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Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker explains that their organization has a policy of giving employees up to 50% of their salary if they join a new organization. They also discuss the strict rules and regulations associated with their school, including the use of cameras and the requirement of open hand employment. The speaker emphasizes the importance of professionalism in educating employees and students, and mentions that their school works on weekends and Monday holidays.
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We are the policy in our organization, the services foundation. Though we are a very small organization was started 15 years back

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we had only one employee now we are more than phone and employed full time paid employees.

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We always believe that we should be professional and

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all the people

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that we employ Mashallah we have a policy that whatever they're drawing, in Bombay, if they join organization, we give them more. We don't believe that if you're getting 20,000 rupees, so come here for 50% 10,000 rupees for LASIK, if even 20,000 rupees will give you 25,000 If only 30 will give you 35 if you're giving 50 will give you 60. But then you work.

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you strive in the way of Allah subhana wa Taala. I don't want the parent phoning me up the doctors and I give Islamic lecture. And now my son is learning half if I give him away when the parents are with me, even in our school, Islamic International School, that as far as the teachers, we have what strict conditions even for the teachers. And initially, I am a nightmare even for the parents. I'm a nightmare even for the teachers. We have so many rules and regulations, someone called as the al Qaeda school

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guide that means you have too many rules and regulations. And our teachers, Mashallah, on an average, we interviewed about two and a half 1000 teachers and selected less than 25.1%. The selection similarly for our car is the car we selected. We interviewed in different parts of India, like now, various parts of our crew went and there to have interviewed more than 4000 cameras. And now we have over 40 cars we have for selection procedure. It is very strict. Less than 1% of the people who interview

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we take them as our staff, and one fish take the staff, the staff, we pay them more than what they get outside. We give an open hand in the newspapers that if selected, we will pay you more than what you're drawing. The answer is like that. If selected in our school, we will pay you more than what you're drawing.

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Irrespective what you're earning in any convent school if you're teaching a Muslim teacher, Mashallah. And here,

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the teachers instead of coming for five days, they have to come six days a week, five days to teach our children. Our school works from Monday to Thursday. And on Saturday, we have Friday and Sunday holidays, which was very difficult everyone objected initially, that how is this unconventional? Friday and Sunday? Nowhere do we have in the world I said we have it in is

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and Mashallah in the long run was beneficial. Now the children are fresh to study twice a week, on Saturday and Monday. In the normal school, they're fresh only on Monday. They're fresh twice a week, on Saturday, as well as Monday. And in our school, we have got no homework. Whatever is taught is taught in the school. If there are some children who take late admissions, and if they have missed on the Arabic, they have to come on Sundays, extra hours from eight to one every Sunday to catch up absolutely free. And our teachers, they can find it to teach from Monday to Thursday, and Saturday. And on Friday, they come to be taught.

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We educate our educators and our school, our teachers. They get training once a week, they have the best of professionals come in to train them. These professionals, they are very well qualified in the field. They may be psychologists, they may be psychiatry, there may be child counselors, there may be nutritious top people, Indian foreigners, there will be people top non Muslims, we pay them through the noses. We have workshops on Fridays and we train the teachers even in voice and accent. The voice that accent training we give we spend lakhs of rupees so that they have a neutral accent. And in Bombay channel, in a non Muslim news channel it came the only school which has voice and

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accent from junior classes is

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so specialized non Muslim trainers come and train our teachers, they in turn, train the students. So a teacher also Mashallah they have to work hard. We paid them but they work hard. And we are very strict with our rules Mashallah. And we believe in professionalism. So what happened that by the time they stay in our school, they get trained. Same thing with Akari. Same thing with Arabic Jain teachers. Same thing with needy teachers. And unless you're professional in our field, we will not get the results.

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