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well what will fidgety mean that radica Illa tour is Shamcey and the timing of budget is from that time what is from that time

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fajita Thani.

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From that time eating from fajita Thani Isla pullover is Shams until the sun rise until the sun rise. So the Fajr timing as well.

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The Fajr timing as well is pretty much by unanimous consensus, there is really no significant if the law even though there's a very Tribulus enough an early sign but amongst the former that have there's no trade off the beginning and end of Fajr is agreed upon by the MME that Fajr begins when the Fajr Assad is seen not as big as El Cajon. Once again, what is the lying Fajr the lying Fajr is the narrow, thin Ray. And the truthful Fajr is one that Ray expands and it is across the whole Horizon. That is the truth for Fajr that is when Fudger begins and it will last until Pluto is Shams until the rise of the sun and what is the rise of the sun. Imagine you're on an ocean boat and

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there's complete flat horizon the rise of the Sun is when you first see the disk of the Sun, that is the sunrise and in case you do not have that flat horizon then you guesstimate and that's what our charts do our charts bring it down to the minute and so our charts are highly accurate there are two timings on our charts that are non negotiable in fact three timings that are literally scientific now they're down to the millisecond we can do and that is there's a while when does it begin this is we know exactly it's down to science we can do that in any place on the earth. There are equations and whatnot and I will Fajr sodic sorry sunrise not if I just saw the sunrise when the disk of the

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Sun comes up and sunset we can do this down to the millisecond if we wanted to. That's what our modern sciences have done. The other timings are somewhat relative what are the other timings I'll Fajr esodoc Okay, I'll furniture solder is somewhat relative, it's really you can have two people their their eyesight are slightly different. And they might have a few minutes difference in the budget of solder Okay, and also a chef aka the hammer disappearing which is the end of Mulgrave time there is no scientific equation that can tell you the redness has disappeared and the whiteness has begun why? Because the redness fades into whiteness

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and this is relative to one's eyesight okay subjective and it depends on the weather and it depends on so there is no equation that can tell you exactly when what tower Sala begins,

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Orisha begins. Okay. equations can tell you when var begins

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when Mother begins

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when Fajr ends,

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no equation can tell you when Fajr starts. Right. And that is why modern astronomers have come together Muslim astronomers and they have tried to guesstimate how many degrees below the horizon must the sun be in order to call a federal solder?

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And how many degrees beneath the horizon the sun must be in order to call Asia you understand simple math you have the start when the axes below the horizon you have one degree to 360 degrees right? So you have the whole 360 degrees. So below the horizon, how many degrees must the sun be to get alpha jurors saw there?

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And the lower the angle?

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The lower the angle. So the earlier will it be and the higher the angle, slowly visual trauma Fajr slowly but surely the timing will be pushed up. Okay. So for example here in Memphis, our two massage IDs have followed different positions in these numbers. Okay, and the one says 18 The other says 14 or 1515. Now this has 15 and ISNA, which is what we are following has said 15 and our sister masjid, which is following almost Cora has said 18 So a difference of three degrees.

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And those three degrees translates into 15 minutes. How much was it this year?

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15 minutes, 17 minutes like that, you know? So look, it's not that much difference 17 minutes, but this is where the staff comes, who will decide it's subjective? Because in the end of the day, how do you know? It's not precise science that the original saw that comes all the way in? And the same goes for Asia as well. That is it 15 below or is it 18 below? When does a chef aka llama disappear? Or is it even 19 And all of this plays into part when our when we divide our charts

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so Wakulla, SRA bohat yet available hypo avialble, Hydra Sodoma Fajr so what this means is that a heightened ability and a heightened us what are the two streaks on the horizon?

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The two parallel streaks, that's the Fajr of solder.

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eat and drink until you can see the black string from the white string before Fajr This is what the Quran says. Abu Hurayrah came to the processor and said yeah, rasool Allah. Last night, I kept on looking at the black string and the dark string and the white string. And I kept on eating until I could tell the two apart.

