Divine Wisdom behind Allowing the Israelis Atrocities

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questions posed by Fatima Patel,

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a university student from Birmingham, UK.

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Why if Allah allowing the unjust Israeli forces to kill 1000s of innocent Palestinians for the last seven weeks? Why does Allah not give victory to the Palestinians? What should the Muslims do?

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This question calls for a very long answer.

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The question posed Was that why is Allah allowing the unjust Israeli forces to kill 1000s of Palestinians for the last seven weeks? And why does Allah not give the Palestinian victory and what should the Muslims do? And we know that since the seventh of October

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This war has started between the Palestinians and Israel. And in the last seven weeks, from seventh October till today, more than 15,000 Palestinians have been killed.

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And this started after my fisheries were discontinued while I was on a tour to Qatar and to Nigeria. And I've given talks on this issue in several places, including in my online talks in different parts in UK etc. Also, the last Juma could buy given Algeria, in the National Mosque in Abuja was about three weeks ago, and the topic was genocide in Palestine. There was a 14 minutes cut Bartok I gave before the Duma salah, but since this is the first time I will be speaking about this issue, so inshallah I will try to give the answer. The question posed Was that why is Allah allowing the unjust Israeli forces to kill 1000s of Palestinians. And we know that the Palestinians, they are

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protecting the third holiest site of Islam, that is mostly taxa they are doing for the fire on behalf of the Muslim ummah. And they are protecting the third holy site, that it must be the Aqsa.

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And they refer to the fire, if not, you, Muslim would have to go and protect the third holy site of Islam.

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And why is Allah allow me there are various reasons I just mentioned the important reasons. Number one, Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Baqarah, chapter number two, verse number 216, that you may hate a thing, which may be good for you. And you may love a thing, which is bad for you, Allah knows, and you know not so many a times a thing which you may feel is not good, which you may hate, if actually, it may be good for you. And a thing which you may love, may not be good for you, Allah knows and you don't know Allah to give an incidence to explain this verse on the Quran. Once there was a man who was catching a flight from Doha to USA, and he wanted to read USA the next day, it was

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a very important business deal, in which he would get a minimum profit of a million dollar. While going towards the airport, there was a traffic jam. And due to the traffic jam, he's unable to reach to the airport in time to catch his flight. And he misses the flight. And he says, This is the worst thing that happened in my life. I missed the flight. And now I missed the meeting. And I will lose a profit of more than a million dollars that I've got to make.

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On his way back. When he's returning back home, he yards he years on the radio, that the flight that he was about to catch from Doha to New York, the flight while taking off it crashes, and all the passengers in that flight they die. So the person says, Ah, this is the best thing that happened to me that I missed the flight. Imagine just an hour before he will see that he missed the flight. And that was the worst thing that happened to him in his life. And he was cursing. One hour later when he realizes the flight was about to catch which was about to board, it crashes and all the passengers die. He says to Allah subhanaw taala that this is the best thing that happened to him in

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his life. So that's what Allah says in the Quran in surah baqarah chapter two verse number 216, that you may hate a thing which may be good for you. And you may love a thing which may be bad for you. You do not know Allah knows. So in this situation, we know that on the face of it, more than 15,000 innocent Palestinians have been killed. And there was a ceasefire for approximately a week and again the bumbling has started since yesterday. And yesterday alone more than 100

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innocent Palestinians were killed. And out of those killed, more than 15,002 thirds of them are women and children, more than 40% are children, and more than 27% of women. On the face of it, of course, we feel what's happening is wrong, and it's totally wrong. But when we look at the brighter side, or the other side of it, we realize that this war between the Palestinians and the Israeli forces is continuing since decades, since more than 75 years, this war is taking place. And we know that the Israelis have occupied the land of the Muslims of the Palestinians, the Arabs. And we know that the Muslims more than 7580 years back, they welcome them. Hitler incinerate the 6 million Jews,

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many of the Jews came to Palestine, and the Muslim welcomed them. But later on the same Israelis, the Jews, who were given shelter by the Muslims, by the Palestinian Arabs, they kick them out of the house. And when they want the land back there saying that the terrorist, we know this is going on since many years, unfortunately, unfortunately, the world, many countries in the world, they're supporting this unjust act of the Israelis, that they are settlers, they're occupiers, they've occupied the land. And now they're calling the people to whom the land belongs as staged. If you look at the brighter side of this issue, when this war started, on seventh of October, one week

