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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves deeply into the concept of standing firm on the principles of Islam – primarily, equality.

When the elite of the Quraysh requested for a change in the clause of Islam which was to get rid of Bilal RA, Ibn Masud RA, Suhaib Ibn Roomi RA and other non Arabs from the sitting in which the elites would be housed, they cited a possible chance of accepting of Islam by the elites like Mutim Ibn Adi.

A discussion ensued in Dar Al Arqam. Should a compromise be put into place for this principle clause? What was the outcome at this gathering? Listen intently to discover the happenings there.

The pomp and arrogance of the elites could not win over the heart of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the piety of the ordinary people. The Prophet ﷺ openly declared that His Lord, Allah SWT has said that he will be amongst the wrongdoers if he obliges to this clause thus, outright rejecting the elites.

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hamdulillah All praise is due to Allah subhanho wa Taala Rahman and Rahim And may Allah Salatu Salam be upon the one who has been sent as Dr. Martin lil al Ameen.

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Brothers and sisters in Islam.

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We all know that the religion of Islam does not just concentrate on one issue.

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No doubt the primary emphasis of Islam is belief in Allah and rejection of idolatry. But from the very beginning of Islam, there was always a call for more than just theoretical belief. There was always a call for some type of moral change in society, some type of social action. Even before Allah legislated Salah, he forbade female infanticide. Even before Ramadan was made obligatory, he commanded people to feed the poor, and to take care of the hungry.

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The very fact that these laws were revealed, demonstrates that Islam came as the package of belief and action of change of moral upliftment. And one thing that we learn from the Sierra of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam named the Sierra of all the prophets, is that change is not easy.

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The prophets always were politically incorrect.

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The profits challenged status quo. The prophets spoke up against matters that were accepted as normal by the people of their times. But it doesn't matter what the people call normal. It doesn't matter what becomes mainstream amongst a society. Truth doesn't become falsehood, nor does falsehood become truth simply because the majority think otherwise. Ola yester, will hobby Evo wala Jabba catarratto hobby, inform mankind jasola law, that the Hadith and the

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the filthy and the pure, are never the same. Even if the preponderance of the filthy amazes you. Even if the filthy becomes the norm. It does not change the reality.

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And one of the primary messages of Islam that I'm going to use as my stepping stone example to get to the the conclusion of the lecture, one of the main messages of Islam for social change, a message that was truly unheard of anywhere in the world. Before this time, was the radical message that all races, all peoples, all ethnicities had the same rank in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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This reality was simply unheard of in any other civilization.

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The ancient Greeks assumed themselves to be the best. The Romans said that they were the pinnacle of civilization. They called every other civilization barabara because they couldn't understand the language. So there Barbara Barbara, just literally saying things that couldn't understand. From that term, we get the English barbarian, literally, you're either a Roman or you're a barbarian, a butter, butter.

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The Indians the Chinese, every single civilization said we are ethnically the best and everybody else is inferior to us. And it wasn't just skin color and ethnicity. No, within an ethnicity, you had also a paradigm within an ethnicity. You had also a pyramid a hierarchy.

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Sons of the rich sons of nobility, sons of princes, are not the same as the peasants.

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There is something called shut off something called nobility that even within an ethnicity, there was a hierarchy

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and Islam came and one of its fundamental early messages was that there is no such thing as lineage and shut off. No such thing as nuts up and our sub. No such thing as ethnicity, as we all know. In a Chroma coma in de la He is

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the one who is the most noble is not the one whose skin color is white or brown or black.

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The one who is the most noble is the one who has the most consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So it is not a surprise therefore, that of the earliest of converts were those for whom this message was appealing.

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People like Bilal

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people like Yasser, the slave or the lower class, Arab from Yemen, and his son, Amar, vinyasa, people like Elon Musk rude. People like hubub yBnL arroz, like Sahaba Rumi.

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The Elite had a lot to lose by accepting Islam. But the underprivileged class had a lot to gain. So the earliest batch of converts primarily consisted of the lowly of society. And this in itself became an issue. Brothers and sisters. When the first batch of converts did not represent the elites, the elites reacted by making fun of the new religion because of the first batch of converts.

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There were some people who are close to embracing Islam. There were some people who are the wiser of the kuffar.

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The more just of the harsh roots, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, multimedia ad.

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They were not like Abuja, they actually had some sense. And they saw the beauty of Islam. But there were a number of things that were frustrating to them. And number one on the list was, how could our servants and slaves be equal to us? How could people who are non Karachi non Arab, be the same as us? I don't agree with this, they would say. And one day, it is mentioned in his house that they marched to Abu Dhabi.

