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The use of " handyman" in Islam is common in the holy Bible and is also common in the media. The importance of value on Friday night is discussed, with one speaker emphasizing the importance of value for the day. The speakers also discuss various topics related to Islam, including deification of time, the day of birth, and the importance of peace. They mention a video featuring a former drummer named Hadith and a video of a former drummer named Jana.

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Mala and

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a mother who follows Villa him in a shade on what do you mean? Bismillah AR Walkman Iraqi?

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Yeah, you

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know, Iran or the select me Oh mill Juma first our electric Rila he will be that Yquem highroller coming on come on Tom

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sadaqa Allah who has him?

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My dear respected elders and brothers. Just as

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as algebra Isla de salat wa salam is the most virtuous and the most superior amongst the melodica and our beloved in the VA Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the most virtuous and superior amongst humankind and amongst the cambiare Musa to Salem, and later to Qatar is the most virtuous amongst all the Knights of the year.

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And the month of Ramadan is the most virtuous of all months of the year. In a similar manner, the day of Juma as we know Friday is the most superior and the most virtuous of all days in the week. And we know from the Hadith in the Quran, Allah Allah says what up Buka Hello Maya, shall we after Allah create whatever he wants and he chooses from whatever he wants? He gives certain things more superiority than others. Not all days and times are the same. There are certain days and there are certain times that are more virtuous and more superior. In a similar manner, the day of Juma is the most superior amongst the days of the week, and we are supposed to give it that superiority. The

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stirrup hamara Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tamam and beyond may have ZIL je briary salat wa salam alaikum

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Ramadan tamam Minami of Zelle Laila to cuddle tamam rato may have said he see Tara Juma cadena de mama yummy

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in the yo ml Joomla. To say you do a Yum, that the day of Joomla is the king of all days. In a hadith Nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it said were who were assembled in the LA him in yo mill Aloha a Yeoman fit. It is even more mobile can map more blessings than the day of fetal fetal and the day you have eaten other half. And when I didn't have your cream sauce, Solomon said Pharaoh Yeoman tonight and he shoves your mole Juma. The best day which the sunrises upon is the day of tomorrow. So this is the most excellent day in the week. Some or the other, we no more give it the virtue and the superiority that our elders used to give it. Prior to Islam. Islam say Pele was

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carnem Johanna, Aruba, your Aruba. People used to call it your whole Aruba. Then it was the seventh the grandfather of our beloved maybe a cream sauce, cinnamon. And Louie cup it Neal the way he was amongst those who used to follow the dean of Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam. He was the one who gathered people on the day of Duma. And he used to gather them and he used to give them a sermon about righteousness about the virtue and about righteousness. And well I must say that he was the one who first gave the name yomo. Juma. So that was, you know, the first time that the word Joomla was used, but they after maybe a cream sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his time, maybe a Kareem saw

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Selim emphasized it. Now in Makkah, they couldn't be Joomla because of the circumstances. And there is historical evidence that Nebia Kareem saw Salam ro to Musa bin Omar together people on the day of Joomla for the first time Maria Karim saw Selim made Joomla whereas when he made Hytera to Madina Munawwara in Kuba when we saw salaam came Juma was not compulsory because it was not an established place. It was not established city. So when the BA Kareem saw Selim travel from Cuba, to Medina, on the way there is a tribal police Silva and it was on that place. In fact, when you go in big Sierra, you find that there is the place of Joomla the first place the first time maybe a Kareem sosna made

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Joomla. So Joomla is a very special, special thing.

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In a special day in our dean, and one of the things is in the Quran and there are various reasons for his excellence and superiority is Dean kiya Amir kitchen would your heart firstly, Allah in the Quran has made mention of only two days, right only two days are mentioned in the Holy Quran. Seal door de Naka zikr Allah Allah Quran Mattia eek yo Musa have ticketed or will be a class where Jaya script has who do have that Allah Tala made mention of the day of Sabbath the day of Saturday, because the Jews did not respect it after they committed to respect it. You almost sup so Allah Allah has made mention of Saturday in the Holy Quran. And one is Allah has made mention of Jumuah

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not only Allah has mentioned Surah Juma but Allah has made mention of an entire Surah aching ache Surah Hasan is Kinema you Surah to Juma just kill scare me at Mallow Mati. So, we know the the Emir and the virtue and superiority of Juma because Allah has made the entire Surah on this particular date Subhan Allah Now the word expect with regard to Joomla is that Allah Tala in this day one of the excellence with regard to it the first the first excellence is Allah Tala has kept a surah under the name of Joomla. The second thing is, in Joomla, there is a quality of HTML yet

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in Joomla, there is this quality of gathering things together. So from the very inception of humanity, till the day of evil in Jannah, they will be this quality in Joomla of bringing disparate things, bringing them together.