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later, when there was a poll done 65% of the people around the world, they supported Palestine, in the favor of Palestine, and 35%. They supported Israel. But one month after the war, when we realize that the footage of the social media, which went viral, and showed the injustice done by the IDF, the Israeli Defense Forces, that they killed innocent people they targeted, they broke most of the international laws of war. They effectively targeted civilians, they selectively targeted innocent children, of women. They targeted hospitals, they targeted schools that targeted mosques, and they broke almost all international laws of war. And this was known to the world because today the world

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is a global village, on the social media, on the Facebook, on YouTube, on Instagram, on tick tock, we have live images. Never before has it happened before when the was took place in 1948, in 1973. And all these walls, we used to get some videos or some audios may be few days later, a few weeks later, a few months later, not knowing whether it's true or not. Now, we can have a live telecast, because of the social media because of the international satellite channel. So when the poll was taken a month after this was started, a Hamdulillah 95% of the world was in favor of Palestine, and only 5% in favor of Israel. And now, nearly 70 weeks after this, surely the percentage in favor of

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Israel may have risen. Maybe it's 97 or 98%. And hardly two or 3% are yet supporting Israel. What we find in the social media, though the heads of these Western countries, whether it be USA, whether it be UK, whether it be European countries, they are yet supporting Israel.

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It is an ingest act, you can see the double standards that USA had, as compared to Ukraine, in Russia, Ukraine, it gave all its support to Ukraine to defend against Israel. And here they're doing exactly the opposite.

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And if you compare between Russia and Ukraine and ISRAEL PALESTINE, there's a difference of chalk and cheese. The Israelis are much more wrong, as compared to what happened between Russia and Ukraine

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because this land belonged to the Palestinians, and they were occupiers. Yet, Today America support Israel. And this year alone, they're funded $3.8 billion only in military equipment to Israel to attack innocent Palestinians and kill 15,000 Palestinians. You see the double standards, and the world has come to know about this. And now we feel that though the heads of stakes, the heads of countries of these western countries are yet supporting Israel, but the masses leave us and the Muslims even

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In the non Muslim muscles in America, in UK, there are strong protests in 1000s and 10s of 1000s and hundreds of 1000 supporting the Palestinian cause. And you can see this.

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So if you see the brighter side, we know we really pray for the Palestinians. You know, may Allah give them Mr. Karma? May Allah give them steadfastness, may Allah give them sober, may Allah granted the for those to the martyrs. But if you look at the brighter side, that 15,000 have been killed, yes, it is depressing. It is what can they be, but we realize that what the world did not know for the last more than 75 years, in this last two months, in last seven weeks, the world has come to know what is right lever.

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And they have come to know the truth, that the reason you have in the Parliament of various Western countries, the masses, the common man, in the Western countries, it's supporting Palestine. So this, if you see with with that 15,000 People have died. Yes, it's a point to be condemned. It's, we feel heard about it, but to see the brighter side of the coin, that now the world has come to know about it.

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So that's the reason when certain Islamic scholars have discussed and they realize that what has happened is better in the long run, that now at least the world has come to know. So that for Allah says in the Quran, Surah Baqarah Chapter Two was the metoden and 16. You may hate a thing which may be good for you. And you may love a thing which is not good for you. Allah knows and you do not know. Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Baqarah Chapter number two was number 155 and 156. Allah says, That surely we will test you with something of fear and hunger, with loss of lives and fruits of toil. give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere those that suffer and was number one for

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today, faith, and those people who when they inflicted with calamity, they face in life, we leave it at you that surely from him become and surely to him will return. So here, Allah subhanaw taala say that surely we will test every human being with something of fear and hunger, with loss of life, and your goods and the fruit which you have gained, and blessing those people who do suffer, who patiently persevere

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so Yet Allah subhanaw taala faith that surely you're going to test every human being, do you think you will enter heaven without being tested? And we know that more difficult the test is more highest reward. And we know that amongst all the human beings that have come from Adam will salaam today, the ambiance, the messengers, the prophets of God, have been tested the most severely. That is the reason Allah subhanaw taala have given them a higher status, the test that the Amir's the messengers, the prophets of almighty God have undergone if more difficult, then the nonprofits and then

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we know that the test the Sabbath, at the time of the Prophet 1400 years ago, local for Russia and the Sabbath, they underwent that is the second most difficult test. So, surely, you should know that the test undergone but Ambia is much more difficult and higher the test, if you pass the test, higher reward. So, one thing is to realize that if there is a calamity,

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the calamity can be too it can be for two reasons one, it can be as a punishment, for the evil you have done a second it can be a test for you. So if the person is on the straight path, following a lioness Rasul, following the Quran and say did and if a calamity comes, it is surely a test for him. Allah wants to test them on a higher level and more difficult the calamity. And if the believer passes it, the higher rewarding it inshallah.

