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The speakers discuss the importance of knowing the names of Islam and its recognition through recognized figures. They stress the need for water to prevent war and rain, and the importance of showing one's strength against evil behavior. They also discuss the use of Phone Meaning to indicate a person as being overly of Islam and the potential for harm. The speakers emphasize the importance of forgiveness and setting up a habit to receive forgiveness, and offer a free gift for anyone who wants to help.

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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam O Allah so even though whenever you know Muhammad wa ala early he was happy at nine. Firstly to all my brothers and sisters Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to another session about reflecting on the names of Allah azza wa jal. Now, Alonzo, he has given us these names and through these names he gives his eyes the fan, he gives his head, and what does that mean? One is to have, one is to have the knowledge of something, and one is to have a fan, which is a recognition of something. So, you could have knowledge of someone, or you could recognize someone when you say you recognize someone, you've

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not only knew of them, which is your knowledge, but you instantly you when you see when you see them, your brain registers with, with, you know, that person and you know, you know, straightaway that data, you know, this, this information, that information, all those pieces of information that you had, immediately it makes you recognizing that within within seconds, you know who that person is, you know, their status, you know, a lot of worry about about them, it's a recognition is different from knowing someone or something. So, what is that is that we know, okay, when we say the Shahada eyeshadow, Allah Allahu Allah when we say the Shahada, that there is no other data except

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for Lazarus, this is knowledge of Allah. But when you go through his names, and the description of his qualities, and his attributes, when we go through all of that, then we gain we gain a fan, which means we now gain a recognition of allowance. And this is not a recognition, you know, in the same sense that we've seen someone in this world and we recognize their face, because we've never seen a language so how do we recognize Allah? We recognize Allah as jealous through His signs. Because if you look in the Quran, knowing the Quran Allah will say Well here I am, you know look at me Here I am How can you deny me He doesn't say that because he's not going to reveal Himself to us. So what

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it allows you to do he has said in the hologram in many many places he has said in Nevada cola.

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In this thing, I have put an assign for those who are reflect here I put a sign for those who are of deep intellect here I put a sign for the people who want to remember or for the people who know Okay, so Allah says he's put the signs in his places memorising for example, the moon the sun, the you know, the the, the way a Muslim has created the milking the cow, the the bees that are last created on the on the earth and how they operate and so on so many different places in the night in the day, Allah said these are signs of Allah. What does that mean that when we look at the earth, the sky, the moon, the sun, the night the day when we look at the rain that fold every single thing

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to a believer should make them see the recognition, recognition of Allah through that. Okay. So, you know, when you see when you see the the rain that falls Madalena it is it is Hanalei a miracle, okay, it is Allah sight, it is a lot of recognition. Why? Because all of that vapor and that water that we're talking about tons and tons of water in the clouds, all of that didn't have to fold the way it falls. Okay, it didn't have to fall in raindrops. And every single way full Look, there are many ways a lot can drop that down onto the earth and you can have hailstones that come down you can have large hailstones that come down and massive ones that look like the size of your mini football

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or something that can come down. He can do that. But he has mercy you know, his reign is a mercy so 99% or 99.9% of the time what will Allah do alone bring that water down in results in a shower in a way that you know, the waters are separate from one another in a way that he doesn't hurt human beings a most of the times, Allah will do that. And okay, there's an exception he always does that so that you know that I could have done something different, but I'm going to send my reins on to you like this. Now what I'm trying to say is that no, you see the rains it is it is a sign straightaway of Allah zoodle how merciful he is because without that water coming down to the earth

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will have them give okay? Without that water would all be dead. With good foam, you know, we're good has gone in our vegetation or the vegetables or the or the ground would would be you know, would all become dry. The next thing is that the animals starve and then the next thing is that humans will start starving because that's where all our food comes from. Forget your coke and your Pepsi and I've got a dog. I don't know what the new generation is on but

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But all of that I mean all of that is still needs the water that you know they make it from all your fast you know, food that you get. It needs that water without the water you're not making any of that. Now is a look that is a sign when you see that when you see the rains come and that is a sign you see the sun that is a sign you walk on the earth, Allah says Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah says, Look, I've made it very comfortable for you to walk on that is a sign okay? Allah said I've made it flat for you to sign at the same time is around okay the whole time. There are so many signs Allah has kept all these signs they point out to Alaska.