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And the processor said, you must have a very big pillow or Herrera because the reference is not to two strings on your pillow. The reference is a high open build with a heightened password, which is the horizon so that's the horizon will white line from the horizon all black horizon that means you see the distance right to horizontal lines, that white horizontal line that is a digital solder this is what Allah is saying eat and drink until the white thread is distinct from the black and that's a budget are sort of so we said that cannot be calculated scientifically because it's subjective. And that's why we have different charts for Fudger 15 degrees 18 degrees Some even say 19 degrees by the

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way, okay there are masters especially in England, which makes it even more difficult because they have a earlier budget they say 19 degrees and therefore this year for example, they literally had in some places in England budget was 320 or something or even to something in some northern places and Mulgrave is coming in at 10 something this much and anyway that's that's their their method and

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as I said many times when we get to Ramadan, I say the same thing that we should try to make Islam easier upon the people and there is some leeway. It's not clear cut over here. What is the budget of solder in terms of degrees Allah who are alum and I don't see a problem following a respected body feel Council has said 15 Soham, there's no problem. And if somebody feels very passionately against this, then in your own personal life follow the 18 No problem. But for the people we try to make it easy, especially because it is summer months and we want our youngsters and teenagers to fast and as I said it's not a clear cut indicates back to our mutton so where are we? So what what's the big

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Metallica Illa photo HMC? Okay, so we that we then talked about the five Salawat woman Kabara this celerity Abdullah Hulu Octi half Cody raka woman Kabara Lucy Lottie hubzilla Hulu Akiha for Kasi, America, and whoever says the tech bill for the salah before the salah timing finishes is considered to have caught it.

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So according to this statement,

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if Missouri begins at 717, and you stand at 716 for officer and you had some type of law, and you say Allahu Akbar, then 717 comes in.

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According to this position, you have just caught

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us Uppsala, okay. And this is one opinion even within the humbly madhhab how many mother who has multiple opinions on this issue? The other opinion, which have to say is probably the stronger one is whoever catches one record, before the time begins, has caught the salah. Whoever catches one record before the time begins before the time begins has caught that Salah and

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that is because our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam explicitly said madaraka or ruku whoever catches the record

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before the beginning of the next salah, then he is the one who has caught that Salah and inshallah we will get into some a hadith about salah timings as well. So in any case the point being the Messiah pretty much all agree that if you catch a part of the Salah before the next Salah begins you have caught the whole Sala Okay, so therefore in case somebody overslept who you wake up and there's two minutes left, you should hurry up for the middle. It makes sense now to hurry up for the widow and then immediately begin the salah don't delay and say, Oh, it's already too late. Because even if you catch according to the majority one raka Okay, and this is also even Tamia is that you have to

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catch that AKA, right whoever catches the Raka and that's because the process that I'm said my ad raka raka copulatory Shamcey whoever does a couple of Guru Guru bishops whoever does one record before the sunsets has caught us Okay, so this clearly shows you have to get the record done one record then you have caught the entire Sala and was sada to do what they'll walk the blue inland Orisha Hara, we're fishing Dettol Hurray, fill the heart. So now he mentions when within these two spectrums, when should the salah be prayed? So every slot has two spectrums. Now he gets to the next point. He's told us what if we delay as long as you get he says Takbeer that's fine, one opinion,

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another opinion one record. Then he gets to within this spectrum, where should we emphasize? So he says the general rule was sila to fee oh well in walk they have been praying at the beginning timing is always better than he makes two exceptions. The first 11 Asia in Africa, except for the second Russia, why does he call it the second Russia because it is also allowed to call Fudger the first Russia because Russia means I shot which means that night Russia means at nighttime. So 5g is also called the first Orisha. Sometimes in classical Hadith books are filled. It is sometimes called the first Asia and Asia and Africa then becomes the second Asia which is what we call Russia. Okay, so

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he says it's always better to pray at the beginning timing, except for Russia, Africa, which is the regular prayer of Russia, it is better to delay it. So why is it better to lay it because it is authentically narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam delayed praying Orisha until half the masjid went to sleep and until some of the Sahaba began to snore.

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And some of the Sahaba began to gently knock on the door of the Prophet system that Why isn't he coming out what's going on. And this shows us they would not pray the Salah knowing he was there until he came out that there was never a GEMA in Medina when the processor was in his room, except of course when

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his death sickness modeled almost

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the only time otherwise never in the history of Islam when the processing was inside once or twice when he was known to have gone outside the city they prayed and of course outside see meaning not on an expedition but they know he's going to visit somebody on the outskirts and is delayed they'll pray otherwise when he's in the prayer in his house of course they will wait for him so they waited until finally somebody will hop got enough courage to knock on the door and find out what's going on here rasool Allah so the process then came out and he said well law he into her walk to her.