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If the person is not on the straight path and for calamity comes, then surely that calamity is a punishment for him. So this test that the Palestinians are enduring, is clearly a very difficult test. And Allah is testing them. Surely he'll test everyone with something of fear of hunger, with loss of life, with loss of fruits that you have gained with the toiling that you have done and give glad tidings to those who patiently persevere and Allah Subhana Allah says in the Glorious Quran

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In Surah Baqarah, chapter number two was number 26. That Allah subhana wa Taala does not lay a burden more than what a person can bear. Allah subhanaw taala gives a promise in the Quran that are no human being does Allah subhanaw taala lay a burden more than he can bear. And as you go ahead and the verse that the last verse of Surah Baqarah it faith that we pray to Allah subhanaw taala lay not honor the burden greater than we can be. So here Allah subhanaw taala say, when Allah has given a promise that he will not lay a burden greater on any human being more than we can bear, then why are we praying to Allah that lay not on us the burden here then we can be many times the human beings

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themselves, put themselves in a position where they lead the burden come on them, so they are to blame. They dig their own grave. So yeah, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala promises that he will not put on any one a burden greater than he can bear.

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And Allah smart Allah says in the Glorious Quran in surah Mulk chapter number 67 was the to Allah the collateral Mata will Hatta it Allah was created that a life to test which of you is good in deeds, so this life is a test for the hereafter. We are living this life as a test for the hereafter, and alleged testing that which of us is good in deeds. So whatever that happens in this world, it's the test for the hereafter. Regarding coming to your question, your main question that why does Allah allow the unjust Israeli forces to kill 1000s of Palestinians? This life is a test. Allah is testing. Allah wants to test different human beings of different parts of the world. And

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when Allah is testing,

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knocking easily stop this massacre. For Allah to stop the genocide is very easy. Allah just have to say confer could be entities. But then how will we understand? He'll understand, but how will we understand that? Have we passed the test or not? Allah subhanaw taala didn't make it.

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Allah is testing us. And Allah is letting us know how we will fail the test. So on the Day of Judgment, no human being can object to justice, Allah, Allah subhanaw taala knows which human being will pass on. But we don't know. So this all these incidences are tests.

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when Allah is testing, first, we know that the atrocities that has been inflicted on the Palestinians, according to me, almost all a majority, more than 95% will surely pass this test with flying colors. The Palestinians, they may be few, a very small minority, a very small percentage, who may be hand in love with the Israeli or maybe billion dollar of the Quran, sunnah. But majority, almost all, surely more than 95% of the Palestinians, they are going to pass this test with flying colors. And we can see that we have got evidence that mothers whose children have been martyred, they say that if Allah gives us more 10 Children, we would love them to be murdered in the way of

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Allah subhanaw taala we have children giving testimony, we have woman giving testimony, the mother of the fathers, and we can see the way they are reacting. And because of this, the non Muslims when they see that what is making these Palestinians even after they're being tortured, after they be massacred after their family members have been killed, yet their thing hamdulillah yet they're praising Allah subhanaw taala it is making 1000s of 10s of 1000s of Muslims to read the Quran that How come this Palestinians, even after this genocide, they're thanking the Creator Allah subhanaw taala and because 10s of 1000s of non Muslim reading the Quran and when they read the Quran, their

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hearts are opened up, their mind is opened up. And they said what is this book, and Alhamdulillah in the span of last seven week, there are 1000s or 10s of 1000s of non Muslims who have accepted Islam, Allah Akbar. So you can know that this what has happened in the last seven weeks because of the atrocities because of the general side that by the Israeli forces on the Palestinians, and we can feed the double standards of the media. The media is defending the mainstream media, whether it be CNN, whether it be BBC, they have been giving false narratives that the Palestinian forces they are killing innocent babies. They are torturing innocent civilians. All these are fabricated news and

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ones when they expose many people are

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losing faith in the mainstream media, whether it be BBC, whether it be feeling and they're going to alternative better truthful media like Al Jazeera, like Al Arabiya, and you can see the difference. So all this is a plan of Allah subhanaw taala in letting the world know, and we can see 1000s of people embracing Islam. And you can see the testimony that there are Christian, there are Jews, many Jews are coming out in open and see that we can then the Israeli the vanished. They are not Jews. They are not following the book of Almighty God. They are against the teachings of Judaism. There are demonstrations of 1000s of Jews in America, in UK, and all over the world. They are condemning

