Surah Baqarah Verse 26 Running Translation – Journey Through The Quran

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Now we're going to change the topic again. And we realize that on some occasions

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many people attack the Quran and at this point in verse number 26, the Quran was attacked by the people of the time in Allahu Allah. Yes, ye, because that's far the topics have changed, but we're still explaining Surah Fatiha. So as we stop here, I want to take a second and verse number 26. And I want us to realize, Allah subhanaw taala is not shy is not refraining is not discomforted in bringing an example to teach the people in verse 17 1819. What did we do? We looked at parables, thunderclaps rainstorm, someone's sticking their fingers in their ears, because not everyone's going to get the clear cut picture. Some people need a Hey, could you imagine if just imagine you're

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walking down the road, something happens to you. This is a way that people learn Allah subhanaw taala knows this better than anyone else. So when the rationalists come and say, Why does God need to come up with an example of say, for example, a gnat a fly? And we'll end here on this verse, verse number 26. Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala does not refrain from giving any example to teach humankind not even that have a net because Allah Samantha talks about the net, a mosquito in the Quran.

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And anything that should surpass it, or anything smaller or anything in anything greater than as for those who believe from the first category, people who hear the parable, they're not gonna be like, Well, why is God talking about a rain cloud? Why is God talking about this, they will come to it knowing that it can get up that it is a book without any doubt. As for those who believe then they will they know well that that such an example is indeed the truth from their Lord, three type of people we discussed who are going to read this book, The believer, the turkey, the disbeliever, the one who's going to reject him to like, yeah, something from Allah, and the monarch, the monarch

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who's going to play his card and say, Well, why does it have to bother saying these things Allah saying, I had no problem using an that are smaller than as for those who believe they know well, that such an example is indeed the truth from their Lord. But as for those who disbelieve, they say, with contempt, I add that what would God intend with such an unworthy example? Why would Allah subhanaw taala need to talk about a little tiny net say to them, it is a test of choice. It is a test by this he led he leads many astray, and by this he guides many, yet he does not lead anyone astray, thereby except the ungodly. I want you to stop on this verse because you all have that

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cousin, who has said, Well Allah will guide me when he wants to Allah subhanaw taala What if Allah wanted I would do good things, what have we been talking about for the last 25 verses? The people who have a disease in their heart and Allah increased it, the people who twisted their who twisted their their words, so they like the Muslims and they like to the disbelievers and try to deceive Allah subhanaw taala, those who have this content, those who are habitual, towards the wrong, Allah subhanaw taala will say fine, you're gonna listen to or on the word of the creator, the heavens, the earth, and you're still gonna sit there and say, Well, I'm not really sure about it. I don't really

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believe because of Muhammad sallahu alayhi salam married someone when they were this age, wait a minute, who are you to pass the judgment? And what does that have to do with the book of Allah? subhanaw taala? You know, I know this Muslim guy who drinks what does that have to do with the word of Allah subhanaw taala it talks about a fly, to keep going back and forth with this person, but they have content in their heart. What would God intend with such an unworthy example? Say to them, it is a test of choice. By this he leads many astray and by this he guides many may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst those who are guided when we read this book, may Allah subhanaw taala make us

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amongst those who are not from the first team who are not from the ungodly, who are not from those

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who I guess the one of the things that we can do. I put forth the presentation of defiantly disobedient I scratch the word I guess, define clean disobedient, may Allah make us amongst those who are obedient and are not defiant. May Allah subhanaw taala not make us amongst those who hear the word of Allah and are misguided. Much is about to happen now. We just set the stage and as you can tell, there was not one word of the topic change No, this is how Allah subhanaw taala meant it and if you look at it, knowing that these are the the flow that Allah put it in all of a sudden it's like wow, the book opens there's no doubt the book opens by explaining what type of people read me

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then explaining in an artistic way then opened our Oh mankind Yeah, you're in Surah Bulabog Kamala D. O mankind worship Allah subhanaw taala as he has created you and the people before you so that you can get

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Taqwa. And if you haven't shaken your taqwa, guess what? Look around you. There's a sky, there's grass, there's carpet, there's a sky, there's a canopy or water comes down food comes, you eat it. How hard is it to believe that this came from God, that Allah subhanaw taala sent this to you, it's never been changed, and that will nourish your soul. And if you have a problem with that, then write something like this. But if you can't, you won't then prepare yourself and the punishment. So this message is very open. And those of you who are now this time, notice this verse comes here, and all of a sudden people are like, they're they're blown away by it. Wow, man, no one can come up with a

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way to meet the challenge. So the human mind when trying to fall default, what do we do? We look for new excuses. We automatically go yeah, what did God mean about thunderclap? Wait a minute, tell me about the challenge. You know the thunderclap sticking fingers in the ear, what kind of book is this? Perfect Allah subhanaw taala knows, I asked the last month offered forgiveness and mercy for anything that we've done correctly. Now let's move on to Allah bless all of those who are involved in launching this and given us the opportunity to study I asked Allah subhanaw taala for his forgiveness and for His mercy. And now let's why don't they give us the opportunity to continue