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Allah he this is the real timing of Aisha if it were not for the fact that I don't want to make difficult for my own idealism berhadiah Muslim, okay, this is the real timing, meaning this is the time we should pray Asia,

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but I just don't want to make it difficult for the OMA. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam encouraged delaying Salah to Eurasia to a later time. And from this, the humbly method also took its cue. And they said the general rule for Asia it's better to be opposite than the other solid, which is earliest the best for Asia, the last, the later the better. And this is also mentioned in another Hadith by Abu Botha Eslami who said that Ghana Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yes the Hebrew and new Orisha the Prophet saw some would prefer to delays or that Alicia he would prefer to delay solitude Aisha Mustafa Holly. So this idea also mentions you would prefer to delay salatu Aisha

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Therefore if you are not praying in JAMA if you're at home, then it is preferred to delay Risha till after an hour to that as time comes in and do not delay it till after 1/3 or one half of the night.

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Okay that is when you should not delay it until but you delay it an hour or two after it comes in Okay. In fact in these days even if you delay till 11pm Let's say it would be good okay if you delay it till 10:30pm If you're at home it would be good again you do the calculation find the middle then a little bit before then that would be a good time to pray Russia no problem, but of course it is completely job is to pray from the beginning time. So this is the first exception, what is the second exception? And the second exception he said is a what he should that'll Henry Avara and in the time of extreme heat, also vor is preferred to delay. So Lohar is only delayed in the summer

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months according to the humbly method

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vo her it is Sunnah and Mooster hub to delay it but only seasonal one season. So for two and a half months or three months of the year, it is most to have to deliver the rest of the year veho should be prayed at its earliest time. Okay at its earliest app. Now once again what are we talking about the most the hub timing, we all agree all the time agree between time a to time b You can pray we already as long as this walk that theory, all of the five Salawat you may pray at any time in the water theory, if you want it to get the most reward when should you pray? So Fajr the earliest Okay, also the earliest mulleted the earliest Orisha the latest vor you look at the season

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fall spring winter the earliest summer time should that'll help which is really just two months of the year. You know, that is when it is Mr. hub to delay where did they get this from? They got it from a hadith in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim the prophets of salaam said up but they do a bill very efficient that will hurray for initiate that will hurry min fee Jahannam Irby they do build vodi fissured that will help pray for her at a cooler time. When it is extremely hot for inner * that I'll hurry because the extremely hot weather is from fear Hey Jahannam and PHEAA Jahannam is the hot gusting winds of Jannah. So this hadith says that the summer months it is as if it's coming

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from the cold mines of Jahannam Okay, and those are in the desert you feel this especially more so. So the problems that don't pray when those winds are coming straight from Jahannam let it cool down but once again this is Mr. Hub, you may pray at an earlier time you may pray at its latest time so these we have finished the entire timings of Salah and

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I wanted to finish the third one but unfortunately I don't have time to start it now we only have 10 minutes left so I just wanted and pause over here that I wanted to finish shorter Thalys but it is a bit too long to finish. And that's going to take us at least 20 minutes to do and I want to leave time for q&a inshallah

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we do have 15 minutes if you want to

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you want to move on we want to have q&a Because if we move on there's not gonna be any q&a Because we're gonna have to literally break for Asia. So it's up to you

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move on hmm. q&a

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I think q&a is better because then we can even have some time shall it just digest all of this material in shoulders enough material for one day q&a Yes Bismillah.

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jamma avoid and also in the masjid should only be done in exceptional circumstances you should not be made a rule. So if it gets extremely hot, in most climates of the world, extremely hot would be a regular phenomenon the country is used to and you get accustomed and acclimatized to your zone and therefore

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it should not be done regularly. Because it would be against the sooner

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but on occasion if something happens an extreme thunderstorm or a hurricane alert or whatever, in this case, yes, you can combine oil and gas or you can combine mode of inertia.

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Okay. i By the way, you know I realized I needed to I wanted to go over some a hadith with you so that you know some of the evidence so just you can write down these two or three Hadith. I hope you all have memorized the hadith of Abdullah

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minimum hours and the Hadith of Gibreel we call it at least you have these two down. These are the two main a hadith. One Hadith, Avi borrows al Eslami be barzal Eslami that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would pray also.