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So yeah, it has, you know, it is one of the facilities of this particular day, and it is one of the wisdoms with regard to this day to Joomla HDMI yet karanga Jessa addley Salatu was Salam Ko, Juma Kaden and autonomy cutter Kia and that other gathered

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different portions of the earth and brought them together to create a family salatu salam, it was the day of tomorrow. And when was it to be a cream sauce Hadith after Assad on the day of Juma Allah Tala created Adam Ali salatu salam. So Allah Tala brought the different parts of the earth and brought them together in the creation of Adam.

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Today's Juma people have come from different backgrounds and they have come together and they have gathered together. This is also the aspect of Joomla Allah has brought things together on the Day of

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the Day of Tiamat will also be on Joomla. If you look at the day of chiamato be the same thing. People Allah will bring. Allah will bring people together in the Kajabi or Nursey Leone million. Allah will bring people together on the day of Kiama that also will be Juba. So Allah will bring different people together and gather them the day of Juma and achieve Hadith. It Allah makes mention of your mole moseyed and, you know one of our great scholars carry tapes I brought metallic one day gave a hold by on this normal muscle. And what is your main muscle we don't have much time let me briefly make mention in the date in Jana, they will not be you know, separate days and he's not

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there. Allah will create people that you don't even have to worry about the days they will only be raw. But according to the Times on the day of Juma according to the time in Jannah, Allah will gather the people of gender and after gathering the people of Jana Allah subhanho wa Taala will place his Arash according to his shadow according to his greatness, Allah will place his Arash amongst the people of gender and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada and as the people or people of Jana Are you happy

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Janet maybe low cookie cutter carrying a letter

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or a letter I won't say putting a cap much sir as you are you happy with me? To See Ya Allah? You know why why would we be happy with you we are happy with you you also be happy with us. So Allah will see why. If I was not happy with you, I wouldn't put you in Jannah perhaps of cushion out.

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So I have put you in Jannah then Allah will say push up your push no chatter. So while Quran Joby up child, so Allah will ask him repeatedly asked, in one rewired, I read somewhere that people will see they will go to the ALMA

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Zhang Hua people will Amok is

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genetic after conquering.

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So to be able to we will need the Allama so they will ask the rabbi and say that, why is ALLAH asking us so much? Why is ALLAH asking us so much? In the whenever I will say ask Allah

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ought to reveal Himself to us and let other AppNeta jelica Engage geomarketing Subhan Allah, Allah will reveal Himself who do we all live in now in Arabi and Avira, that also will be the deal Juma? Allah will bring and we will see Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Allah Tala Sapkota seeker inshallah the Jolina SIP Cara and then Allah Tala will make a breeze blow in, in Jana which will bring about the fragrance of mask and that particular breeze will bring up out an amazing atmosphere and Baraka in that particular gathering. And because of that, when a person after that breeze comes upon people, the person will become even more handsome. He will become even more beautiful. And then he will go back to his place of residence where his wife would be the wife he was the wife will come and say you are more handsome than what you went away from here and she will say to her, You look even more beautiful than what I left you with Subhanallah now

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we go to our homes has become old we say you became more older

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there you will become more better also. So they say their wife one day as the husband or me one of the spouses as you see I'm getting old look at all the wrinkles are coming on my body. Tell me something that will give me some sort of pleasure. So the husband and say your eyesight is very good.

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So that is like it here in this world. But generic won't be like that. Janet, you go back, you are more handsome. She's more beautiful.

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That is also an agenda. So the second thing with regard to Juma Allah brings disparate things together, Allah brings and gathers things together. The third thing with regard to Jana is under 13. With regard to the media Kareem Sal Salman said there are five things with regard to your forefathers, Emily salat wa salam, which happened on Jana. I mean happen on Juma. The five things that happen to your forefather at Emory salat wa salam happen on the day of Joomla. So what is adamantly said administra to Assam kindergym a punch

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geomarketing Pichai What is it firstly, Allah Tala created alimony salat wa salam on Friday. Secondly Allah Tala granted him access to Jana on Friday and you see we always fight with regard to mera we always fighting for inheritance and you fighting for land among ourselves to ourselves, land here, Joe hamara assault econo paternity because Allah Tala put Animalis salat wa salam in Jana that is our lead. So you want to fight for lengua and fight for Jana forget all the ladies in there leave it alone don't stop fighting about it can fight for Jana get is your original land. So Allah Tala put Adam Mullins salat wa salam and Jana on Friday. Allah subhanho wa Taala accepted his Toba on

