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Sajid Ahmed Umar
AI: Summary © The second and third centuries of the Great War saw struggles such as the political crisis, the loss of culture, and the struggles of the prophet proud of his teachings. The narrator describes the struggles of the second and third centuries, including the political crisis, loss of culture, and the natural history of the religious community. The conversation also touches on the importance of honoring one's son'sdlthome and protecting one's health through the storytime program.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah He was happy woman why Allah? Well praise belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala alone, and we request praises and blessings upon the final messenger, Muhammad Ali Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, my dears brothers and sisters, my dearest boys and girls Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh me the Peace and blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah be upon you all. I thoroughly Hope you enjoyed and benefited from the first installment to the story of Ibrahim alayhi salam. And from the outset, I would like to extend a heartfelt gratitude to family events for taking the blockbuster program

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online. Given the circumstances of course, it's always been an honor speaking to you all, during different family event programs, in person on site, but given our circumstances, we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for the internet and our ability to be gathered together virtually and asked Allah subhanho wa Taala together as engender, as he has gathered us together virtually today. Now, after Ibrahim alayhis salam survived the fire with the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala. No doubt his story became not just the talk of the town, but the talk of many lands and the mood, this tyrant king, he definitely wanted to have an audience with Ibrahim Allah he set up and to see what he is

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about. And Ibraheem alehissalaam afforded him this audience obviously he was the king and his request had to be adhered to. And only Rahim Allah He said, I met him Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran, that no more rude question, Ibraheem alehissalaam of the Lord that Ibraheem alehissalaam was supporting when he went against the idols of the people. And Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam explained to him who Allah subhanho wa Taala is and the mood said, to Ibrahim alayhis, salaam of Abraham. And he said, I'm said to number that might Allah gives life and death. So number one said, I also give life and I also give death. And in a feeble way, he tried to demonstrate his ability to

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give life and give death in the form of freeing a prisoner who is imprisoned for life, for example, and taking the life of an innocent person. So Ibrahim alayhi salam, we only know him to be Mashallah clever, a quick thinker, he was true to his fitrah to his natural disposition. We know what he did with his father and his people when he was trying to instigate within them the ability to think critically, right? It just shows that Ibraheem alehissalaam from a young age, he thought critically, so he was always quick on his feet. I mean, that's the phrase we use, in the English language to depict a person who immediately can act immediately can respond, and in a fruitful way, Ibraheem

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alehissalaam responds to Nevada and says, Okay, if this is, you know, your answer to my explanation, then my Lord, he causes the sun to rise in the in the east, and he causes it to set in the West. If you are who you are, then who you say you are, then causes the sun to rise in the West and set in the east. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says, For Buddha to lay the cover, he was dumbfounded. There was nothing that he could say, Abraham Elisa Lam realized that there is no success in this land with these people, their blind followers, they're not critical thinkers, they are upon the way of the forefathers and you know, it's a lost cause here. And he preferred to do his job to his Lord in the

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Mahajan in Arabic, as Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about him in the Quran. So Ibraheem alehissalaam leaves and with him is his wife, Sarah, and with him is his nephew, Luke, who later on became a prophet Ruth alayhis salam, for he understood the message of Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam and was a follower and Ibrahim Alayhi Salam tricked up towards shell. And when he got to Sham, it wasn't suitable for him either. Why? He found people not worshipping idols, but worshiping the cosmos worshipping the stars worshipping the moon worshipping the sun. And Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in the Quran that with them, he tried to instigate again, the concept of critical thinking by

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highlighting to them how the moon is bigger than the sun, and how the sun is bigger than the moon. But then the sun appears and disappears. So how can you worship that which comes and goes rather, we should worship the one that created all these things that we see around us. So he saw some kind of law, there was no tawheed no worshipping of one Allah, the greatest justice on Earth, with my father with my people, and now I don't see it with these

