Crucifixion or Crucifiction

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Good evening.

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And I just wanted to ask a question related to the Christian who asked question before. And you mentioned that the soldiers stabbed Jesus and he was still alive before he was buried. My question is, did Jesus actually go to the cross? Or was he saved from ever having any of the pain for his daughter named sister? My name is Rachel says the question that when Jesus Christ peace be upon him and he was stabbed by the soldiers, she asked him, did Jesus paper mache really go to the cross and was in pain or was he saved from going to the cross? Now both these incidences details differ as per the Quran and the Bible? I am a student of comparative religion. I know both the versions as per the

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Quran the Quran gives the reply in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was the 157 It says that the Jews said in boast that we kill Jesus the son of Mary. The Quran says mama cotta Nova masala boo they killed him not needed the crucify him while I can to be alone. It was only made to appear so anyone who differs is full of doubt. Elizabeth's son, with only conjectures to follow mama Cthulhu Yaquina for a shorty they killed him not so according to the Quran surah Nisa, Chapter Four was 157 Jesus Christ peace be upon him was not crucified. He was not killed. It was made Tapia so how it happened. We are least bothered about the details. The next verse says in Surah Nisa, chapter 4158. Allah

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raised him up a life unto himself

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in the Bible now, for the Muslims Quran says he was not killed, he was not crucified. We are satisfied, it was made to appear so how it happened. There are many hypothesis, maybe somebody was replaced in his place, or maybe it may we are least bothered Quran says he was not killed. He was not crucified, we are satisfied, we are not bothered to know the details. If you read the Bible, if you read the story, if you read the gospels, we come to know that Jesus Christ peace be upon him, the Jews, they alleged that he did blasphemy. If you read the Gospel of John Chapter 10, verse number 3130, do many things and my father oven. So the thing that he claimed divinity, so they say

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that he being a man you claim divinity. So JSPs be born says Gospel of John Chapter 10, verse 32, that isn't mentioned in your scripture, that he or God's, the person who speak the word of God or call as gods,

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and the law is not broken. So here they mistook that he claimed divinity, they pick up stones to stone him. So then he says, Many of good works are done for which of the good ones do you stone me. So based on this, there, the trial in Pontius Pilate, and then is put on the cross and on at that time, the Sabbath starts on Saturday for the Jews. It was in their philosophy that a person cannot be crucified on a Saturday which starts on Friday night. So because he was crucified on Friday, put on the cross and Friday afternoon, he was taken down from the palace early, because a person cannot be crucified on Saturday. So because they take him out early, if I agree with the duration of the

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Bible, I assume that even if he was put on the cross, He did not die, that there is in the soldiers, the peers, and then you see blood coming out, and then in a hurry, they put him in the sepulchre. Now when they put him in a supple car, he then the smoker on Saturday, full day, Sunday morning, the stone is rolled out, when Mary McDonald comes in front of the sample, she sees that the stone is old out. So who moves the stone is the question. So based on the narration of the Bible, even if I agree,

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hypothetically, what the Bible says is correct. Nowhere does it say in this narration, that he died. So what we come to know from this narration, if you have to fulfill the sign of Jonah, that as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the fish, so shall the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth, Jesus gives peace be upon him has to be alive. If he's dead, that means Jesus Christ peace be upon him light in the Gospel of Matthew chapter number 12, verse number 38, he says, And he gives the prophecy that as Jonah was social the Son of Man be it Jonah was alive, he has to be alive to what I assume in my reading as a student after doing research, I

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don't believe Jesus gives peace be upon him light.

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So to fulfill his prophecy, I have to believe he was alive. He was put on the cross, but he did not die. If you read the dictionary, crucifixion, see Are you see I fit

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Xi o n means to fix a person on the cross and he dies on the cross.

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There is no word in the dictionary, which says if you put a person on the cross and He does not die, what is it called?

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So new word we have to coin His crucifixion. See our UCIFI ctio. It's the fictional story is put on the proper does not die. So therefore I believe that if I agree with the Bible, it is correct and Jesus did not tell a lie peace be upon him. It was a crucifixion

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if I CTN it was not fiction ePHI X Iowan hope that answers the question system.

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Thank you