Sulaiman Moola – Every Growth Is Not Cancerous

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difference between Cofer and the thought of Cofer in juice, emphasizing the importance of making a distinction between Cofer and Cofer in juice. They also discuss the consequences of a person who simultaneously pronounces their faith in Cofer and refuses to admit their faith, and the potential consequences of doing so. The speaker concludes that the devil is not evil and cannot negotiate with the person who pronounces their faith.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. It is no secret that the devil has vowed to mislead mankind. Sometimes he accomplishes this goal by beautifying vice versa Yun Allahu Shantanu Armada whom he makes even look beautiful and we succumb to his temptation. At times he does this with his voice in chapter 17 verse 64, many stutter at minimum basaltic what is meant by the voice of the devil, either music or the devil is whisper and levy you must be Sophie so during us, it comes in whispers evil thoughts in us, and at times those evil thoughts become so wicked, that he starts whispering negative thoughts about Allah subhanho wa Taala. So it is important for us to make a distinction between this belief

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and the thoughts of this belief. You have a lump every lump is not cancerous, every growth is not cancerous. You do a biopsy if this cancerous cells and it's malignant, surely Now that is a red flag and it is a matter of concern. But if there's no cancerous cells, then it is superficial. So today we analyze this year to understand the difference between Cofer and thought of Cofer in juice 14 chapter 16 verse 106, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about a person who denounces his faith after bringing a man man Kapha below him embody Imani The one who denounces his faith after bringing a man on Allah and he does so openly and brazenly and blatantly and flagrantly when I came and Shara

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having to flee sovereign upon such a person is the anger and the Wrath of Allah, Allah eco Humala, Rafi loon and they are the heedless, the negligent the oblivious, and Allah has sealed their hearts and eyes. May Allah protect us. But in verse 106, Allah makes an exception. Allah says if a person attends a statement of cover, because he was under duress, he was compelled he was forced, a person came in told him if you do not deny Allah, I will kill you. So his life was under a threat. And due to the threat on his life, he acted a statement of cover. But simultaneously while he was uttering the statement of gopher, or coloboma in number, a man his heart was embodied in perfect faith in

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. Such a person will not fall under the warning of being a victim of the Wrath of Allah and earning the displeasure of Allah Subhana Allah in bayana pooran under this idea hachimura oma brings into focus the academic discussion of the tort of cover, and he creates an amazing analogy. So Allah speaks about the grave consequences of a person who denounces his fame, by openly I disbelieve, I deny I denounce my faith. That's what Allah says, Well, I can Mancera hobbico free. So now this idea then reveals to us if a person is experiencing these devotees with devilish wicked thoughts of Kufa of disbelief, of nasty things about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam then he

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will be excused provided he does not verbalize it. Why is the lie akun ofin. worse, worse, it Cheryl has sadri when they are on, because when the whisper comes, you're not openly saying it, nor do you have a choice in the matter. Allah made an exemption for a person who was under duress because he didn't have any choice. When it comes to the devil issues. You have no choice, in fact, but either Molly refill was worse at a shed do mentally cry him when you look at the person who was compelled, and his life was threatened, and hence he uttered a statement of cover because he had no choice. Then in the case of devilish indoctrination, you have less choice, because if somebody is forcing

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you, you can still negotiate. Listen back off, don't get my faith in the spotlight. Let me talk to you let me reason with you. But when the devil is whispering, you cannot negotiate with the devil, you having this influx of wicked thoughts. So what does he conclude by saying, philosophy him in a loving me? Well, what the me. So there is nothing wicked about the thought of Cofer. There's nothing evil. This is not a demerit to your faith or your Eman. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said that you're sorry, holy man, that's the sign of clear proof and emaan. So nothing to fear about this is one of the evil talents of the devil. As long as we do not utter that statement

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of Cofer, we do not verbalize it. We will be excused for the nasty thoughts that the devil puts in our heart and thoughts in our mind. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to preserve the faith that he has blessed us with and to take us from this world with complete Eman. I mean you're below the mean.

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