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People, so he checked out of Sham and he made his way towards Egypt. And in Egypt, he found tyranny as well. Unfortunately, there was an unjust king and a king who wasn't upon the belief in one Allah subhanho wa Taala. And his practices were highly questionable. So, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam decided to migrate again remember, he was migrating to his Lord, and He wasn't finding a people with to heat the people upon the truth, people upon the natural disposition, how Allah subhanho wa Taala created them. Now when he left Egypt through one event or another, which is beyond the scope of today's storytime, Ibraheem alehissalaam

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through his wife, Sarah acquired a gift that was given to her by the ruler in Egypt. And that was a helping a girl who would be a helper to Sarah, and her name was hajah and Ibraheem alehissalaam at this stage, now he's he's grown, and he's, you know, contemplating his different travels. And he did travel, right, and he's known as the prophet who did travel extensively. He traveled and through his travels, he's thinking Subhanallah, I don't think there's anyone on earth who worships Allah Subhana who Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala deserves to be worshipped. I don't think there's anyone who is doing justice to the reality of who our Lord is. And he's now thinking long term and thinking to

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Pinilla, I don't know how many years I have left, perhaps the best solution is for me, to have a family, right? Not to have a family so that my son can take over my shop, or take over my business, or my son can hunt for me and, you know, help me with matters of life. No, he wanted to leave after him, someone who will carry the flag of to him because he literally felt so Pamela, there's no one with it. Right?

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In a substantial way. Of course, he had his wife, of course, he had looked. But he's thinking long term now. Right. And he's thinking children, and then grandchildren, and so on and so forth, upon the fitrah, those who will take take, you know, take it upon themselves, to spread the truth. This is what I need. And he had this sincere desire to have a child. And he had this desire for a long time. And it was a test for him, but he was patient. And the reality is his first wife, his wife, Sarah, she was barren, she couldn't have a child. And then she knew how sincere Ibrahim was in terms of wanting to have a child and she loved her husband. So she gifted her to Ibrahim, so that her

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child could become a wife to Ibrahim, and through her job, at the age of what some of the scholars say is 90 years of age, Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah blesses her job with a baby.

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It's very early he Salah arrives to Panama. Now where are they based? They are based in Palestine because after Egypt, he made his way to Palestine as the books of Islamic history site for us. So now he's in Palestine, he has his child to Pamela Allah blessed him with this child. And some historians say that some friction began to come about between sada his first wife and hotjar especially since you know, hijab now gave birth she bought a child and this child was beloved Ibraheem, alehissalaam and naturally, any father would give that special care and that special touch to his child. So for one reason or the other,

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when it's married, according to some historians was around two years of age just when having the baby becomes fun for all of us, right in the parents of they will, will understand this that now the baby is moving the baby is is is not just leaping not just drinking milk, the baby's interacting, the baby's trying to imitate you the baby's fun to be with a law tested Ibrahim with his young son remember all this time, there was nothing in the heart of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam besides his Lord, Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, so Allah subhanho wa Taala he tests Ibraheem alehissalaam by doing what He commands, Ibrahim alayhi salam to take his son and take

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the sons mother has gone on a journey.

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So Ibraheem alehissalaam he's about submitted our apana I hear and I obey, I received the instruction and I listened. Indeed, Allah subhanho wa Taala is in my heart, Allah subhanho wa Taala comes first, our brothers and sisters in Islam and the parents out there will know the Subhana Allah, you know, the children are the biggest test for the parents. Right? It's the children. That's the biggest test. And Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam is being tested with this marriage, and later on, he will be tested in a bigger way. But for now, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam immediately answers and he takes his wife Hydro and he takes his marriage and he places them on a mount and he did some provisions

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and they make the long journey to this point that Allah has inspired him and he set them to go towards now Subhan Allah

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We don't have in the books of history these, you know, this conversation having taken place between Ibrahim and hotjar, and what's going on etc, which Subhanallah shows you the character of her job as a wife. So Hannah law that she didn't question her husband, right? We imagined today what will happen if a husband just walks into the home on a Sunday morning, packs, his wife's bag, packs the child's bag, puts it in the vehicle wakes up, the wife wakes up, the boy puts them in the vehicle without saying a word and he starts driving off what will happen? Right? So whenever I asked this question, the children always say, my mommy will say, Where are we going? Where are we going to be

