Johnny Depp gets invited to Islam after playing a Muslim in Jack Sparrow

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Never fear truth and why isn't Ricky Gervais circumcised Bismillah Alhamdulillah As Salam aleikum, greetings of Peace Now I don't have to go into who Johnny Depp is.

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Feeling each other again

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ridiculous, humiliating, ludicrous, painful, savage.

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On unimaginably brutal, cruel,

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awful, one of the most famous Hollywood a star actors in the world like 50 Makes me insane, not a fruit. No, I'm all man I even fought in WWE to what I'm saying to you, is you should give it to somebody that don't know any better because as engaging

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as amazing, and his life was just put on display as a circus for the whole world to see, I could tell you that as soon as people were watching on their phones, as soon as this verdict was read, there were some tears outside of the courtroom. And I've always believed in Johnny, I believe that men can be victims and us having family members that have been victims of domestic violence. I have to I stand with Johnny and many of you who idolize these Hollywood actors and aspire to be like them. You thinking that this is what life is all about, that people are happy if they get fame and fortune, you really got to see that it's not really what is painted out to be you found that drugs

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are the only way to numb your pain. Right?

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They've always been a medicine from a yes and numbing agent, Johnny Depp being one of the most famous Hollywood actors who had all the money, all the fame, all the material things all the women. morning when I got to work, there was a whole line of women. And I said, What are these people doing here? They certainly weren't here for me, but they're there waiting for you to come tonight. But he's still numbing up all that pain that he has inside. He's got a void, obviously, and he's numbing it with alcohol and drugs. And you said yesterday that in fact I think you said you take drugs to numb the demons right?

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I don't know that I should to numb the demons but I have well, if I did say demons and you would sometimes drink whiskey in the mornings, too, right?

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During this time period

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you know, I mean, isn't happy hour anytime.

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And that cocaine that those white lines those are cocaine? That's cocaine right.

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I will assume Yeah. And that's that's your cocaine that you kept in that box that says Property of JD with a skull and crossbones, isn't it? Well, the beautiful composition of the photograph would suggest that certainly he also thought he settled down maybe he thought that was the purpose that would bring them peace and happiness. So he got himself what he thought was the most beautiful woman which ended up causing him the most pain. It was a mess. I was a wreck. I was

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shaking, and I just didn't understand why. And then I looked down and

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realized that the the tip of my finger had been severed.

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I was looking directly at

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my bones, e cigarette.

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this is after the finger had

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gone away.

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And she stubbed it out in my in my face and on my cheek didn't

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hit you across the face in a proper slot but I was hitting you was not punching you. You're not punched. Don't tell me what it feels like to be punched. You know even a lot of fights been around a long time. No.

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You didn't get punched you got hit. I'm sorry. I like this. But I did not punch you. I did not deck you. I was hitting you. I don't know what the motion of my actual hand was. But you're fine. I did not hurt you and enough punch you I was hitting you.

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I did start a physical fight. You did? Because yes, you did. You did the right thing. The big thing. You know you're admirable. No one asked you a question. Some of you guys brought this to my attention. And from my research it seems to be true, but I want you to look it up to go ahead and verify for yourself Captain Jack Sparrow was a Muslim? Who would have thought so the question is did Johnny Depp play the role of a Muslim convert some of you already like hell no, no, he didn't go out. Check it out. Check it out for yourself. I'll share with you a couple of things that we found Jack Sparrow you know the famous movie I haven't seen it myself but Jack Sparrow, aka John Ward, we

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came up

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was many articles one of them in the daily Saba that reads Jack Sparrow might be inspired by a Muslim captain. Born in England in the mid 1550s. Captain Jack Ward, namely Jack Sparrow was a legendary pirate was believed to have sailed to Tunisia where he converted to Islam with his crew and served in the Ottoman Navy. It goes on to say Jack Sparrow whose real name is Jack Ward was a famous sailor and pirate who was born in England and sailed across the Mediterranean Sea, he converted to Islam and served in the Ottoman Empire in the last years of his life. It goes on to say that Captain Jack was a heavy drinker, but he quit alcohol after his conversion. While the

