Educational Rights of Women in Islam

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Let's discuss

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the educational rights of women in Islam.

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The first guidance revealed that Allah subhanaw taala by Almighty God, to the whole of humankind, in his last and final revelation, the Glorious Quran, it was not to offer Salah it was not to give charity, it was not to fast, but it was a craft. It was to read, to proclaim to repeat.

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And the first five verses revealed of the Glorious Quran

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was from surah chapter number 96 was number one to five he says Accra Bismillah because the color, color color in Santa Clara bucola Karim, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah man in Santa Mala Mia alum, Read, Recite, proclaim in the name of the Lord who created who created the men from something which clings Elisha like substance, read in the name of the Lord whose most bountiful he taught men, the use of the pen who taught men that which he did not know the first guidance given by Allah subhanaw taala and the Quran, it was to read and it was to both male and female

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a beloved prophet masala Salam said, it's missionary say hadith of every major

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Hadith number two for the Beloved Prophet said, that Allah will in for forgotten Allah, Allah muslim.

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It is obligately on every Muslim man or woman to acquire knowledge. The Prophet specially told the parents to educate the children, especially the daughters,

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into the duty of the husband,

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to give education to the wife, especially religious education. And if they don't, she has the right to go to the court, to the judge and demand for it. If he cannot teach it himself. He'll have to send her and feed to it that educates.

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There's a chapter in February

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when man, Hadith, the woman,

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the prophet, the prophet,

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and the tell him, that you're always surrounded by men, why don't you give us a special time and the Prophet agreed, and if to specially dedicate time to educate only the woman he also sent Sahabas to specially educate the woman.

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And if you read the history of Islam

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1400 years ago, in the days of ignorance in your Mahalia, at that time, we have examples of many women, several women who are scholars.

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The best example I can think

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I mean, who

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may Allah be pleased to tell the life of the prophet

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one offer very famous student by the name of Ottawa, may Allah be pivotal. She says, that I have not come across a scholar greater than Aisha Mallory Pidgeotto. In

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learning of the Quran, in obligated duties in lawful and unlawful things, in literature and poetry,

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in Arabic history and genealogy.

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And when we read the theater for the day, Shambhala Riveter, we find out that she lived many years after the death of the Prophet, and she guided many of those habits.

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And she even guided all the fall for Russia in

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many a time when foreign delegations came to the Prophet, and when the discussed medicine, etc. Has Dasha mela up to the memory of very good, she used to memorize them.

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She was also an expert in mathematics. And after the demise of the Prophet, many of the sabas came to her, especially when dealing with Mira while dealing with inheritance. Prakash, you are expert in mathematics.

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History tells us that she has taught several scholars.

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She has taught no less than 88 different scholars. So in short, she was a scholar of the scholars and only on her authority alone. There are no less than 2210 Hadith reported only on the authority of Aisha, may Allah be pivotal.

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We have the example of Omar Salma

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Miller visitor

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was the life of the prophet

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and according

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to mama nowhere

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She was the most intellectual woman amongst the learned woman

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and account manager.

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He calls her

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as an authority.

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We have the example of Sofia mela vivid detail was the wife of the Prophet. And you mama know we called her as an intellectual woman.

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We had the example of Fatima Mindy case,

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was one of the sabia from Lhasa Salam, but she also learned and the immense knowledge she had that one there was the discussion on issue of fact, and she had a point of view and her thigh Shama Lupita, and other woman may Allah be pleased with him, the objected, but they could not prove wrong.

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She was so knowledgeable.

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We have the example of Mr. Lampe mellow, Pivotal was the mother of Huntington has Milan visit him for the famous Sava

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and according to nature, he fears

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that she was a very intelligent woman and mama no we cause as authority.

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We have the example of a metadata.

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War the wife of a Buddha

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and Imam Bukhari

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in his say Buhari, he calls her as an authority on the science of Hadith.

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We have the example of Sidon a FISA site and a FISA. She was a scholar, and she taught

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many students one amongst her students was Imam Shafi. May Allah have mercy on him.

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You also have the example of Aisha ben de salud

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Abby workers.

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She was a scholar and amongst her students, one of the students was Imam Malik. May Allah have mercy on him.

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Rahim Allah.

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the deeds of ignorance in Jamelia. There were several women who were scholars. At that time. People were hardly educated and imagine we have examples of several women who are great scholars.