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And they said to Abu Talib, that oh Abu Talib, why don't you suggest to your nephew, to get rid of these lowly converts and to make room only for us?

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For if he were to accept us and reject them, we might think of becoming a member of his faith. Now, brothers and sisters, imagine how tempting the proposition is.

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Our Profit System is being handed a gift on a silver platter. He is being told, all you have to do is get rid of vinyasa, get rid of bilad get rid of Sahaba Rumi, get rid of the lowly class. And guess what you will have the chieftains of the forest convert to your new faith.

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And it is even mentioned that room would have no authority Allahu taala. And himself became thinking about this idea. And he said yes to the law. So maybe let's give them what they want. Maybe let's just give them what they want. For their conversion is a very big matter for us. If we have to compromise, so be it. And perhaps even the thought is swirling in the mind of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But then Allah revealed in the Quran verses that made it crystal clear. There is no compromise when it comes to the fundamentals of morality. There is no compromise. When it comes to the basics of ethics. There is no compromise in hack and Barton and Allah revealed in many Surah

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Surah Surah Surah nine, multiple verses pertaining to this reality

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of the earliest of them, which is a middle makansutra so it's an anon Walla

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Walla, NACA and whom to redo zenithal hyah teutonia and do not expel from your ranks. Those who are piously calling upon a la morning and night and do not desire to have your gaze go from this group to another group that you think is better than them. If you get rid of them, Allah says insert an arm for Tata Rue de Hong Fei takuna minahasa Dean. If you dare get rid of these people, then you Yasuda la will be of those who are the HA sitting those who have lost some Hana law. Even our Prophet system is being warned. Do not get rid of this group of people and substitute them for the elite of the kurush

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If you do so, then you will be in manifest error. You're never going to be successful.

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And we all know painfully really one of the most awkward incidents of the serum. It is so awkward. We don't even like to talk about it too much. Because it really is awkward. And Allah revealed Koran that is decided to this day because of it either so so well, and Jah hula wanna Allah Allah huya zakka Kuru Fatah who declaw we all know why this sutra was revealed. Even on mimic tune.

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Who was a quarter she By the way, even Obama was not like Milan. He wasn't like a modern vinyasa. He was a quarter sheet, but he was of the lowest class of the kurush. On top of that, and invalid a blind person.

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It'll even amin Maktoum heard the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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his voice in the alleyway. And the Prophet system was speaking with the chieftain of the bundle, MK zoom. This is like the senator. This is like the vice president. The bundle MK zoom, one of the most influential tribes who was their chieftain alwaleed Abdel mahira. And he is the father of Khalid bin Khalid Abdullah he the promo hero

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he is speaking to unbelievable and more hero and an elite is actually paying attention. As I said, not all of the Quran are the same. Some of them were closer than others. And and Waleed was very close to accepting Islam. alwaleed was very close to accepting Islam.

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And even a mimic to him didn't know that when he was standing there. He simply heard the process from his voice. And unworried is very close to accepting Islam. And even remember, tomb is packing away on his stick, tap, tap, tap, tap. And when he hears the profit so sudden he becomes excited. And the tapping increases and he rushes towards the Profit System. He wants to ask a question. He wants to get a fatwa. He wants some spiritual advice, and they'll see how he doesn't know what's going on. And

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Ali digital mahira looks at this poorly dressed now by the way, unworried was, perhaps the richest man in all of Makkah. Khalid was a prince born to the creme de la creme alwaleed is perhaps the richest man in all of Makkah. Every few days, he's wearing brand new garments imported from across the globe, finery everywhere the best horses a bit. Nomi Maktoum is wearing shabby, stinky material. And he sees it on the midterm coming close tapping away. And he snorts in contempt. And he raises his nose out of disgust. And he looks at the profitsystem with that sarcastic Look, this guy. And he says you want me to follow you? When these are your followers? Thanks, but no thanks. And he walks

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The Profit System felt that he was one, just one inch away.

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He felt just just a little bit more I could have I could have convinced him. And he is Rasulo law. He is caught up with me one more setting. He is say you already Adam, but he's also a human being. He's not an angel. He's not divine. He is a human being born and raised amongst humans of human soul. And he falls prey to human emotions. No doubt he is perfect, as perfect as humans can be. And he does not commit any major sins. But he is a human and he becomes frustrated, like humans become frustrated.

