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So we've made this special show, and I'd like to answer as many questions as possible on the topic from our viewers, hundreds and hundreds of emails as usual. And you know, it never changes does it? And hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. The first couple of questions from our viewers again, question number one, is the tarawih prayer as sooner or is it a fad?

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Can a person miss it? I find it The question is concerned that is tarawih or is gamma led during Ramadan? Is it for or is it Asana

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as we discussed earlier, and beloved, Puffin filiform said it's mentioned say Buhari on number three. In the book of Tara, we

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have ID number 2012.

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And it gives problems that are seldom offered in the most common lead during runtime. And people join them. The next day the news spread. And when he came the next day, the full mosque was filled. The third day was overflowing and four day purposely the mosque was overflowing he did not come out for gamelan for the tarawih which people call

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and when it came for the federal sale I said not that did not know that people are waiting for me. But I purposely didn't come because I didn't want offering a camel lelling I'm done is apart

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from this howdini comm to know that it is not affordable.

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But the other hadith of say Buhari won number three, Boko Haram we had it. Number 2009. The Beloved Prophet said that anyone who offers the night prayer in Ramadan

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with a belief and seeking Allah reward, all his past sins will be forgiven. So based on the cecum to know do it for a fourth it's a very important so now it's not a Makkah that means a very highly recommended so not a prophet, or a friend. It's another makeda very highly recommended so now and no Muslim should miss it unless he really has a valid reason. He should as far as possible for it and seek Allah reward to all listen, we'll be fine.

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Okay, next question from our viewer.

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Many moms recite the Quran in a very fast way during the Dada way or kiama Lane. They also perform a Roku and Sousou in a fast manner, which makes it difficult for the followers to supplicate properly is it allowed to pray in this manner. It is very common that many of the mosques because they want to finish the full Quran in the month of Ramadan in Dharavi and they want to make it as short as possible so that people finish it. They do recite very fast and very often you see that they go in the Roku and to do it very fast. And many times once I was in the mosques, and when the Imam went in the studio, I went after him. He got up again went again. I was getting my food and he was doing it

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Second City alone.

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So is it right or is it wrong?

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It's mentioned inside Buhari or in number one

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in the book of Salah added number 757 that once the Prophet enters the mosque

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and then the man who follows him

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he offers the Salah, and after offering Salah, that man he wishes the prophet of Salaam, Allah, the prophet greets back

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and save that. Go back and pray because you have not prayed. The man goes back and it comes back to the Prophet. The Prophet says go back and pay you have not prayed

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again. The person goes to the third time he prays and comes back the Prophet again says go back and pray for you have not been the third time so the man says I cannot pray better than this old prophet Please teach me how to pray.

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So then the Prophet says that after synthetic be

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do recite while standing in the camp as much as the Quran that you know by heart whatever the Quran in your battery decide then you bow don't go near

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until you at ease and then say no to a lot so why don't you

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then stand up straight until you at ease. Then going to Jude with calmness until you're at ease.

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And then says Mr. Bonilla going to be to Allah who the most time

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then get up again until you at ease and then continue a prayer like that. That means all specially your Roku and you salute

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When you get up from your Roku, and in between the sujood you should be at ease.

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You can go up and down fast. If you do that, it is as their prayer has not been accepted as we have not paid. So if you pray in the fast manner Tel Aviv a Roku then fast fast it has Do you have not prayed. So it is best that you pray slowly with calmness. And if you really feel that you can't offer 20 then a fighter but with peace with ease and with calmness. The best is that with peace, either calmness and long that it should be longer should not be in competition with the other mosques in which we have many times when the many months they compete. Who is going to finish the rally faster? Yes, that's very unfortunate, but it's true. Well, the next question is, is it

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compulsory that the Imam should recite the complete score and in the nights of Ramadan in Tara, why

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is it necessary that the followers should listen to the whole of the quarter an in thought always so two parts of the question there is no Hadith in which the Prophet has mentioned or Saba that it is compulsory to recite the Quran, it is preferable it is most

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it's better because you know if you decide as much as the Quran in the month of Ramadan it is good for you. So, many people may not be deciding at least during the grammar level in non ban the people that listen to the Quran, so it is preferable for a form and but natural if it is recited in the family, it's obligated for the money for the people bring the entire lesson.

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But it's not a factor that you should decide the full Quran but most of the most majority the most complete the Quran because good Mashallah, there are some more general that it becomes difficult for people to listen, because you know, if you have to recite the full Quran full month of Ramadan, it is about one just a day to make close to that

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and it becomes difficult. So there are some mosques, which perhaps

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on average, so the Finnish have the Quran in the form of ramen next time none different is the next half. All is acceptable, but it's preferable to finish the full Quran, you know, unless you know that there are small children and they cannot offer so one nor two mosques have it. No problem, but preferable to free the fulcrum. But it's not compulsory.

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Next question, Where should a woman pray that our way? And we've also partly answered this question, at home or in the masjid. If she prays at home? Can she lead the congregation or a congregation of women? It's mentioned in theater keep added number 336.

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Where the Beloved Prophet said

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the best mosque for a woman

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is, in a most room, no missed chamber. The best place for a woman to pray is in a room. That's the best. And in another hadith of Muslim diamond on number six, how did number 27202 which also mentioned in say a turkey

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added number 335

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once led as the Prophet, I would love to pray with you,

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the lady said, and the Prophet replied, I know you'd love to pray with me. But your prayer in a room

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would be better than praying in the house. The prayer in your house would be better than praying in the courtyard.

