The Fiqh of Salah #17 – Salah of Rain

Yasir Qadhi


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the third salata is this thought so that is discord. And so that is discord. So that is discord. When is it done? So let's do this this call is just diverted out to do what is to be done to the battle or to be self auto, hydrogen nationality mummy Mutasa, sharena motorbikes, Delena moto Lilina moto rain for your soul Libya Morocco titanicus Allah Tala Ed somewhere probably him hold the button wa ADA. So, if there is a drought in the land and rain does not fall, then in this case the Imam should go out of the city. So of the Sunnah of salata is discard, of course, I forgot to mention is this art is to ask for rain. Is this all a is to ask for the rain. So this is the rain prayer. And

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this is the other prayer that is a sunnah to do in GEMA. It is sunnah to do in Jamar and when is it done when you need rain? When do you need rain at times of drought, so when there is drought, when there is no rain,

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then the people should go out of the city with their Imam and the Imam here means the leader, not the Imam, the prayer leader. The Imam is the Khalifa or the governor, so the leader of the city should go out. More Takashi sharena, motorbike Delena moto Lilina moto rain. All of this has a similar meaning in a state of humility, in a state of humbleness, in a state of penitence of assure, and they ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for the rain and they pray the Salah, so they say they pray Salah just like read exactly like read and he gives the hotbar one hutzpah exactly like read so salata this this art is just like salata Eid, in its manners and mechanism, Torah karats followed by

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the hutzpah and in the hutzpah, there is an extra encouragement of is still far and Quranic Tilawat, in which Allah commands you for forgiveness, why? Because the

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presumption which is Quranic is that the reason why there is a drought is a type of punishment. So we need to ask Allah's forgiveness to get the rain. And so the IRS should be about Allah's forgiveness, and asking forgiveness, and the whole hotbar should be a command to repent to Allah subhana wa Taala and the whole hotbar should be about the effect of sins, let's say and the importance of returning to Allah subhanahu wata either. And so after you do this, while you how we do Nasu Ardea to home, and they should then turn around their outer garments turn around their outer garments.

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So the process man was wearing a outer cloak.

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And when the hood finished, he took it off, flipped it around, and then put it back on. So what was inside went to the outer what was outside went back in.

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Okay, so he flipped it around and turned it back on. And therefore for the men obviously women do not

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obviously disrobe in public, but for the men, and they don't take their shirts off. This is an outer garment for the men, if they're wearing a jacket, okay? Or even if they're wearing a coffee, let's say they literally take it off and for a little while flip it down Upside down. Just they turn it the other way around. The point being, you display an optimism of the change of scenario,

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you display an optimism that the situation will change. Just like I changed my cloak around, I change my cup around so the situation is going to change as well. That's the display of optimism.

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And in this salah, even if the non Muslims come, they should not be prevented lamium Now that follow them if they come to pray, they should not be prevented. However, they should be told to be separate. In other words, they're not going to sit in the sofa when we're praying. They have their own place and they can make dua as well. And of course the reason being that

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the reason I mean that obviously why? Because even I love them, they need rain

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and even under them. They might feel that you know,

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for us is difficult to me

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Imagine, it's difficult to imagine that a person who doesn't believe in Islam will want to join. So that is to stop and get rain. But believe it or not, it's not that uncommon. And it is.

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For us, we of course, would never

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go to another faith forum to make dua

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because we, that's not in our Sharia. Nonetheless, it is easier said than done in the Muslim ummah, especially where Islam and Cofer mixes we always find Muslims who get involved in the practices of the other religions.

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Simple example of our own India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, right? What do the Muslims do around the graves of maybe even saints that are not even considered Muslim? We're not talking about Muslim Olia and saints, we're talking about saints of maybe Hindu saints, in the villages, in the faraway places. Because the culture considers this person to have been a great person. It is not uncommon that Muslims are also feeling you know what, you never know, maybe he was a great person, and they will do things. You guys understand what I'm saying here? It's something that is known, isn't it? Right? That so the psychology, of being influenced by the culture around you, is very

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understandable. And Allah them, many of them would have been very sympathetic to the god of Islam, our God, very sympathetic to the idea, but their culture, they liked their culture, they're not going to embrace but when it comes to their starving kid, they have no problem raising their hands and saying, Oh Allah, cure, Oh Allah, let the rainfall you see the point here. So even Kodama says 100 them as well, they can come no problem, because we need the rain. And because they are human beings as well. And because they're there, I can also be effective, but they're not going to be in the middle. Let them be on their site and let them do what they want and listen to the hotbar and

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make their own dua. But they should also come and they should sit separate from the Muslims. Okay. And there's an interesting point of interfaith in the books of

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journeying either

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