Zakir Naik – Relationship between Human Beings Sins and Disaster

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The caller asks about the relationship between women and disaster in the world. The representative explains that the rainbow is a test for the hereafter and that women can receive punishment or a test for their abnormal behavior. The representative also explains that wealth and children are important tests for individuals.
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Okay as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My name is Noah has only been dished out. My question is,

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is there any relation to women seeds and the disasters happening in this world?

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Thank you for your question is the relationship between women, human beings, scenes and disasters happen? Human beings think that disaster Yeah, style is the question that is there any relationship between the thinness of the human being and the disaster?

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Allah says in the Quran, and several places that Allah subhanaw taala will test you Allah says in surah baqarah chapter two verse 155. Surely we will test you with fear and with hunger, or with loss of goods, or lives or the fruits of your toil, and give glad tending to those who patiently persevere this life they stay the test for the hereafter. Allah says in the Quran in surah multitap number seven was somebody to Allah Nicola Kalamata will have, its Allah was created that inlife to test which of us good indeed. So, this life is a test for the hereafter. Now, whenever any calamity comes on a human being, it can be two things sister, either it can be a punishment because of your

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sin, or it can be a test.

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If you have done sins, that that's a punishment. If you're a good human being follow the Quran, Allah is testing you is giving you a calamity, giving you a higher test to check whether do you pass a higher test or not. For example, if you pass, Bachelors in arts you get BA.

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If you've passed Bachelors in medicine, you get Dr. Dr.

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To pass a medical Bachelor is more difficult than passing a bachelor's in arts correct.

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But if you pass a higher test, you get a higher degree. So when calamity befalls it's either a punishment because of your sins, or it's attached for you. The higher test you pass, the bigger is the reward. Our Beloved Prophet masala sallam said, the test for the Amiga for the profit for the bulls difficult amongst all the human being. Because the profits are higher than the normal human being.

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Similarly, any reward you get is two things.

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Any good thing that happens

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in your life today, either it's a reward for good deeds, or it's a test. There are many people who do things and yet they're rich,

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the big bungalows,

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the big alash testing them.

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So if you get some good things, it's either a reward for good deeds, or it's a test for you. Allah says your wealth and your children a test for you. So then file chapter eight verse number 28, unless testing you with wealth.

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So whenever any calamity befalls a Muslim sees Alhamdulillah when he goes in Prophet he says a London Lilla when he goes in Lord says Alhamdulillah it from Allah subhanaw taala

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but Allah is checking you is testing you that once I give you now I've given you everything in life good food, how everything no painful and you're praying to Allah and following now many gives difficulty Do you yet pray or not? Do you yet thank Allah not Do you yet follow the Quran or not?

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So if a calamity comes it can either be a punishment for your sins, or it can be a test for you hope that answers the question system.

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