Nouman Ali Khan – Surah Al-Jumuah #03 Navigating Life’s Changes

Nouman Ali Khan
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But then comes a much more difficult question. If creation is imperfect, by the way, Am I perfect? No. Are you perfect? No. Is anything in the world perfect? Actually, no, the only one was perfect to Zoo is Allah. So now here's the here's the problem is the philosophical problem. The problem is, if I see a beautiful painting, I say the artist is creative.

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But then how can I see something imperfect? And then say the maker is perfect? How can it how can I see that it's perfect? Because we're saying everything declares how perfect Allah is. But everything itself is not perfect. So how is it that evidence that the maker of it is perfect?

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And so it and it's hinting at the future, there's another, there's a subtle Lane in the sutras, where that this be, is mentioned in the future tense, something in the Surah is coming, that's going to tie into the future, because that this B is also mentioned in the future. So we're going to keep an eye open for that when we study sootel Jamara, because that this B is hinting towards the future, right, so we'll see how that manifests itself. Now, let's talk a little bit more about how is everything doing to speak? I've given you the basic overview of that. Mufasa don't talk about how to tie in the saddle hull what does that mean? How can you say the atheist is doing to spear? How can

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you say that MUSHNICK is doing that they're not doing this B? How can you say the sharpener doing this? B if they're not doing this? How can the Quran say whatever's in the skies and whatever is the earth is doing this B and will continue to do this via when the contradiction to that exists? For everyone, for you know believers have always been the minority disbelievers have always been the majority there they do they do the antitrust be. So what does this mean? Allah is here referring to the salad had the sun has means the way that something is. So let me put that in the simplest way for you. If you see a beautiful painting, doesn't it? Speak or declare the creativity of the artist?

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Right? If you see a marvel of engineering, isn't that a statement about their company that made it? Right? So your work speaks for you? You understand that? Right? Your work speaks for you. The amazing building speaks for the architect, right? And amazing railroad system or highway system speaks of the government that put it together. Or the engineers that put it together. Right? Your your, if you cooked a delicious meal, it speaks of your culinary skill. Everything Allah created speaks of His perfection.

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By you understand that analogy. It speaks that's called the saddle Han. But then comes a much more difficult question. If creation is imperfect, by the way, Am I perfect? No. Are you perfect? No. Is anything in the world? Perfect? Actually, no, the only one who's perfect is Who is Allah? So now here's the here's the problem is the philosophical problem. The problem is, if I see a beautiful painting, I say the artist is creative.

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But then how can I see something imperfect? And then say the maker is perfect? How can it how can I see that? It's perfect, because we're saying everything declares how perfect Allah is. But everything itself is not perfect. So how is it an evidence that the maker of it is perfect? And this is this is, by the way, a very common atheist argument. Oh, Your God is so perfect.

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What about cockroaches?

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What about a rash on your skin? What about my cousin?

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God is so perfect.

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The point is actually, the AI was created to live, grow and then die.

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To have a lifecycle. And change. By definition, change actually means imperfection.

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If something doesn't, the only thing that doesn't need to change is something that's already perfect.

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If you need to make any changes to it, that means it's not already what perfect. Allah designed this universe, everything in it. And one thing that's constant in this universe is what change. Movement is changes in it. The subatomic particles moving inside every every atom are moving, which means their position is what changing. Motion is change. Energy is change. All of science is the study of change. Every science is the study of change. History is the study of change actually, that's all we study is change. Life itself.

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Life is defined by change and a cell changes, right?

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Allah designed things to change, but change for a purpose. The change itself is imperfect. But the purpose is perfect.

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It's not the fact that things are perfect. It's that they were made for a perfect reason.

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I've, I was perfectly created to be born at this day of this mother, in this family, in this situation for these years, meet with these people, the plan for all of it is what? Perfect, this perfect. In fact, that's actually that this week, everything is being done according to a plan. It's the plan of Allah for everything that's actually perfect. And that's the TSB have Allah that whatever's in the skies is doing and whatever's in the earth history was jumpsuit originally Mr. Khurana the sun moves in, according to an exact schedule and calculation. Why is Allah giving us that analogy? If you realize the sun is so precise, then you will realize everything Allah does is

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extremely what? precise, but some things the precision is easy for you to see. Other things, you can see the precision, so you call it chaos. When human beings cannot understand a pattern, they call it chaos. Right? And so they say, Oh, the universe is in chaos. Well, Allah says, No, it's an order, you just don't have the algorithm figured out. It's a little more advanced for you. So you call it chaos, but actually, it's much bigger than you. It's in the hype. Okay. Then there's the the perfection of the argument of beauty that's, I've talked about, it's within Hadith. So I don't want to spend too much time on it here, because we have so many other things to talk about. But I'll tell

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you briefly.

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Human beings are not created like squirrels, or cats, or camels or anything else. We don't just survive as a species. This is not even a religious conversation. This is common sense across the board doesn't matter what religion somebody comes from. Human beings pursue more than just survival. Isn't that true?

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I mean, people want to listen to more and more beautiful music, or they want to design more and more beautiful clothes, or taste more and more delicious food, or design more and more beautiful homes. What is the common element between all of these things? For every one of our senses? We want to pursue more and more beauty, isn't it?

