Dhul Hijjah – Best 10 Days #08 – Two Years of Sins Wiped! – The Day of Arafah!

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The speaker discusses the importance of eating and drinking during the season of the year, as it is the best day of the year for most people. They also mention the importance of following the ninth of the ledger to avoid confusion and the need to avoid major sins. The speaker also mentions the possibility of forgiveness and the importance of protecting people from the virus.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My brothers and sisters, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says, A Yama sriti A Yama atlin verschoben were the creme de la, the days of Shrek the days of eating and drinking and the remembrance of Allah. Now, if you take a look at that,

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what are the days of the ship, they're the three days after the day of eat. So you have the day of arafah then you have the day of eat, then you have the three days of tertiary. Now during those three days, you must remember to eat and drink and thank Allah be thankful, be grateful. Remember, Allah often and constantly declared, declare the praise of Allah, you and I know that fasting is very, very rewarding, but it is prohibited to fast on the days of eight. On the days of eight, you're not allowed to fast and you should not be fasting in the season here known as the days of tashlich because the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says they are the days of eating and

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drinking and the remembrance of Allah. So there goes, you want to know when to fast? Well, you can fast the day of alpha. If you're not in hajj. If you're in hajj, you're not supposed to be fasting, it's not a sinner. But if you're out of the Hajj, you get a massive reward for it. The day of eat haram too fast you must eat you must drink you must thank Allah. Islam does not give importance to food and drink. If you notice, there is never a time when Allah asks you to indulge in food and drink. But during this days of eat and during the the days of tashlich that's when the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam says, eat and drink still don't be wasteful. Don't be wasteful. That's an

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instruction of the Quran. We're kulu shabu Allah to sinful in hula, you're a bully most reefing eat and drink and don't waste for he does not love or like those who are wasteful. So we will eat and we will drink the day of arafah is the best day of the entire year. On that day, what should you be doing? You need to know it's the day according to the Hadith in Sahih Muslim that Allah frees the maximum number the most people from hellfire. So he writes names of people who are free from Hellfire because of some good that they did. So do good throughout the season. You know, in the nights, the nights of Ramadan, there are a lot of people who are free from Hellfire, but during the

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day, the day this is the day the day of arafah Subhan Allah, the ninth of the hedger so Subhan Allah we must ask Allah to free us from hellfire. And in order to achieve that we must be from those who have changed our lives, who sought forgiveness who have promised Allah that we're not going to repeat the bad that we've been doing all along and insha Allah, we will find by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala We will definitely be achieving a lot you'll feel the change, you'll feel the difference. And in order to know whether Allah has actually accepted your Toba or your repentance, you need to feel a slight change within you. And then you know Ma, I've changed meaning Allah is

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accepted my repentance by his world by his fallen by His grace, His mercy. Now, we've spoken about sins being forgiven for the fast Of The Day of arafah. I just want to mention the hadith of Abu Qatada or the Allahu anhu wherein he says that whoever fasts on the day of arafa, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has said that the sins of both years will be forgiven both years meaning the current and the coming. But that's speaking about minuses as for major sins, they require specific Toba specific repentance. So someone's committed a major sin. Allah will forgive it on condition that you seek forgiveness specifically for the sin that you've committed. And then, the

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Hadith says the best supplication the best supplication is the supplication of the day of alpha. So on the day of arafah supplicate now there is a dispute amongst the scholars as to should we be with those who are in alpha, or should we be,

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you know, following the ninth of the ledger, the vast majority say follow the ninth of the ledger, because if you were to cite the moon before the people in alpha, it would be your day of aid when it is their day of arafah and that would confuse things completely. And that's very possible to happen. And it has happened in the past. Although a long time back, but you know,

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order to prevent all of that when it is your ninth of the ledger, it is the day of alpha. Sometimes it might be your day of eat when they're still having alpha. In that case, it's haram to fast while they're in alpha because it's your EAD. And they did not see the moon. For now, they happen to be seeing the moon mostly before the rest of the world. things have happened to differently in the past may happen differently in the future. So although there is an opinion, let's not fight about it, whichever opinion you follow, I've just mentioned what opinion I follow but at the same time, those days or blesser days, don't involve in fighting in dispute. That's the last thing you should do.

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Just praise Allah. Thank Allah. Congratulate people upon the beautiful season. May Allah bless every one of us and grant us goodness I pray that Allah grant us supplications that are accepted and May Allah eradicate for us this Coronavirus that has spread across the globe. Allah protect us give us cure and have mercy on those who have passed on Apollo cola. Or sallallahu wasallam Island Vina Mohammed