Every Situation Reminds Me Of A Verse In The Quraan

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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Regardless of what plays out in the world, I always find direction and guidance in the Quran. And hence I continue to marvel at the relevance and the applicability of the Quran. There is the fundamental principle when it comes to investment. Don't put all your eggs in a common basket diversify. So if one investment goes pear shaped you rely on the latter. And if the latter does not see fruition, you rely on the third. And of course, it's a very scary scenario where all three or multiple investments go pear shaped, as unfortunately and tragically, we have witnessed brothers having multiple shops in different plazas or malls. Unfortunately, all were looted torched

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and vandalized. May Allah make it easy for one and wall all Armenia Bella alameen but he has a point of reflection from the Quran Chapter Two juice three verse 266. So behind Allah reflect over this parable of the Quran. Yeah, what do I do calm? I'm talkin Allahu Jana. Would any one of you desire that he owns and possesses a garden a orchard mean nothing date bombs are an oven yards daydreamin tactical and har, beneath which they are rivers and streams and brukes that are flowing, which serves as great irrigation level fee. I mean, Calista mala and besides the vineyards and the date palms, he practically has a variety of all other types of fruits. So Mashallah, he has this multiple

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investments for a slob, the only cable and then now only eight sets in which in the context of the plan means he has now left this world and is arrived in after he's aged, his frail, he is weak, he is incapacitated, he cannot do anything. And just when it was time to sit back and relax, and now pluck the fruit and harvest the crops are sabaha I saw on this orchard this garden this vineyard was struck by a whirlwind fee now one in which there was this flame, and this fire strikes fire

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and it destroyed the entire garden. can you possibly imagine the pain and the regret of this person? Now when it's time to hear harvest the crops and pluck the fruit? Unfortunately it was destroyed by a fire. But to add insult to injury, when a whole new return don't alpha. The Quran says at that moment he had weak children dependent children that will look in him in his eyes in a paraphrase context, in hope and anticipation dead we need food, we need crops we need to eat. He has his dependent children. He is old he is weak he cannot do anything meaning is arrived in Accra, the opportunity of doing has passed and unfortunately his entire orchard has been destroyed. catolica

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ubu Nola, hola como IOD. Thus does Allah provide the examples to you learn the content of a Quran so that you may reflect experts on the exegesis of the Quran tell us the parable in this verse refers to a person who had done a lot of charity and good work and donation, but he destroyed it by men and other by reminders of his kindness. I sponsored you, I supported you, I assisted you, I aided you, and all this will translate in the form of fire, which will eat up all your investments. So what's the message my brother and my sister, Let it not be that we arrived by Allah and our investments have been burnt out? I beg you, I beseech you, I earnestly implore you to something secret, discreet

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and private. Don't whisper it to me. Don't whisper it to your spouse. Don't whisper it to your children, between you and your Allah, and that tree will bear fruit and that is the fruit you will pluck. And that is what will be the source of salvation. May Allah make it a reality. I mean, you're galantamine.