy what tech veeeery what that means, so increase there and by saying La Ilaha, Illallah and Allahu Akbar and Alhamdulillah and also the technological aid that we think of Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar en la la, La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar when he learned this technique, although it is specifically done in the days of eight, in actual fact, it is generally scattered and sprinkled throughout these 10 days of the hedges Allah so

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parents, Allison, what little capital Allah Allah Maha Darko and say that you because of Allah has guidance upon you, that you magnify him and you say Tampere, and so we make this thicker, proudly and happy and loudly as used to be the son of the companions. The fourth thing that you can, the fourth point that we should be reflecting upon, is that it has one of the great days to fast Yama out of the ninth or hedger one day before the 10th of the hedgerow which is Yamuna, which in another Hadith is the best single day of the year, which we know is that ever aids and is known as a dead day of not because that's his day of the of the sacrifice of the sacrificial animals. When you are

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on the edge here, of course, we will do a Qurbani. We'll come back to that later, the day before that is the ninth the purpose of life Adam said about the ninth the day of arafah Cm we are out of the civil Allah and your catheter center ality cobbler who was center led by Dr. Jani. The first thing of the day of ARAVA, I hope that Allah subhanaw taala by it by fasting that day, what expiate the sins of the year before it, and then the sins of the year that follows it. That's just for fasting one day, and then you get to experience all of the excellence of that day, as well as the accidents of the day that follows the day of aid or the day of human not the next thing, the

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province of Lyceum said in another authentic it does narrated from the wives with the purpose of life Hello in the Muslim women, that he would always fast the full of those days of the hedgerow meaning the first night, the first nine days, not just the ninth of Yamada, but the first, the second, the third all the way to the ninth. And of course, then the 10th is the day of eight in which no one fasts, we do the opposite of fasting, we enjoy it, we enjoy all of our great efforts. And of course, it tastes so much better that way. The next thing that we can do, don't forget that your artifact is not just something for the people on hunch, the purpose of life seldom said that

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the best draw is the draw made on the day of arafah. Of course if you are identified, then it means it's the best place as well. But if you're not out of it, then you still enjoying the day. So the ninth of June hedger wherever you are, that is the best day that a person can make draw. And he continued, he said and the best thing that I ever said under profits before me was La ilaha illallah wa, ooh, la sharika La La hawla wala hamdu wahala kulesza. In Korea, there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah. He has no partner, for him is the dominion. And for Allah horrible call Hampton for him is the praise and he has power mic and control and ability over absolutely

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everything. And this thicker, if you take this thicker and you take the job that you have wanted to make and you need and you go hard at it yourself, wherever you are in your home and even into massage in our early companions, the early founding forefathers the self on the afternoon up until the time of

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to delve out of they would gather into massage or they would isolate themselves similar to like what you do when you're on a tour. And this practice was known as tarrif. And a number of the scholars supported this. And now of course with the hunch being so restricted, and now of course with the massage Danny and being in a difficult situation to accept lots of people outside of the prayer times, we should find a moment where we can isolate ourselves and go hard with the vicar and go hard with the job. The next point, in these days, you should be thinking outside the box to increase the various actions that you are

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that you have in front of you in terms of of

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varying your charity, you're reaching out to your family, the bitterroot Valley, Dane your parents specifically those that maybe have a little bit of beef with making a phone call send some messages, these are efforts, which are also x over Eva, and helping out volunteering in in your local areas that need any kind of help studying reading more Tafseer. reading more Quran, you want to vary your actions as much as possible that there is a connection between the time being excellent, the first nine days of the hedger and then your state being excellent, you are fasting, you're more pure, and therefore is the purpose of life. Selim said that I love that my deeds are presented to Allah

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subhanaw taala which is why he always used to like to fast Thursdays, and Allah and I'm fasting so that when I'm presenting my deeds to a time where Allah is loving it anyway, that I'm presenting in the purest and cleanest way, so you must have a very your portfolio of actions. The next thing number eight, if you like,

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Don't forget the nights, the professor license them himself was making me laugh all the time. But the companions used to go extra hard in these 10 In fact, sad when jubair Alec Rahmatullah one of the major exams of tabbing, he narrated from of the webinar bus or the Allahumma, that he used to say that, hey, don't take don't put out your candles in the in the, in the in the in the nights of these 10, don't put your counters out, meaning keep your lights on, of course, you'd be very, very dark there, there's no street lighting, anything like that. And so if you're expected to be awake, you will need to have some form of you know, dim lights somewhere to give you an idea of how to go

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and find water, Makoto, etc. And if they're praying, and if the end when he would say keep it on, that means that there is an intention to pray longer, is going to be a set kind of system. And he's going to take advantage of these whole as a whole period those first Nine Nights, so make sure that you stand and go hard and be emulated. The next point, I would say, would be to really reflect upon what's been happening in the previous year. This would be a yearly habit anyway. But you know, by taking it in chunks of a year, you can audit yourself, look at your actions, and think about the mistakes that you've made. Think about the sins that you've done, and make Toba for it. The single

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greatest act that you can do, the single greatest act of any Muslim can hope to die upon Toba, pure sincere repentance to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But you need to assess your actions you need to actually physically Think about it, understand what it is that you've done, feel regret for that. Make that that firm intention that you're not going to return back to it and then make it so far from Allah subhanaw taala for what you've done. The final thing to complete 10 and yeah, I'm kind of like stretching it a little bit. But the 10th kind of

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thing that I would love people to do is to prepare for the urbani was known as the adhere a sacrifice for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala and more details on that in another video, but the preparing for and the cost and the planning that's happening in these 10 day in the first nine days. Even though the sacrifice occurs after the prep, this is a great knock. Some of the scholars considered this sacrifice to be obligatory upon the adults, but whatever it is recommended or obligatory. We can see that later do try to offer it if you can afford it it's a great at so many things for you to do a quick rundown number one Allah subhanaw taala swears by these days don't

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waste them. Number two, the province of Lyceum said that Allah subhanaw taala appreciates all the righteous deeds and they're better than all of all the things that you can possibly think of number three, increasing the ticket that you can possibly do La la la la Alhamdulillah Allah hawkwatch number four ferocity of alpha whatever happens Don't miss it two years expiation incredible two years since expiated. Number five foster rest of the days as well so all nine days of the hedgehog number six make lots of art on the day of alpha and zyklus in a place in a home isolated somewhere in the afternoon in the evening. Make sure you do the number seven very the actions that you can do

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the good deeds that you can come with number eight the Knights Don't forget the Knights family. Number nine repentance folks focus on your sins and repent to Allah number 10. Focus on how you're going to prepare and do and pay and organize and maybe abroad send your Qurbani ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the Tofig to do this Good day. It is good deeds to take advantage of these good days. And we have lots of content accepted from me and from you Allahumma me subscribe to this channel. Share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at faith IQ

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