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And so, hava Sato. Well, he didn't even say anything. He didn't even open his mouth. He did not express his contempt in the slightest in front of a video mimic to him in a manner that even though mimic would have known but a law from above the seven heavens could see that frustration.

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So what what law, he frowned and he turned away. And Jah hula when the blind man came to him. When I knew that he color Allah who just Zakah Oh, yes.

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And how do you know? Maybe he would have been purified right here and now even when we look to him, he came to benefit

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many stones and ask for the one who has no need to come to you. As for the one who's arrogant as for the one who feels himself above you.

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A man is standing up that person for antilla who tada you're trying your best to get to him. One ma I like Allah.

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And what does it matter to you? He doesn't want to be purified. Let him not be purified.

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And the verses go on and on and they should be known to you.

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And it is said after this, that even though Mima tomb was amongst the most honored of companions, and eventually the process of appointed him to be one of them were other things along with bilad. There were two official more as denzin, Medina, Bilaal, and even amin Maktoum and the stories go on and on. And once again the Quran teaches it doesn't matter what your nuts have your lineage or shut off, it doesn't matter your blind it doesn't matter your lower class, when it comes to the equal treatment of human beings. Everyone deserves the same dignity and respect. Just because alwaleed is the chieftain, and Mark tomb is the lowest amongst the social fabric doesn't mean anything. And

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again, we can go on and on. But we need to move on to what is all the point of this brothers and sisters. And we all know by the way, in the farewell

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the Profit System only had five paragraphs to dedicate to his final message for all of mankind. five paragraphs that's all he had. And an entire paragraph of that farewell Holtzberg is dedicated to talking about human dignity and equality of all races. We have memorized this since we were kids in Sunday school. We have heard this speech hundreds of times. It is the one heavy that almost everybody knows even in Arabic, even if they don't speak Arabic, laughably Albion Allah Jamie and Elizabeth taqwa in front of the largest gathering. A few weeks before he passed away, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he emphasized the same principle that was unprecedented in human history, the

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first human being to preach to others, that it doesn't matter whether you're black, whether you're white, it doesn't matter whether you're Arab or non Arab. All of you are from Adam, and Adam was from dust.

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And that was the final paragraph in the hot button water. Now what do we learn from all of this? Where am I heading from all of this? What does all of this show brothers and sisters? It shows many things, shows many things of the most important matters that it shows is that we cannot compromise on our principles, that our principles are above anyone, civilization, anyone culture, and you one society, that society can change whatever it wants, but how about will never change because of the changes of society. It shows that the message of Islam is the message of theology and morality of rituals and a HELOC. And the two are intertwined. The same one who told us we must believe in Him,

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also told us halal and haram also told us morality and ethics. These incidents, they demonstrate that always it is politically incorrect to teach the truth. People don't like hearing the truth, whether it's racism or other things, people do not like being told that something is wrong.

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And we also learn from this incident brothers and sisters, that the truth eventually always prevails over falsehood. The message might be politically incorrect today, but people of integrity, people of honesty, people of virtue will recognize the truth as truth. And they will recognize Islam as being the truth when we preach the truth.

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The example that I've given today is one of racism. And I've said Islam preaches against racism. And you know what brothers and sisters these days 2016

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it is politically correct. To champion against racism in any society, any gathering Muslim, non Muslim, whites and blacks. It is now politically correct, to make fun of racism to rebuke racism. It's been 40 years since Martin Luther King author uttered those famous words that he wanted people to be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. And these words echo the exact same message of the Quran. It is great and easy and politically correct. To quote Martin Luther King today, right here and now so many decades later.

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But many times we forget that when Martin Luther King uttered those words in this very land, it was an act that required courage, bravery, audacity, because it challenged everything of society of his time.

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It's easy for us to claim Malcolm X to claim Martin Luther King to make them our heroes today, because they are politically correct today. But the question arises in our days, it's not racism, that is the social ill, that is acceptable by society. Not at all. The racist is shunned. The racist is a pariah. The racist is mocked. It's not an issue of racism. No. The question that I'm asking myself before I ask all of you, do we have the courage to stand up and preach out against the social ills of today? Do we have the courage to preach against that which is politically incorrect today? Do we have the courage to talk about class inequality, the wealthy elites, the hegemonic foreign

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policy of our own land, the fact that we have more military bases than the next 15 countries combined? The fact that for every dollar we spend educating our children, we spend $5, killing the children of other lands? Do we have the courage to speak out about those social issues and values?