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you're praying in your courtyard would be better than praying in the mosque where you live where only people

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you're praying in the mosque we live along with people is better than praying in my mosque. That me for a woman. The best player is a neuro mashanda Raisa did that praying

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in your room is better than house house better than the courtyard courtyard better than the mosque in your area, that mosque in a better than the mosque of the Prophet? The Prophet said, as mentioned say Muslim, Muslim number two or number 3210 that

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bring in my mosque

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is equivalent to 1000 prayers.

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But we also need to bring the Maha masala is equal to praying 1000 times in the mosque. But this hadith is mainly referring to the men because no to say anything contradict so these are the mainly for the men for the woman the best place in the house, especially her in a room and the Hadith in sunanda without why number one

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because Salah hide number 591

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mubaraka malarkey deter me she comes to the prom

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pretenses that I would like to have more than my house and the Prophet gave a permission the left handed so no doubt we're number one. Papa Salah hate number five minutes do it faith that promise Allah solemn, even to a house after pointing the mountain, and he asked her to lead the prayer

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in congregation and the woman in the house, they joined

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and then it says that he saw the more than you're the old person.

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It's for the mission in a site audit of

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Baqi, honeyed number one nine to 200, Ayesha, Melo Peter, who the wife of Prophet she says that she led the congregation of the woman. She was the mom. But she stood in the middle of the road.

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And another lady in southern Africa, Debbie shava, number 4953 to my Salma, who was also the wife of Buffy main lobby predator. When she said that she led she was the mom of a congregation of woman. And she was standing in the center of the first room. So we had indicates that the woman they can pray.

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But it is better for them to pray in the inner room

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better than going in the mosque. But they are permitted to go in the mosque, as we discussed earlier yesterday, that praying in the mosque is formatted. But for them the inner room is better than the house. The house is better than the courtyard better than the mosque close to them in the mosque of the Prophet, but they can pray, they can go to the mosque, if they pray at home, they can have a congregation. There's no problem at all. And a woman can lead the congregation accordingly based on the image

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with women. Yes, yeah. Next question. Dr. Zakir, is it okay for a person who's following an Imam in a congregational Salah to hold a quarter an indictment of him whilst the Imams reciting as far as holding the Quran for a book that he might offering camela Ramadan, and we do see that sometimes people hold NBC the live telecast of the camera level number from the harami find some people holding the most of the copy of the crown if it allowed.

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When we realize that if a person holds the most of the copy of the Quran, he's an alien unable to follow that keep his right hand over his left hand, which is the requirement for Salah he can't put his right hand over the left hand. So he's not following one of the requirements of Salah Furthermore, it will be a distraction for him to turn the page over.

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You know, with the mom keeps on recycling frontin is a distraction. Furthermore, it will also prevent him from looking at the place of solitude. Normally your eyes should be looking at the place of solitude, that's what it says. So if they're looking at the most of they cannot look there and prevent them from various actions of ruku airband comfortable Suja uncomfortable. So it is not advisable for a person to hold the massage and you know, while the mommy reciting he should just listen to the front what he knows by heart hamdulillah he doesn't know you should pay attention and try and listen as a Quran says that whenever we hear the Quran, you heard the Quran, then pay

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attention to it and listen to it. So that's what we should do. It's not advisable to hold the massage. Okay, that's well answered. Thank you very much. I totally agree with you on that one.

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hamdulillah another question for you. Dr. Zakir. The viewer says I pray that are we in the mosque behind the Imam but I want to pray more Raka in Why

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should I avoid Witter behind the Imam or should I pray the wizard behind the Imam and later repeat my winter?

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As far as the practice and the signal muscles is concerned? A Beloved Prophet said there's mentioned some no doubt on number one book of Salah Hadith number 1370, the beloved Prophet, he said

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that when the people asked him to stay longer and Primo, so he said that a person who prays with the Imam till he ends it as though he has prayed for the full night

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and the other half

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of say Buhari when number one in Boca Salah, added number 472 which says that when the person asks the Prophet about Jamel l Prophet said that you have to pray to a heart for better or fat then to record then to record and when you fear don't come in and pray one day and the other they say that again pray as much as you wish. So based on these two Hadith, the best a person can have two options. One is that he has to pray it will then have the mommy can come away from the Salah, and not offer Witter because then he will not be available.

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It said he would not be like a person who's paid till the end, along with the man at the top without 137 Dirac says that if you praise the end, along with a man as they have paid the full nine, so the best is he plays along with a mom also prays with her. And then afterwards, later on, if you want to offer tahajjud do the same as caramel. I didn't mean waking up again, he goes home, he sleeps and he wakes up again, he can again pray, but he should not offer with that, because there's no Twitter, there's only one way

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or the other option is that he plays around with the mom. And when the mom in the lost track of money in rissalah, this person should get up and provide more.

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So when you play one more card, it doesn't make him better. And when he goes home with the target, and then preserve it that year, he falling that the this paint will end with the email. So you get the thought will bring for the full night. And then he goes home and he prays And the winner is normally the last prayer is preferable. So it goes on and he again visited and after that debate, the bitter that the second option, which is preferable but the first was fine. Okay, excellent. Thank you. Next question, how much code an should one recite in each urraca of tarawih.

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There is no fixed rule per se. There's no limitation but the Prophet did said that as much as we decided it's better. We have in the heat of Mr. de la creme, added number one month zero.

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That the Beloved Prophet, he said that anyone who decides 100 verses, he will be counted among those who are obedient, the left handed off muster that lucky added number 1161 that anyone who decides 100 versus