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Israel. And the testimonies are filled in the social media. Many of the social media accounts are being blocked, they are being tampered with. They are being silenced. But they get silenced a few 100, a few 1000, but not millions. So here you can find that because of this war than just war, that process is done by Israelis and Palestinian for the last several weeks, because of that the world has come to know. So it was surely

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a very good bargain. That yeah, 15,000 people have been killed. But all the 15,000 people more than 15,000 who have been killed, or maybe many more, which are unidentified, maybe in troubles, all of them Inshallah, we'll go to the end of the fifth dose, all of these innocent people will return to the front doors. So they have passed this test, what we have seen to it, that Allah subhanaw taala is testing the human being, he's not only testing the Palestinians, at the same time, he's giving rope for the people are doing atrocities to continue. He's letting as the Quran faith, he's letting the unbelievers go astray, giving them rope to hang themselves. Allah can solve this problem very

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easily, but he letting them do the injustice so that he can hold them accountable, so that he can give them health in the Hereafter.

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And Allah is checking the other non Muslim, what are they doing? Are they agreeing with this atrocity? Are they supporting this genocide? What's happening in UAE? What's happening in un? So here we come to know that elasticity, everyone, not only the Palestinians, and the Israelis, but even the Muslims and non Muslims all over the world. And we know that the Palestinian inshallah will pass with flying colors, and the Israeli if not all, almost all, who are the injustice, especially the Zionist, the Zionist, who are planning all this, they will surely be entered in hellfire in the hereafter.

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Now, Allah is opening eyes of the non Muslims, what are they doing? Are they supporting this unjust regime? At the same time, Allah is even testing the Muslims. What are the Muslims doing?

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What are we doing? Are we just sitting and doing nothing? Our Beloved Prophet masala Salam said that, if any one of the Muslim, the old Muslim Ummah is like one body, and if one part of the body is in pain, the whole body is in pain. So if one part of the body suffers, anyone in the Muslim ummah suffers, though ma should stand for it. What are we doing? The Palestinians inshallah almost all majority of them will pass the flying colors, what are we Muslim doing?

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If it is not a test for us also, and I've given a talk before on the 13 point action plan by the Muslim ummah, for the Palestinian cause. And the last talk I gave before the Juma Salah in Nigeria, in Abuja, in the National Mosque, it was 15 Point action plan for the Muslim ummah. As far as the Palestinian issue is concerned,

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I will not be able to speak in detail I just briefly mentioned about this, because the question, the first part of the question was, why does Allah allow the Israeli forces the unjust Israeli forces to kill 1000s of Palestinians? Because Allah is testing them?

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Why doesn't Allah give victory to the Palestinian then Allah can give them very easily acid. And we know in history, that in the Battle of butter, where the Muslims are hardly 313, and enemies are more than 1003 times more, yet they were victorious. The enemies were more powerful, they were more well equipped, they're better horses, they had better equipment for fighting yet because of support of Allah in the Battle of other the Muslims, the defeated the non Muslims, even though at times the number we know is mentioned in the Quran and from history. Prophet David

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It, peace be upon him. Very weak, very small in terms of numbers. But when he fought with Goliath, who was more powerful, more stronger, much bigger, more number, yet the victory was the those who are in the truth. So alleged ashti allies waiting and see what are the other non Muslims doing? What are the Muslims doing? And coming to the question that what should the Muslims do? I'll just say In brief, the 15 point action plan for the Muslim ummah, as far as the Palestinian cause is concerned.

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Number one, you have to realize that the Palestinians, they are protecting the third holy site of Islam must have Daksa they are doing for the fire, if they would not have protected have sacrificed their life, sacrifice, the wealth that they have, in protecting the third holy site, it would have been duty of every Muslim all over the world to go and physically protect their site. So they are doing for the fire. So we owe it to them. And in the 15 point Action Plan, the first seven can be done by any Muslim, whether it's rich or poor, whether black or white, with the Arab or non Arab, whether living close to Palestine or farther from Palestine, irrespective every Muslim can do the

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seven points, the first seven points, the balance, eight points from the 15 point action plan can be done by those people who have given the AMA or have blessed with certain facility. But the first seven every individual Muslim can do with the rich or poor with the black or white with Arab or non Arab, whichever part of the world is living in. Number one, the least a Muslim can do is dua for a brothers and sisters Palestine, the least we can do is boudoir to Allah subhanaw taala we pray to Allah subhanaw taala that May He give steadfastness to the Palestinians may give them fervor may elevate the suffering, may he even think for them. May He grant delta for those to the people who