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Friday. Allah Tala sent him on this earth on Friday. Now if you say that Allah Allah took him out of Janet and put him on this earth, but it's maybe behold said to Hannah ham cheese by him coming into this world, Libya curry masala Salam came into existence to see so it's maybe this is also great, great aspect with regard to the virtue of that bandana sending other money salamanders and he passed away on Friday. So five things with regard to Adam Ali's salat wa salam happen on Friday. Then, nebula crimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam geomarketing Metropolia green nebula Kareem saw Santa Maria said on the day of Joomla there is a time in which Allah subhanho wa Taala except to do as and when

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RDF makes mentioned when you are making dua Are you making Ibaadat if your DUA coincides with that time, whatever dua you make, Allah will accept. Now what am I have given various reasons some of them I have given up till 40 different views, but two most prominent views. One is from the time the Imam sits on to give the footpath till the time of the end of Salah, there is a time of dua,

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there is a time we're not going to accept do us so even in between the foodbuzz. Make dua according to the hundreds we make it silently. So that's a time of Cambodia to have dua, from the time the Imam stands up for footpath till the time of the end of the Salah is a time of acceptance of dua, and the one more popular view is that it is a time after Assa especially before marketing to escape.

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We must try and work on that to make dua before mercury. So this is the whole aspect and then do market in Islam Kamaka Malkia guy on this particular day, Allah subhanho wa Taala completed our deen someone came to her as a member of the ultimate and said, Allah you have got such an ayat in the Holy Quran that if it was

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revealed to us that on that particular day, we would have made it. So Amara Villa toma said what are you referring to? So he said, Yo, Mark Mottola calm Dena, calm. What ma'am to add equanimity. What are the Tula Kemal Islam Medina, on this day we have completed our deen upon you and we have completed our favors upon you. And Allah has chosen Islam for you. So Allah chose Islam and Allah completed Islam for us on this particular day. So what are the ultimo said you know you saying that you would have created an Eid Eid he got into in fact two IDs were gathered on that particular day. Firstly, it was the day of ARAVA. And secondly it was the day of Joomla after

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so to each were gathered on this day when this ayat was revealed. So it was a day of Friday that Allah subhanho wa Taala completed and perfected our deal. Now there are many other aspects or etiquette with regard to you know Joomla that we are supposed to fulfill is key we just say Amen is key because we have to value the day of Friday and amongst the days that we are supposed to value it. We must value it from Friday night. It starts off on Thursday after mercury. So in one Hadith Nivea cream sauce limited Laila to Juba Gara, Omaha

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the night of Juma That's Thursday night between Thursday and Friday is it illuminating night? It's a night of nor end the day of Joomla is full of brightness from the spiritual point of view. And we are cream sauce from said whoever reads surah Taha Malika makes they make it's tougher for him ever read surah to Harlan, why is it because it's now linked to Joomla then one of the aspects with regard to Joomla is that we are supposed to come early for Joomla.

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Chile i occur bellezza monamy logged on upon Julia cottage on Michaelia you know this whole particular aspect of a Joomla Masjid. You ever heard of this Juma Masjid. Now, initially, in the in the days of the glory of Islam, there used to be one Juma in the whole city. And from the morning people used to come for the Juma was Kai Shan Wakata. They used to be one Shan with regard to Joomla people used to come to one Masjid. Now, because of the circumstances we can't have one Joomla therefore I'm not in favor of having this small, small Joomla is everywhere. It goes against the Shan of Joomla originally Joomla used to be in one big place one once one Masjid the whole city used

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to be one, two. Now we can't have it terrifica zemana hypertonic Yatta but as high as possible, go to the big go to the big congregation of Joomla. Come early. Maybe a Kareem saw Salam it said manifest hola Yo Ma Joomla Joomla RTF who SLURL Geneva whoever makes who sell on the day of Joomla

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the hosel of Geneva. Everyone is happy now. You can make

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whatever makes will sell on the day of Joomla the hosel of Geneva where you will you know after you unpack when you make that particular Hussam, then Tamara and then you come to the masjid *a.