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historical character of Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie was an Englishman historical facts indicate that he led an adventurous life and he converted to Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation. It's also noted here we have in Wikipedia, where it says Jack Ward, or birdie, also known as Yusuf was an English Ottoman pirate, who later converted to Islam and became John Ward or Bertie, also known Jack ward. or later as Yusuf. The BBC history magazine also revealed John Ward as the pirate behind the character, I thought is very interesting if this is true, which it seems it is that Johnny duck played the role of a Muslim convert. And again, a Muslim is simply one who submits

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his or her will to the Creator of the heavens and earth the same way Jesus Moses, Abraham is fundamentally a problem Mohammed did Captain Jack Sparrow now what's Johnny Depp's experience with religion? Or God, you had an uncle was a preacher, right? I don't know uncle who was a preacher, my mom, my mom, my dad never really had anything that you could call religion. Interestingly enough, it goes back to his childhood and what he observed going on around them at the time, that's, you know, maybe I'm six, seven years old, and suddenly you see grownups adults, you know, throwing their hands up into the air,

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screaming, I'm saved, running up and grabbing his ankle and kissing his shoe. And speaking in tongues and all that stuff. We know that Johnny Depp will go to the church to listen to his uncle Danny preach. But I had an uncle who was a preacher, my uncle Danny,

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and, you know, the, we'd have to go watch him preach on Sunday, and we can conclude that whatever he was exposed to in the church, the concept of God, the Trinity, God dying from people's sins, the crucifixion, these are the kinds of things the basic things that people are exposed to in a church probably didn't lay well with him, and he obviously rejected it. So at the ripe old age of six or seven years old, I realized

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this is bull*.

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Johnny Depp seems like a deep thinker, and he talks about the gift of being alive, just

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being alive. He also gives advice about searching for simplicity. First thing I would say is search for simplicity.

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So if you're given that advice, hopefully you'll take the advice yourself, Johnny, because there is nothing more simple, there's nothing more lucidly clear than the pure monotheism all along. Long.

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Sloman linearly.

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One a miracle local for

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the simple message of Islam, the simple message of the purpose of life that we find in the Quran, so I invite you Johnny Depp, the fans of Johnny Depp, even Amber Heard all of you guys to go ahead and take a sincere look into Islam without the prejudices the preconceived notions with an open heart and an open mind. And since you already played the part of a Muslim convert up to Jack Sparrow was a Muslim, who would have thought it's true. The character of Captain Jack Sparrow, so famously played by Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies is based on a real person, and that person was a Muslim convert. How cool is that John Ward, aka Jack Sparrow, look at what was so powerful of

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Islam that had him accept Islam, and give up alcohol and changed his life for the better, which brought him peace and contentment and happiness. Were not only him, but his whole crew accepted Islam and even his wife once you'd like to get married again, and find a wife that you can actually trust and you can live in peace with but look at John Ward who ended up getting married to his wife, and they both accepted Islam. You obviously want peace of contentment Johnny Depp, you obviously have not found that even up until now, and I'm going to tell you the truth, you're not going to find it and the way you're going trapped in your own mind and your own desires and your own personal

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philosophy in a buffet of other people's opinions and philosophies. It's like fumbling in the dark, looking for a key or lost in the ocean without a sail or rudder. Can you imagine

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But what's worse being in this life without guidance without purpose and that's where Islam comes in to give you purpose to help you understand why you've been created and to give you hope to give you peace to give you contentment not only in this life but paradise in the next now this video has a good chance to get in our friend Johnny dept and obviously the fans of Johnny Depp with your help inshallah God willing because as we know, Johnny Depp is a YouTube fiend. As I said, I'm a huge to thing. So let me leave you with this Johnny Depp's, as you've said that life is about celebrating and being grateful if we can celebrate every breath that we take,

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because nothing's a guarantee, if we could celebrate the breath, and the exhale

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which is

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being alive. So consider this as potential words coming from your Creator and inshallah God willing you can if you put it to the test confirmed like we have that they are actually coming from the Creator of the heavens and earth base based on proof and evidence, all you'd have to do is invest a little bit of time with some sincerity sprinkled on it and you'd come to the same conclusion. So consider this as potential words coming from your Creator. Let me let you hear this and then I'll translate it gave that photo Naveen