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nagging? Right? So it's nothing wrong to ask is nothing wrong to ask and it doesn't reduce the quality of life, not at all You are allowed to ask, but just to highlight panela the servitude that existed in the trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala that existed that how God knew that this is a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala and is instructed by Allah, and they go on this long journey, and it's not a short journey brothers and sisters in Islam, we're talking about Palestine. Even today, that journey is long, right? If somebody went by car, it would span several hours. I imagine you on this journey via You know, you're right, right via a camel via a donkey. So Pamela, it's a long

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journey. And we're talking about dusty deserts. We're not talking about set roads, right? You're going through dunes, you're going through mountains, you're going through different terrain. And also the heat of the deserts, applies to this whole circumstance and situation. But so Pamela, patiently, they make their way. And when they get to Makkah, it's the middle of nowhere, nothing literally the middle of nowhere, nothing exists between besides to hilltops. And Ibrahim Alayhi Salam sets the provisions in some historical references, he sets a little shelter, and he leaves he instructs her just to get off, and he, he places his son down and he gets on his mount. And he's

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leaving and SubhanAllah. We don't even get in the books of history. Again, another discussion taking place between Ibrahim alayhi salam, and

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he turns his back, and he's going, but he hasn't turned his back. He knows of lies the protector, he will protect them. And no doubt he's a human being. No doubt he remembers as a young boy, when he was in the catapult and his father was conniving with the people of the city to get rid of him. No doubt as a human being every prophet is a human, they have human emotion, they have a heart, they have a mind that he was feeling what he was feeling. And he knew this is a hard matter. I can't make it harder. By doing what by looking at my wife, I can't make it harder upon myself by doing what by looking at my son, right? So know that this is something natural SubhanAllah. So it's plausible that

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he turns around and he makes the long journey back to Sarah, his first live way in Palestine, but had you here for the first time in the books of history. We sort of hear her voice, where she asked Ibrahim alayhis salam about what's happening. And he, he doesn't leave an answer she asks again, and the third time she says did Allah instruct you to leave us here? And he gestures This is what some of the books of Islamic history relate to us that he gestured back and when he gestured back immediately, she understood that so Pamela, my husband doesn't look after us. Allah looks after us. He's under instruction. We are okay. And her job is peaceful. The books of Islamic history don't

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show us a hairdryer who's complaining. A herder, who's anxious, he's totally pleased with the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And I want us to understand his brothers and sisters in Islam. Because when we go for Amara, and when we go for Hajj, we practice certain practices that were born because of how God has set up. And it's not about just the act, but it's, it's because of the heart. It's about the heart that was behind the act, and how Allah love that heart. It was about the man in the heart, that that was present when that act was done. And Allah love that he man that Allah subhanho wa Taala stipulated that these acts, you know, remain until the DFP Amma Subhana Allah so what an

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amazing woman she was, she was a game changer. Yes, a game changer because we'll see just now about the world of Zamzam. And we'll see just not about software and model that we run between that that's a game changer. We blew gender through software and Morocco. And that running was born because of her action. Right? And the heart that was filled with a level of immense power that was beloved to Allah. Right. So we see no anxiety, we see no stress Subhanallah and she's going about her days, but then to handle law provisions, big you know, begin to deplete and we know as provisions deplete the moon also in within the mother deplete and a mother's instincts take over. So now she acts. And this

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teaches us brothers and sisters in Islam, it's upon us to act. The rest is what Allah subhanho wa Taala and we've been hearing a lot, especially in these unprecedented days. I mean, when you look at the life of Ibrahim, you say so panela unprecedented, right? But it's unprecedent