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They point out to him and that's how we gain in recognition of Alaska right down to you know, our growth every single day. Okay, out the repairing of our skin automatically. It's a sign Allah has Allah gives us anyway, we come to the name today alcovy and Almaty in the names of Oh yeah, Anima T. Alpha, we mean the strong Alma team also means strong but in a different way. And we mean strong as in toughness, strong, and ultimate team in strong in terms of, you know, being unbreakable, or in terms of Allah planning something and being strong in that sense. So it's like a, like alcovy is more of a physical strength that Allah can show as well as a mental strength, strength in you know,

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or an invisible strength so you can be a visible strength, it can be an invisible strength. And when it comes to Almaty, it's something specifically when when he plans something that he is unbreakable. So let's let's look at these names. I will probably the one who is strong look Allah azza wa jal. He doesn't want to hurt human beings. If you've got that sense. If you got that thing in your mind that Allah just wants to, you know, punish people he wants to hurt them. That's not what Allah is, is about because in the Holy Quran, in Surah, number five, I assume four is number 147. Allah, as I said, my father in law who gather become in Chicago, what is a lot going to do by punishing you, if

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you show fangs and if you believe what kind of Allahu Shakira Malema analyze very appreciative, and knowledgeable and well, you know, he knows very well of what you're doing. Meaning that look, Allah has no need to punish, or Allah doesn't want to punish him, all Allah wants us to do is to first turn to him, he doesn't want to show his strength against, you know, the human kind region, he doesn't want to do that. And so many places in the Holy Quran, Allah said that I let them off, I forget them. You know, there are so many items in the Holy Quran and Allah says that, you know, for my customer, the ad, what your hands at the end, you deserve something that should have come to you

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with wherefore I'm Kathy Allah says, but I but he forgives he pardons so much allies pardon somebody, I'm a lot of pardons again and again and again. So he doesn't want to show his strength against humankind. But humans are such that they will go to, you know, certain limits sometimes and they will do things that they're not supposed to do. And that's when, right at the end after so many sciency shows, then he needs to show his authority, like he did with the people of add, that people have fumbled before us. And these stories are there look as as examples, because they will be you know, as if that were arrogant, you will get arrogant people until the day of judgment. Okay, you've

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got the people of Sri who are greedy, and until they've just when you're gonna breed the people. And each one of these things again, look, the people have looked they were they were struck with lust and desires. And until the day of judgment, you will get a set of people who will go astray because I'm less than desires. You've got the people of New Halesowen who are stubborn. And until the day of judgment, you're gonna find stubborn people. So all of these are examples of different genres, different areas of humans, nature of what they can do, and these are, you know, one or two different examples, Allah is given the Holy Quran, okay, that people have a hard time going to be resurrected.

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But that's not the point. The point or the lessons that we learn the morals are to learn from the stories in the Quran. So when Allah showed his power to any of these nations, by the end of it, he said again and again, he's you know, His Messenger through His Messenger, Allah he set out to set up the messenger said, Look, you know, Allah wants to Allah wants you just to believe and and the messengers gave miracles and the messages pleaded and other people are going to present don't bring your punishment, bring it in come to saw that and if you're truthful, then fat to be hidden bring this punishment. They challenge the messengers again and again and again and again, until they

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wanted to kill the messengers. They wanted to kill

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The messenger when it got to that level, Allah said okay, or they want you to completely wipe out the the believers or they continue to deny the message to the extent that allows it's okay finally Enough is enough. I'm going to now show you a little thing. Now whatever LaShawn is nothing unless power is, is beyond our imagination, in fact, on the day of judgment when Allah shows his punishment,

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May Allah forgive all of us. I mean, nothing of that kind would have ever been seen. I mean, the tornadoes on this on this earth and the earthquakes and whatnot are loving these are small things for Lazarus. I know for us they're massive, but these are very small for for Alaska. And I just was thinking so how do I allow them under this name? If you think about it, you know, his his army, okay. his armies, okay. Could be the rain could be the, the tornadoes could be