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And then we would go back to our tents or our houses,

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or our camel pens all of this was translated aloud at the furthest sides of Medina and the sun would still be hot or shampoo higher.

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And this shows us that the beginning time of also cannot be the Hanafi time that they say because he is saying we would walk for in essence 45 minutes and the sun would still be hot or shampoo a year

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and this is of the primary evidences that acid comes in. Basically when the sun is still hot, and it lasts for a long time when the sun is still hot. And the Hadith goes on. What can I yes the hippo and you are Amina Alicia, and he would love to delay salatu Alicia, so this hadith is in Sahih Muslim and it tells us two things. Number one that the regular sun of praying.

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Praying also was that even for 45 minutes or an hour after also the sun was still be shining hot and the prophecies and would love to delay praying. Orisha Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim from Rafi urban Codage that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or couldn't nanosolar Maghrib now Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Feyen sorry for Luna, we're in who Lu su mawatha gnabry Mustafa con la sarafa dishes, it was our custom to Primavera with the Profit System. And when we turned around and left after praying slaughter mother, we could still see the places where our hours had fallen, our arrows had fallen, meaning

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after they finished Maghrib salah

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they turn around and they can see their target practice their shooting, they can still see an arrow, how many meters 40 meters away 30 meters away, I don't know how long an error was think about it at least 100 feet right at least 100 feet or 50 feet or whatever. So we could still see the place where ours had landed

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visible which means what

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Mother it is early and not only that, but the brightness is still there. The brightness is still there at the end of mother at the end of Muslim. Okay, so the process would pray Maghrib

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at right on time, right on time. So in our case for example, if mother was at 715 basically 715 to be a van and apama then he prayed and right after Madonna is still light in the area.

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And God Allah Juana call at a time and maybe you still Allahu Allah who will send them that a little bit shy. I'm too late. So Maharajah for Salah will call in hula walk to her Lola and Ashoka Amati Rahu Muslim is the famous Hadith I just said that I should narrated that one day the process that I'm delayed Orisha until most of the night had gone. Then he came outside and he said this is really the timing if only I didn't want to make difficult for my OMA if only I didn't want to make it difficult for my OMA then the other Hadith and these are all a hadith related to Salah timing, so you should know them. They come in handy to know your evidences, one Rafi I've been hardage while

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the Allahu colocado Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I'll speak to the Sohae for innner who out of amo Lu recom RWA who are widowed with Timothy so authentic hadith. US behold the sub Hey, pray the sober

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in the sober house behold the survey because it will increase your agile now what does it mean us behold the sober us be who means

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continue doing something until the sober comes in.

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US behind continue doing it until the timing comes in of dawn. And the majority have said this means that Fajr Salah should be prayed long, lengthy prayer.

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This is the meaning the majority have derived that Osby Hill disobey pray the soubor until the sun is almost about to rise,

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meaning make it along Salah because that is better for your pleasure. This is the majority interpretation. And one month hub says no Fajr has also the FTR not the theory, the Mooster hub time of day

00:25:00--> 00:25:14

delaying it till the end. You understand this point, just like we said the Orisha should be delayed, right? One must have not the humbly method. That's why it's not in here. One must have said the best timing for Fajr is the end timing.

00:25:16--> 00:25:25

And the other three months have said the best time for fracture is the beginning time. Where did this difference come from? This hadith right here.

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Us We who disobey. What does it mean Osby who disobeyed? The three men have said, Pray Fajr so long that the Twilight not the Twilight but the dawn begins to you get to see it almost. And the one must have said, began the salah right before the sunrises.

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You see the difference here. Now, why did the three the other three the other three interpreted the other way? Because I shall be Allah why narrates the women of the unsought would pray Fajr with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then return home wrapped up in their shawls, Matala Fiat in the middle to hinder lay it for one Hello minerales no one could recognize them because how dark it was.