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In fact, even abstract beauty people, even if it's not physical beauty, just want to listen to some remarkable poetry or some amazing story, which is abstract beauty. It's just in your mind. What you want to hear it. You want to experience it. Human beings pursue beauty. Do camels pursue beauty? The squirrels or cockroaches or ants or fish pursue beauty? Oh, human beings pursue beauty in everything they do. And then we keep pursuing this thing called perfection or perfectionist. You want something more and even perfection is even down to like, if you're just a gamer, sitting there, playing whatever what do you play nowadays? Keep up.

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Last time it was Roblox

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Call of Duty. Okay, fine. Be old school. That's fine.

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If you're playing a video game, you know, if you're a real gamer, you got to win every metal finish 100% of the game, do the entire like get every upgrade. You all do. Because you you have this insatiable desire to attain perfection to get to the most beautiful Where do you think that thirst came from to get more and more and more or an athlete that wants to beat his own record or keep pushing keep pushing, keep pushing? Because we were originally in the company of Allah who was perfect and the most beautiful and Allah put in us because of the company the desire for more and more and more beautiful and so rssb has actually different than that this be have everything else.

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Allah made artists be even more beautiful. It isn't just that even though this be of perfection or purpose it's that this be how the pursuit of beauty we put human beings do that more than any other creature are unlike any other creature then of course I won't break the surprise yet but this be in this surah is going to have a special purpose. We'll discover that as we explore the Sunnah Inshallah, just about this I'll also Allah mentioned the skies do this be first, whatever's in the skies. Does this B and whatever's in the earth? Does this mean why or why the skies mentioned first? Well, they came first. So it makes chronological sense.

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They do a lot better this B than us.

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Because angels, they flood the sky They do a lot better than we do. And they use a lot more to the skies than there is to the earth quantitatively. It's much much more so the greater this be as the skies and then we get to

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The Earth. The word Maya is also really cool. I keep translating it as whatever's in the skies and whatever is in the earth, the word whatever creates I wrote the Arabic word here at Abraham. Abraham means ambiguity. It's not specific. It's not specific. And that means the way that this be happens is not specific. And who's doing this B has that been specified? And you don't know someone who is rebelling against Allah today might be doing to speak of Allah tomorrow. You don't know. You know, the Dharma pub that we knew before Islam at Dharma, real Hatha, we know after Islam, maybe five minutes apart from each other, before this before lack of this be after a person have to speak

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right? And then I wrote an Arabic comment here Timo Java one module identified, which actually means that it is only to Allah that everything does this we nothing else deserves it. Nothing else, nothing else. Is that perfect? What did you learn about the speech so far? The image the image, I want you to keep in your head, the swimmer, that doesn't what?

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That doesn't submerge. That's the image. Yeah. Allah says sub sub Bismillah became Ali

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said, so Allah says, Make the names of Allah do this be with the name of Allah.

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I want you to understand that concept in simple a simple formula. We're going to see that soon. All one of Allah's names is Malik. What does that Malik mean? Anybody? Good, the king. If you talk to anybody and say the king, are they immediately going to think of Allah are going to think of someone else.

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Someone else. The Arabs of Arabia, when they heard King is the first thought Allah was the first thought someone else, someone else. The holy, the holy output, those the holy, there were holy people. They were holy saints. They were holy priests. They were holy institutions. When you hear the word I could use, the first thing that comes in somebody's mind is Allah or someone else. Someone else, when you say I see is the authority. The authority can also mean the minister, the governor, Allah or someone else, someone else. Al Hakim, the wise, when you say the wise one,

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and the average human being in the world, you say, I met I heard the wise one I was reading I met you know, or I got to know the wise what are they thinking about Allah?

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Because it must have met some old man must have met some author. You understand these words, the mind goes to someone other than Allah immediately, you understand that right?

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Allah chose words. And Allah knows language better than we do. Allah is the creator of language, Allah chose words that take the mind to someone other than Allah. And that's part of the formula. Now I actually have to think about the king. And the Congo, was behind King kingdom, the concept of kingdom was behind the holy the concept of holiness and purity. What's behind the authority, the concept of power and authority? What's what's behind the wise the concept of wisdom, I have to think about these concepts, and how human beings show these concepts. And then I have to remove all the imperfections that human beings have, per concept. And once I remove all of them, the name will have

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this be now it's ready for Allah. You understand? So actually, the words as we hear them are imperfect. They're imperfect. Now we have to do the exercise of cleaning them and what's the exercise of cleaning them called? Just be that's the exercise. So when Allah says, You said barely Lahemaa for semi watever Marfil lb. l Melikyan. Could do Scylla ZZ Hakeem, we're gonna try to do this be have each one of these names. Because that's what's being demanded of us, you understand? And that's how this be worked. It's a really beautiful exercise. It's a mental exercise and even a spiritual exercise that we're going to engage in so we can appreciate something really awesome about

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this opening is BarakAllahu li Walakum wa Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah Karnataka

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what time I was giving a football this guy got a phone call first row. Okay, if you're gonna pick up your phone, at least be in the back row. He's in the first row. Hello, is everything okay? Yeah. How's uncle? uncles? Good. Yeah, over over and out. So the great thing starts doing this and I was like, in the middle of a hop. I was like,

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I just stopped my hobo. I was like, this is a really interesting conversation. Let me just finish.

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So he took a full 90 seconds finished his comments. I was like his uncle, okay, he goes, Yeah, it was okay. It was okay.

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