Zakir Naik – Is it Compulsory to Learn Arabic Language to Understand the Quran?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © A technologist from the United States introduces himself and explains that he has been practicing spirituality since 35 years, but has struggled with understanding the title of Koran. He discusses the importance of learning Arabic as a language for better understanding of the title. He also talks about the difficulties of finding the right language to read the Quran and the importance of learning Arabic as a language for better understanding of the title.
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Salam Alaikum zakhar and good evening to my brothers of Islam and non Islam people. My name is Ron J. Jayaraman. I'm a technologist from USA, having lived there for about 35 years. And now the last three years I've been practicing spirituality, with the motto of getting liberated while I'm alive.

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I have read the Quran, I have one of my friends as my life friend, for the last 45 years was a true Muslim. My question here is, first, let me make a little statement. And after that, I will post my question

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in order to understand something, a there a secular or spiritual.

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We read the book. When we read the book, we read it with an understanding

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with that statement, why was there a stress for about an hour of speech from your son that understanding Quran reading it, while understanding and language? Saudi Arabian, Arabic language was stressed because Quran is beyond the language according to what I feel and what I meditate on.

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So the stress on

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every Muslim to learn Arabic

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kind of seems to me as a compulsive. Is that what Koran says? Without a good question, he says that he wants to learn about speciality and he has read the Quran, but he fails to understand why was the lecture given by fire ignite my son

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on the stress of learning Arabic to understand the Quran? And why is it compulsory? If you heard my son's complete speech, he never said is compulsory for every Muslim should know Arabic He didn't say that. Knowing Arabic is not a criteria to go to john not because I myself don't know Arabic. I myself, don't Arabic as a language choice are a little bit here and there understand. I don't know Arabic as a language but my son knows Mashallah. He knows better than me. He can translate the Quran directly, I can't. But in his speech, if you heard his speech, he says that if you don't know Arabic, at least read the translation of the Quran. So his test was Quran should be read with

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understand the question mark was

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Al Quran? Should it be read with understanding Yes or no? And the answer was, yes.

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He didn't say a person should know Arabic. What he said, You should at least understand the Quran. But the best way to understand the Quran

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is to know Arabic as a language. Whenever you translate any book, when you translate any normal book, the translation can never be 100% perfect. It can be 80% 90% 99%

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more difficult, the language more pure is the language more difficult is the translation. No Quran is the most untranslatable book in the world. So translation of the Quran can never be close to the Quran. Because the Arabic language is so powerful and so pure. And secondly, it is the word of Almighty God Allah subhanaw taala that is the reason the best to understand is to learn Arabic as the language

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secondly, if you don't know Arabic or the language, then he said that read the translation the language you understand the best if you know English in English, if you know Tamil read in Tamil, if you know hindi, hindi if you know ODU read those two translations the race test was the bottom line was read the Quran with understanding and the question is logical for a layman.

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Your question is that why should a person say that the proper understanding is understood. Whenever a person reads a book it is to be read with understanding what you fail to realize in the Muslim community. Unfortunately, as my son said, more than 80% of the Muslims are non Arabs. And they don't matter because the language now there's a Hadith of the Prophet and he says if you read the Quran, you get some up. So based on that most of the Muslims when they recite the Quran, they recite in Arabic but they don't understand it. So it is the most widely read book in the world. But it is also

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the book which is maximum read without understanding. So my son was saying that after reading the Arabic portion, which most of the non Muslim don't understand, at least read the translation of that portion in the language you understand the best. So he was laying stress that Quran is a book of guidance.

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It is a book of Almighty God is requesting all the Muslims that besides reading Arabic also read the translation. That is secondly, but the best is learning Arabic as a language because if you know Arabic and know lava fossa, which is taught in our school, which we started with some international school in Bombay Islamic school in Chennai, then we find that attachment

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and understanding of the Quran is far more superior Hope that answers the question.

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