Be Careful Not To Lose The Good Deeds You Worked Hard For After Ramadan

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He or SOFIA mine, my brothers and sisters in Islam, the Kabbalah Allah Who minimum income or could live and want to be heard we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to accept our deeds to accept our fasting and our Quran and our standing up of the nights of Ramadan. There is an important topic that I wanted to discuss with you now that we have finished Ramadan. And that is that the believer needs to be careful that he does not lose his house Annette and this is a very important topic to discuss straight after Ramadan. Because in Ramadan, a person gains her sanity collect her Senate much more than what he does outside

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of Ramadan. The prayers that we prayed a vicar, a dose of Salah are fasting, all of these are good deeds that a person earns her set. And there is a problem. There is a thread that is waiting for us if we're not careful, and that is that all these good deeds we did, there is a possibility that it is all lost and it is all gone. So we need to be careful from the deeds that wipe away or cancel our good deeds. Just like good deeds, wipe away bad deeds. There are also bad deeds that wipe away good deeds. Allah subhanho wa Taala gives a beautiful example in the Quran and he discusses this matter. He says I wonder how to come into Khun Allahu Jana to mina heliyon wa Narrabeen turgidum in title

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and help Allah azza wa jal, he says Does any one of you desire does anyone have you like that he owns a huge garden. And this garden is full of no healing or an app full of deep trees and full of grapevine that you deem entitle unhealed underneath underneath which rivers flow level three having coolie Thammarat and in this garden, there are all kinds of crops and vegetations and fruits and vegetables. So imagine this Allah azza wa jal is asking, does anyone have you desire to have a huge farm a huge garden, and it is full of fruits and full of vegetations then Allah subhanho wa taala. He says, level fiam in Conleth, Emirati are our salehoo keeper. As you're living on this farm yeas

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and E's go by and you grew into old age, you become really old and become very weak and you're very dependent on this farm. Now you're going to survive of this farm. You've put ease and ease of hard work and effort in this farm until it has given its fruit and produce Allah azza wa jal then he says well who Rhea to Botha, as you reach old age, you have a family. You have children, that a while I've had that a week. They are young, they're small, they still depend on you for survival. Then all of a sudden, Allah azza wa jal, he says, For our for our photo and fee he nailed on fire, no rocket, all of a sudden, this farm was struck by an aerosol by a hurricane. And this hurricane within it,

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there is no there is a fire fire that occurred. And so this whole garden that was full of fruit trees, and vegetables and crops, all of it got burned, all of it got destroyed, there is no tree standing, and there is no fruit lift on any tree, Fatah rocket now Subhanallah we need to understand this example. When this person that is in old age when he was most in need of his farm and of his garden. It was destroyed. Now how is he going to rebuild this and it's gonna be very, very difficult. He becomes very depressed, very desperate, very sad, very worried. This example that Allah azza wa jal gives is that of a person that collects a lot of Huseynov in his life, that does a

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lot of good. So much so that we can describe his house and app is a garden full of Hassan ad, right, so the day tree and the grapevine and all fruits and vegetables on the farm. This is symbolic of a person's house in it. Lots of hard work and effort especially on Ramadan. We worship Allah azza wa jal we fast the 30 days we read the Quran we stood in the night prayers, voluntary prayers, we collected bassinet and good deeds. Reaching Old age is when you reach Allah subhanho wa Taala and stand before Allah when you are most in need of your hands on Earth. They are burned they're gone away. What gets rid of us on Earth and what gets destroyed a person's house in it certain bad deeds

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that a person does me wipe away your mountains and mountains of her Senate your gardens of Hassan and this is why we need to be careful my brothers and sisters in Islam, for example, Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam he says, as in Sahil Buhari, mandala Kosala tenacity *a tabula pomelo the one who neglects and abandon

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didn't select and also, if you did not pre select an answer on time, this is a reason for why your deeds are wasted, for why a person loses his good deeds and his has an ad. For we need to be careful about what hammer home Allah has said and included in this hadith as well or over prayers. So after Ramadan, make sure you're praying your prayers on time otherwise, if you delay your prayer, there is a chance that your good deeds, deeds and deeds of that day are wiped away or removed from your account. You come on the Day of Judgment like Allah azza wa jal said, our solemn fee now in fact, AKA a fire that has burned do good deeds, also in the V sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches, and he

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says to the Sahaba once uttered Runa many Loveless, do you know who's the bankrupt? They said, the one who doesn't have a B now and the one who doesn't have money, he's the bankrupt among us then and nobody sallallahu alayhi wa sallam corrects the understanding. And he says, ultimately is the bankrupt person, meaning this is a person who had a lot of good deeds, then he loses his good deeds. The more fleece is the one who comes on the day of judgment, He comes having slandered such a person, cursed such a person hit such a person back might such a person slanders such a person. On the day of judgment he comes, he has a lot of Hassan add gardens of Hassan ad, but then, whoever he

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hurt whoever he oppressed, takes from his house or net and takes from his house or not until all his house and at last. So we learn from this hadith that oppression and wronging others is a reason for why the good deeds are destroyed and God. So we need to be careful after Ramadan that we do not hurt others and we do not oppress others because this is a reason for why a person loses his house and my brothers and sisters in Islam. There are many bad deeds that wipe away a person's house and that we need to be careful. Imam Abdul Karim Rahim Allah He said, It's not about doing good deeds, alongside doing the good deeds. It's about preserving these good deeds. We need to come on the Day of Judgment

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having preserved the good deeds, guarded them. Allah azza wa jal, he says in the Quran, man Jaya or Bill Hassan a fella who ashram failure, the one who comes up the one who arrives on the Day of Judgment, with a good deed, Allah multiplies it for him 10 times. So the condition is to come with a good deed. Lord, Muhammad Allah they said, This refers to the fact that a person could possibly lose his good deed. You know, in order for Allah azza wa jal to multiply your house and 10 times you have to come with it on the Day of Judgment, you have to show up with it. And so this means a person can lose it before he stands before Allah azza wa jal so no camera mo Allah he says it's not only about

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doing the good deeds, but a person needs to preserve his good deeds. And there are so many things that could destroy our good deeds and wipe away our good deeds. For we need to be careful my brothers and sisters in Islam will rule them out or hammer home Allah they say, the one who repent from a bad deed that wipes away good deeds, then Allah azza wa jal would reinstate his house and he would reinstate his good deed. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to forgive our sins to forgive our shortcomings to accept our Hassan and to multiply them for us on the Day of Judgment in the holy vertical Kudrow Ali sallahu wa salam O Allah Allah Allah Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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