Zakir Naik – Edward Asks, Is it Necessary for Me to Change My Religion to Enter Paradise?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The importance of following church's teachings and not praising their religion is emphasized in this conversation. They also discuss the history and importance of Islam, including its use of Jesus Christ as a messenger and the need to avoid confusion between Muslims and Muslims. The conversation emphasizes the need to avoid cultural differences and mentions a holy grail as a symbol.
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Salam aleikum.

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Mr. Edward Raj, brother and Christian. He says he has heard many speeches. And in all speeches, there have been praising their own religions. I came here with a doubt that you may also be of the same mind. But it is you're surprised to hear that you are stressing on one single god.

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He wants to know if he sticks to his fate, namely Christianity. Will he reach paradise or not? Is it necessary that I should change my religion? Thank you.

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Brother. Good question. Before I answer the question or request if there any other non was too late to ask question, yet there's enough time half an hour one is balanced for the question answer time any non Muslim who has questions, please queue up your can break the queue again come in the front of the queue. Any non Muslim brothers or sisters, please come at the microphone. It will be my pleasure to reply to Aquarius brother was asked a good question. He said that normally, most of the speakers when they speak, they praise the religion. But when he came to hear my speech, he was happy that I've tested on one God rather than praising the religion. And he wants to know that can you go

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to Paradise by following Christianity? Can you stick to the Legion and into paradise? Whether if you follow Christianity in its pure form, proof form? If you follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. You have to read Jana, because as I mentioned, we believe Jesus Christ peace be upon him was one of the mightiest messengers of God. We believe that but if you follow the corrupted form today, what we believe we believe in the Injeel which was revealed to Prophet Jesus peace be upon him. But the present Bibles that you have is the interpolation is a concoction is a fabrication. So if you say present Bible is the Word of God, I disagree with it. In the Bible, you have many

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contradictions, many, there are many unscientific thing mentioned the Bible, which you can attribute to Almighty God, there is * in the Bible. And I'm sorry to say you can attribute that God. So Jesus Christ we believe, is a messenger of God. So if you follow his teachings, yet there are remnants in the Bible, even though the Bible has got corrupted has got changed, has got altered, yet there are remnants there are parts which speak about toys which I mentioned in my lecture. But it also said, Jesus Christ, peace be upon him prophesize the coming of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Prophet Muhammad is prophesied even in the Old Testament, as well as the New Testament, in the

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Old Testament prophesies in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number 18, verse number 18, in the book of Deuteronomy, Chapter Matey, Muslim 19. It mentioned the book of Isaiah, chapter number 29, verse number 12, in the Song of Solomon chapter number five, verse number 16. He's even prophesied in the New Testament by Jesus Christ peace be upon him in the Gospel of John Chapter 14, verse number 16, in the Gospel of John Chapter number 15, verse number 26, in the Gospel of John Chapter 16, verse number seven, in the Gospel of John Chapter 16, verse number 12. To 14 He says, that I have many things to say unto you, but he cannot buy them now. For him in the Spirit of Truth shall come, he

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shall guide you into all truth, he shall not speak of himself, all the DSL is P, he shall notify me, the only messenger after Jesus Christ please be upon him was pleased. Jesus peace be upon him as Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So Prophet Jesus said, You have to follow him. So if you're a true Christian, if you truly believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, you have to follow the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. See Jesus Christ.

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If peace be upon him, the word Christianity doesn't exist in the Bible. If you read the full Bible, the word Christianity doesn't exist. Only once the word Christian is mentioned in the book of Acts, chapter 11, at Antioch, where people called the nickname The followers of Jesus as Christians, Jesus Christ will be upon him never called himself a Grecian body said, Not my will, but the will of my Father. Gospel of John chapter five, verse 30, I can have my own shall do nothing as a Euro judge, and my judgment is just for a sake not my will, but the will of my Father, anyone who say they seek not my view, the will of Almighty God is a Muslim. That's what the Quran says, in Surah Al Imran

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Chapter three verse 52, the Jesus case peace be upon him submitted will to God you as a Muslim, Abraham peace be upon him. So then Ron chapter three verse 67, he was not a Jew or a Christian you as a Muslim. So Jesus Christ peace be upon him submitted his will to God. And he said, you have to follow the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon so if you're a true Christian, you have to believe in one God, you have to submit your will to Almighty God and believe in mama Salah Salem, if you submit a will to God and believe in Prophet Muhammad, you will go to Ghana, whether you call yourself Muslim or non Muslim means a person who submits a will to God you need not

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change your name you can keep your name Edward no problem you can keep your name Edward and yet go to Jana but you should submit your will and believe in the last and final messenger by the Do you believe there's one God Yeah.

