Difference Between Fasting and Anorexia

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how diets and weight loss may differ from casual fasting, which is a condition that causes loss of appetite and psychological disorders. Some women may develop an Bakery quickly, which is a condition where they take excessive amounts of food and eat it causing damage to their body.
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Next question. Somebody wants to know, how does fasting differ from anorexia?

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Anorexia by definition means loss of appetite.

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It's a particular word use full of appetite. And many times this happens in certain people.

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Those who dieting, it's common in young ladies.

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It is a sort of a disease, that those who died, they abstain from food, and then that becomes the habit and they don't want anything. And sometimes they may go into anorexia nervosa, that psychological disorder that they fear eating, thinking that if they eat, they will increase weight, and that becomes a psychological disorder.

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So anorexia and timbered loss of appetite. And dieting is not preferred. Because most of the people that that the moment they come off the diet, they either go into anorexia nervosa, that's a psychological disorder, which I mentioned, which if you're eating anything, in case of it, and then they lose weight, the health goes down, or they go into a binge of overeating or bulimic you know, they eat excessive food. And there were several researches conducted on this, including in Michigan in 1985. Were

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about 557 young ladies

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enrolled in the university, out of which 86% were dieting, only 2%

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of them, they have to eat excessively, but in six months time 19% added into the bulimic category, they say eating more, because the moment you stop dieting, you tend to eat excessively and we can move fat or you go vice versa on the other side, androids or nervosa where you don't eat at all, and that damages your body