There is no Conflict in Formal Education & Islamic Education in Islamic International School

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We even take them down in theory. Unlike the other schools, I realize that in some Western countries, a child goes to the normal Convent School, government schools in the evening, he goes to evening madrasahs. So in the morning is taught that the human beings have been cleared from monkey, and the evening is told that the first man is optimally Salam.

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In the morning, he taught that rabbis very good interest you can become a great businessman wealthy person. In the evening he taught Riba interest is haram. So the dichotomy there be confusion in the mind of the children. That does not mean don't send your children to mothers or mothers or kondalilla they should continue better send them then don't send Don't get me wrong. The mothers are very good, Mashallah. And for it, I'm not against it. But we have to keep on improving the standards to whatever doing Mashallah, they're doing a good work. When I go to mothers, I tell them, that you incorporate English they, you incorporate the former subjects. So when there is a different

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teaching, in the morning and the evening, the child is confused.

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So when we teach signs, we see to it that we incorporate and tell them even Quranic verses later that

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Quran speaks about watercycle about geography, salt and sweet water. Quran speaks about geology, and mountains, I've got roots, and many thing which is not mentioned the textbook, the teachers, they are trained.

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They're trained how to teach.

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And in this way, out of the normal formal education 25% Islam is even incorporated when we teach them mathematics, science, history, geography, etc. We have taken the normal syllabus igcc following that syllabus, and even incorporate in Islamic Studies, both in Arabic and English. So that when the child appears, he appears for the normal examination, that is the Central Board examination, after the passes that you can take a medicine, take up engineering, or become a lawyer or a businessman, or come to the mainstream of Islamic Studies, no problem, he had this choice.

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And what we are doing that we are in contact Mashallah with those people who are experts in the world, as Allah says in the Quran in surah, Chapter 16, verse 43, and three ambia chapter number 21, verse number seven, first degree in gundula palemoon that if you don't know as the person knowledgeable, so we are in touch with the knowledgeable people from different parts of the world. We're in touch with the legal experts of Medina and city of America, etc, when touch so that whatever thing that we want to put it into practice in our school, we consult with the experts, but we are doing many things which are unconventional. Many people told me Robert Kiyosaki, it's not

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possible. You can't have two strings at the same time. It's not possible please make dua

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at least make do inshallah. So what we want to do we want to give a sample role model to the Ummah that is possible. Do many people majority said it's not possible, but

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if you meet the parents, and if you see the annual de CD of a program, then you come to know hamdulillah that what is the level of education Mashallah.