Does the mention of ‘Jews & Christians’ in the Qur’an indicate it’s Human origin

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jackal by, may Indymedia question Korea aegyo either both Muslim by obey Tonga feelings are to a Gato Moffitt Amira nama miles Mehta, or may businessmen. Ido Qurani. Oh good Aki big Kitab ni q q t Editora jabber Injil job Aja thorat Musa alayhis salam cobija Jabu Neva Tao de les salaam cabeza or ISA la salon Kota. Lodi intil dia. So, a Abby Jo, present for many. T nakita Ilagan garburator. The Isobel THEMUSEUM jovia Blue, but this robot ABA, Casio Quran may people have the book people have the book cover criteria with the low or SI logo to Joe. job now, Allah raiga to good apna meseta Gaza Krishna, Bhagavad Gita, me volta a Kuru in a KURU, to a GitHub query admin Ilikai ojo pecha to

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a 25 Joe profit say, Joe Bible may Puri, who was a way Quran may to Aki it will be joining number ally Jo pura universals Nibbana to a bardney Balega gay yo de lo gave he say look McCullough VOD se lo que Janta e ad MCI calm ma sub says emoji loctite. And I want to ask other Christian also one way, you know,

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I traveled to answer the first question. We will allow you a second brother.

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Your brother asked the question. He says and I know my Sheba has been coming to Ira since 1991.

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And he takes more video consider some IRFU in the Muslims. So his list in IRF taking maximum number of video courses literature etc. Much faster question that as the earliest scriptures as the Quran says Torah Zabu rinji revealed to Moses David Jesus Christ's peace be upon them that the Muslim said has changed. So in the Quran, when the Quran speaks about the Jews,

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that all people have the book, Jews and Christians so when it speaks about in such a way, so is in the Quran also written by the human being? Correct. Your argument is that how does it speak about the Jews and Christians? Whether if you had come from my earlier talk, is the Quran God What were you there for the talk? No, I was not that talk dealt with this topic in detail. I don't intend repeating the full talk. And it dealt in details that how people allege Prophet Muhammad wrote it being a human being for what reason for power for gain, etc, I do two hours lecture, which I can repeat, but coming to your main question, that because it says that all people have the book

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is telling. So that means it indicates written by a human being. Whether if you analyze in the Quran, as you rightly said that there are 25 messengers mentioned my name. And most of the messengers mentioned of Almighty God, they are Jewish. And if you see these names also mentioned the Bible, about more than 1/3 of the Quran is addressed to the Jews. Why? giving examples that Almighty God did favours to the people of Israel? Yeah, but Israel don't do the favor. We didn't do you but you did find suffering for thing. So these are examples given the Quran Almighty God that they were prophets who came earlier to these people.

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Some people rejected the Prophet some people accepted the Prophet. So when you give me an example

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it says cool. Yeah, hello kita say are people of the world. Tala Vila calm within Salah embedded Amina, come to come in terms as been a sin you so the Quran is telling us Muslims, that you have to speak to the people of the book, People of the Book miss people of the revelation, indicating in this Quran specifically, when the word people of the book is used, it is referring to Jehovah NESARA, to the Jews and the Christian. So Allah is telling the Muslims to talk to the LA kitab.

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Allah also says, Yeah, hello kita are People of the Book. So that means Quran is addressing not only to the Muslims, or to the Arabs, but to the LA Kitab also, therefore, I mentioned that this last and final revelation, the Glorious Quran was not sent only for the Muslims or the Arab, it was 10 for the whole of humanity, if it was a human work.

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If it was a human work, as you say, then Almighty God will never mention that go and as the Jews and Christian, it is mentioned in the Scripture at that time, there were many who did not know about the Jews and Christian what happened in the past when they checked up it turned out to be true. Further says it talks even about prophecies that are gonna happen in the future. So all these things whether it cannot be the work of a human being for more than

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again refer to my talk is the Quran God's word hope damselfish