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Can you forget to clone

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Can you Phatak foreigner Villa he wants

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me to come

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up come

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now this is from the Koran you've read so many books. You have identified so many fake manmade religions that are out there, your fitrah your innate nature rejected. God being a man being a human being and your the all the other man made religions out there, I'm quite sure that you have never sincerely looked into Islam, or read the Quran. Look at what Allah God Almighty is saying, How can you reject faith in Allah in your Creator, seeing that you are without life, and then he gave you life, and then he will cause you to die, and will again bring you to life? And again to him? He shall return. So if you talk about being grateful, how dare can we be ungrateful to our Creator, who

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gave us the ability to inhale and exhale as you talk about if we can celebrate every breath that we take to just imagine that you didn't exist? You are nothing. We were nothing just seven years ago. You're in your 60s Now just about seven years ago, you didn't exist there was no Johnny Johnny, who then after that, just imagine you are this in layman's terms? Sticky slime sperm. So God Almighty saying that he gave you life, and then he's going to cause you to die. And then he'll bring you back to life and every second we're getting closer and closer to our final destination towards our departure date Johnny Depp and you've lived this life you didn't all the coke in the dope and the

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drugs still numbing the pain for you found that drugs are the only way to numb your pain. Right?

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They've always been a medicine from a yes, a numbing agent. So let's conclude here with you tried everything else? Why not give Islam a try? Look into the Muslim Converse life that Captain Jack Sparrow was a Muslim? Who would have thought you played the role that you played in this film? And why not after you looked into the Quran, if you're sincere, you will conclude that this is the truth. I want to live life according to God's will not my desires. And when I talk about God, I'm gonna talk about a man in the heavens with a beard that resembles a human being or Jesus is a god or a trinity. I'm talking about the One who created this whole universe and everything in it, the one

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and only the one that you cannot imagine and fathom. He's not like you or me. He doesn't have an area code, zip code, a color, a skin tone, a nationality. He's one and alone worthy of worship. And he sent prophets and messengers. They all came with the same message, worship one and only one God and be morally upright. And when you talk about simplicity, search for simplicity.

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Doesn't get any simpler than that. And prepare yourself for a day of judgment where at the end they'll be a Hellfire or a paradise. And it's not taking a risk that at the end after all this drama was a mess. I was a wreck. I was

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shaking and I just didn't understand why all the problems with life that we cannot escape. Oh, my car won't start. Oh gee.

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You know the cat drop dead even after this when that you just got to be excited for a little bit and in with all the fans that even still love you love you joy. We love my joy. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny, I love you, bro. I love you. I love you. I love you. You'll be alone in that grave. And pretty soon after some times all the hit films that you've made, it'll be forgotten. So what else do you have to lose? And I'll give you an idea. After you take some sincere time you look into Islam, you can come back make a hit film on the real history of how Jack Sparrow aka John Ward, we changed his name to use of I'll even leave you with some homework. Why not read the story of use of who John Ward

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changed his name to read the story of use of in the Quran, and just how beautiful this prophet was. And look at the tests and trials that he went through. And by the way it was connected to a woman and all you got to do to start with his be sincere and ask ask for the guidance. Say the One who created me the one who created this whole universe and everything in it, guide me guide me guide me. And then put your thinking cap on, open your heart mind and look into this way of life. This way of life that was sent to all these messengers and prophets. They brought the same message they didn't brought bring conflicting messages worshipped the one creator, the One who created God the One who

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created Jesus Moses, Abraham and the last and final messenger who was sent for you, me and all of us living today Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And we'll see you next time simplicity it is worship the Creator, not the creation. Thank you for tuning in. Stay tuned and the second where I'm gonna get you guys a free gift for you and Johnny, Johnny. If you'd like to learn more, reach out have your team reach out to my team we would love to connect and we'll love to help you along your way on the next journey in life the best journey in life and I can guarantee you if you're sincere it will be inshallah until next time, peace be with you. A Salam aleikum, I cannot

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leave without giving you a gift if you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about, and you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen show.com will take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time until then Peace be with you as salaam alaikum. And if you liked this episode of the deen show, like this video, share this video far and wide and support us on our Patreon page so we can continue this work. Thank you for tuning in. Peace be with you A salaam aleikum