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I believe in do you believe Jesus is God no, no, no Very good. Do you believe Prophet Mohammed is a messenger? Yeah, he's a messenger so finish Yeah. Then you can easily go to Jana, where they want to change your name no problem if you believe there's one God and we believe Prophet Muhammad is the messenger you also have to believe that Jesus is the messenger peace be upon him. Then in Arabic, you're a Muslim.

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Okay, now nowadays, Quintanilla a Muslim or Marinella or even there, Ana is Latin a word away in the girl with a crystal Milan Karateka the bola mother Chung syllable Elaine in the movie slotless ordering on a mound road Targa is pulling and not the Rio Grande Appa I'm gonna have a follow up on Rosa nano on the mother's body and Malam solo Maria

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can someone translate

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that will Pamela understand? He says nautical classes in families, whether for a couple of months, he has been thinking of converting himself to be a Muslim Mashallah. But on observation, I find that Muslims like people of other faiths, they are worshipping idols are

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praying at the graveyards. So, there is one famous saint who has been buried in Montrose area. And you if you go there, you will see many people raising their arms and worshiping in that place. So when they are doing in this form of worship, they are indulging. How can I change my faith? Very good brother Very good. Either told you in the beginning of my speech to understand and religion, don't look at the followers. So to understand Islam, don't look at the Muslims.

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Don't look at the Muslims, okay? You may not know whether they're practicing Muslim or not practicing Muslim. So don't look at the Muslim. If you have to look at any Muslim. The best example Muslim is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Okay. I do agree with you. In Islam, we should not worship anyone but Allah. So any person whether they call themselves Muslim or non Muslim, if we worship anyone besides Allah, it is not allowed in Islam. When we go to a grave, we can pray for the person we can pray to the person or through the person.

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Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Salah Salam said, go to the grave, it will remind you that even you have to die one day. So when we go to the grave, we pray for the person who has died. We cannot pray to him or through him. You can pray for him.

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When a person dies, if you die the Muslim you can pray for him, but you cannot pay to him or through him. Anyone who prays to him or through him, it is not allowed in Islam. So therefore, if you want to know an exemplary Muslim, look at the life of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

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Thank you, when you accept Islam, follow the Quran. Nah, I do agree with you. That when we worship we worship only to Almighty God.

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When we prostate when we prostate, the prostate only to God no one else but

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Non praise the Lord and Raghuram Nangle Allahu Akbar, in rural Uganda won't return quick and record them in by the delay in the area of Malta and our ministry, Tonga, the Malama mirre Sunday English NAn De Wanaka.

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He also believes in one God, and Muhammad is the last messenger. But as you are all believe, and the Vedic day says there's only one God. So, the all the fates are focusing towards one God, I have been having several doubts. Now, after hearing your lectures, my doubts have been cleared. And only thing I had the route was by remaining in this faith, Christianity will I be able to reach paddies or not even this point you have clarified I thank you very much for would you like to say the shahada

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warrior equal the current the Putana is Allah Moravian uncorroborated? He is following? Allah is the One God he has been following these faiths for the past so many years. But if you believe that Prophet Muhammad is the Messenger of God, yes, I believe he is the last messenger in Marshall's we believe that would you like to say the shahada in Arabic? Yes, yes. Ready? Yeah, say in Arabic and repeat is okay. I'm ready. If anyone forcing you to accept Islam think nothing. Shallow. Do you got a free will? Yeah. Okay. I think that'll be repeated. Okay. I shall do. So do Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah wa shall do so do Anna anna muhammadan Ramadan Abu Abu What a fool

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who are Zulu. I bear witness and the witness that that there is no God, there is no God but Allah, God the Lord and and that Prophet Muhammad that Prophet Muhammad is is the messenger and servant of Allah in the messenger of from Allah, Masha Allah, masha Allah Masha Allah Miss praise.

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Praise Allah, Allah, may Allah accept efforts and may guide you and the best book of guidance is the Quran I would like you to come on the stage and take the translation of the Quran would be my pleasure. This is the best Book for guidance. And I pray to Allah to grant you Jana, best of this world and the next word also Inshallah, and I pray to Allah that we both meet you pray for me also. So he bought me the jannah inshallah and I'm on the stage. Thank you for the copy of the Quran. You can come on the stage for the copy of the Quran.

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