Eidul Adha or Yaumul Nahr

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Now we'll discuss the last and the first point that is either adapt or Yamuna. That is the day of sacrifice is a sacrifice of the day of sacrifice. And we know that Allah subhanaw taala had asked Prophet Ibrahim, that what do you love the most in this world?

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But natural after last minute Allah. He said My son is Mallory salah and Allah smart Allah tests a primal Islam, the 10 you sacrifice him for me and a better Muslim goes and tells his son is mal Solomon he said don't worry, father, you will find me steadfast. And on the instruction of Allah smart Allah when he's about to sacrifice this and Allah smart replaces it with a sacrificial animal. And this is what we remember every year in Israel other that we should be able to sacrifice anything in this world for the sake of Allah Spano, tala, and during Yamuna they have sacrificed the other day of sacrifice, we, if you have the means, we sacrifice an animal. For one person, it is a goat,

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or if you want to a big animal like a cow or a camel, it can be for for seven people. And it's mentioned in Surah Hodge chapter number 22. was number 37. It is not their meat of blood that reaches Allah subhanaw taala but it is a party with digital as mouth Allah so we don't sacrifice so that the blood and the meaty just last month Allah but we do it for our toccoa up it should reach a last minute Allah and what do we do with the sacrifice when we sacrifice the animal we distributed amongst the poor people amongst the friends, among relatives and keep some for ourselves? Normally it is recommended that that minimum 1/3 should be given to the poor people 1/3 to the family and

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friends and the maximum you can keep yourself with 1/3 This is a practice.

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Let me tell you the ceiling features that should be done on either other or yamana. Number one that have a bath early in the morning. Number two, put perfume on yourself. It's Asana number three is that were the best of your clothes. Number four, say that like me that number five, preferable do not eat anything before the is prayer.

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Number six, go to pray early. Number seven, that it is recommended that all the women including the children, including the menstruating woman should go for the eat fella even if they don't have to offer Salah or they don't have to go to the masala and when you come back from eat prayer, see to it that you take another route, not the same route in which you went for the salah and preferable to pay Salah in a muscle line or open ground which is called an ether. Now what is the reason that a beloved pasta masala salon recommended that all the women and the children, including the menstruating women should go for the Salah even if they don't have to offer Salah even if they don't

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have to go and pray. What is the reason? Why did the Prophet said that you go from one route and we'll come back take the other route. Why did he say that train a large place. For all this we come to know that the reason is so that it boosts the morale of Muslims. Normally we Muslims have four or five times Allah congregation in the mosque. Once a week in JAMA, we have a bigger congregation we pray in the Juma mosque. The congregation is multiple than bigger than what congregation you have during the fight and salah and twice in the year. During the day. They don't fit any the other. The Prophet recommended that to pray in an open ground known as the age gap. Why so that a larger number

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can gather Imagine if you're living in a village and during the Easter I come to know there are 30,000 Muslims that are 40,000 Muslims, the morale of the Muslims is boosted. And if you're living in an area which has non Muslims also, the non Muslim will think 10 times before interfering with the Muslim or the Muslim the 30,000 number 40,000. Imagine if you're living in a big city and if you pray in one area in which 100,000 gather or a few 100,000 gather. Imagine the scenario, it would boost up the morale of the Muslims.

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And at the same time would give a non Muslim have thought that they better not interfere with Muslims. This is the psychology what is the reason that the beloved partner Saracen even told the woman and the children to go even the women of demonstrating when you go through one way, come through the underlay not the same way Why? So that the other people in the other locality of that village of that town or that city know how the Muslims are going in large numbers.

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If you go through route a, come back to route B, so that the people of router also come to know the people of Route B also come to know that Muslims and large number The next important point, when you come back, if you have the means, you sacrifice an animal, if Allah has given you the mean, later on you go and meet your family friends, it's the day of celebration and when you meet the greeting if Taco Bell allow me nomen come, may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept the good deeds from us and from you.

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Normally, in India, Pakistan defeat Mubarak or other words

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the sooner is to wish the cup will allow minimum income

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or accept the good deeds from us and from you, you can fail tomorrow

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it is

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the right thing is as the Prophet and the sabas wished each other and the day of this should be a day of celebration, be happy, be cheerful. Let me tell you the important points of the H Salah. Before I end this talk

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there are 14 important points of each Allah number one, the Salah is for every Muslim who is an adult and will see male or female. Number two, it is offered

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between the time after the father salah and before the doors are locked, but the earlier you offer the better it is number three, it should be offered in an opening count almost Salah also known as the Ithaca number for that if it falls on a Gemma then praying Juma on that day is not fun, but it is similar It is recommended if you pray it is good. But if you want you can obtain from Fiji masala at that time you should pay only the source Allah next point number five is that there is no other or no a comma before the Salah. Number six there is no sooner before the Salah or after the Salah number seven

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the Salah is off to Raka

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number eight There are six extra takbeer in the first chakra before Surah fathia besides the tech Mila era along with that there are totally seventh Mira in the first card before savatya in the second record, after you get up from the sudo in the starting of the second rocket after seeing that there are five additional takbeer before the surah fattier in the second

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ninth point is that it is sooner to recite surah Allah in the first class and so Natasha in the second

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the 10 point is it is also a Sunnah you can recite surah a cough in the first chakra and for a comer in the second of the 12th is that after the Salah, there is

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the 13 point is it is recommended that you hear the coda of the Imam after the Salah, but it is not affirmed. It is highly recommended. And the 14 point is when you go for Salah inform one road see to it while coming back to take the other route. These were the 14 salient points of the Salah. And

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I've covered in brief in as short a time as possible. The importance of the first 10 days of the ledger