Zakir Naik – Why do Muslim Pilgrims follow Hindu Rituals of fasting, circumambulating the Ka’bah…

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the similarities between their beliefs in the church and their own practices in Islam. They explain that their beliefs do not require a will to Almighty God and that their practices the same way. They also discuss common shit like shaving the head and drinking alcohol.
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By Bashar Al money Tiwari from Nepal.

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I am a Sanatana Dharma follower.

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The question is, why do Muslim pilgrims practice Hindu rituals of shaving the heads wearing long Indian white sari clothes, fasting plus circumambulating the ideas Kaaba seven times,

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use the Hindu Lord Shiva crescent moon symbol

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observed the moon as Hindus for the religious day that cetera these rituals were all alien to Arabs Jews. So why do Muslims follow Hindu rituals? And this is a very important question and replied to this better from Nepal, brother Michelle, money Tiwari if that Almighty God has sent only one religion, to be followed by all the human beings, and that religion is submitting your will to Almighty God.

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And Allah subhana wa Taala has said according to our beloved partner, Salah Salaam 124,000, messengers on the face of the earth,

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and there were several messages and revelations given and sent on the face of this earth.

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But by time, most of these messages and revelations sent by Allah subhanaw taala, have been corrupted by the people due to passage of time, by name faora mentioned in the Quran, the Torah is aboard the Injeel. And the last and final one that is a Quran. There were many messengers sent 124,000 messenger sent on the face of the earth, man, last minute Allah to give the message of Almighty God to humankind. 25 I mentioned my name in the Glorious Quran, Adam, Noah,

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Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, peace be upon them all. All these messengers they came, and they bought the basic same message of tawheed believe in one God, and believing in the commandments of Allah subhanaw taala. Now, the question is that why are there similarities between Hinduism, certain rituals, you'd be shocked to know, there are similarities in Islam, with all the major religions, whether it be Christianity, whether it be Judaism and other religions. Also,

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I've given the talk on similarities between Islam and Hinduism. I've not spoken much about the rituals. And most of the rituals that you mentioned, I agree almost all of them, except for mine, all of them are common in Islam.

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But in my talk of more than one and a half or two hours, I spoke about the major pillars of Hinduism and Islam. And I spoke in the talk that both Hinduism and Islam they believe in one God.

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They believe that God is only one without a second. Both these religions believe that idol worship is wrong. Hinduism and Islam both agree that the last and final messenger sent by Almighty God is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon both religion believe that if you have to pray, you have to do the sudduth that this is the and so on and so forth. Both the Legion believe that having alcohol is prohibited by the religion believe that gambling is prohibited.

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And so on and so forth. You can listen to my talk on similarities with Islam and Hinduism. What you mentioned were mainly rituals. And these issues that you mentioned were like shaving the head and I do agree with you. It's common in both in pilgrimage of Hindus and Muslims, wearing long white fatty clothes, talking about the ashram fasting circumambulating on the Kaaba, you the Hindu Lord Shiva Crescent symbol This is not because Christian is not the symbol of Muslim but the use of culture.

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But I agree with you that most of the rituals are common. Why? Because Almighty God, he sent it the same religion. The basics was same. Later on, people started adding other things of their own, and the scripture got corrupted, the religion got corrupted. Then Allah sent the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and reveal the last and final message that the Glorious Quran, this Alhamdulillah Quran is not adulterated, it is in its pure form.

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I always give a formula when the non Muslims come and speak to me. I said, Let's come to a common formula. Let us agree, let us believe that one scripture, at least in the order of 100%, the Hindus will say I believe the Vedas are the Word of God. The Christian will say, I believe the Bible is the Word of God. The Muslim will say I believe the Quran is the word of God. Let us agree to follow what is common in the Scriptures, because all of us believe the scripture the Word of God. So if what is common in all the scriptures, all will agree there will not be any conflict. So let us agree to at least follow the common points in the scriptures what is different, we can discuss tomorrow

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and when we discuss

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Do a research a comparative study, we come to know that all the major religions in the scriptures were there within the Scripture, the VEDA, whether it be the Bible, the Christian, whether it be the Jews, whether it be of the Muslims, the Quran, all the scriptures say that one God. All the Scriptures say that worshiping anyone besides the true God is wrong. All the scriptures idol worship is wrong. All the major scriptures say and they mentioned the name of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. And they mentioned that he is the last and final messenger. All the scripture says that you should do the sudduth for praying. All the Scriptures say that we should fast. All the

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Scriptures say we should do charity, all the scriptures say that alcohol is prohibited,

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and so on and so forth. So that doesn't need to follow what is common. So if there are commonalities, it means that all of us agree, the same create Almighty God escalate all the human beings is the main source of the Scripture, but the scriptures have been changed due to passage of time, except the last and final message Glorious Quran. All the messages bought by the messenger earlier were meant only for those people, except the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, he bought the message for the whole of humanity, that there is a manifest to you is by the bishop,

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my brother Tiwari that do more research, yo my talk on similarity British Islam and Hinduism. And we come to know that

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even Hinduism says that you have to submit a will to Almighty God and submitting a will to Almighty God if you say in Arabic, it is Islam and the person who submits the world in Arabic we call him as a Muslim. So I pray to Allah subhanaw taala let me give you that so that you come closer to Allah subhanaw taala and you accept the last and final message Quran and the religion of Islam

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