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Burner, the one who comes early, the Malaika stains out at the masjid they give him the reward of making a sacrifice of a Canon camera. Then the term people who come next they get the reward of making a sacrifice of a cow. Then the cow who comes next he gets a reward of making a sacrifice of a lamp or sheep. And the one who comes thereafter, he gets the reward of making a qurbani of a chicken doesn't mean he was will be Kobani of chicken it just to give you the reward with regard to him and the guy who comes last who gets the reward of an egg

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and thereafter when the Imam starts off when the machine makes the IMA makes the Azzam for

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the Malaika close the books and the normal give rewards of Jana Amara kiya located there SATA when can you equate hostility Cohasset a journey to July accrue you come early Allah subhanho wa Taala gives you great amount of reward in this one beautiful Hadith either aterna Yo Ma Juma first, the salat wa salam rasa Matata? Yep. Whoever, you know, get you on the Day of Joomla he prepares himself. He makes Kusa and then he wear his best clothes, he puts out there will be some in salad if he RB he wears his best clothes from Maharaja Illa salah. Then he comes for the sake of Joomla will love you forever. If my if name, he doesn't come and separate two people. This whole particular

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aspect when I make mention of it, then people get angry. He comes right in front. And if you want to come in front come early. Don't jump over the backs of people.

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Come in front, come early and sit in front. And you know one of your favorite Boehner if name of a woman or Joe Mattila Juma and you don't separate between people, Allah will forgive your sins from one drummer to the other sub drummer. Subhanallah what an amazing thing. Just to keep in mind nebbia Kareem saw Selim and said one day in a beer Kareem saw Selim was given cookbook and one person got up and he started climbing over the necks of people. So when Nebia Kareem saw Selim sauce saw him Nebia cream sauce and said agilus Edulis sat down.

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You are giving people the cliff.

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You're giving people inconvenience if you want to come early, you want to place in the front come early, and one Hadith maybe a cream sauce the man said Mannahatta Manta Hatari taba, shaytani yo multi Amati Ithaca Illa Johanna whoever climbs over the necks of people to come in front on the day of Juma it is like putting a bridge towards Jana.

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It is an ethical that we have to keep in mind. One very important etiquette that we have to keep in mind that when the Imam starts off the hook, it is compulsory for everyone to keep quiet.

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Last inherited bilkul chakra and not to talk at Kolomna gupshup legato to market in SA hoga ki 20 apne saffioti Sad gupshup lugana it after minute. Matoba tamam Johanna will news Humphrey zindagi Mattia Hua India Mattia Pakistan Michela hum, Jenna, SAP you Lucas at Barclay Navia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam had said in one Hadith, Kufa a loved one if the Quran is set up to unseat either pharyngeal Imam that when the Imam comes out and you tell your Sati you tell your companion at the time of goodbye keep quiet. We have commented around yet up Kennedy doesn't mean you can't even tell the person keep quiet. So where is it possible to talk about worldly affairs at the time

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of Goodbye?

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Where is it possible when you can't even tell the person who is speaking keep quiet

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that also is wrong

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and yet the people that time have good Barton you know I went wants to touch them very historical city and we were about 40 people we went to touch them first time in my life I saw something like this to mark it in Jamaica but not one person got up every one read soon that numbers

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and when we take out all South Africans, we were they we said um there could be a sunny day company man, old man, IT admin company DECA 200

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something that should not

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have been eight martaba X Shan Shan dilla was killed today. And then of course, there are certain things we don't have the time read Soraka half maybe a cream sauce limited. When you read through a car from one drummer to another drummer you get new Allah subhanaw taala. Grant to good maybe a cream sauce limited. Read excessive, the root upon me on the day of Joomla because there is a great link between the two right? Yes, entities, which two right? Yes entities the day of Joomla which is the most beautiful and the most virtuous of all days. And Libya. Kareem said Allah Allah Salam, the greatest of all human beings, maybe a cream sauce, some said the route pero yo the route will be

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presented before me on the day of Java. So these are some of the articles that we have made mentioned. By make value the day of Java. We know we notice nowadays, we don't even read you know this whole particular aspect whatever has happened, maybe a cream sauce lamb literacy that moodini seletti Miyo mill Java when the Imam gives the poll with him as him gives a call first

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hastened towards the performance of Joomla one added maybe a cream sauce them said perform Joomla Oh layer Tieman Allahu Allah. If you don't perform Joomla Allah would put a seal upon your hearts. Allah will put a seal upon your heart man teracle Juma can be ready for woman. Whoever leaves three Juma has without any reason, woman Africa.

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Whoever leaves three Juma has and doesn't perform Juma for three Juma is without any reason for what is. So may Allah subhanaw taala give us a trophy for understanding the virtue of the days and the times which Allah subhanho wa Taala has given virtue to we'll have to do that one.

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But there's one small announcement I would like to make, you know, we don't make mention of people. But you know, we used to be trying to search him now. There was a fire by who used to be with us every year in a particular way. He used to have that stick and Assa used to come every Juma and I and normally, in this particular week he passed away subdue al Qaeda Inshallah, electronic

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electronic agenda Aetna CIPA. If you come every week to the masjid, the people of the masjid will remember you Inshallah, we make dua that Allah elevate the status

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