Tafseer Bites 2022 An Ayah that would change your life Maryam and Taha

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The conversation delves into the concept of hula culture in Arabic and its impact on children. Hannah discusses her desire to have a baby and use the name Jesus in her move, while also struggling to convince her father to accept Islam. The transcript describes a woman who is moving a palm tree and struggling to do so, but emphasizes the importance of trusting in the Lord of the Nine Kingdoms.

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was another controller Dinah what can we also know for themselves? What was

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the time now you don't inherit you know what you do? What would you leave to your child behind you the legacy that you will leave your child behind? And Allah subhanho wa Taala up to six years I carry in my shoe can you hold on in his

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cotton loose any

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you want to

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work on your team

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this is another thing. Yes a career we're are giving you ideas of hula in Arabic hula means a boy who that means a boy that

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nobody has the name of yesteryear before

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his son will be named. Carla.

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How can you have a child? You just mean

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maybe the doctors told you that? No, you cannot have children. Maybe the doctor surgeon that maybe your wife is barren or maybe you're barren. Maybe you cannot have children. Maybe you're old. Maybe you have some health issues that cannot allow you to have children. But when Allah subhanho wa Taala says yes and the doctor says no what will happen yes or no? When the doctor says yes and Allah says no what will happen

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right no yes ChaCha I cannot throw candy no I cannot throw because a it's you know your father but I will take it let him shadow give it to you for a kid I can tell but not for you know I will give it to you

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when Allah so He says y'all be how can I have a child and my wife is very kind of advisor to the potluck. And then you can talk about book who am

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It's easy for us to

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sit and happen to FMR. They're connected because if you're an ISA they are cousins if the two father and Mr. And the wife of Abraham she was open as well and her father we know the parents but it was all you know so comes the story of million married because the story the solar thing is married. I only have two minutes and

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two minutes million million now she's in her teens sisters listen up many of these routines

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Well, the call for you Kitabi money I mean, interpret that mean and you have a Canon Shafia then she's living in the beta model is to survey Lochness remember, because there is a Kenya took care

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of Mary's taking care of her so so what happens is she's living there is to serve the worshipers and to clean up and whatnot. She's taking care of the message. But she's taken to the east corner of the missions. And then all of a sudden one day for some nightly harbor Hannah for dinner.

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And then Allah azza wa jal said as you believe to her in the form of a man, Collins, she's a very you know, chaste woman. She's a woman of the that he's changed. He's very pious and righteous and chaste.

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In the

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content that I seek the refusal of men from you don't harm you. Are you alone? Oh man.

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I want to honor

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honor in me,

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also lucky I have a lick of Buddha admins in

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your machine okay.

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But as assistants please remember this word of Allah azza wa jal or this name of Allah as you lead whenever you hear the name, what happens? From the name of Allah Allah, Allah is talking about children. If you want Allah answers to this you will the righteous kids and sometimes you wonder what name of Allah should I use in my dua use the name of Allah

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Yeah, have you have an app Ebola but don't worry, I'm an inter from Allah has actually sent me to you, to bless you to gift you.

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With hula and now your hula hula well in themselves to be Masha. I have not had more contact with the man How can I have a boy convey the tribe? Annika Danica Kamala one more time. That's what you call it has decreed. And then she got pregnant. Many many has said she got pregnant and then she's she's she's wishing for death or telling me to.

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I wish I was dead and forgotten for the hub in the hub. And that has any pajama Okey dokey Surya will who see a king aged enough because enough that it was up and I think a lot of engineer and he says don't be sad. Don't be sad. She's going to labor. She's gone to the pain of labor. And then he's telling her brothers and sisters instilled in her move this

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Palm Tree What do you mean with the palm tree? How many people do need to move a palm tree? You need hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people to be able to move about three a week woman during labor and she's going through that that labor right? And he said in her move shape, the palm tree days were fall, cocoa would fall so you can have some of this. What is the purpose here? Why should she move? Why should she shake the palm tree?

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The concept of what we talked about yesterday, and what put on a one

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to one

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meaning, put your trust in Allah use the means, but put your trust in the Lord of the knees. Yes, you cannot take the palm tree but it's an action take action of Allah has vision. And then Allah azza wa jal talks in fourth minute about quickly inshallah about Ibrahim really sit down and the conversation with the people and with his father with his father, beautiful thing is nice to see ya Betty. Yeah. Yeah, birdie in Arabic. You see, yeah, Abby is obviously a boo, you know, his ability

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to belittle it. And then the Sunday around, he will say, Yeah, I bet he has one use of software. You're gonna you're in the art of humanity. And you know, the measure of Oh, my son, I see my juvenile smile renewal a sacrificio. The father is a Buddha yet and the Sunni say yeah, it wouldn't have it. This is a beautiful conversation between the Father and the Son. The message is how do you talk to your father? How do you talk to your moms How do you talk to your parents and that's what a perfectly clean job title so barbers and sisters have lost the house last week by

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disco, or Muhammad has been revealed to you has been sent down to you not to make you feel distressed. Because some of the youth they see that is that is tough. Love youth as coming out of the deen of Allah is there's a thinking that is demonstrable, externally stuff, it's too much. It's too much is that is easy. That is the dynamic of analytische is for animals really not for you to feel misery, love this person comes to you, to help you to make you feel peaceful to make you succeed and make you feel happy to make you feel success to be successful in his life and the life of the laughter This is sort of our brothers and sisters the I that will change your life.

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so perhaps verse number 124. Must be I know what that is. Women are women are VPS.

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At shutter GM, one axle we are women. Yeah. And that the Palo Alto any rockets to Moscow, you are lucky academic

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tuner fantasy worker, the young

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woman hour and those who stay away from the remembrance of Allah and He is the commander, those who stay away from the remembrance of Allah from the station and those who are staying away from the size of Allah as you don't want to believe in the South Asian woman Allah and degree for whom Aisha Tonka, you shouldn't have dunk, you should have a tight life. Not only don't despise, you will feel tightness not only tightness in the chest, Allah will not put Baraka in anything that you do. You will stay away from the members of Allah and although they do judgment, this person will be resurrected blind, you will see how come I'm blind, but in life I used to be able to see particle

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you have science from your world. You have many lectures, you have many seminars, you have many

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football you have you turned a blind eye. Today we shouldn't turn a blind eye on you. Okay, then your mentors, brothers and sisters, remember Allah subhanho wa Taala at all times.

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Moisten your tongue, the members need to

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connect with the book of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. I asked him, to help us to practice and to convey exactly. So how long have each of

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