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So I Chanel rates that the regular pattern was the women would pray Fudger then they would go back helter skelter their houses, nobody would even recognize them because it was so dark, which shows you one to the process and began Fudger early, early. Okay, so based on that, they said I'll split her so by means if you're able to you're praying alone, nobody else is there go ahead and recite 510 pages 20 pages make it a long saga. That's better for your idea. And one might have said no, that's not the meaning. And

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the final ad that will do and then I'll open the floor for question again. The final idea who do one have you heard of it? Or the Allahu Anhu called and then obviously the law why do you sell them upon men adore aka Minnesota rocket and popular on top law shampoo for hot other aka sober woman other rock rock item in Alaska the Kabbalah and Telugu by shampoo forgot other other colossal Mustafa con la This is the famous Hadith because of which had been tamed me and others said the correct opinion men add raka raka Minister obey obey the unthought law Shams for other consumer whoever catches a rock of the Fajr before the sun actually rises has caught the Fajr and whoever catches raka of acid

00:27:41--> 00:27:58

before the sunsets has caught the entire prayer of awesome this hadith is Bukhari and Muslim Mata *ery. So based on this hadith, the majority of scholars and that's why even I would politely disagree as well and it is within the humbly madam. So within the homily method, even to me and others, they felt that

00:27:59--> 00:28:08

it's not whoever catches the tech beer. It's whoever catches the protocol. He catches the guru. Cool. Okay. Five more minutes of questions until the squibs.

00:28:24--> 00:28:33

The Muslim is the middle No, the middle here doesn't necessarily mean see there are five Salawat depending on where you consider the first one each one can be the middle.

00:28:34--> 00:28:38

There is no beginning or end like depending on when you want to start. Yeah, I mean, just because

00:28:49--> 00:29:07

they're all exactly there. There are opinions that mothered it was was thought but this is a minority opinion. And the majority of odema have said either Fajr or acid and it's been Abbas and Artesia. They both said acid

00:29:08--> 00:29:47

and in fact, in issues most have, she actually had happy to either salatu wa salatu wa salatu prosody Wakulla her quality, she actually had that phrase written down, and it was must have she had her own must have. And because of this, so but I mean, by the way, all of the five prayers have been called was stopped by various scholars in the art history, although the five prayers so you're not you're not coming from far left field as they say there are some positions like this, but these are minority opinions, the majority of whom as you have said you are also the Ummah al Fajr. Okay, sisters, any questions?

00:29:48--> 00:29:49

No questions. This is what we have is Miller.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

We are getting there. We're gonna get to Friday prayer. There's a whole chapter on Friday. We'll see

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

humbard in both have is the only mud hub that says,

00:30:04--> 00:30:21

Friday prayer has its own timing. And the other three mud hub says Friday Prayer is the vorher timing. Okay, so this method that we're going to study is the only month have that has unique timing for for Friday prayer. Okay, question or scratching your head

00:30:25--> 00:30:26

held loose Mila

00:30:32--> 00:30:36

Is there any evidence for either Bill covered from the Quran?

00:30:37--> 00:30:38

Yes, there is.

00:30:40--> 00:30:40

Yes, there is.

00:30:43--> 00:30:43


00:30:48--> 00:30:57

you are all doing it who do more Ashiya Well, yo Malkia Matthew, olofinjana a shed de la dab. Where's the office have to have any idea?

00:30:59--> 00:31:18

You can remember, huh? You could recite with me but not you are all doing it. Hello mushiya Well, yo Millia Mati a few alafair owner assured that I dab that Allah azza wa jal mentioned about the people of around the father and son of around that the Jahannam

00:31:19--> 00:31:43

that the punishment of Allah will be shown to them morning and evening, then on the day of judgment, well yo milky Amati then on the day of judgment, they will be punished the worst of all punishment. So the fact that Allah is saying the punishment is being shown to them morning and evening, then they will be caused to enter the Day of Judgment.

00:31:45--> 00:31:50

This shows the shows that there is a punishment before the Day of Judgment correct.

00:32:06--> 00:32:35

So that is why the either an aim of harbor is a fraction of the either the name of the akhira because there is a minor hisab our processes said when a person dies, the diameter of Sora takes place on him. So the minor hyssop takes place when Kira Nikita is the minor hisab Okay. Moncada Nikita is the minor his or are you not questioned immediately as you die? Right That right there is the minor hisab

00:32:36--> 00:33:14

and the minor hisab will get you minor rewards or minor punishments from the public. And therefore the other will cover and the name will cover is something that Sunni Islam has unanimously agreed to so much so they have put it in their textbooks of al Qaeda because the more attested denied i that will cover the name will cover and they said it doesn't make sense to punish and reward in the grave. But to deny that we'll cover and I will cover is to basically deny Hadith because the hadith is mutawa till you literally have hundreds of a hadith about nine will cover and other will cover okay and

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there is a number of evidences so either one meridian is not explicit, there is an opinion as I will cover but there's another one as well.