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That makes the man that makes the woman that makes the boy that makes the girl right we are going through unprecedented times right now with our massage it closed with Joomla are postponed indefinitely. We don't even know whether we'll have to eat this here meaning in terms of solid jewelry, we might be in isolation we might be under lockdown La ilaha illAllah a Ramadan with our community again unprecedented the year 2020 will be remembered for centuries to come. We are indeed brothers and sisters in Islam. Our Eman is in our hearts and we have the mvidmr salatu salam and in front of the Muhammad Ali Abdullah Saleh Allahu Allah He was lm Subhana Allah as legacies for us to

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take guidance from to take inspiration from and stamp our authority and assume our podium of excellence. This is what unprecedented circumstances do and here we have had Elisa Lam, the motherly instinct takes over but not once. Does she complain to Allah? Not once does she question Allah, not once does, she complains about a lot, she gets up and decided she decides to go to the mountain to check to take precautionary measures just in case it's for me to act. It's a lot to sustain us. And she climbs mount suffer. And she looks to her right and her left and she sees nothing. So she comes down and says let me go to the next mountain. And she starts making headway there. But towards that

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mountain, there's a little valley between the mountains and as she goes in her, her knowledge, her complete knowledge of the sanctity and safety of her child is lost because she's a bit deeper. So she runs through this valley as any mother would. She knows there's been no one here for days. There's been no animals here for days. There's been nothing here for days as long as we don't have my son, but she's a mother and she has mother's instinct. So what does she do? She runs through the valley. This was beloved to Allah, Allah makes us run between the green lights between the lights that represents the valley that her journey has Salaam ran through and she gets tomorrow. She sees

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nothing. She comes back to Safa. She sees nothing. She goes back tomorrow until she does this six times and now she's heading back to Morocco the seventh time without losing hope in Allah and as she gets there, imagine she sees nothing. What are you gonna see you looked in the distance as far as your I could see there was nothing and you still running and checking. This is hoping Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, and she looks the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he did storytime with the Sahaba Hannah love, he says Allahu Allah, He will send them to the Sahaba that she heard a sound. And when she heard the sound, she turned around, and she looked back, and she stood by her son and

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Angel. And the narration says because the narrator for God's he says the angel was tapping the ground either with his heel or with his wings. And suddenly the water started gushing out and Subhanallah the mother's instinct is to run for that water, I need that water. I don't know how long it's gonna gush out for and I can see flowing away, so she runs to it. And she, she got the soil around it and makes a wall around it. So such that the water gathers up and doesn't float away. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said to me, Allah have mercy on hydro, if she didn't do what she did. The Simpsons wouldn't be allowed,

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but a flowing spring

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to handle.

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In any case, this is what happens. And then, because of water, birds would fly around the area. And on one occasion, a caravan of Arabs, they were traveling through the region, and they strangely so of birds flying or circling above a particular place. And they knew that there must be water. This is not known to be a water source, but there must be water. So they dispatch a few people to go and check it out. They as they get closer, they see this shadow in the distance they get closer they see this woman with a baby and they asked her can we settle here and can we use the water and the books of history say that she was like a mini she she liked company and she was missing company. So she

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accepted for them to come and settle on one condition. And that condition was that no one takes ownership of the world. The world belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this was agreed, right? And thus these people settled here. And as time went on is married and insulin was nurtured by them and raised by them and he married from them. But now Ibrahim alayhis salam, going back to Abraham Ali Salam the book suffice to say that he never flouted his duties as a father regularly he would make the long trip to Mecca to meet his son and his wife and go back. So he never flew out to these duties, even though it was a long journey. He was constantly up and down until Subhanallah, one year

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or during one year, and the books of Islamic history sort of zoom into the ledger. Right. And during the days of the hedger, he starts seeing this dream. And this dream is about him sacrificing his son, La ilaha illAllah. He's sacrificing his son. It's a dream, but it's a recurring dream.