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have been battered, May He make it easy for the family members of those who have been martyred. The least we can do to DUA and we find that mashallah the Muslim ummah, in many parts of the world, they are following the Sunnah of the Prophet, that in times of calamity, we have to read the footnote or novella, and we can do that in all five Salah in the last raka after ruku when we hit up the Prophet, the Sunnah, that in times of calamity, he prayed to Allah subhanaw taala after getting up from ruku in the last taka of all the further Salah, we do dua do I cannot do another Allah and hamdulillah Alhamdulillah we find that different parts of the world people are praying, especially

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in Malaysia. Mashallah, in most of the mosques, five times a day, we find that people I didn't do equinox and they are praying for the Palestinian brothers and sisters, and we are praying in JAMA that may Allah give them Sabbath, may Allah elevate them, and may take away the suffering. May He grant them the full dose to the people that have been martyred and may give them victory. And individually, we should do as much as possible, especially in the last 1/3 of the night. And the Prophet said in the last 1/3 of the night, that is one are we Allah subhanaw taala descends to the lower heaven and us Is there any of my servant who want something and I will answer this prayer. So

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the best time in the full day to dua in the last 1/3 of the night, especially in tahajjud in the night prayer in the sujood when we pray to Allah smart established, and those who pray tahajud This is the best time in the last 1/3 of night, especially in the salute, pray for the Palestinian bitterness sisters, and those who don't pray tattooed regularly. I don't used to pray that this may be an excuse for you that it is get up in the last 1/3 of night, maybe one hour before the fajr or half an hour before the fajr Athan and pray tanjun You may never know by this, it may become a part of your lifestyle, which is one of the most important sunnah after the fright number two, it is the

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duty of every Muslim that he should make the people aware the people around them, whether they be Muslims, whether they be non Muslims, that porosity that the Zionist the Israeli Jews are doing on the Arab Muslim Palestinian better than sisters. You can inform one to one to your friends, maybe to gathering maybe on social media that they have a Facebook account whether on the WhatsApp whether on YouTube, whether on the Instagram read on Tik Tok.

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Whether on X See to it that you make the people aware of the atrocities the Israelis are doing, the Zionists are doing on the Palestinian brothers and sisters, on the innocent children on the innocent human being on the innocent woman. And we can find that in the last one week, when there was a truce, or approximately seven days, it was for the extended five days and six days and seven days. And we find when the hostages were being released, you can see the difference when the Palestinian resistant forces when they were releasing the hostage if you could find that the hostage is really respected. Those hostages who were with the Palestinians for about four weeks, five weeks, six

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weeks, seven weeks, you could find that how close they were to them, you know, and they were smiling, and they were happy. And you can feel the stories that how, when they were released, they praised the people who kept them captive. And you can hear the stories, what they said that these people they protected us. And imagine, imagine if you were one of them, if you were one of the captives, one of the hostages. And imagine when you are being taken away by the Palestinians. And you realize that your own country Israel, they are dropping bombs, they are doing carpet bombing, they've nearly destroyed more than half of Gaza.

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They have displaced hundreds of 1000s of human beings of the Palestinians in Gaza, they have killed more than 15,000 Palestinians and 1000s more, they may be under bubbles of the buildings, they will not be yet traced.

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And when you find that your own country is pumping, and your captains are taking you under the tunnel and keeping you safe, what will be the plight imagine they are dropping bombs, their own country is dropping bombs on you and the people who have captured you. They're protecting you from your own country. What a sight. Allahu Akbar. And they thought to it that they gave them food. And they gave them food better than what they ate. And they knew that though there were 1000s of Palestinians who are dying, there were 10s of 1000s of hungry yet they thought to it that the few 100 hostages that they had, they thought to it that they gave them good food, they took care of

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them. They had medical doctors attending them 24 by seven, they thought they took care of the needs of the woman. And they thought that they felt safe. The treatment that they got

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for the last few weeks, five weeks, six weeks, seven weeks was phenomenal. It changed their life. Contrast with others, when they rarely forces when they are leaving the hospitals with the cap for five years, 10 years, 15 years, without any charges. When they were released. They were talking about the atrocities that the Israeli did on them. The condition of the prisons was atrocious. They will not give him food to eat. They will not even give him one proper meal a day. They could not see the outside world. And they were not allowed to read books not allowed to hear the news, you could see the contrast between the two hostages, or the two types of prisoners. And when the resisting

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force of Palestine, when they were really not good. You could feel the smile on the face of hostages, they were shaking hands, they were saying goodbye. They were meeting each other as though they're going to miss them as though they see that thank you for taking care of us on the other side here. That also did they did, they ingested the dead. And the news that the Palestinians who were captured by the Israeli forces, and were kept without any reason, for years together, they were threatened, that we will rate with the woman was certain that they will be raped. They were threatened that the children will be killed, that they will be burned alive, they will threaten that