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limited to that. his armies on the earth are not just the angels. They're also the ants. They're also the animal world. They're also the mosquitoes. They're also you know, locusts. There are also bacteria. Does that ring a bell? You know, we've had one whole year and over a year with the Coronavirus on the on the earth. And scientists say that they're the whole of if you combine all the Coronavirus in the entire Earth, you could probably put it onto a fingertip. That's That's how small that bacteria that's how small that that, you know, whole wave of an epidemic that happened across the world. Okay, it happened with something that is so small and we're talking about the entire

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world's Coronavirus, bacteria, you bring it together, and you could probably put it onto your fingertip.

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And because of that Allah made you know what, what it allows you to do, he brought the world to its knees, this is just one sign. Okay? But Allah is really he doesn't, you know, he doesn't want to punish. He doesn't want to punish. But sometimes, you know, there are things that Allah does on the earth, and he has the reasons of why he does them. We don't know, okay, we all know, for a reason this virus came and there, we don't know how long it's going to be here. We don't know what changes it made only on the Day of Judgment, we're going to find the full extent of why Allah did what he did. And anyone out there listening to this, if you've lost a family member, inshallah we know

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there'll be in a better a better place in the next world. Hopefully, inshallah, there will be a shahidan there'll be a martyr, you know, and you'll find better things to see of them in the next one. But anyway, the thing is, the point is Alfie is this strong, but he doesn't like to, in a show that unless he really has to, right, and the next one in companies ulmerton, which is unbreakable. What do we mean by this? What we mean by this is, Allah azza wa jal, when he makes a plan, when if they say plan, it's going to be unbreakable. As in Look, let me give an example. If you know how the you know how, let's say,

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a game of chess or something works, if you know how that works, then you would know that there are you know, once a person makes a move, then there are so many other moves the person can make them, they see that there are millions of combinational moves that can be made on the on the chess board.

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And they're built supercomputers that have now you know, literally got every single of those millions of moves mastered. So any human that plays the supercomputer could actually lose to the supercomputer, the supercomputer knows, to the to the one of a degree those every single move. Now, that's just one little game. Okay, there are many other games that they've tried to build supercomputers to beat the human being. But the point here is that Allah azza wa jal, he has the knowledge of every single plan that is at the every move that is so if they if a person, if they were to plan and this is the plan A according Plan A is to go this way, a put one alumnos. Okay,

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after 8.1 comes this, this this is that he knows every move, they're going to make through that through that lane. If they go with Plan B and B point two or 3.3. Allah knows every single pathway they're going to go through and wherever, wherever they're going to reach, Allah knows, Plan C, D, E, F, and things that they haven't even planned and Allah Allah even has the control of all of his creation anyway, so he could turn any of his creation egg against anything if you if you want. So in terms of his plans, when he makes his plans, he is unbreakable. And the word Mateen comes from mutton which is like a it's like it's like a backbone. Okay, that's that's the origin or its root,

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which is on a spine or or or back that is unbreakable. So allows, what is showing us is that there is no way

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bypassing aim there is no way you know, I know they say that you can run from a lot but you can't hide from Allah. You can try and do whatever you want you know to bypass that moment of not reaching Allah but we're going to reach the eventually and if we think Subhana Allah this particular name that was an AVI Okay, I want to tell you one thing about this any weakness you've got in your body in terms of health. This is the name you want to use. Yeah, we you Yeah, probably you Yeah. Are you any form of weakness that you've got healthwise? Believe in it. Use this name now I've given this name on stuff suggested to different people to use that handler there's been good results and with

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that, you can combine different things so for example, somebody is finding it hard to stand up but you know, they're they're gaining they're looking to gain their status strength to stand up there's the name of Allah raffia Okay, we've covered it before the one who raises so they want to they want to get up so they want to use that word you know use that name raffia so they can combine between karoui and raffia The one who gives strength is a light is a way in the strength sense that he gives the strength he is the most from Yes, but he gives the strength to us so any strength that we found in us that comes from alcovy without that we can't we can't gain any strength so how can we how can