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If we truly wish to follow in the footsteps of the Prophet, and we do,

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we need to realize that prophets never won popularity contests, prophets, profits never won popularity contests. No, that's a difficult path. It's a very difficult path. Who amongst us is going to be brave enough to stand up and preach about police brutality in this very land, especially in light of the fact that right now as we speak, we are in the city of Baltimore. And one year ago, on this very weekend, how many of you even know what was happening in this very city of Baltimore, Freddie Gray, was killed, murdered in a police van, under circumstances that are extremely dubious, he was handcuffed and put in the back of a van. And lo and behold, somehow, miraculously, the car

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shook so much that his spinal cord broke in the back of a police van. We all know what really happened.

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Baltimore was under riots last year at this convention. As we were here, there were riots outside the city, who amongst us of the American Muslim community is going to be brave enough to speak out against police brutality and injustice, hashtag Black Lives Matter, hashtag all lives matter.

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If it is politically correct, to reject racism, and it is, then who amongst us will stand up and preach the doctrine of Islam, that is the backbone of Islam, and that is the doctrine of higher of modesty and decency and chastity.

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When sexuality is rampant, when every type of licentiousness, every type of bizarre fetish is becoming mainstream, who amongst us will have the courage to walk in the footsteps of the prophet of old and say, publicly and loudly and bravely, a society that does not value its virtue and its decency, and its modesty is a society on the brink of human moral decay, who has that courage.

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And there are so many other examples brothers and sisters, so many other examples of speaking truth to power of speaking politically incorrect facts. But you know what? Nobody said that being a Muslim was meant to be easy. We are a laws witnesses on this earth. Lita kuno, Shahada, and in us, it is our responsibility, regardless of what other people say or do, if we will not fulfill the Amana and Allah told us that you are here to fulfill the Amana. If we are not going to fulfill the Amana. Allah will cause us all to go away and bring forth another group that will fulfill the Amana. The Amana will be fulfilled, the message will be relayed, the torch will be passed down. The question

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is, will we be involved in that legacy of passing the torch down? If we learn anything from history, brothers and sisters, it is that it is the duty of the prophets. And now the followers of the prophets to always preach the truth, to spread the uncompromised and the total message of Allah to humanity, no matter

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How unpopular no matter how politically incorrect no matter how socially awkward it is. And if we learn anything from history, it is that those who do undertake this path are initially mocked, perhaps even persecuted, maybe even killed. But one of the lessons we derive from history is that truth always prevails in the end. And those who preach the truth shall be honored in this dunya before they are honored in the next. Martin Luther King is a simple example. Gandhi is another example Nelson Mandela is yet a third example. And I intentionally chose three non Muslims as examples. Because when it comes to truth, when it comes to justice, when it comes to morality, it

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doesn't matter whether it's a Muslim or a non Muslim, Allah loves the truth be spread and justice be established, even if it has the hands of somebody who doesn't believe in Islam. Look at these three people, Nelson Gandhi and Mandela. In their lifetimes, they were considered to be evil. In their lifetimes, they were considered to be nuisances, all three of them went to jail, all three of them were persecuted. Some of them were killed in their paths of what they were doing. But now, every single one of them is a universal hero, transcending any one civilization from China all the way to Timbuktu and Alaska, every school child knows who Gandhi and who Nelson and who all of these great

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people were, it doesn't matter what their own background, they saw these people as preaching truth and speaking truth to power, Martin Luther King could never have imagined in his own lifetime, that there would be stamps with his picture on it in the very land that wanted to kill him. He could never imagine that the same government that was eavesdropping, that was wanting to smear his reputation, would one day declare a national holiday in his name, all of us are off from work, there is no school on martin luther king day, he could never have imagined it. Why?

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Because to be a hero, you're going to have to do things that are extremely unpopular. You might not reach the hero status in this dunya in your eyes. But as I mentioned, eventually, truth always prevails over falsehood. And what greater truth is there than the truth of our religion of Islam who will lead the outer Salah Rasulullah who Beluga with dnl Houthi Li use the hero who Allah de Nicola he will carry hell calf Iran, it doesn't matter what they tried to do. This religion and the teachings of this faith will become clear and apparent. The question we have to ask ourselves, will I be involved in spreading the message? Will Allah honor me to be walking in the footsteps of the

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prophets? Or will Allah subhanho wa Taala substitute me for somebody else? Muslims, Muslims, always be sat on the side of truth, always be on the side of justice always be on the side of morality. And even if all of mankind abandons you, Allah subhana wa Taala will be on your side and you shall be the winner in this world. And in the next Giacomo la hieron was set on why they come to LA he will catch you