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the parents will be killed. They were tortured. See the contrast gives an example of a true Muslim that even though when they kept hostages, they thought that they protected them. They protected them more than their own family members. They protecting them more than what they did to their own citizens. This is a sample of Islam. And surely the world has seen this because of which 1000s of non Muslims accepted Islam. So much so that the Israeli have put the band on the hostages that were released by the Palestinian Liberation forces. The toll that the leaves after should not give an interview to any of the news channel. They were afraid. So if you can see that this is a last plan.

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If Allah wants unlocking, stopping, but Allah is exposing

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the double standards of the Western world, exposing the atrocities done. Imagine if Allah wanted on day one, Allah could have easily seen to it, the Palestinians when the war, but the world wouldn't have known, yet the world would have had a soft corner for the Jews. For the Zionist five right now, it is confirmed that more than 95% of the world Muslims and non Muslims alike. They know the atrocities done

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by the Israelis by the Zionist. So this last plan number two should make it known to the best of my ability every Muslim to make it come in, they find it, they should spread it, check up that the news is correct, and spread it on their social media account, on the Facebook, on the whatsapp on the YouTube, on the Instagram on the tick tock on the Twitter on the X as far as possible. Number three, I request every Muslim,

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the 10 most important people that he have on his list, he should see to it that he personally message them or calls them or speaks to them and talks about this issue and how we should support the Palestinians and stop the genocide atrocities then by the Israelis and the Palestinians, the 10 best people, some people may know heads of states, some people may be aware of the Prime Minister's of the of the presidents of the ministers, or you may be a common man, your top may be a secretary general of your building. Committee. He may be maybe a principal of a school, whichever 10 most important people that you feel, you know, see to it that you personally one to one, convey this

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message and talk about the atrocities done by the Israelis and the Palestinians. Point number four fit with that to discuss this and gatherings. Whether you go to school, see to put on the school notice board on the colleges on the universities see to that you street place, that you've made it more common,

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as much as awareness as possible, to expose the double standard of the Western world to expose that the double standards of USA, what they are doing in the war between Russia and Ukraine and what they're doing between the war with Israel and Palestinian, the double standard should be exposed when number five, see to it that you take part in a protest

00:37:33--> 00:38:19

against the atrocities done by the damaged the Israeli forces against the Palestinian seated that together in large numbers in your area in your city in your country. And protest should be peaceful. It should not be violent. You should not destroy properties should not torture vehicles, it should be peaceful protests, so that the larger the numbers are, the more available the people know and are Hamdulillah. So Muhammad Allah, never in the history of the world ever. Has there been such large support for the Palestinians in the last 100 years? Never ever has there been so much support by the non Muslims for the Palestinian cause. And you can find non Muslims waving flags, and they are

00:38:19--> 00:39:01

supporting, saying that Palestine should be freed and from the atrocity stop the genocide, you should take part in protest. Point number six, that we should ban the products of Israel and banned the products of those country that are supporting Israel so that we put an economic pressure on them. And we find this happening in many of the Muslim countries including Malaysia, that the banning the products of Starbucks of McDonald's, of KFC, and you find that the business is dwindling, so much so that now they want to give free burgers don't give free check in and so on and so forth trying to attract the people, we should see to it that they should be sustained. We boycott

00:39:01--> 00:39:10

the products of Israel, and boycott the products of those countries that are supporting the unjust cause of Israel.

00:39:11--> 00:40:00

Point number seven, that every Muslim should donate whatever possible in his capacity for the Palestinian cause. And while giving donation, the amount is not important, the percentage is important and always say that if a person who earned the $1,000 a month, and he donates $100 for the Palestinian cause he's donating 10% of his monthly income. On the other hand, if a billionaire who owns a billion dollar a month from that he donates a million dollar for the Palestinian cause $1 million of a billion dollar is point zero 1% whereas $100 of $1,000 10% so the person who earns $1,000 and donate $100 for the Palestinian cause will get 100 times Musa

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

up, then a person who earned the billion dollar a month and donate some million dollar, because $100 is 10% of his income, and $1 million off a person who earns a billion dollar a month, if point 1% of his income. So the person who donates $100 After earning $1,000 will get 100 times most of our than a person who donates a million dollar after he earns a billion dollar. So while giving charity, you cannot say I'm poor, whatever you are, whatever we are, how much are you willing to sacrifice? What percentage of income whether it be $1 or $10, or $1,000, on a million dollar, Allah will look at the percentage not on the amount. And therefore I say to all the people, the rich over the middle class

00:40:46--> 00:40:56

or the poor people that make it a habit to give a percentage of what you earn, in the way of Allah subhanaw taala and see how your income, how your earnings or your savings keep on increasing.