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And it is said then on the eighth of the hedger, Ibrahim Alayhi, Salam started contemplating this dream rahua euro we are we attend and according to some scholars yomo Toro via which is the eighth of the hedger is called the oma Talia

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Ibraheem alehissalaam was contemplating. He was contemplating Subhan Allah this dream, and on the ninth of June which is known as yo Mara, and out of also means to know or knowledge that that is attained. Ibrahim knew that this is not just a dream, but is a command from Allah for me to sacrifice my son. Now imagine Ibraheem alehissalaam is thinking, putting a knife to the neck of my son. And some of the sources say that his his salon was now around the age of 12 or 13, or 14 to panela what to test the age of two and it's exciting to have your son Alice's take him to back to the barren land, the age of 12 1314, he can get married, he can have grandchildren for you, right?

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And now Allah says put a knife to his neck, the ultimate test 200 loss to tame for the sake of Allah. Right, who is in your heart more than Allah Ibrahim? Who are you going to put first before Allah Ibrahim, Allah test Ibrahim. And Ibrahim is a human being let's not forget, his emotions are as humans have. His heart is as a human has. So he knows how he felt when he was a child on a catapult and his father was plotting his death. The only difference is that was a death for wrong reasons. And his his son will lose his life but for the right reasons because he's following a loss command.

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So he got you know, he he brings himself together Ibraheem alehissalaam and he speaks to his son. He obviously has been raising his son during the different trips he's been making up to Makkah through the years, and teaching his son about Allah and Allah is in control. But he does what a father does. He brings his son to the level before giving him the instruction. And this is parenting. This is fatherhood, Allah says, lm Bella mera who, sadly, Allah says when Ibrahim was at, you know, he reached the age and you can also deduce from the idea that he was at the point when he was now ready to receive the instruction. Ibrahim was confident that I have a Muslim in front of me. I have a

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moment in front of me. I'm not going to lose his Eman, but what I'm going to tell him oralia boonie he said to his son, Oh my dear son in Me,

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me and me as Barack, he says I see in my dream continuously that I'm slaughtering you, I'm sacrificing you for Allah.

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Meza Dada Oh my dear son, please tell me what you think. Why is Ibraheem alehissalaam asking his son why the matter is decided. But supanova This is a father he's a human being. It's as if he's saying make this matter easy for me by giving me words of support my son and his son does by saying, Yeah, Bertie Subhana. Allah, he said, calls out to him in the same way that Ibrahim when he was a small boy used to call out to his father and say yeah, Betty, yeah, Betty, letter Buddha shavon don't worship the Shabbat Why do you worship that which can benefit you which can't hear you which can see you so Pamela is remembering how to call out his father and say yeah, a * his father to

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Allah and his father threatened to stone him. He no doubt this is a human being. His son now says to him, yeah, Betty, if I were to do what Allah has commanded you to do, so taggi dooney you will find me you will continuously find me in Allahu Mino Sabine, with a luz Woo, you will continue to define the patient. I'm not going to tell you, my dear father, that this is easy, but I promise you, my father, you're going to find me a patient son. I'm not going to make it difficult for you. I'm going to help you facilitate acting upon the command of Allah. Can you imagine shavon watching the scene? How does grace de must feel when he made a promise to Allah? He's going to take this over to Johanna

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and now he seems to Pinilla this conversation. This is the conversation brothers and sisters in Islam of men. This is the conversation where in whatever circumstance you in, you don't see an obstacle. Rather you see the opportunity to build the great agenda. You see an opportunity to transcend the levels of gender, you see an opportunity to to manifest and celebrate La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah. This is the reality of Eman This is the reality of Islam. So hon Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala never ever left the believers upon one way McCann Allahu the other meaning Allah And tomorrow he had diames Elizabeth Amina pyy, Allah says that he never left the

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believers upon one way. He changed the circumstances and situations to test them to make manifest the the pure from the impure brothers and sisters in Islam. This is the reality of the life of this world. It's either a chance to build gender through being thankful because things go your way or chance to build agenda through being patient because things didn't go your way. And this gift is for no one, but a believer. Alhamdulillah for Islam Alhamdulillah for Eman, we may be long