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we you gave me that strength and our raffia is going to make me stand up again so yeah, are we you you're off you're you're calling you you're off you're you're calling you your offer because the Mateen has got this this you know link to something like a spine or a backhoe or something Martin Martin mean Titan in Arabic so you know for back pains for back no if you if you've got a weak back or or a back that you need you know to straighten up and so on the name that you can use look at these are just suggestions just try them like I said to you look every one of these names are there for us to use I'm just to call a lot too so yeah my team yeah material yeah material. Yeah, Medina

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Medina Mateen. Okay. Again and again just just quoting his his name. Yeah, Martin. Oh, you could say for your back. Yeah. Are we you yet? Mateen because you want to be strengthened, right? Yeah. Are we you Yamato kuriyama teen so you're asking Allah to do this. You're calling his names and your your whole intention is for for you to support your back or for you to get better and better backward strength here. You know, posture. Yeah. kuriyama tiene Yokoyama, tiene una repeat these names again and again. Okay, so the next one we come to is allele. Allah has been the guardian or annually now Ali is the one who you know, Ali in Arabic has quite a few few names of a few meanings. Okay. So one

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of the meanings is closeness and one of the meanings is guardianship. Okay. unbeli. So, another one is friend. Okay, Ahluwalia could also mean a friend. Now combining all of these things for Allah Zulu, he is the guardian. Yes, but he is a close one for one who come who draws close to him. And Allah azza wa jal is also one who can be not in a literal sense. But he can be a friend meaning he can be a close one we know Allah has no friends. Okay? Allah has no friends. We know that. Okay, let me make that point clear. But when we say for example, Allah said it to have Allahu Ibrahima Halima. Allah has taken a brand lesson as a close friend what that was, I mean, as a Holly Holly literally

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in his close friend, but what does that mean? That means Allah has regarded him to be very close to him. And he's going to have more mercy on him is going to you know, be show his show his kindness to him or his generosity more and so on so forth. So amongst the humankind, we've got a chance to also reach a good position close position to Alaska. And those are the people when they get close to him and they are known as the ugly they are known as the people who've become friends of Allah. Okay, we don't mean again in a literal sense, but they are close what we mean by it is that they are close people to Allah, and allows you to I said in the Holy Quran, surah number 10. And number six to here

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said Allah in that Olia, Allah He now for finale him when

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Allah says, Remember and keep this in mind, Allah says in earlier Surely, the earlier of Allah or those who've become close to Allah xuejun they don't have any fear. And they don't have anything to griever meaning that Allah is there to look after them. In fact, in the Hadees, Bihari it says, Man either Li alien for the event to be held. Allah says that whosoever shows enmity to my family or to my close one, then I declare war against such a person. So if you become close to Allah azza wa jal, Allah azza wa jal, he wants

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To do things that that would please you and he wants to save you from things that displease you or you find difficult. So this is, this is Allah xuejun and to become a Wali of Allah as well. One of the major things okay to become a Willie or to become someone who's close to Allah as well is to show ITAR to show obedience to Allah. That is it in a nutshell to show obedience. So I just want to say under this, that I do understand that people say oh, so and so is the value of Allah so and so is it, they call them p resource shares, and so on. We're very close to realize that none of these people can ever be close to Allah without observing and without adopting the Sunnah of the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam in their lives. Please remember this. So if you ever find a person who other say he's a weirdo, he himself claims to be while you're a close person to Allah, but he doesn't have the sooner like, for example, he doesn't pray on time. Or sometimes he misses prayers or sometimes he says, Well, you know, I'm exempt from these rules, which are rules of Sharia with rules of Quran and Sunnah I am, you know, completely exempt for some of these rules because I am above these rules. If you ever find a person who does that and know for sure that that person can't do.