00:40:57--> 00:41:38

The first seven point every Muslim in the world can do whether rich or poor, black or white, or the airborne on Arab, whichever part of the world the thing he has no excuse of not paying for the punished in brothers and sister, not praying for the victory for them, not spreading it, one to one on the group on social media, not telling to the 10 important people that he knows personally seem to that he conveys the place he was in the college he or she studied in the university make it more common see told that he joined the protest in large numbers against the unjust regime of the Zionist the Israelis that he boycott the product of the Israeli than those countries supporting Israel. And

00:41:38--> 00:42:23

last is contribute whatever he can in the way of Allah subhanaw taala many people talk all these rich country don't do anything what are they doing? I will not question you. Why the rich head of the state of another country donating or not? Allah will question you What have you done? I've given you $1,000 a month, could India sacrifice from it. So for the first seven points, no Muslim rich or poor black or white Arab Onana has the excuse of not taking part in the first seven points, the balance eight points from the 15 point action plan can only benefit those people who are alive given the facility. I mean, the number that it can do point number eight, those Muslims who own satellite

00:42:23--> 00:43:08

channels, or who have friends who own satellite channels, or know people who own satellite channels on international media, whether it be the international newspapers, whether it be international magazines, whether it be your broadcast station, whether it be satellite channels, what they should do that secret, he they should coax them, or give them information so that they can show on the media. Everyone may not be owning channels, or maybe having influence, but those who have feed to it, that you influence them, and make sure that they spread the truth on the media. Point number nine, there should be a battery of international lawyers,

00:43:09--> 00:43:17

international lawyers who can file a case in the international court of law on war crimes against Israel.

00:43:18--> 00:44:10

Whether you get results or not, you at least do it. If you're near the law you saw. So there should be an organization of international lawyers who are well qualified and well known and feel to it, that you file a case in international and we know that many years ago lottomatica moment, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, he had made a column for war crimes that made a column for international court where he put to trial, Tony Blair, and George Bush, who were responsible for the massacre done in Iraq, where hundreds of 1000s of lives were killed, and sanctioned because of which many children are killed. And he called international judges, international lawyers. And after the case, Tony

00:44:10--> 00:44:41

Blair and George Bush did not come to defend themselves, etc. But after the case was done, there was a resolution that if the former president of USA, George Bush, or the former prime minister of UK, Tony Blair, set foot in Malaysia, then we arrested Marshall. So see what results so we should have a battery of royals seen to it that whether we get to those or not we should see to it that we filed a case against Israel, for the war crimes and for the proceeds.

00:44:43--> 00:44:59

This is point number nine point number 10. That we should make a Vox exclusively for the people of Palestine exclusively. From us Daksa. Make Vox maybe investment whatever capacity you have

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

situate that to join along with your friends, and make a Vox for the cause of Palestine where they may support to have international lawyers or whether it may give support either the aid or the education aid or the medical aid or various options. They shouldn't be worth point number 10 point number 11. Those countries which have an Israeli embassy, featuring the officially the government, where the embassy that they they should give an official letter to the Ambassador of Israel in the country, saying that we are against this genocide that's happening in Palestine. And the generalization is struck immediately

00:45:39--> 00:45:43

by number 12, that they should be trade boycott,

00:45:44--> 00:46:14

between Israel and the country where you live. And you will be shocked. Not only Muslim country, many non Muslim countries, they said that they send ambassadors back. And point number 12 Is that in the straight backwards, there'll be an economic impact on Israel, stop buying weapons from them stop by any Israeli goods, we can always find a substitute point number 13 That we should severe the diplomatic relationship,

00:46:15--> 00:46:27

fever in the diplomatic relationship that we will no longer have the Embassy of Israel in our country. And we will not have our embassy in Israel fear the diplomatic relations.