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In our homes, they may be isolation. They may be sick family members, we might be tested by losing a family member. But whatever happens we will not complain about Allah or complain to Allah. Rather, we will announce that whatever Allah does, he does good. Whatever Allah does, he does good. We only have pixels, he has the whole picture. And he only does good. That picture is one of only goodness, we need to be patient and gather every day, the pixels, and we will see the goodness and that's what Ebrahim was doing. That's what his Marian was doing. That's what he was doing brothers and sisters in Islam, La ilaha illa Allah, Allah you feel motivated. You proud to be a believer that you have as

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the father of the Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and his wonderful son and his wonderful wife and his wonderful family to act as guides for us during the most difficult years of, of not, maybe this generation, but probably generations to come, so cannot be an actor. He walks out with his son, right on the 10th of the agenda 10th of the ledger is known as human nature, the day of the slaughter, and he walks up with his son, and no doubt is a human being. So he's teaching himself to remember to put a law first and he says Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater. Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater La ilaha illa Allah who Allahu Akbar, there's no one was he of worship besides one Allah,

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Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater what he learned in him, To Him belongs all praise alized the praise where he went, where do we praise Him, whether we don't praise Him, whether we remember to praise him, whether we forget to praise Him, He's the owner of all praise. Allah is greater than me. Allah is greater than the love I have for my son. Allah is greater than my son. Allah is greater than my fancies. Allah is greater than my desires. Allah is greater than my once I am the servant of Allah, La ilaha illa Allahu Allahu Akbar. He repeats this to himself. Subhan Allah, and during the days of Hydra, we announced the takbeer Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, La ilaha illa Allahu Allahu Akbar,

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Allahu Akbar when he left his hand, and Subhana Allah, he walks towards meaner and meaner is away from Mecca. And shavonne says, No, we have to stop this at any cost. And shavonne sends his helpers ship and sends those to swerve Ibrahim, of the path of righteousness of the path of taqwa and obedience to Allah. But she Ibrahim picks up seven stones and post them saying Allahu Akbar, Allah is greater than you and greater than what you say and greater than what you call to and greater than what you advise to seven stones he's counting Subhana Allah subhanaw taala today we pout when we go for Hajj, right, we pout, we remember that Allah is greater than our desires and and greater than

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Chapin's ability to affect us. That's what we should realize when we help during hedge shaytan sins another one of his armies, and Ibrahim defeats the shape the shape one again for the third time, Ibrahim defeats the shape on and he keeps teaching himself that Allah is greater. There's no one worthy of worship besides one Allah, Allah is greater he gets up to amount in minutes. And some sources highlighted as amount which today you find

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the famous mesh did mesh behave in in minute if you look over the masjid or

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around that region on the on the mountainous areas around that message, you find a little kind of structure that they've built. It is said Allah knows best that this is the place where Abraham placed his son right on the mantle to slaughter him. He places his son on the mantle, he sharpening the knife. Can you imagine what's going through his mind as he sharpens the knife? Allahu Akbar. He teaches himself allies greater whatever I'm feeling now doesn't matter why is greater and he's Rahim then goes to SM Subhana Allah is Allah gonna change the command is a logon and if the command Ibrahim raises the knife, nothing, he turns his son, he has to tell his son, how can you look at his

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son's eyes, he's a father, nothing, he takes the knife, he places it on the neck of the sun, nothing. There's always that hope that inshallah the command might change. The instruction might change. Allah will save me from this difficulty. But whatever happens, I'm not going to give up I'm going to put Allah first nothing changes and announcing that Allah is the Greatest and announcing that he does everything in the name of Allah. He moves the knife across the neck of his son, La ilaha illa Allah, but the knife doesn't cut and he brought him in his diligence to put Allah first he tries again and the knife doesn't cut just like the fire didn't bend because the fire only burns

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with the will of Allah the knife didn't cut because the knife only cuts with the will of Allah La ilaha illa Allah, Allah says fire them as Lama what Allah who Lil jabeen sukanto Allah. Allah says when they both submitted to the will of Allah sent patient further patient and the complete the act of law announced to Ibrahim Alayhi Salam God said