00:33:28--> 00:33:59

Doing it it can oversee all of these are either been due to that it could be in this world. Okay. There are other opinions as well above Sorry, there are other evidences as well about AI that will cover that occur in the Quran. But the fact of the matter is that there's only two or three verses that one could say, are relatively explicit. And this is one of them that nada Johanna wrote on Yeah, no, no, Johanna, you are doing it. Hello, do Mawashi Yeah. Well, yo mo pa Mati

00:34:01--> 00:34:06

you're doing Alicia did the fire of how will be shown to them morning and evening.

00:34:07--> 00:34:27

Then on the Day of Judgment, there will be cost to enter the worst punishments. So what does it mean shown to them morning and evening? This is literally the Hadith mentions that didar will cover they will see Janam and will be shown to them morning and evening. Okay. And, and there are other verses as well. There are other verses as well.

00:34:29--> 00:34:57

mimma hottie out to him over Rico, for Udo Kaito Nowra follow me Judah Ramadan sada. There's another one that has mentioned that because of their sins, they will be drowned in punishment, then they will be caused to enter Jahannam What does he mean they will be drowned in their punishment. Then enter Jannah what is drowned in the punishment for otaku? Follow the hero narrow. What is this before entering the now there is another punishment. This is also in sort of

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it sort of noise as well.

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So the two main verses who will often in pseudo noi they mentioned

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some punishment before Jahannam

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Which one repeated again?

00:35:15--> 00:35:33

Yeah, so this is the the the melodica to adapt this is different than even though it's part of it either will cover so the mullah echo when they take you as well. So all of the verses that mentioned the mullah Aika punishing the person as well they are used to talk about either will cover

00:35:34--> 00:36:06

even though it's one section of edible copper, but it's there as well okay. In any case, the point is, I will cover and I will cover is mutawa till it is something that is too many a hadith have mentioned it and in fact there's a famous Hadith Ida will probably happen Hadith either will carry his own symbol as that so to deny it is denied the Hulk and Aisha says I never heard the process and then pray any Salah except that after it he would seek refuge in Allah from I will cover

00:36:08--> 00:36:20

right this isn't body every single Surah alumina okay I will cover this will be a constant theme. And so many a hadith about edible cover so there's there's mutawa there's no no point in tonight

00:36:23--> 00:37:02

the questioning of the cover is called fitna to cover and the fitna to cover and the edible covered are separate things. Because the fitna to cover will be to everybody. Even the Muslim even the most men will have the fitna to cover the fitna to cover didn't go over this two years ago three years ago. We went over all of this in detail. This is the fitna to cover so the fitna to cover will be for the Muslim and the machete and the movement. Only one group will be saved from the fitna the Shahid the only group that will be saved from the fitna is the shade, everybody else will have to undergo the fitna. As for the other with the name that is after the fitness will cover. Okay, as for

00:37:02--> 00:37:13

your question, it doesn't make any sense to be rewarded or punished before the actual Johanna no and whatnot. So when you're riding first class in the plane, where does the rewards begin?

00:37:15--> 00:37:29

Check in so in fact, even when you drop the bags, if you go to the college, they have separate airports for business class, separate lounges before you enter the plane you begin to taste the rewards of paying $20,000 to get in.

00:37:46--> 00:37:57

Yeah, so the Quran does indicate but it's not as explicit as maybe some would like it to be, but there are indirect references that there's our that will hold an amicable sister in the back go ahead and finish up is when the final question is.

00:38:07--> 00:38:44

Are there any specific Surahs that are regular for the five Salawat? No, for the Sunnah, yes, we talked a little bit about that, but not for the five dailies for the watch. There's nothing that the process I'm told us to read for the Ford Salawat that we should make Asuna for but he did indicate or the Sahaba memorize from him. So for example, that pseudo class and Susan Calhoun and the class for this raka Fajr right the two Sooners are Fajr right the son of Fajr is a class on caffeine and the son of tawaf as well as Lawson caffeine okay. Yes, go ahead. Yes.

00:38:53--> 00:39:03

We will get to this next class inshallah. The very next class will be talking about this inshallah. Inshallah with that inshallah we will conclude our fifth Uppsala and continue next Tuesday inshallah.

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me, Mr. Hayden Dawsey need

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me to fill

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fills out, cool movie to me.

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