00:46:28--> 00:47:15

If you severe it's a very hard one. Unfortunately, these people are very well equipped with the best of equipment best of their ammunition, and they're killing innocent human beings. So number 13, is that severe diplomatic relationships? Number 14 Is that how the western countries have a NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization that means there are about 31 countries which are members America and most of the European countries, they have 31 countries which are member and they say that if any country attracts any one of the 31 countries, it is either your attack or that you will continue to get that call as Neto not Atlantic Treaty Organization. So the Muslims, we should have Mexico,

00:47:15--> 00:47:52

Muslim country Treaty Organization, you know, there are 57 countries in the world, more than 35%, in which Muslims are in majority. So all these 57 Muslim countries get together. And if they have this Mexico, Muslim country to the organization, and have the same rules, and not though, why should we project when you can have the western countries together? And now we're not why can we make two and pass a resolution that if anyone attacks any one of these within the country, it is as though you have attacked all the features a Muslim country.

00:47:53--> 00:47:59

And lastly, the 15 point is that we should re establish the philosopher.

00:48:00--> 00:48:41

We know that Khilafah was abolished over 100 years back in 1900 23. When other metric was there, and the treaty was signed for 100 years now 100 years old, we should be established the Khilafah so the Muslims are united under one banner. Allah says in the Quran in cerebra in chapter three verse 103, what the theme will be the ledger metaphorical host told you the rope of an unbeliever divided the rope of Allah is the Glorious Quran and the Hadith and under this banner the Muslims camera I'm not saying that all the countries joined together at least let there be an umbrella let there be umbrella each one can have can be leader of the country, but let there be a joint common umbrella.

00:48:41--> 00:48:46

So the Muslims are united and if the United inshallah we will not be disturbed happening now.

00:48:47--> 00:49:31

And you know, the Hadith of the Prophet of Salah Salem that Muslims will be looked down upon and one of the person asked the Prophet that is it so because the Muslim will be lessened Number The Prophet said no Muslim will be large number but will be like fraught for which has no particular purpose only only numbers. So instead why because the Muslims would love this dunya and don't be afraid of that. The Muslim will be loved the dunya and we're afraid of that. This is the reason we'll be in the situation. So inshallah inshallah when the Muslims will stop loving the dunya and stop fearing that inshallah you will find the Muslim will be victorious. So for ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. To solve

00:49:31--> 00:49:59

this problem, as I mentioned earlier, it's very easy confer could so the first question is that why is Allah allowing Israelis to kill 1000s of passionate toilets the test for thereafter? What should the Muslims do again, the 15 point program and the last question that why doesn't Allah give victory to the Palestinians? For Allah to give it is very easy. confocal alash testing us, Allah thing, whether we Muslims passed the test or not, and I give him the fruit

00:50:00--> 00:50:41

In point action plan for Allah to solve the problem very easy Allah says in the Quran in no less than three different bases in surah Tauba chapter number nine was number 33 In Surah, Fatah chapter 14 Verse 28, and Surah softap Number 61 was number nine, who was the earth fella solo Buddha, what didn't lose ew D Nicolay Bucha called a life and death Messenger with guidance and the ring of throat so that it will pray will have all the the religions or all their their isms, whether it be Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, socialism, atheism, Islam in the stands opposite all call it master them all. And Allah and out of three places in two places we look at him Shikun Hurry up the

00:50:41--> 00:51:26

machine would like it. And one place Allah says that and enough is Allah with Fabiola Ishida. So for Allah, to solve this problem is very easy. But Allah is testing us with fear and hunger, with loss of life. Unless testing us see who's going to pass this test. Allah give you an opportunity. What are we doing for the cause of Palestine? What are we doing, Allah has given us such luxurious life. And when we see the thing that's happening, that imagine there the people are dying, the children are being murdered, and we are living away so much in conferred in the luxury of for house, in their condition with all the facility, what are we doing for the class, unless testing us and for Allah

00:51:26--> 00:52:12

subhanaw taala Allah does not require you and me the rubbish that we are unless promised in the Quran, that this deal will prevail over all the religions. And the hadith is very clear cut that before the Day of Judgment, before the world ends, Muslims will rule the world for seven years. It will be the best era we will rule the world for seven years. And later on, there will be a sweet window which will put to death all the believers and then the camera will start. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala for him to give victory to the Palestinians easy. So we Muslims should realize that we should have faith in Allah. And we find unfortunately, the situation of the Muslim country is very, very

00:52:12--> 00:52:29

bad. Most of the Muslim countries, there are few which are speaking very few can remember Qatar, Malaysia, few countries only speaking actually against the atrocities of Israel in support of Palestine. Allah subhanaw taala testing

00:52:30--> 00:52:57

what are we doing? It's a test. So, for Allah to solve the problem very easily do we have faith in Allah, that Allah will surely will be victorious, so inshallah inshallah victory will surely be there. Today or tomorrow, maybe after a week after a month after the year, surely we are going to be victorious. And for seven years, the Muslim will do the world with peace and prosperity. Hope the answers question