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Dr. Maria Oh Ibrahim, you have indeed done justice to the dream. You have fulfilled the dream, the knife had to move over the neck of your son for the dream to be fulfilled. It wasn't enough for you to put the knife on the neck. Oh Abraham, you had to move it. But Allah is in control and you've passed the test to Abraham, you've passed the test and Allah for the nobility of him. Allah gives an alternative to Israel in the form of RAM and Ibrahim slaughters that Ram. And like I said, brothers and sisters in Islam, we do the same to the deal of the AMA. It's not about the blood. It's not about the meat. But it's the taqwa it's the taqwa that reaches Allah. It was the taqwa in the heart

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of this man that Allah loved that Allah made this an act that will last the day of am Subhana Allah Subhana Allah. And look brothers and sisters in Islam. When you sacrifice for the sake of Allah, when you give up something for the sake of Allah, Allah gives you back what you sacrificed and more. For he was giving up his marine for Allah sake. So Allah gave him back his Marine, and after his Marielle gave him his hack when the water is happy. So Han Allah, Allah gave Ibrahim after a smile, another son, and knowlegeable son is half Ali Salim, and then his half had the children from them yaku jacoba children from them Yusuf Alayhi, salam, and Subhanallah Ibrahim became the father of the

00:31:27 --> 00:32:06

prophets because Allah decreed that every prophet to come will be from the lineage of Ibraheem alehissalaam either through his help, and that's the that's all the MBR Allah Hema salatu salam join up towards Ibrahim or to Ibrahim via his son, his help except Mohammed Salah Lahore either he will send them for he joins back to Abraham Allah He sent him via his other son is married. And he Salam subhana wa look at this when you give up something for the sake of Allah you might be worried about your job your financial standing your material well being what the future holds, maybe some stocks went down maybe some currencies crashed, etc etc etc. Whatever you do brothers and sisters in Islam

00:32:06 --> 00:32:47

hold steadfast hold firm or Mr. Man it is Coco mama to reduce your risk is controlled in the skies, subcontinent on Earth. Whatever happens on Earth, don't worry, it's a law who controls your risk, you just make sure you will allow you pass the test, you pass the test even if it gets to the stage where the knife has to has to move. Right? You might be pushed to that limit past the test. And only greatness exists on the other side. I promise you that oh seven of Allah, no child of Adam, I promise you this Subhanallah brothers and sisters in Islam. After that we have we know that Ibrahim alayhi salam. He comes back to Makkah and Allah instructs him to build the Kaaba and he meets his

00:32:47 --> 00:33:26

son and explains to his son What a great act of worship Allah has asked him to do. And he asked his son to be part of the process and Ibrahim and his marriage to complete an act of worship that no one else can compete with them in because no one else can build the car by muck right in first thing we have competition in sada we have competition in charity. We have competition, but building a car in Mecca, no competition. No one else can do it. So Pinilla he builds the Kaaba with his son, Allah honors him and honors his son and Subhanallah till the Day of piano people are going around the cabin even now with the cover being protected and blocked off this stuff happening at a distance of

00:33:26 --> 00:34:05

hamdulillah and Salah happening in the harem the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala takes place when you let him hunt. Brothers and sisters in Islam there's so many angles and so many sides and so many benefits to the story of Ibrahim alayhis salam but our time story time with this segment at least has come to an end it's not a full stop is just a comma. inshallah, I will see you in future story times I ask Allah to preserve me and you in his obedience and together as again together. And yes, this is a coma. But as the family events program continues, I'm sure the brothers and sisters, the program managers, they have some Interactive

00:34:07 --> 00:34:27

Events with you all in terms of questions and quizzes related to this storytime. Xochimilco heroine I love you all for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah May Allah subhana wa tada bless you and grant you a better than you dream of in both worlds. I mean, you're an amine until next time, Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

This Two dimensional lecture with lives sounds related to the story embedded into it was delivered by Sh. Sajid Umar during the Covid-19 Lockdown as part of the Family Events Retreat delivered online.

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