Shaanti after being Appalled by the Truth of Islam Requests to address the Whole World

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My name is Shanti. My friend Abdullah brought me here. Actually, I never expected mass. So you know, huge. And do I have been in conversation with this friend Abdul, he has cleared a few doubts. But coming here, after especially are in USA, I'm appalled, appalled by the truth of Islam. But here you, you've given the name peace, but in the world, so much strife is going on. And when there's something called peace which you have to go in search of?

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Don't you think that you need to address the world in a you know, on the whole? This was a question that she had a little knowledge about Islam from a friend, she came to the store, Susan preffered audience, she is appalled

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with the knowledge and my speech.

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And she said that shouldn't we speak about peace throughout the world, the world at large

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sister, if you really appreciated the talk, and really impressed with the man that has spoken out such as that I would request you to accept

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this religion, of submitting a will to God.

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And if you accept submitting a will to God, then is the time you can get true peace. Islam comes from the root word Salaam

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which means peace. It's also derived from the Arabic word film, which means to submit your will to God.

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So the best way you can get peace is by submitting a will to Almighty God. So first of all, I will come to the rest of the world. I'm first interested in you sister directly for you asked the question. First, I would like you to be a total peace.

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So my request is that if we accept the way of life, of submitting a will to Almighty God, and be at peace, I would be very happy sister.

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As far as telling the world at large about peace. This is an exhibition, a conference is the vision of Islam. We have such exhibitions. And this is the fourth set exhibition. We had a similar one in Bombay a couple of months back from the 23rd of November, the second of December in Bombay. And the audience here what you see on the last day was multiple times more 200,000. So if this impressed you, maybe 10 15,000 that was 20 times more, and Bombay,

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more than 200,000. For the last talk of mine, the topic was peace.

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The solution for humanity is Islam, the solution of humanity. And I do agree with you that these small number 10,000 15,000 200,000. Bombay is a very small number, we should proclaim it to the world at large that there is in two years back, we have started a channel by the name of peace TV.

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And this piece DVR hamdulillah. In the past two years at present, it reaches throughout the world, all the countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Europe, North America Alhamdulillah and today, it has the reaches more than 90% of the world. They can watch if they want to watch but the people that are watching a more than 75 million.

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It is the largest watched Islamic channel in the world hamdulillah percentage wise, little bit more than 1% of the human population. So at least I can bear witness to Almighty God on the day of judgment that we at least give the message to 1% of the human population 75 million, we pray to Allah subhana wa Taala May the viewership increased.

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But those who want to watch, you only have to put a ditch.

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Maybe you have 6000 rupees less than $200 and almost any part of the world you can watch this channel. So we are also conveying this message of peace, Islam throughout the world. But now I'm interested sister that hope you accept this message of peace