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You can't be a Willy of a land and you're using foul language. You can't be overly of Allah and you're cheating people or you're mistreating people, you can't be overly of Allah. And you're doing things that are you know, against the Quran and the Sunnah know, that Allah azza wa jal has placed as the as the epitome of all of this Rasulullah sallallahu is in his life. If his Sunnah is in people's lives, then yes, that person, you know, the more of the his sooner, the more of his ways and the more of his life you are adopting, according to those who love life, you are adopting that kind of life, then yes, you are, you are a warrior, you're on the pathway of being early. But the

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more of that you have absent from your life, then you're far away from being early. In fact, some of the some people they they say that if they see a kurama or a kind of a mini miracle coming from a certain person, they say, wow, you know, he's got to be at one level, I looked at these columns and these things, they they mean nothing. If the sooner the professor lesson is not in a person's life, because Look, don't be fooled. You can have the Allah has done this, you can have kuffar, Kaffirs, people who don't who disbelieve in Allah have amazing powers. It can happen, powers of reading minds and powers of, you know, healing through hands, has got nothing to do with you being overly of

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Allah. These are things I like and give to his servants, he can give to songs or songs or songs. So just like he gave wealth to a person who is in the middle of the, you know, this particular country where he is, you know, campaigning to, for people to become atheists and so on. Allah could have given some person there, some Hindus or somebody else, some kind of spiritual power, it's got nothing to do with the truth. Please remember this because a lot of people get fooled a lot of people do get fooled. The way we recognize the people who are close to a lot is one and only, not because of the length of the beard, not because of whatever, you know, it's going to be combination

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of the sunon or the Sooners or the prompts that allows them in their lives. That's who we know from and how do you know what soon as they have adopted or not adopted? It comes from the text. Okay, so we look at the Hadees. And we read from the Sorry, I had it from the hassle, I had it from the good and the from the sounder had this from the authentic I had this we read the character of the person the last time what he did on a daily basis. And if we find a match of all of these things that are like for like insulin, so that is a valuable, regardless of the person, whether meaning miracles come from him or not, please don't get fooled by all people who predict who can predict this might

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happen, or that might happen, please, you know, stay away from all of that. The way the one and only benchmark we have is to look at how much of the sooner the person lesson they have. And that's when you know that this person is close to a lot of loans who becomes close to them. He is the only and is the Guardian, but in general sense Allahu Allah, you live in Amman, Allah is the guardian of all believers. Okay? So regardless of whether you become a close person to Allah, Allah is your guardian anyway. And that meaning is there in Ali. The next name accompanies Hamid The one who is already the one who has Praise, praise to a great extent meaning that look, everything in the heavens and the

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earth. Besides the humans engines, they praise a lot. Whether we hear it or we don't hear it, think about it, that would be sitting by the mountains. He's sitting by trees where birds are sitting. And that wood is lamb is reading from the Psalms, he's reciting, with his beautiful voice.

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From the sun just like we recite the Quran in the beautiful tone, right and beautiful tune that without extra Salam was was reciting the Psalms and as he's reciting a Lazarus said I made this is the Quran in surah salt, right so the number 38 allows Virgil has mentioned that the mountains sang along with him, and the birds sang along with him. So the mountains mountains, okay birds, you can hear the tweets, but what about mountains? Well, mountains we might not hear a sound from the mountain but they are in constant praise of Alaska. In fact the water

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I don't know what happened there. Hopefully you're you're seeing you there right now. I don't know hopefully, you can even please message me that you can actually hear me showing that it's continuing anyway. Although the water the entire Earth, every particle on the entire Earth is always praising the last soldier

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is praising allows object, so you can you can think for a moment that anything that is that is there in their whole existence is always in full praise of Allah azza wa jal is an all praise full praise of Allah.

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the the thing about this is that whether we praise Allah, or we don't praise Allah, it's always the case that all of these things around us are always praising Allah. So Allah doesn't need the human beings to praise him. He doesn't need the games to praise him, but he's given us a cliff, which is, he's given us a responsibility, he's given us free will. And for us to be conditioned in a way that we have a choice whether to praise him or not to praise him. And that's the beauty of of it. And so when we do praise Him, Allah does appreciate the fact that we are praising, but he says, he's already praised in who Hamid is only to praise so you don't know whether you praise or you don't

