Hatem al-Haj – My Husband Smokes, How Can I Help Him Quit? – Q&A

Hatem al-Haj
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Well, if the if the most people can use in defense of smoking that is Makrooh, then it is it's it's sad like that's the most people can use in defense of smoking, but it is macro. Micro means disliked. It means God dislikes it, God only dislikes it. So that's, that's sad to say that this is a good defense of the habit, God only dislikes it.

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But anyway, so the people who say that is my role. I personally don't believe it is macro. Certainly,

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we have to be moderate also, even in preaching. So, you know, you can't equate the cat with smoke into drinking alcohol for instance, these are two different categories.

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Alcohol is a Kabira is an enormity smoking is not

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at least I don't consider this to be I consider it a sin I do not consider the Kabira because this is this was prohibited on the basis of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam are what are there are there should be not be armed or reciprocation of harm.

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And it is not sort of explicitly prohibited. Of course, there was no tobacco at the time of the Prophet SAW Salem, but it's not expressly explicitly prohibited or an and Sunnah. And it is not an intoxicant, per se, it harms us that causes

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you like a long list of diseases and

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in addition to the older in addition to the waste of resources and money and

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a lot of things but but it does harm our health, and there is no controversy about that. So if I tell you something, is something something is certain to harm your health. And I tell you, the Prophet sallahu wa salam said there should not be harm or reciprocation of harm. What do you make out of this?

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You may say, you know, and some people will say that, well, if you eat like four or five eggs every day in the morning, that will certainly harm your health.

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But there are a couple of issues to say here. Eggs by default are halal. Eggs by default are beneficial. Eggs by default are nutritious, but it is excessiveness that would cause harm. No one says that if you eat like two eggs every other day, you know something bad will happen to you eggs are very nutritious.

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But what is the benefit in in smoking, if you say it's psychological, then we can say that then you should seek a basically that gratification from something that will not harm your health.

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So that there is a difference between the between the eggs like four or five eggs a day. And smoking. That's not a good analogy for the people who try to defend smoking by this analogy. Smoking is basically pure harm. And whatever it is that we're you know, psychological comfort or gratification that comes from it can be attained through other means. So for the sister, you just need to remind him that the vast majority of Muslim scholars consider smoking to be impermissible and even if it was mcru It means that God dislikes it and harms the health and any person like have good disposition

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would not want you to harm their health, by wasting their money, you're harming your health by wasting your money.

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So, keep at it keep reminding him, but at the same time, at the same time, you have to use the prudence of a good day he because the fact that it is your husband does not mean that you should not invoke all the wisdom

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you know, needed for proper communication of the message for proper Power is power, even though it is your husband is still down. So you have to use the wisdom and care and gentleness that is needed and sometimes also when when you like when you do this like day and night, it becomes problematic and it

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becomes repulsive. So do the reminders, you know as frequently as needed.

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but not too frequently. And but at the same time, then completely forget about it. So maybe every like, one or two weeks,

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remind them,

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point him to resources, share a video with him about the harms of smoking, share something with him about the prohibition of smoking. But at the same time in order for you to be effective, you have to be also compassionate and client like

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so that your husband is willing to listen to you

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