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praise. It's not something which is going to make any difference to a large region. And the final name that we come to today is mercy. Okay. And mercy means that he has count of every single thing out there La Ilaha Illa, Allah, Allah says in Surah Elgin right at the end Warsaw, akula Shea in Canada, he has counted everything to its last degree lightline Allah, Allah azza wa jal has said for when we get to the Day of Judgment, our books that will be presented to us now you heard the rosary rotten, well, I can be rotten inla Haha, not a single small thing, not a large thing, nothing at all will be missing from that from the book, except that Allah would have preserved it in that book

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lightline Allah, Allah has count of everything else. Imagine, okay, just imagine the trees on the earth. Okay, we would not be able to count the leaves of one tree with probably about 50 humans around that tree is going to be very difficult, in fact, several hours of a large tree to count all the leaves on that tree.

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Imagine a logical at any one moment, not only does he have the count of every single leaf on the entire Earth of all the plants, leaves and whatnot. But he has also the knowledge and he has recorded when that that leaf will will fall from the tree. The moment is going to fall from the tree and every single leaf, he has got a full count of all of that every single moment that is going by Nothing escapes him and to know that he has got the full extent of every single thing that is around us should give us satisfaction.

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I know there are people on the earth that sometimes you know they kind of feel well where is Allah than you know

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I've been calling him I've been asking him Look, my friend, you know, don't, don't rush to judgment. We call Allah Israel. Yes. If you want to really feel the closeness of Lazarus,

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then give him your heart without since that's what I'm going to say to you. Try your best to seek forgiveness from Allah, one of the biggest things that makes us stops us from coming to Allah is with all his closeness is our sins, there are sins. So it's the father and seeking for forgiveness from Allah. So that is a massive part of our our Deen our religion. So if you seek forgiveness about Lazarus, again and again and again and again, you keep on seeking from this religion again and again and again. And again. What it does is that it removes the barriers that are there between us and Lazarus. There are invisible we just call these invisible barriers mean that look, Allah likes us to

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be clean, and then come to him. That's why in our Sharia, we've got the Voodoo and physical cleanliness, we've got Vicar, which is a mental cleanliness, okay, with all of these things we stand in front of Lazarus also clear, our mind is also clear as our space, Allah likes cleanliness, one of the biggest things to clean to get close to Allah as well is you know, is our hearts, okay? That heart there, if it has got a lot of sins there, it makes it difficult to connect up with Allah. And if he doesn't have that, then that makes it easy. Just like you know, give them give an example of a mirror. If a mirror has got a lot of dust and smudges, and God knows what else on it, a steam on

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into something, you're not going to be able to see a clear reflection. But if a mirror is cleaned, okay, from the smudge and the dust and so on, you're going to see the clean reflection there. And the same with Alaska, we need to clean our hearts, then only will we feel that allows which is you know, is close to it's close to us anyway.

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What I'm going to say to you right now, in the last minute of this is Look, I look, you've done fantastically well, you've, you know, you've really helped this charity helping you today. Reach number five in Ramadan giving, okay, it's a massive, you know, I just want to say to all of you like that, that my dogs are there with every single one of you, whether you support you or not, but more for the people who have subordinate Look, guys, you don't have to give much to be part of this, you can set up a pound. Like you don't even have to pay for the rest of Ramadan, you can just put it for the last 10 nights. I mean, I'm sure everyone out there sell at least about 10 pounds to spare. And

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that 10 pounds is going to be one of those nights, that one pound is going to be the equivalent of 2.1 million pounds of sadhaka or $1 $2.1 million of sadaqa. I'm sure you've got like 10 pounds to spare. Right or $10 to spare. I mean, that's the minimum, you can set up and all you're doing is you're setting it up, you click on the link that comes with this video at the bottom you find the link, you click on that link Ramadan forward slash hint. And then what you'll find is that you've set it up you can set it for the rest of Ramadan now or just for the last 10 days. And you said whatever man you want one pound, two pound, three pound for pound five or whatever you

00:33:11--> 00:33:12

want, whatever you're comfortable with. When

00:33:33--> 00:33:51

you know that one day, you're going to hit little harder and that's what we asked, you know for you to do for your own self. Now let us give TOEFL for this. I'm in Yoruba alameen I make dua for you guys and zachman was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh